Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Riff Trax Live – Anaconda! Plus the Trick-or-Treat Bloghop, Living Dead Girl, Alex the Author, and Ninja News

Riff Trax!

This Thursday, October 30 2014 is the next RiffTrax Live - the guys from MST3K strike at 1997's ANACONDA!
You can visit their site for a theater showing the broadcast, and if you live near Durham, NC, you can see it live. That’s right – time to hit the road north! I’m very stoked to see Mike, Kevin, and Bill do the show in person. I’ll give you a full review of the experience on Monday.

A Little Halloween Tune

Since it’s almost Halloween, if you’d like a little scary music while you read the rest of this post, just click play and enjoy Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl:

Ninja News

We are VERY honored to have million-copy NYTimes bestselling author, Ruth Harris, at the IWSG Site today!

The IWSG has also expanded with a second group on Facebook – the IWSG Critique Circle.
The aim of that group is to put writers who want to exchange critiques and find beta readers in touch with each other. And of course, there's the support and encouragement with the WiPs. So check it out!

Jeff Chapman’s Give Me Your Teeth: A Fae Tale comes out this Friday on Halloween!
Like most children, ten-year old Jimmy wonders where the Tooth Fairy keeps all those teeth.
He learns there's more to his mother than he ever imagined, and the Tooth Fairy isn't so harmless.
You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

Cindy is looking for guest reviewers for Good Book Alert. In return for a review, the guest reviewer will receive one guest post on the site. In both posts, your book/bio information will be posted as well. Visit Good Book Alert for details.

Sylvia Ney is holding a NaNo contest and giveaway – visit her site for details!

J E Oneil alerted me to this freaky story –
The ghastly Lake Natron, in northern Tanzania, is a salt lake—meaning that water flows in, but doesn’t flow out, so it can only escape by evaporation. Over time, as water evaporates, it leaves behind high concentrations of salt and other minerals, like at the Dead Sea and Utah’s Great Salt Lake.
Unlike those other lakes, though, Lake Natron is extremely alkaline, due to high amounts of the chemical natron (a mix of sodium carbonate and baking soda) in the water. The water’s pH has been measured as high as 10.5—nearly as high as ammonia.
You have to see the stunning images of birds turned to stone by the water at the Smithsonian Mag! In black and white, they are haunting.

And thanks to everyone who weighed in on Monday’s post - Are Authors Killing Blogging? There were some really detailed and thoughtful comments weighing in on promotion overload. If you missed it, go back and check it out.

Trick-or-Treat Book Bloghop!

Hosted by Patricia Lynne
The theme is EBooks are the Candy. We’re giving away books to one or more lucky commenters.
Hashtag #trickortreatreads

My treat for one lucky commenter is your choice:
EBook copies of all three of my books or
One print copy of your choice (CassaStar, CassaFire, or CassaStorm) with swag or
One print review copy of Dragon of the Stars (when available)

Just say Trick-or-Treat in comments to enter – winner will be announced Monday.

Alex the Author

Since I’m trying to put more of me here, I thought I’d give a unique run-down of what I’ve written. Some of you might not know what I write. Yes, it is mostly science fiction, but of the lighter space opera variety. (Think Star Wars.)

Sometimes it's wild to look back and think Holy crap, did I do that? This journey wasn't planned. I mean, how do you predict all of this - the blog, the books, the IWSG, the friendships? I'm grateful for the opportunity though.

The original version was written in the 70’s when I was a teen. Thirty years later, I rewrote it, and the story will always have a special place in my heart. Yes, this book started it all. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Readers wanted a sequel. And a female character. (Crap!) Fortunately, I had a short story I could rewrite and I knew the main character well now. I wrote this during NaNo 2010. So if you’re participating in NaNo this year, if I can do it, you can do it!

This story came from scratch and took me a long time to pull together. I’m proudest of this one, especially the fact I was able to write a convincing ten-year-old boy. (And I don’t even have kids!)

I was invited to contribute to an anthology that tied in with a CD. I chose the song Drakon’s Empire and wrote a short story called CassaFate. I actually had to cut words to hit the 1500 word limit. (That has never happened before. Trust me!)

Indiestructible: Inspiring Stories from the Publishing Jungle
I was also asked to contribute to this anthology. I wrote a piece about the power of networking and having an online presence. (I sure as heck wasn’t going to offer any writing tips. I wanted to help not hinder.)

How I Found the Write Path: A Compilation of Letters
My letter was Prepare for Changes. Yeah, big time!

