Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Movie Reviews Long Overdue

Not that I'll ever catch up on all the films I watch on NetFlix...

Legend of the Guardians
Or as my wife called it, “The stupid owl movie.” (And she really wanted to see it, too!)
Zach Snyder’s directorial style is in full force here (think The 300) and the animation is superb. One particular scene with an owl called Soren flying in slow motion through a waterspout is incredible.
However, the story felt flat. I just wasn’t involved with the characters or overall storyline. It’s supposed to be an epic fantasy on par with LOTR, but I just didn’t feel it. And it may be based on a children’s book, but this flick is not for the little ones.

The Losers
I heard some good buzz about this film but missed it in the theaters. An elite Special Forces team (The Losers) is double-crossed and decides to clear their name the only way they know how. Cue the bullets and explosions. This is a guy movie with good characters, fun dialogue, and a smoking hot Zoë Saldana.

The superhero movie that turns the genre on its head. Kick-Ass (from a graphic novel series) tells the simple story of a teen nebbish who decides to turn his life around - by becoming a superhero despite the fact he has no powers whatsoever. Funny, poignant, crude, and over-the-top. I really thought I’d hate this movie, but it’s quite entertaining.

Planet 51
One word - bad! I finally gave up after 30 minutes. (Yes, I survived 122 minutes of Sharktopus, but that was for a cause!) It’s as if someone took an unedited, rough first draft screenplay and made it into a film. Bad dialogue, poor editing, and a lame story. I felt bad for the animators who worked on this film because they did a fine job!

And to wrap up this movie-fest of a week - Friday is the roundup of October movies!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sharktopus: A Play-by-Play

Did you catch this SyFy disaster last Saturday night? Fear not! Though it was far worse than expected, I suffered through the event, just for YOU! There were far better things on TV that night, too. I caught glimpses of the Boise State game during the commercials, and let me tell you, that Smurf-blue field looked far more enticing! But I stuck it out so that I could present to you:

My thoughts while watching Sharktopus, recorded by the minute.

3 min – The “ding” of the elevator sounds just like my microwave oven chime.

7 min – They didn’t waste any time with pesky details like plot or exposition.

10 min – Roger Corman must have pictures of Eric Roberts with a donkey or something.

13 min – Roberts isn’t even trying. I think he’s cold-reading the script from cue cards.

15 min – Hot woman on beach – the movie is getting better.

16 min – Oh wait, Sharktopus killed her. Movie sucks again.

19 min – Not so attractive woman goes bungee jumping. I’m okay with her dying.

30 min – Various shots of sun-soaked, bikini-clad hotties flashes across the screen. This should be the centerpiece of the film.

37 min – Sharktopus attacks sunbathers. The CGI is so bad I find myself growing nostalgic for a guy in a big rubber suit.

42 min – A man tells Roberts there’s something on TV he has to see. I’m pretty sure it’s not Sharktopus.

44 min – The lead actress’s voice keeps shifting from British to American. She must’ve studied at the Kevin Costner Robin Hood School of Acting.

51 min - Is there enough alcohol in the house to get through this movie?

62 min – Pretty sure Roberts is drunk. Lucky basterd.

64 min – They should rename “SyFy Saturday Night” to “SyFy Saturday Craptacular.”

73 min – The upside to being eaten by Sharktopus: you don’t have to sit through the rest of Sharktopus.

80 min – A pirate radio DJ mocks Sharktopus and is devoured. This is a life lesson, people!

83 min – Sharktopus just pantsed some guy. That was… awkward.

93 min – No really, Roberts is hammered. This guy was on a three-day bender shooting this film.

98 min – The movie just morphed into a Puerto Vallarta travelogue. Or a bad Bollywood film. Not sure which.

101 min - I wonder if Boise State is still winning?

107 min – Roberts is killed by Sharktopus and there was much rejoicing.

110 min – Our hero now intends to run over Sharktopus with a minivan. Hope he’s insured.

122 min – Sharktopus is arrested on tax evasion charges. Movie over.

