Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z Challenge - I

For the A to Z Challenge, I am featuring some awesome bloggers. These individuals have offered so much support of my book, CassaStar, and me on my blogger journey. Of course, I’ll be keeping up with the world of movies, music, and pop culture stuff as well! Ninjas are just talented that way...

As the blog name suggests, Jeremy is all about the zombies. This isn’t your typical zombie blog though - he’s a talented artist with a great sense of humor. He’s supportive in more ways than he realizes, too! So, follow the white rabbit…

in medias res
Milo is a fellow author who’s working on several projects. He discusses writing and books, and always includes great links. Milo’s posts will help anyone on the journey to publication. And the dude knows his short story market!

And an apology to all my blogging friends...

I was informed this weekend that my behavior last fall when my book was released was selfish and unacceptable. I'd asked for help announcing my first book's release, and many of you spread the word. I'd expressed my gratitude many times over, as more people repsonded than I'd ever imagined, helping to quiet the fears of a new author. However, I failed to offer those people compensation. I should have sent each one of you a complimentary book or something. (Book bloggers did receive an ARC from my publisher for review.) I apologize. I was not trying to use anyone. I was not trying to con people into promoting my book. I just asked for help.

This blogging community has been so awesome, and I've tried at every opportunity to give back. That is why I am featuring special bloggers every day for the Challenge. That's why I'll do everything I can to spread the word of new book releases and accomplishements. And don't send me your book - I'll just buy it! If that's not enough, please let me know. I don't want anyone else to feel slighted, to feel used, to feel cheated. I love all of you and would do anything on earth to support my friends. Because your friendship is so important to me.

I've lost one friend recently because of my selfish actions. I would rather not lose anyone else because I'm an idiot...


PK HREZO said...

Alex, wow. I'm very surprised this is necessary for you to post. Wow. As someone who did help promote your book, I can tell you it was with no other expectation other than to help a fellow writer. Never once did I want or expect compensation and frankly I"m a bit miffed that someone else from this community would. I have no idea what that situation is or was, but please know you've been nothing but a positive light in this blogging community.
I've never found you or anything re: your book offensive, nor felt slighted in any way. You'd be one of the last bloggers I'd consider selfish. You do lots to give back to this community, just by being present and considerate.

mooderino said...

That's kind of crazy. I don't think you'd be expected to send out free books or cash unless you had specifically offered that. I wouldn't stress out over it too much.
Moody Writing

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

No need to apologize, Alex. You're the last person over at blogsphere, that I would call selfish, simply because there's absolutely nothing selfish about you. Nothing.

You always behave with respect toward every single one of your friends, and I rather doubt that anyone has ever felt "used" by you. People like you, Alex, coz you're a great guy. :)

I've lost one of my blog buddies recently, too, so I'm familiar with this terrible feeling.

Leovi said...

For in that case I'd like to be a talented artistic Izombie and sense of humor. Do not worry, we all have a little and a lot of selfishness and sometimes we notice more and others less.

Jeff Beesler said...

Well I guess it's times like this that we learn more about ourselves and each other than sometimes we would care to like. Sometimes the greatest compensation is knowing I have helped out a fellow human being, no, a writer, just by doing the things I do. I'm investing in this thing called karma, and good or bad karma will compensate me accordingly.

You have given so much back to the writing community, even if it hasn't been in physical compensation, dude. And guess what? You're stuck with me as a friend for the rest of life, because I cannot imagine a worst case scenario where I would ever throw away our friendship.

Just remember what this experience has taught you. That's the best thing you can take away from all of this.

Li said...

If someone expected compensation, they should have asked up front. The people who are selfish are those who give "help" with the expectation of something in return. Giving should always be with no string attached, otherwise it's not a gift. Don't feel badly, Alex. I've lost a "friend" or two, and though it hurts, who needs friends who turn their backs on you over something trivial? You've done a wonderful job in encouraging and inspiring other writers, including me. Hold your head high.x

Jan Morrison said...

I'm with all those others. I didn't help you but I've helped others with book launches and I expect NOTHING in return but a thanks. Wouldn't even occur to me. You're a good guy - that is quite clear to me - so be kind to yourself and remove that burden!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I've helped many authors promote their books on the Graffiti Wall, especially during their release time. I don't expect authors to send me anything. Promoting is just something we do in cyberspace to help one another. I'm sure the generosity will be returned to me when it's my time.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

No. Compensation for promo is something PR people do...if they're not pros then there should be no compensation or else the promo ends up getting dodgy. Really.