Overcoming Adversity
This book was a fund raiser for Andrew, who sadly passed away. My contribution was My Friends, My Heroes

Coming soon -

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group Guide to Publishing and Beyond
Available this December, this book features over a hundred articles on writing, publishing, and marketing. So much good information! Ironically the word count is higher than any of my books…

Dragon of the Stars
Available next spring, this story is separate from the Cassan universe. I took the story idea of the song Dragon on the Sea by Ayeron and wrote my own. (I don’t recommend doing that, as a book is much longer than a seven minute song…)

Crap, that’s a lot! And I didn’t even want to be a writer. I’m just a dude with many guitars. And even more clones…

Anyone else seeing Riff Trax? Ready for Halloween? (Any other Halloween songs you’d like to suggest?) Did you go look at the Lake Natron photos? Did you say Trick-or-Treat? And are you as stunned as I am that a man of few words actually wrote all that…?

Don’t forget next Wednesday is IWSG post day!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Have Authors Killed Blogging? Plus 2014 Box Office, Horror Movie Trivia Answers, Mini-Alex, and Ninja News

2014 Box Office So Far…

Nine films have grossed over a half a billion dollars so far this year. With Interstellar and the final Hobbit film still to come, there will undoubtedly be more. Here is the breakdown so far:

1 Transformers: Age of Extinction - $1,087.3 billion
2 Maleficent - $757.4 million
3 Guardians of the Galaxy - $752.6
4 X-Men: Days of Future Past - $746.0
5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - $714.1
6 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - $709.0
7 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - $707.2
8 How to Train Your Dragon 2 - $615.0
9 Godzilla (2014) - $525.0

(Guardians leads the US box office with $328.6 million.)

Ninja News

At the A to Z Blog today is Nicki Elson with her awesome 90's Pop Culture Favorites Challenge theme.

Available now –
Mage Revealed by CD Coffelt
Book two in the Magic Withheld series
Find it on Amazon
Check out the trailer on You Tube

Lisa Regan is celebrating the one year anniversary of her first novel’s release by holding a t-shirt fundraiser:
Buy a Finding Claire Fletcher t-shirt and all profits will go to Operation Underground Railroad or O.U.R., a non-profit organization founded by a former CIA/Homeland Security agent. They use cutting-edge technology to locate and track child pornographers and human traffickers. They use their findings to assist law enforcement all over the world to stop these monsters and rescue kidnapped children.
You can purchase one HERE

Milo James Fowler’s Creepy Freebies is back! Check his site for a list of participants, plus keep an eye out for those joining the giveaway, such as Roland Yeomans. Creepy Freebies lasts through Halloween.

Horror Movie Trivia Answers

1 – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost 2004 – Shaun of the Dead
2 – Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David 1982 – The Thing
3 – Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci 1999 – Sleepy Hollow
4 – Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner 1976 – The Omen
5 – Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox 2002 – The Ring
6 – JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Heather O’Rourke 1982 – Poltergeist


In a piles of leaves, as requested! (Sort of - I don't rake leaves, I mow them.)

Have Authors Killed Blogging?

For the past six months there has been a lot of discussion about blogging losing steam and dying out. While I doubt it’s dying, there have been a lot of changes and a slowdown in growth. New blogs still appear, but fewer bloggers are returning comments and follows. Since blogging is all about being sociable, that’s a problem.

Are authors and writers putting a damper on blogging? Are the constant book announcements, cover reveals, book releases, blog tours, and reviews drowning out interaction and interest?

I pull up my Feedly reader, and over two thirds of the posts are just that. It looks almost like a Twitter feed of promos and links.

We all want to help each other, but I’ve begun to wonder if we are the only ones paying attention anymore. I follow almost two thousand blogs and used to have an eclectic following, but it seems that many who weren’t writers have fallen away. (And yes, I do know I gained a lot more writer followers when I started the Insecure Writer’s Support Group three years ago.) They aren’t blogging much anymore, if at all. (I know a lot of writers and authors who aren’t blogging, either.)

I’ve always tried to offer a variety here, because no one wants to read all promo. (Besides, I’m not a book blogger site or a review site – that’s not what I do.) I want to focus on entertainment and fun, and yes, I am trying to work more of me into the posts.

What do you think? Have authors and writers put a damper on blogging? Have we hit promo overload?