Now you don't have to waste two hours of your life! You can thank me later...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blogfests, Stoked, and Double Vadar

Whew! What a week for blogfests. The Top 10 TV Shows was a big hit. Everyone enjoyed discovering new and old favorite shows. The Great Blogging Experiment with Elana Johnson and Jennifer Daiker at Unedited was even bigger! I’m still reading entries. Thanks to everyone who participated in those blogfests. Special mention – Michele at Southern City Mysteries hosted her Blog Birthday Fest on Friday. Sorry I didn’t get to participate, Michele, but I did read some of the entries. A really big thanks to all who answered my call for help on October 19 this week! The sheer number of bloggers who responded humbles me. You’ve done wonders to alleviate the anxiety of a new author – thanks! My publisher sent me a copy of the Library Journal page upon which my review appears this month: Yes, I’m stoked!!! Grinned for hours after I received it. And I’m a guy – I rarely smile! Next post will contain several movie reviews, including Legends of the Guardians and SHARKTOPUS!!! You didn’t forget to watch that train wreck of a movie last night, did you??? In the meantime, enjoy a rundown of characters who appeared at Dragon Con this year, courtesy of Chad Vadar!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Creating Compelling Characters

Today’s blogfest is all about how writers create compelling characters.

First, let me quantify that statement – I hope I’ve figured out how to do that!

Now, on to my process…

I just look to the qualities in the characters of other books. What draws me to that character? What do I admire? What causes me to relate to those characters?

I prefer characters that are intelligent and crafty, remaining one step ahead of their opponent. They should be brave and possess confidence. But, the most important component – they are flawed and yet still manage to get the job done.

For me, that’s the key – imperfect characters. Nobody’s perfect. (I know I possess many defects!) That’s why we relate to others who share our weaknesses and insecurities. Of course, a character can’t be a total loser. Even at our lowest point, we still hope that we possess some redeeming qualities. We want to believe that we can grow and improve. And a compelling character needs to do the same.

In the end, believable characters give us faith in ourselves. Broken down into those simple terms, designing compelling characters isn’t so difficult after all.

And if you really think about it, that’s pretty damn cool!

Be sure to visit Elana Johnson and Jennifer Daiker at Unedited, along with the other participants listed below!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It’s a Wrap! And a Call for Help…

First, a BIG thanks to all eighty-three Top 10 TV Shows blogfest participants! Many of us discovered shows we had in common and shows that were new to us. Some of the lists were so original, too! I was trying to monitor the most mentioned show and I finally concluded that Firefly was the winner. (Hear that FOX? Bring back Firefly!!!) Many of you received lots of comments and new followers, which is awesome. Overall, I had a blast! Hope everyone else did, too.

I moved the participant list to its own page - see tab above. All links go directly to the blogfest post and non-participants were removed. Some posted early Tuesday, so check for those you may have missed.

There’s also the Great Blogging Experiment this Friday! During our week of blogging tips, Elana, Jen, and I planned September 24 as day to blog about “Writing Compelling Characters.” (Okay, the ladies planned it - I just created the blogfest linky signup.) See Elana’s BLOG for details or sign up at the bottom of my blog.

And now my call for help…

A full blog tour is planned around my book release next month - see tab above for stops. I was honored with more offers than I could accommodate and I appreciate those friends so much! However, with the release date looming closer each day, I’ll admit it - apprehension is setting in.

Spurred by Talli’s 1000 Blogs quest on December 1, I am asking for help. It would be so awesome - and humbling - to see my book (or book trailer) appear on blogs across the web on October 19. I have this fear that date will come and go - and no one will know about CassaStar!

If any of you (besides those already hosting me on my tour) are willing to blog about my book on that date, please let me know! I can supply you with the cover, the synopsis, the html for the trailer, a bottle of wine - whatever you need. I’m not above begging, either! It’s not a pretty sight, but I’m willing to grovel…

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10 TV Shows Blogfest!