I promote fellow Penguin authors on Facebook and Twitter and never even get a free Kindle version of their books--and wouldn't expect it. In fact, it would put me in an ethical bind if I got a free book--which the federal government recognized and is now requiring those FTC disclaimers. Promo should just be quid pro, when *they* have a book out, they should expect you to Facebook it or tweet it or mention it on your blog. That's it.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

People don’t realize most authors don’t have books to give! A self-pubbed author does, but most don’t. The publisher sends out copies, and those go to book reviewers.
I’ve featured many authors who never sent a book, and that’s fine. Besides, a free book implies I’m supposed to review it. Guess that could be viewed as selfish, too! LOL If the author is a friend, I’d rather support them by buying a copy, since most authors don’t make money on their books. My dear friend Trish has never sent me a free book, but I’ve purchased every one of her books.
Real friends don’t give expecting to receive.
Hope you and your friend can work it out.

Liz P said...

Just. Wow.

I don't think your actions were at all selfish. When I saw that your first book was released, I was excited for you, and went ahead and posted on my blog to get more eyes on it. Then I bought it to further support you (and read it of course!). That's just what we do. I would never expect compensation. It's writers helping other writers.

I guess there will always be that one person out there, but you've got hundreds more that are ready to support you without any expectations. So forget about him and just keep being awesome!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, guys. I'm just really blown away by your words. Thought I'd really screwed up big time.

Pk, thank you. And you know I'll scream your first book from the mountaintop!

Mood, thanks.

Nebular, thanks. And yeah, it sucks, doesn't it?

Jeffrey - thanks dude. I'll learn from it. And you're stuck with me as well.

Li, thank you, I will try.

Jan, thanks. I'll work on the burden.

Salersen, you know I'll return it!

Elizabeth, never thought of it that way. Thanks.

Diane, thanks, I hope so.

Liz, thank you! Just wait until your book comes out!


I would NEVER call you selfish Alex, I have known you on line for a year and when I mentioned your book I always had a reply back.
You can't please everyone it seems.
You and the rest have done a marvellous job with this challenge and can't praise you all enough.

Laura Pauling said...

I wasn't asked to participate but I would never see that as selfish! We have to ask for help - there's a big difference. When people ask for help I don't expect compensation! Don't worry about it.

Jeremy [Retro] said...


thank you for the shout out for the blogs of of "i" it's been nice to have been included...

no need for apologies we all glad too help promote you and your book, any exposure is good exposure... in fact i am exposing myself right now.... hello!

seriously i am very happy i was able to plug you and any project you should offer. when it ops for a screenplay, then film... i just want a small part...

thanks again! all the best...

Huntress said...

Selfish??! Arrogant??
Well, I guess I don't see it. Can you give some examples? :)

Lookit, anyone can be offended if they want it bad enough. And a lot of people are only happy when they are unhappy.

Wow, am I deep or what this morning.
Never mind. Love your blog suggestions, btw. Keep up with your brand of selfishness, Okay?

Jemi Fraser said...

You're most certainly NOT selfish!! My goodness - I'm shocked someone would feel that way. I promote books I like because I like them - and because I'd like to help out a friend - NOT because I could get a free book!!! Yikes. I'm sad someone could feel that way - absolutely no apology necessary Alex.

Unknown said...

I disagree.

(a) if I'm a true friend, I'll BUY your book to support you, not only blog about it.

(b) if I'm not a true friend, I'll whine and complain you never sent me a ARC. (You don't want one of these anyways.)

I bought your book. And it was great!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvonne, thank you. And you've been such a great friend in return.

Laura, I'll try not to worry about it.

Thanks, Jeremy - and thanks for the laugh!

Huntress, deep but meaningful! Thanks.

Jemi, thank you.

Clarissa, you did indeed, and I'm forever grateful.

Amity said...

Hey Alex, what's wrong? Of course spare me...:)) I am a friend and will always be! I want your book but I will have to get a copy in a national book store soonest!

More often than not, you cannot please every one. So it is enough you have apologized to them here, if that's not enough, then it is never your mistake!