How many of those top films of 2014 have you seen? (I’ve only missed the top two.) Any news that interests you? Get any of the trivia correct? Ready to dive into a pile of leaves? And do you think authors are hurting blogging…?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Movie News and The Book of Life Review, Horror Movie Trivia, Mini-Alex, BOTB Results, and Ninja News

Movie News

The Book of Life movie review
Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart, embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastic worlds where he must face his greatest fears.
The animation is truly unique and I recommend seeing it in 3D. The Land of the Remembered is colorful and stunning.
While the story won’t be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen, it did have several refreshing aspects. One is the Mexican setting and the legend of the Day of the Dead festival. Another was that although the two friends, Manolo and Joaquin, are vying for Maria’s hand, neither is perfect nor a villain.
The best characters are the two Gods. La Muerte rules the Land of the Remembered and Xibalba rules the Land of the Forgotten, and their love-hate relationship is charming to watch.
Death plays a major part in the story and there is some violence, so not recommended for the really young.
For something refreshing and new, The Book of Life is a fun watch.

According to Blastr, there could be more John Carter movies, just not with Disney. Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. regained the rights to the books and is seeking other opportunities.
"We will be seeking a new partner to help develop new adventures on film as chronicled in the eleven Mars novels Burroughs wrote," Burroughs Inc. President James Sullos said. "This adventure never stops."
I enjoyed the books and really dug the 2012 John Carter film, so I hope it happens.

Have you seen the trailer for Tommorrowland?

Ninja News

The amazing Sarah Allen is our guest at the IWSG Site today, discussing how helping other writers helps you.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Survive and Thrive Blogfest, and my other co-hosts, Stephen Tremp, Michael Di Gesu, and Diane Wolfe!

DL Hammons is hosting his Déjà vu blogfest again.

New releases –

The Initiate by M. Pax
Secret Keepers by Gwen Gardner

Blocked by Jennifer Lane

Battle of the Bands Results

Last Wednesday I pitted Thin Lizzy against Metallica with the song Whisky in the Jar.

Stephen T. McCarthy made it interesting when he voted for Thinallica. (I split the difference.)

However, after casting my vote for Metallica, we have… a tie!

Thin Lizzy – 18.5 votes
Metallica – 18.5 votes


We found this large display of sunflowers recently and thought of Tina Downey…

Movie Trivia!

Since Halloween is approaching, today we focus on horror movies. Name the film from actors and year listed:

1 – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost 2004

2 – Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David 1982

3 – Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci 1999

4 – Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner 1976

5 – Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox 2002

6 – JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Heather O’Rourke 1982

Have you seen The Book of Life? Want more John Carter Movies? Excited about the new releases? BOTB results surprise you? Know any of the trivia? And where should Mini-Alex go next…?

I also received edits for Dragon of the Stars from my publisher, so I will be busy working on them the next week or so...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jerk Sandwiches with Holly Sinclair, Survive and Thrive Bloghop, Tree of Life Video, and Ninja News

Today is the Survive and Thrive Bloghop, but first...

The ever-awesome Carrie Butler featured me today in her ‘Breaking it Down’ series regarding an author’s online presence. Carrie, thanks again for the suggestions and your kind words. As you can see, I've already made some changes around here...

And we have to discuss Jerk Sandwiches…

The ABC’s of Sandwiches by Holly Sinclair

When one is learning to cook, a crock-pot of things can go wrong. By far, the incident that haunts me today is the Lemon Tart Incident. My tart was to have a breadcrumb bottom. The directions said to use "breadcrumbs," store-bought was fine. Our cupboards had a container of such store-bought breadcrumbs, Italian seasoned. Did you know there is garlic and onion flavor in Italian breadcrumbs? I did not. About 20 minutes after the tart entered the oven, a rank odor rapidly ran through the house. It was nauseating. It was horrific. Lemon, sugar, cream, garlic, and onions do not go well together. The tart went straight to the outside trash, all the windows were open, and we still had to vacate the house for hours so it could air out.

One commenter on this post will win a free digital copy of this cookbook. To enter, just leave a comment. If you want to leave a comment but don't want to enter, add "I hate food" to your comment. The winner will be announced on October 31st on Holly's blog.

The ABC’s of Sandwiches
Cost: $2.00 ebook- Amazon, Smashwords, iBookstore, and Barnes and Noble

Holly Sinclair, who goes by Southpaw on the Interwebs, finds cooking cathartic. The recipes she's created and collected grew into cookbooks. Holly's trying her hand at fiction and food seems to creep into most of her books. Website Blog
Join Holly on the rest of her Blog Tour, each stop features a different cookbook and a chance for a free ebook. Plus you can join in the fun by signing up for the End of Tour Foodie Blog Hop!