It’s today! Time to share YOUR ten favorite TV programs, old or new. Please visit others who have signed up for the blogfest today – I bet you find a TV treasure you’d long since forgotten about… And now, my Top 10 TV Shows (in no particular order) celebrating the endless hours I’ve spent in front of the idiot box and watching Hulu and NetFlix…
1. Firefly - A brilliant cast, crisp dialogue and great stories made this one of my favs. Fox royally screwed up when they didn't give this show a chance to establish an audience.
2. Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis - I am such an unabashed fanboy that I could spend paragraphs gushing over how much I love these two great series. (Don't get me started on the craptacular Stargate Universe. I’m not sure even McKay and Woosley’s guest appearances will save it.)
3. MASH - Simply put, the best sitcom ever. (Sorry Seinfeld.) Just as funny and biting today as it was 36 years ago.
4. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - If I were putting these in order this would be my number one show. If laughter is the best medicine than everyone should have at least two doses of this hilarious show every week.
5. All Star Treks (Original, Next Gen, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise) - I've seen every episode, multiple times and I look forward to many more repeat viewings.
6. The X-Files - "Spooky" Mulder and Dana Scully had me from the very first episode. Not even a questionable last season can erase my respect for this show.
7. CSI - The original is still the best (even without the great William Petersen). The formula definitely works and keeps me coming back every week.
8. The Wild, Wild West - When I was a kid, I wanted to be James West. I still want to be James West.
9. Eureka - This is such a fun and entertaining show that I just had to include it. Can I be James West and live in Eureka?
10. The Big Bang Theory - I thought the sitcom was just about dead when this hilarious show came out. Full of great geek references, this quickly became a fav of mine.
Bonus Show, because I can! 11. Burn Notice - His name is Michael Weston. he used to be a spy until...he got a burn notice. This fun show that takes you inside the world of covert ops and includes one of my all time favorites, Bruce Campbell. Big thanks to those who promoted this event and/or participated today – you guys rock!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Have Been Warned! Er, Reminded!

The Top 10 TV Shows Blogfest is the 20th - THIS Monday!! If you've not signed up, now is the time to do so! (See Linky above - not that you could've missed it.) Take a break from writing and other things to spend a day reminiscing about your favorite TV shows, old and new. Doesn't have to be complicated or long. The Movie Dirty Dozen had sixty participants - I'm aiming for seventy now. Tell all your friends! And for my writer friends, Elana, Jen, and I have The Great Blogging Experiment blogfest this Friday and it's all about our characters. Sign up at Elana's site HERE! Come on couch potatoes and TV geeks - who's with me???
And I just realized CassaStar's release date is in one month - time to panic!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Things....

Zoe at No Letters on my Keyboard gave me the Versatile Blogger award and wanted me to list seven things about myself. I’m rather boring, so instead I give you seven fascinating science fiction news flashes!
First is a big shout-out to Angela at Jaded Love Junkie! She was my 200 followers giveaway winner and received a review copy from my publisher. She got the book on Friday and posted her review yesterday – and she liked CassaStar! (Much to my relief!) Visit her BLOG to read the review, which really highlights what’s important about my book. Thanks, Angela! I don’t have to hide my head in shame… Stargate Universe, the third series in the Stargate family, has a few surprise guests for its second season – David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay and Robert Picardo as Commander Richard Woosley, both from Stargate: Atlantis, will make guest appearances. And here I thought the series was doomed… Don’t forget Sharktopus! This train-wreck of a movie debuts on the SyFy channel September 25. This can be science fiction, depending on your selections – the TOP 10 TV SHOWS Blogfest! It’s MONDAY! There were 60 signed up for The Movie Dirty Dozen – I’d like to hit 70 for this one. Tell all your friends!!! Sign up and blog about YOUR favorite TV shows!
Movie review – The Book of Eli The reviews were so mixed on this film that I waited to see it on NetFlix. It’s atmospheric, almost like a graphic novel come to life. Denzel Washington is the hero, heading west with a book – the last remaining Bible – in a post-apocalyptic world. He comes upon a town run by Gary Oldman (ever the chameleon character) who is searching for a Bible so that he can control the residents with the power of the Word. The critics had issues with things that didn’t bother me. However, this is an awkwardly paced film. It’s very slow and dark – as in, sometimes you can’t see the character’s faces it’s so dark. It sets a unique tone, one that will not set well with everyone. If not for the big revelation at the end – and the purpose of Washington’s character heading west – I would’ve written it off as an average film. That made it all worthwhile for me. Have you seen the trailer for Monsters?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Asked For It!