Cheer up! Life is like that! Don't be stressed by them!

Call the police if you need any help. Lols, just kidding....Just wanna cheer a friend-blogger of mine!

Have a bright morning ahead!

Read my I entry to the A-Z Challenge and hopefully it will give you some comfort...:) It's a gentle story...:)

vic caswell said...

jiminey christmas! alex! i'm really shocked by this. i think you do a TON to help other bloggers! you're one of the best people at reading posts and commenting. you always find nice (and most often funny) things to say! you brighten people's days! i can't believe anyone would say you've been selfish! that's so weird. i really don't think you have anything to apologize for! can't wrap my brain around that.

Ella said...

Alex, I'm stunned; There isn't a selfish bone in your body! You were excited, we are your friends; I have talked about writers' books on my blog, but don't expect anything in return. I choose to mention them. It is about striking a chord, of friendship n' harmony, not you owe me big.
My son has hidden your book, lol. I think I will do a search n' rescue when he goes to college~ ;-D Ninjas can find a way~ I am sad you had to endure this. Sounds like jealous to me... I'm scared now; I try to be kind online, but am I stepping on other people's toes?! One out of an army, says volumes. Some people don't know the definition of friendship~ Continue on your quest, Captain... You found an alien in your Army, it happens~ xXx

Angela said...

Forgive yourself Alex. I don't know the details of the situation. But I simply don't see the "unacceptably selfish" behavior in what you did.

SharleneT said...

I thought that was the point of the Internet -- sort of like sharing news -- to get the word out! If you had to give a free book to everyone that said "Hey, my friend just realeased a new book, How to Advertise Through Blogging on the Internet, it would cost you a fortune -- more than the publishing house! You don't get that many free copies, and if you self-publish, it's even more.

Now, had you asked folks to review it, that may be different. I don't know. I'm pretty new at this, myself. But, to just mention it? Come on. So, when my second book comes out, I can't ask folks to just let friends know it's available without sending them a free one? Something's wrong, here.

Hello, fellow A-Z Challenger! Here's my latest entry. Come visit either of my blogs when you can and leave some comment love:

I is for Impel in the A-Z Blogging Challenge (A-Z)
Twitter: @SolarChief

Jules said...

Wow Dude, I can't believe you had to post this either. I do things just to help with no expectations but now that you mention it.... did my wine get lost in the mail? :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Yvonne Osborne said...

I'm a little too late to jump into the challenge you have going, but it's awesome, as are you . . .very generous with your time.

Laura Eno said...

Hello????!!! You are one of the most unselfish and supportive bloggers I know! Most people helped you out of friendship, not expecting any kind of compensation. To me, compensation would smack of 'buying' advertising, as it were. Listen to all of the voices here. You didn't do anything wrong. We helped because we support each other. Period.

Old Kitty said...

OH noes!!! Who would leave Cap'n Ninja's army of Stars?!?!!?!?! Oh dear! I'm so sorry!!!

Yes, I am still waiting for my bottle of champers and chocolates!!! LOL!!

Oh but seriously!! I'm sorry you;ve been made to feel guilty! Don't you worry about all that now! I for one would never leave your army of ne'er do wells and will cling to you like a barnacle on heat. Ahem. You have been warned. LOL!!

Take care

Vicki Rocho said...

I don't think you have anything to feel sorry for. I'm pretty sure we all helped you because we wanted to support you and were happy for your success. I certainly never do it in hopes of getting something in return...besides, you couldn't possibly have given us all books. And if you HAD given us anything, it would have looked like we'd been bribed. Losing a friend hurts, but I can't believe this is the real cause.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Amity, thank you, I will do that

Aspiring, thanks, and I try my best to cheer everyone.

Ella, thank you! And I hope you find the book...

Thanks, Angela.

Sharlene, thanks, and I'm rather new at this as well.

Jules, you sent wine? I'll go look...

Yvonne, thanks.

Laura, thank you - and must let me know when your next book comes out!

Kitty, stern warning! Should I send Charlie some catnip as well?

Chris Phillips said...