There were so many tasty recipes in Holly’s book. Jerk Chicken Sandwich easily won today’s feature.

There is a saying in the South that when something is really good – ‘It was so good, my tongue slapped my brain.’ Yeah, this one is THAT good! We’ve had it three times now and it just gets better and better. Prep time will take a bit, but when you are ready to prepare the sandwiches, takes ten minutes. I let my wife make the coleslaw, which was a combination Miracle Whip/vinegar based. Mini-Alex regretted that he had no way to eat such an awesome sandwich!

Ninja News

Thanks for all of the awesome comments regarding my next novel, Dragon of the Stars! My fourth book – that still just blows me away. To read the synopsis, go HERE

The Tree of Life book trailer just went LIVE!

Author M. Pax is hosting the Realms Faire again this year! There are so many ways you can get involved in this epic week-long event, so check it out.

New Releases –

Afraid of Everything by Karen Jones Gowan
Available now for the introductory price of just $1.99 on Amazon

Season’s Beginnings by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Gene Cards by EE Giorgi

Love Before Honor by Nicole Zoltack

Survive and Thrive Bloghop!

Hosted by Stephen Tremp, Michael Di Gesu, Diane Wolfe, and myself.

The blogfest is meant to bring awareness of disease prevention and early detection regarding medical conditions that may be averted or treated if caught in the early stages. Our desire is to motivate people to go in for early screening, and if a condition is caught early and treated, then our world just became a little better place to live.
The topics are wide open. You can post about a particular cause you support. Or you can share a personal or family experience that is near to your heart. What’s great about this Blogfest is you can inspire people to take care of themselves and their loved ones early enough to make a difference in their lives.

I’m going to touch upon two items.

First is about early detection. A friend went in for his yearly screening and they caught prostate cancer in its beginning stages. Several years have now passed and he’s still cancer free. No one likes to visit Dr. Jelly Finger, but it beats the alternative.

Second is just about living healthy. Most diseases can be prevented if you eat right (smaller portions, less red meat, more fruit and vegetables, more water, and avoid fast food) and exercise (four to five days a week of cardio.) Remember it’s not just how many years you’ll live but the quality of those years.
Does it work? What I just described is how I live, and as I hit five decades, I have no health issues and I’m in the best shape of my life, weighing about 170 pounds. And if I can do it, anyone can do it.

What healthy or preventative tips would you offer?

Have a kitchen disaster you’d like to share? Joining us for the Realms Faire? Picking up some new books? And what’s your survive and thrive tip…?

Be sure to visit Carrie Butler today. And Wednesday will be fun news, trivia, Mini-Alex, and my review of The Book Of Life!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Announcement! Plus Movies – Captain America 3, Underworld Next Generation, The Colony - Battle of the Bands, Mini-Alex, and Ninja News

Movie News and Review

Roland Yeomans was just as excited about this as I was – Robert Downey Jr. is in final negotiations to appear in Captain America 3. You can read all the details at io9

According to JoBlo, we’re getting more than just Underworld: Next Generation! From director Len Wiseman:
“There’s a few things being developed right now. There are some characters who we really liked that will be in a kind of a spin-off like we did with ‘Rise of the Lycans,’ then we have another film in the works with Kate [Beckinsale] as well, and then there’s a television series. So we’re expanding that universe in many ways….”

Review – The Colony
Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature. A post-apocalyptic thriller starring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton.
This film was panned when it was released and I have no idea why. It’s not a huge movie nor will change your life, but it’s well done and solid. Just think small scale. The acting is good and there are some tense moments.
Worth a rental and available on NetFlix as a Watch Now.

Ninja News

Don’t forget next Monday is the Survive and Thrive Bloghop!

New releases -

A Boy and His Toy by Pat Hatt

Remake by Ilima Todd

Twisted Earths from the Untethered Realms authors, including Christine Rains, Angela Brown, M. Pax, Cherie Reich, Catherine Stine, Gwen Gardner, Misha Gerrick, and more!

Story Sprouts the 2014 compilation from Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles, compiled by Nutschell Anne Windsor

Cover reveal and coming soon –
Vitamins and Death by Medeia Sharif
YA Contemporary, Prizm Books
Release Date December 10, 2014

Battle of the Bands

Welcome to Battle of the Bands! Founded by Stephen T McCarthy and Faraway Eyes. You know the routine – pick your favorite Whiskey in the Jar.