Now you’re going to get it!

For those who have prodded me for more information on CassaStar, I’ve decided to satisfy your curiosity and post tidbits about my upcoming book. This is awkward for me, but I guess its part of what I’m supposed to be doing!

Today Ill tell you a little about the two main characters:


Abandoned by his older sister not long after his parents were killed, Byron spent his youth shuffled from one facility to the next. Labeled a problem child with an attitude, he distanced himself from others. When his dexterity and quick reflexes emerged in his teens, he was encouraged to pursue a profession that matched those skills. Accepted into the military, Byron at once set his sights on piloting a Cosbolt, the fleet’s elite fighter.

Byron is a perfectionist and a loner. His confidence is countered by a withdrawn and reserved nature, and he prefers privacy to the company of others. However, he’ll have to learn to connect mentally with a navigator if he ever hopes to pilot a Cosbolt…


Bassa was once the best Cosbolt navigator in the system, earning many awards and medals during his twenty years of active duty. The death of his younger brother, an inexperienced pilot fresh out of training, prompted Bassa to resign his position of squadron commander and transfer to the training station of Guaard. He soon assumed the role as chief instructor, earning a reputation as toughest commander ever to train Cosbolt hopefuls.

Unyielding in his quest to assure all who come through Guaard are properly prepared, Bassa is tough on trainees but highly respected. Lacking family or a mate, he still longs for an opportunity to redeem himself and change the outcome of just one pilot’s fate.

Secondary characters include Trindel, Byron’s hyperactive, happy-go-lucky navigator in training, and Cosbolt officers Ernx, Nintal, Hannar, and Deacer. Trainee Surren is a thorn in Byron’s side at every opportunity and Officer Larnth resentful of the young pilot’s assignment to his squadron. There’s also a race called the Vindicarn who are determined to take over Cassan space…

Any questions?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cassandra's Writing With Visuals

Today I welcome Cassandra Jade while I visit her BLOG in Cassandra’s absence. (Like Freaky Friday without the body switch.)

Writing with Visuals

Thanks Alex for hosting me today, it is great to be visiting your blog as part of my tour. Today I’m am looking at visuals, and how they can help the writing process.

I absolutely love movies. There are some scenes that are so powerful that years later you can still close your eyes and just see every single moment. They stay with you and no matter how many times you see these scenes, they always affect you.

When writing, we usually don’t have an accompanying visual, so we have to use our words to create the strong image for the reader. If they can see our story unfolding in their mind, than we’ve probably done a good job. But sometimes it is really hard to get what we are seeing in our minds into words that then translate into a clear picture for someone else.

I have this problem a lot.

One suggestion I was given was to try to draw or sketch the images and then describe them. I’m going to point out at this stage what an absolute terrible artist I am. My stick figures are unrecognisable scrawls. Trying to draw an image of a fantasy setting that I can see clearly in my mind is well and truly impossible for me because it is even less clear once it is mauled by my lack of artistic talent.

Then someone told me to find someone who likes to draw and describe the image for them. Kind of like a police sketch.

The obvious problem – if I could describe it I wouldn’t be trying to draw it in the first place.

However, I was told to stop being sarcastic and to sit down and describe what I could see.