I'd say maybe you were smelly, but not selfish. I didn't feel I should be compensated for anything I did to help, and it seems silly other people do. Had I reviewed it, an ARC would have helped, but I still would have bought a copy to support you later. Sorry you've had drama. But if I do anything for your second book release I expect you to build me a cosbolt with your bare hands and fly it here. That would be sweet.

Luanne G. Smith said...

I'm a little late to the party I suppose. I wasn't blogging when your novel came out, so I don't know much about that. But I thought promoting each other was kind of the point of all this tappity-tapping and getting to know everyone. I certainly wouldn't expect compensation other than a return of favor when the time came, if I showcased your novel on my blog.

Sarah Ahiers said...

wait, for reals? Who actually expected compensation and then got mad when they didn't get it?
Honestly, that's the person who should be apologizing, not you. You did nothing wrong. Seriously.
I'm with PK, i'm kinda pissed on your behalf.

Lydia Kang said...

I'm totally surprised by your post. I thought the writing blogging community was about support, not compensation. At the very least, maybe a "I'll blog about your book if you blog about mine."

You're a great person and blogger and I wouldn't call you selfish. At all.

Ricky said...

I'd just like to echo what the others have said Alex.

Whatever has happened, don't sweat it.

Emily White said...

I'm so sorry to read this, Alex. I haven't known you for very long, but I definitely wouldn't call you selfish. :) Not in the least.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Alex, there is nothing wrong with asking for help!

Part of an author's pre-release job is to build anticipation for the book and months before it's release. It jumps up pre-orders and starts building a reader base. One of the ways an author does that is tapping their connections. Not obnoxiously hounding but asking.

It only take me a few minutes to tweet or facebook it. You're not asking me for money, just help. That's a reasonable request and not at all selfish, in my opinion.

I don't require an ARC or anything special (ARCs usually obligate me to review it, although I've had authors send me unsolicited gifts of their books) I help because I want to and I know if ever I need help, you'll be there to help as well.

So, it's all good. But I have appreciated your sharing some pretty cool bloggers with us. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, Alex. And hey, getting your book for only $2.99 on Gizmo was fine by me! No other compensation necessary.

Bossy Betty said...

Alex! You just sit down and have some pie and throw off this mantle of shame, You do not deserve it at all! We are here on this planet to help others. You have done more than you share of that. Now, smile and pass me that piece of pie. Oh! I didn't tell you we were sharing?

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

never blame yourself for losing a friend.

I lost followers from time to time,

I love them all, but having 3 or 4 blogs, hard to keep in close touch with each one...

let go of those who opt to go.

enjoy your current friends.
bless you.

Stephanie Lorée said...

Alex, you're not an idiot. You didn't do anything wrong. Anyone who demands compensation for giving a shoutout on a blog is not your friend anyways.

Seriously. Don't believe the hype.

Arlee Bird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arlee Bird said...

There's not much I can add to what everyone above me has already said and I think all the best jokes have already been taken.

It seems to me that much of what blogging is all about is promoting one another and asking others to promote what we are doing. It's what I think of as networking. This is part of what the A to Z Challenge is about and it thrills me to see the generous spirited bloggers like yourself and so many others promoting the blogs of others.

If it was always just you and your blog crowing about your achievements and moaning and seeking sympathy when things aren't going your way, then we might think of you as egocentric and selfish. But it hasn't been that way. You're doing a fine job. Misunderstandings sometimes happen and the world just goes on. It's best to leave the bad behind, enjoy the good that's now and in the future.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

baygirl32 said...

Wow! Seriously! I guess that is not someone you really want as a friend anyways.
I myself am just grateful when someone visits and posts a comment, so if I can help them out by facebooking or blogging about a book that they have worked so hard on, im more than willing to do it!

Some people's kids, I tell ya! Don't let it get to you... No apology needed

Carol Kilgore said...

You're not selfish. Your so-called friend needs an attitude adjustment.

M.J. Fifield said...

I have nothing new to add to what awesome things the people before me have already said. I just wanted to say I agree with them.

So sorry you were made to feel that way.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thank you Vicki. Would a bribe perhaps entice Craig Niedermeier?

Chris, let me find those blueprints and I'll start building a Cosbolt right away. And I'll purchase extra deodorant!

LG, and I will be thrilled to highlight you and your book when the time comes!

Karen, thank you.

Sarah, thanks.

Thanks, Lydia, and I'll gladly blog about anyone else's book or accomplishment.

Ricky and Emily, thank you.

Sia, I will be there to help! And I'm glad you've enjoyed meeting some cool new bloggers through my features.

Milo, thanks, and I really appreiciate that.

Betty, you can even have the biggest piece of pie!

Jingle, I will.

Stephanie, thanks so much.

Lee, I've never wanted it to me just about me! (Besides, I'm boring.) That's why I chose to give back during the Challenge. And I will just enjoy the here and now.

Baygirl, thanks, and that's a funny saying - some people's kids!

Thanks, Carol.

Joe Richardson said...

Ditto what Pk and the others said. You're fine, mate. If someone got their knickers a bit twisted, likely it wasn't really about you.

But as long as we're on the topic of being remiss for issuing thanks, thank you for helping to make the A-Z possible.

It's been such a blast. Between the blogs I've found, and the regulars who drop in to say hello, and then old friends who've picked up the challenge and are doing it with me, it's been so much more rewarding than I expected.

Thanks for that.

Keep up the good work, Alex.

i: ill-gotten images

LEon said...

Did you promise any repayment for those people to help you? If you did not then it is a miscommunication of expectation and it's not totally your fault.

Since you have express your gratitude many times over then I think it's alright. You can't please everyone and you shouldn't.

Sarah Allan said...

What a great idea to give a shout-out to your fellow bloggers. It's definitely appreciated.

I wasn't blogging when you were promoting your book, but as a fellow writer, I'd say that I'd be glad to help out another author without the expectation of compensation. If they promised a free book or something that's up to them (and they should deliver if it was promised), but I'd happily spread the word about their new publication without any "carrot." I'm sorry someone got up in arms about it.

Anonymous said...

Really? I've followed pretty much everyone of your posts and never considered your actions or intentions as selfish and unacceptable.

A blogging platform, among other things, is to promote your books. And we help each other by promoting one another's books. I do so with no compensation. I never ask anyone for a copy of their books and I have promoted many authors over the past couple years.

So I don't feel an apology is necessary. And feel free to be a guest blogger at my site any time to promote your books.

Talli Roland said...

Alex, I love that you're taking this opportunity to feature bloggers. Yay!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Joe, that's cool! Glad you are enjoying the experience. We had such a blast last year and this year is more of the same.

LEon, almost everyone offered their help - the only two I directly asked were book bloggers, and my publisher sent review copies.

Thank you, Sarah. That's why I've taken this opportunity to continue showing my gratitude with daily features.

Thanks, Stephen! And you know you are always welcome to step in front of my army. They don't carry weapons. Not often, anyway.


Thanks for the comment Alex.
I can imagine getting an IPAD???????

Cheeseboy said...

Interesting. Did your publisher tell you that was impolite? I thought it was fine. I mean, you had so much support, just how many could you give out?

Anyway, carry on with the a2z.

Kelly Polark said...

Alex, not once has the word "selfish" ever crossed my mind while reading your blog.
Most writers/bloggers are happy to promote their friends books out of the goodness of their hearts!
And creative idea to promote bloggers during a-z. A very giving gesture.

M Pax said...

You're not the only one I've promoted. I do so because I get other gifts from other bloggers that help me. Seems to be the system in play -- to help each other along.

Hannah said...

Wow, really?? I didn't expect any compensation. I wouldn't have offered to do it if it wasn't something I WANTED to do. That's crazy! Don't feel bad AT ALL!!

LTM said...

I hope you're kidding about that last bit. That's absolutely ridiculous. We're here to help each other--isn't that the point?

shake it off and keep swimming~ :o) <3

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvonne, I can imagine that for you!!!

Cheeseboy, I didn't have any to give - my publisher did all that. But I am carrying on.

Thank you, Kelly! Hope you stop by on Wednesday for K...

MPax, we're here to help, and I shall shout from the mountains your first book!

Thanks, Hannah.

LTM, I'm still swimming!

nutschell said...

I don't think its necessary to be sending out free ARCs. The blogging community is incredibly helpful, I know I'd be happy just to help promote any fellow blogger's book.
This is a great thing you'r doing--featuring other bloggers. I love discovering these awesome new blogs!

Ellie Garratt said...