I’m now going to explain why I have learnt to never dismiss an idea out of hand, even if it seems completely illogical to me. At first I was very impatient with the process and very vague. “It’s like, huge, and there’s all this stuff…” Then my friend, who was trying valiantly to ignore my obvious sarcasm, asked me to focus on one part of the image. Working out from there, I described what surrounded it and what surrounded that and focused on each part individually. When I wasn’t trying to put it into words that could be read and understood by themselves, I could easily describe each part of the image.

Eventually, I had a sketch of the setting that more or less matched what I had been visualising. And suddenly I could see exactly what I would need to say if I wanted to describe the feeling of the place to someone reading a story. Plus, the process of explaining it in bits and pieces to another person, had helped sharpen my own idea of what the place should look like.

Writing is an incredibly visual task. Even though the images we create are with words, behind the words, there is a picture we are trying to share.

How do you go about turning the images in your heads into words?

Cassandra Jade is a fantasy writer from Australia. You can visit her blog, Cassandra Jade in the Realm or follow her Twitter. Her debut fantasy novel, Death’s Daughter, is available from Lyrical Press.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awesome Week!

And next week will be cool, too.

Yes, I know – I passed 300 followers! Damn, didn’t I just hit 200 in July? Need to celebrate! Doubt I can do another book giveaway until October, but for now, drinks on the house. Wow, 300 people find me interesting... that'll give my wife a chuckle!

Don't forget the Top 10 TV Shows blogfest on September 20th! Sign up for it above. There were 60 participants for the Movie Dirty Dozen, and I'd like even more for this one.

The blogging series this past week with Elana Johnson and Jennifer Daiker at Unedited was great. Special thanks to Elana for inviting me to participate. Not sure I had as much to offer as those ladies, but I hope someone benefited from my ramblings. Big welcome to all my followers, too! And the week kicked off with Karen at Coming Down the Mountain’s Labor Day Weekend BBQ. Big hello to all who found me through that blogfest!

Elana, Jen, and I are also doing The Great Blogging Experiment on September 24 – check it out!

Monday I’m hosting Cassandra from Cassandra Jade in the Realm. She did something cool with her blog tour – hosts are visiting her site as well. So, on Monday, Cassandra will be here and I will be at her blog.

Several of you commented that you want to know more about my book. Okay, but only because you asked! Next week I’ll talk a little about my two main characters. For now, you’ll just have to visit the page above marked CassaStar for my book’s synopsis and the trailer.

Lynnette at Chatterbox ChitChat has a big contest and I thought some of my fellow writers might be interested. “Preparations for our next big contest are underway. If you know someone who writes adult romance or an adult genre with romantic elements, ask them if they’d like to join a small critique group, then send them our way. At the moment, Rumored Romantics has three members: Suzanne Johnson, Katrina Crew, and Lynnette Labelle.”

Finally, I caught MACHETE last weekend. A bit over the top, but it’s a classic grindhouse film. Lots of action and fights. Amazing cast, too. And the star, Danny Trejo, is sixty-six! Impressive.

Whew! Did I cover everything?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Joint Blogging Series - Post Topics and Relationships

I am joining Elana Johnson and Jennifer Daiker at Unedited this week for a series on blogging. Please visit their sites as well for some expert advice. As for me, I’ll just offer my humble advice and experience.

What to blog about? I think all new bloggers struggle at first. Hell, some days I don’t know what I’m going to say!

I winged it the first couple months before discovering my groove. There were some good posts and a few I just tossed out and prayed. I kept looking at other author and writer blogs and felt I had to do what they did in order to succeed.

Then one day while making changes to my layout, I took a long, hard look at my profile description. It finally hit me – I needed to blog about my passions.

I tweaked my profile description and began blogging on those subjects. Talk about relieving pressure! I now had permission to be myself. This was reflected in the quality of my posts, which in turn attracted more readers. I’ve heard more than once this isn’t a typical writer’s blog, but that’s okay. I’m not typical – I’m Alex! (The commenting Ninja!)

I think the key to successful blogging lies in one’s passions. If you’re excited, your readers will be as well.