OMG. That is so sad. You do not need to apologise or send out free copies. Was there really someone so ignorant out there who didn't understand the average writer earns below the minimum wage? That we are not all as rich as JK Rowling?

We all love you Alex. Don't let one person's selfish actions make you think otherwise!

Tiger85 said...

I agree here. You did not need to post this. I don't see how you are selfish in any way. Don't let this bug you to much. Have a wonderful week. =)

Dawn Kurtagich said...

Hey Alex, you seem much-loved! I'm your newest follower (owing to so many people I know and have spoken with/written with, who love you :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Nutschell - anything I can do to give back.

Thanks, Ellie. Crap, never thought of it like that. I do earn less than minimum wage!

Thanks, Tiger.

Thank you, Dawn! That's sweet of you to say.

Donald Pennington said...

Excellent readership base, here.

Lindsay said...

I'm with everyone else, please don't feel bad AT ALL! As someone who helped spread the word about your book, I never expected any sort of compensation for helping-- nor would I have taken any --it was simply to help a fellow author. Hugs.

Sue said...

This really played on my mind overnight, (Aussie time) it just seemed so mean and petty. How on earth could you ever make a living if you gave away your works to "friends" ? Surely a friend wants to see you succeed financially too, support you emotionally; not be in it for the reflected glory "ooh look what I got from my friend Alex, because I hosted him on my blog" -or whatever happened- that's all about the other persons needs, not being a friend. hrmph.
I'm not a writer, please tell me, what is an ARC? Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

Donea Lee said...

Hey Alex ~ :) I personally feel that this blogging community is here for us to gain support, friendships, and knowledge from eachother. I'd be happy to help any one of my blogging friends and never expect or need compensation. I'm just happy to help them in their journey! So sorry you came across a friend that didn't feel the same way, but know that you DO support and give back and we all appreciate YOU!!

Denise Covey said...

Well, where did that come from? Obviously one person who expected something and let's not be too hard on that person as they may have had a conception that they'd be given a free copy of your book as some bloggers do pass on their book to a blogger who has worked hard to promote a book. But that's just a bonus. I've promoted people who ditch you the minute they've used you, and never return, comment etc. but you don't do that. None of us know how you do it Alex but you are one of those bloggers who keeps in touch, even with just a few words so we know you've visited.

Have a great day and keep smiling.


Jo Schaffer said...

What? You are not selfish! I never even considered that you should give anybody anything just for spreading the word or blogging about your book. That's just good karma.
You are awesome. (=

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Don!

Thank you, Lindsay.

Hey, Sue! I guess I should say good morning. Thanks, and an ARC is a advance review copy.

Thank you, Donea! And you know I'll help you and all the others any way I can.

Denise, thanks, and it must be all that Ninja training...

The Words Crafter said...

Seriously?!!! I kind of thought that's what friends did for each other....

Denise did bring up a good point; perhaps they thought some sort of compensation was in store.

I just always figured that if I helped spread the word for others, one day, they might do the same for me, and that would be enough.

No worries!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I never would see those actions as selfish. I have received a book once for promotion but the many other times I just enjoyed the "party."

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Jo!

Words, and that's what I intend to do for everyone!

Lynn, parties are fun!

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Goodness, Alex, selfish is not a word I think of when it comes to you! You've been wonderful and helpful with newbies and oldbies alike. Thank you for being unselfish--maybe the "un" just got left off.


mshatch said...

I can't imagine anyone thinking you selfish, Alex. That's just silly.

Rusty Carl said...

I wasn't following your blog last fall when your book came out, and I'm a bit out of the loop regarding etiquette. But you seem to me to do a fine job of promoting others and working hard to be kind and fair.

You can't give a book to everyone who mentions it, can you? Seems like you'd never sell any that way.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Um, say what????? I don't expect compensation when I help out a fellow author to spread the word about a book. It's what we do as being a part of the community. I am MORE THAN happy to buy your book and my reward was a great story! You selfish? pfft!

Karen Lange said...

For the record, I don't think you're an idiot. What good are we as a writing community if we can't lend each other a hand? :)

sfdada said...

I must agree with everyone above. I promoted you too, and actually was happy to buy your book. It was my first book from Kindle.

You've already been offered pie, and I realize now that ice cream delivery really could be dangerous. Which just means that I, too deeply appreciate every comment I get, which most often are ones from you.

No gifts ever needed. You acknowledge and thank people as you go. Your karma quota is way over the top.

Bryan ~ SF Daddy

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Monti and MsHatch, thanks.

Rusty, that's true - that and I don't have hardly any books to give away.

Lynda, thanks for the raspberry! I appreciate it though. More than happy to do the same for you.

Thank you, Karen.

Bryan, we'll have to share the ice cream with Betty of course. And I don't want to forget my friends! I'm glad you're back to posting again.

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Wow, this was so eye-opening. I guess I really thought that we were all part of helping each other without expecting "compensation." I figure it's just all about creating good Karma!!

N. R. Williams said...

You're not being selfish Alex. I have asked for help too. I can't afford to give my book to everyone even at .99. I think most of us realize that would be too much. Look at what Tali did. Many people understood she wanted big sales and they bought her book. I would say your former friend is the misguided one. There's nothing wrong with scratching your back and vice versa.

As you said, you give all of us a lot of support.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

Anonymous said...

There was absolutely nothing selfish about the way you promoted your book last fall. You asked for help from those who were willing, and then people volunteered. That's because you're awesome.

You already give back to the blogging community, and the way you've chosen to structure your A to Z Challenge is just the latest in a long line of kindnesses you've given other bloggers. You rock!

Pat Tillett said...

If you lost someone because of that, then good riddance to them!

What a great medium we have here to spread the word. To not use that medium would be a shame.

I was one of many who helped spread the word and I will do it again next time. I don't want payment and I wouldn't accept a free book. I want to help support your efforts (and those of others) by buying your books!

I'm pretty sure than most of the other people here feel the same way!

50 foot QE said...

I am an idiot a lot of the time but it isn't cause to lose a friend. I am sorry you experienced that. I think success can be difficult to handle for everyone.

I have really enjoyed the A-Z challenge and it has really inspired me to keep up my blogging.

Thanks Alex! said...

Alex, I know we started off with some differences, and I apologize for that (well after the fact). It takes a big person to put yourself out there with this apology. I can't say how much respect I've gained for you over time. You quickly became one of my biggest supporters. I'm one of yours, now more than ever. You have a lot of integrity, in addition to remarkable talent.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Melissa, it is.

Thanks, Nancy.

Kelly, thank you!!

Pat, and I really appreciate that.

50, glad you're enjoying it!

Robyn, you are one special lady - thank you!

Sheila Siler said...

Alex, you are one of the most supportive bloggers I have had the pleasure of coming across. I consider the blogging community to be one of supportive encouragement. Don't let negative people weigh you down. I am pleased to be one of your followers and we all know that if we write a book we're trying to make some income from it. I hope your lost friend will reconsider and that you can be reconciled together. Keep your chin up, you have lots of friends out here.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Alex J. Cavanaugh,

You need to realize that most of us love you because you are a great guy. You are always there at just the right time being open and honest and caring.

I don't like your one-liners. I LOVE THEM!!! They have brightened my day at some very dark times.

I may have pushed a bit during your release but I believe in you. Not everyone can get me out of my genre. I did what I did because you are a true friend and helping is what friends do.

Good grief, man! If you gave free books to everyone how would you make a living? You have thanked me every day with a smile -- for me nothing is better.

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This is an odd idea that people would feel slighted because they helped you with your book. I kind of feel that is the purpose we are here to help each other in our endeavors. You don't need to feel as if you owe someone because they helped you spread the word unless of course it was in an agreement of some sort. But truthfully that is what I love about the writing community we are here to help one another.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Crumbs Alex .. I'd be mortified as you obviously are .. people are incredibly selfish ..

We're all in this together .. my thoughts for a peaceful existence ..

No worries - just upset for you .. a cheery hug winging over the ocean .. Hilary

Nate Wilson said...

Yep, as your posts during this A-to-Z Challenge clearly show, you're as selfish as they come.

Actually, I believe whoever said this to you is the selfish one, thinking people should never do a favor for someone unless they get something back in return. You asked for help promoting your book, and your friends were happy to oblige. When did the satisfaction of helping out a fellow writer become "not enough?"