The blogging community is about building relationships. We’ve walked into a party – now it’s time to mingle. We exchange ideas and thoughts, testing the waters. Those who share our kindred spirit become friends. We cheer one another on when something great happens and comfort when times are rough. And it’s through these friendships that we grow and change.

I never realized all this community had to offer until I became involved. Now that I’ve a whole army of friends behind me, I can declare it was worth the effort. And I am here to stay!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joint Blogging Series - Comments

I am joining Elana Johnson and Jennifer Daiker at Unedited this week for a series on blogging. Please visit their sites as well for some expert advice. As for me, I’ll just offer my humble beginnings and advice.

Most bloggers crave comments. Our blog post sits there, ignored by the world, and then – a comment appears! We’re thrilled. We want more. We need more. It’s a matter of life or death!

Eh, maybe not that bad.

I’ve watched my comments grow this year from single digits to over fifty-five per post. While I’m still not sure how this happened (I swear I didn’t bribe anyone) I can tell you what I’ve done to encourage comments.

I follow and comment on a lot of blogs. My goal is a hundred a day. Some days I fall short. (I slack, I sleep in, I live my life – that sort of thing.) I usually comment on quite a few though. Now, while I enjoy the luxury of blogging from work in addition to blogging at home, I think every blogger can hit 2-3 dozen blogs a day.

I try to create interesting posts, ones that spark the interests of others. Sometimes I drift, but I try to stay within my basic topics as well. If it’s a passion of mine, I like to think that shines through in the post. I believe that’s the key, too. A blog can be about anything that excites the host, and it works as long as the posts reflect that fact. After all, excitement is contagious.

Posts that receive the most comments are the ones that encourage a response. Asking a question entices others to get involved in the discussion. Sometimes the individual comments here are longer than my post! But that’s great. Blogging is all about getting involved.

Okay, my movie posts garner a lot of comments, too. Guess my followers are just as geeked-out about movies as me!

I reply to commenters in my post, and you’d be surprised how many come back for a reply – and comment again.

Word verification turns off some people and they won’t comment. Enough said.

Participating in blogfests will draw comments, but you need to comment as well.

Contests are a big draw. I’ve held one contest and that post still holds the record for the most comments.

Finally, really big news draws comments. An event that rocks your world! When I posted my book trailer, everyone stopped by to comment on it. I don’t often post about my upcoming book, but it really made me feel good to receive so many words of encouragement.

I don’t think there’s any big secret to increasing comments. If you’re willing to do a lot of little things, then it will happen!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Joint Blogging Series - Followers

I am joining Elana Johnson and Jennifer Daiker at Unedited this week for a series on blogging. Please visit their sites as well for some expert advice. As for me, I’ll just offer my humble beginnings and advice.

I began blogging last November and started by following a few science fiction sites and authors. It was slow going at first as I figured out my topics and posting schedule. By the end of March, I’d amassed a whole thirty followers. Yes, rather pathetic!

The turning point was the A-Z Challenge, hosted by Lee at Tossing it Out - blog a letter of the alphabet every day in April with Sundays off for good behavior. Not only did I find my blogging rhythm, I gained sixty new followers that month. Lee followed up the challenge with a music blogfest in May, and I hosted The Movie Dirty Dozen in June. During this time, I continued to find new blogs, and my following grew to 200 by July.

It took a great deal more than just the blogfests to gain followers, though. Gaining and maintaining quality followers is a multi-faceted endeavor. Here are some of the actions that increased my followers and my recommendation for those who want to increase blog followers:

Be willing to follow others, and not just for the sake of enticing them to follow you. Follow because you are genuinely interested in their blogs.

Create posts of interest, especially those that foster a discussion. Define your topics and create a posting schedule. How often should you post? Between three times a week and daily is ideal.

Comment on other blogs – often! Most bloggers appreciate even a short comment as long as it’s relevant to the post. Some of us even like snarking.

Praise and reward other bloggers. Reference someone’s great post, announce another’s achievement, or pass along an award. Invite others to provide a guest post for your blog.

Place your favorite blogs in your blogroll.