It's not even like people were giving you money and getting nothing in return. It was space on their blog, in their twitter feed, and on Facebook, space which they willingly gave. So what if you now have one less in your army? It seems they were just in it for the free stuff, so good riddance.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sheila, thanks! You know I'll tell the world about your book.

Mary, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoy the playful sparring. And you always brighten my day!

Thanks, Josh. And that's what I try to do for my writing buddies online.

Thank you, Hilary.

Nate, thanks - all I asked for was a little help, and I'll gladly return the favoir for any who need my help.

Michelle in a shell said...

Oh my, I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding and the situation with your friend :( It's so sweet to come back and clear the air after the fact. Very noble.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Michelle.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Wow, Alex, I think that you "lost a friend" more because he or she was J for jealous, rather than you being I for idiot. The truth is, that person is a joy stealer. (Did you read/work through The Artist's Way?) You do amazing and generous things with your blog and your work.
My son Charlie was wondering when you were coming out with your next book.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That's amazingly honest Alex. Im impressed that you would be so moved by the loss of a friend. Really cool man.

I'll just echo the sentiments of everyone that its your book and your blog. Do what you want.

Of course if you want to give every one that visits a free book I wouldn't object. ;)

Miriam Drori said...

I came here via the A to Z Challenge and Jeffrey Beesler, and just wanted to say I agree with everyone.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mary, thanks, and tell Charlie I'm editing the next one right now.

Thanks, Maurice - and if only I'd had those books to give last fall!

Miriam, thank you.

Jessica Bell said...

Who the heck said you were selfish? No no no no. That's so wrong. I'm sorry but I think that person is either jealous or doesn't have a clue how all this works. If you gave away a book to everyone, then what would be the point of promoting it? No one would BUY it because you'd be giing them away. Silly silly silly.

Don't feel bad. The way we all give back is to buy each other's books! Right? When I help out an author, to either promote, etc, I WANT to buy their book becuse that's the whole idea of 'SUPPORT'. I don't expect it to be reciprocated, but I imagine it will be in the end anyway, because we writers are generous like that.

Alex, I'm sorry. And I mean no disrespect to this 'ex-friend', but I think you're better off withou them. :-/ Seriously. I'm ANGRY! Sheesh ....

Velvet Over Steel said...

I had no idea you had experieced this. (Sorry I'm so behind of reading and keeping up.. )

I wouldn't have known to do anything more than all your sincere words of appreciation. Which you did!! So sorry even one person said anything negative. I think you are a Very nice person and very gracious!! My nephew and I both read your book and LOVED it!! Again I never ever thought you were being selfish or anything other that 'excited' and 'enthusiastic' about your first book AS you SHOULD have been... without having worry about offending anyone! I know I have been 'criticized' behind my back.. and it does bother me a little. I have to remind myself often that I never mean to offend, slight, or intentionally 'miss' anyones post, stories, etc, etc. We all just do the best we can with the time and energy available.

You're a Wonderful friend and person, Alex!!! Remember that please!!

Big Hug Friend,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Joyce, as I've now discovered, it was not my mistake.

Thanks, Jessica. And you are welcome to visit for a guest post for your upcoming book!!

Coreen, thanks for your kind words. I really, really appreciate it.

shah wharton said...

Hi - sent here from Jeffreys blog - who I wouldn't have found without AtoZ challenge - so thank you. I can't believe you felt you need to apologies here? Of all the people who promoted your book - if only one of them felt you were selfish enough to stop being your friend, then perhaps that person is harboring a little jealousy - an equally negative emotion. We're only human, we all get excited and forget ourselves, 'friends' see apst such trivialities and hold remain true. Looks like you've ensured a evoked a great many friendships here on your blog. I imagine the one you lost will come back or is better off lost.

Shah from Newest follower ;D

Glynis Peters said...

Alex, it never occurred to me that there would be an exchange. Friends who expect something in return, are not friends!

Hold your head up, you are one of the most supportive, nicest bloggers I know!

You are most certainly not an idiot! x

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thank you, Shah.

Thanks, Glynis! I appreciate your encouraging words.

Wendy@FabNouveau said...

Oh wow, how many thousands of books were you expected to shell out exactly, to your blogger friends. I was not part of the blogging world then Alex but as a blogger now I tweet, fb, space, buzz and blog about other authors books and don't expect compensation ever. Every act of kindness makes its way back in some mysterious way.