Actively seek out new bloggers. Investigate blogs suggested by others and explore blogrolls.

Be true to yourself. Be genuine in your posts and comments and focus on your strengths.

If you adopt these suggestions and become involved in the blogging community, an amazing thing happens – others will reciprocate. They will place your blog in their blogrolls. They mention you in their posts. They invite you to provide guest posts for their blog. And they spread the word that you are an awesome blogger to follow!

We tend to measure success in terms of numbers, but it’s quality, not quantity, that really matters. My followers are an awesome bunch of people and I am grateful for their patronage. (I’m also humbled so many find me interesting.) In return, I promise to fulfill my end of the bargain so they keep coming back! Otherwise, it'd be really dull around here...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Blogfest and OMG REVIEWS!!!!!!!!

My publisher finally sent me the blurb from Library Journal’s review and it’s awesome! “…calls to mind the youthful focus of Robert Heinlein’s early military sf, as well as the excitement of space opera epitomized by the many Star Wars novels. Fast-paced military action and a youthful protagonist make this a good choice for both young adult and adult fans of space wars.” - Library Journal CassaStar compared to Heinlein AND Star Wars in the same sentence? BOO-YAH!!!!!!!!! And another awesome review was posted this week by Bryan at SFF Hub. Believe me, I clinked on that link while holding my breath! But way cool! SFF Hub is one of my blog tour stops, too – and in his review posts he’s seeking questions for my interview. So, if there’s anything you ever wanted to know… There was also a review from Publisher’s Weekly that wasn’t so awesome, but that’s okay. Two positive reviews are good enough! Now to the blogfest… In the spirit of The Movie Dirty Dozen, I announce…
The TOP 10 TV SHOWS! Yes, admit it – at some point in your life, you were a TV junkie! Now’s your chance to rave about your favorite shows, past and present. Dazzle the blogging world with your boob tube knowledge and fascination for cheap sitcoms, over-emoted dramas, and weakly programming. This blogfest kicks off on Monday, September 20. Sign up today! If you missed The Movie Dirty Dozen, now is the time to redeem yourself.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Alex's World...

It’s 90 degrees outside and 60 degrees in my office. I love working in a refrigerator! Other than freezing my ass off, good things are happening this week. And not just in my world, either! Talli just hit 400 followers! That is awesome – she’s a great blogger and beautiful gal. Would love to hear an audio of her voice, as I bet she has a sexy accent, too. (Wait, did I say that out loud?) She’s holding a giveaway, so check out Talli’s BLOG for details. Fallen just hit 200 followers and is also holding a contest! So, stop by Falen Formulates Fiction and say hi to Yvie for me as well. Cassandra Jade kicked off her virtual tour on Wednesday with a unique twist – during her visits, the host blogger visits HER site as well. It’s like a two-for-one deal. I’m looking forward to hosting Cassandra on the 13th. Elana Johnson contacted Jennifer Daiker at Unedited and yours truly to do a triple-post series next week on blogging. Elana wanted three viewpoints on blogging from experts. No, that is not a typo. No, I don’t believe it either. Jen has close to 700 followers and Elana has… well, at least a million. (Reminds me of the child’s game “Which one of these items doesn’t belong?”) The series kicks off on Monday and Elana will have details up at her website very soon. So, be sure to visit THOSE two awesome ladies for some great info. Then you can come by and humor me with a nice, short, irrelevant comment… And despite the fact I’m working on guest posts for my virtual tour next month (Dear Lord, that’s next month!!!) a couple new ideas struck me for the sequel to CassaStar. So, I’ve been writing, turning Byron’s world upside down again. Actually, I stuck him in a barrel and sent him over Niagara Falls… Thanks to everyone who’s visited over the past couple weeks. The Blogging Idiosyncrasies posts were a big hit. If you missed them – and judging from the amount of comments, you didn’t – Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. Wait, did I mention another blogfest in the spirit of The Movie Dirty Dozen? No? I’ll get back to you on that one…