First up is the original by Thin Lizzy

Next is the remake by Metallica

Results next Wednesday!


A friendly reminder that Christmas is about two months away!!!

The Big Announcement!

The ink is dry and it’s official – my next book is a go!

Slated for release next spring, probably because I took so darn long to write it.

A stand-alone space opera not set in the Cassan universe.

Here’s the title and the working synopsis:

Dragon of the Stars

The future is set for Lt. Commander Aden Pendar, son of a Hyrathian Duke. He’s poised to secure his own command and marriage to the queen’s daughter. He’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

But when the Alliance denies Hyrath’s claim on the planet of Kavil and declares war on their world, Aden finds his plans in disarray. Entrenched in battle and told he won’t make captain, Aden’s world begins to collapse. How will he salvage his career and future during Hyrath’s darkest hour?

One chance remains–the Dragon. Lost many years prior, the legendary ship’s unique weapon is Hyrath’s only hope. Can Aden find the Dragon, save his people, and prove he’s capable of commanding his own ship?

And since you all wanted to know about the song that inspired it… (Lyrics kick in at the 1:00 minute mark.)

When I first heard Ayreon’s Dragon on the Sea, released over ten years ago, I envisioned a dragon space ship in battle. Using the lyrics to guide me, I rearranged them to create a new story. That’s why I couldn’t reveal the song because its title and lyrics were so close to the story.

I set out to write one book.

Dragon of the Stars with be number four.


Excited for the next Underworld and Captain America movies? Seen The Colony? See some new books to buy? Ready for Christmas? Which song is your BOTB favorite? And can someone explain how a fourth book happened, because it doesn’t seem real…?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Speculative Fiction Kicks A$$! Science Fiction Recommendations, New Releases, Ninja News, and Rock Music Trivia Answers

I have two epic guests today! And both ladies are discussing a favorite topic of mine – speculative fiction. First up is the awesome Terri Rochenski, followed by the multi-talented Jessica Bell.

And can a Ninja rhyme? You don’t think so? Find out today at Pat Hatt’s It’s Rhyme Time.

Ten reasons Spec Fiction kicks @$$

Spec Fiction has been a love of mine since I learned to read. I wanted to BE Lucy and enter the wardrobe. I wanted to BE Princes Leia and kiss Han Solo.


I had my reasons back then, but more have sprung up as my reading tastes developed AND I started writing the stories gnawing away at my brain.

In no particular order, my top ten reasons Spec Fiction kics @$$...

1. Who DOESN’T like to ask, “What if”?
2. Because as kids, we KNEW our Barbi, stuffed animals, and Stretch Armstrong could carry on a conversation.
3. It’s an outlet for the creative mind.
5. I saw Spec Fiction described once as being the cheapest way to travel. In my case, I’ve always wanted to fly among the stars. Thanks you ninja leader!
6. Its stimulating.
7. Can give a new outlook on life or insight into human nature.
8. Instills an appreciation for unique, beautiful imaginations.
9. It’s outside the norm.
10. From a writer’s perspective – unlimited possibilities.

How ‘bout you? What is the ONE reason spec fiction rocks your world?

Secret of the Souls (Pool of Souls #2) by Terri Rochenski
J. Taylor Publishing - Adult Fantasy

Thrust out of their homes by a human High Priest on a vengeful mission, the Natives of Derlund no longer have a place to call their own. One escaped capture, however, and now she, Hyla, is the only one who can save her people.

Find Secret of the Souls Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and enter the giveaway HERE

Find Terri at Blog, Website, Facebook, and Goodreads



If you know me well, you know I’m not an obsessive science fiction book reader. I do, however, like to read science fiction if written by authors I love, and the story is captivating, for example, The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, and Neuromancer, by William Gibson are two of my very favourites. I have also dabbled in writing science fiction myself, but in a very different form— a cyberpunk short story in verse.

And my current WIP is speculative fiction. So I’m not not a fan. I’m just fussy.

(Btw, I was told to add some humour to this post, but I can only be funny when I don’t try to be, so I’m really sorry this post isn’t going to make you laugh. I might however, be able to make you smile if you watch this video of me in a dressing gown, and my fabulous Dalmatian, dancing to Joan Jett.)

Right, back to the science fiction stuff. Regardless of what I said above, I am a HUGE fan of science fiction film and TV. I really can’t get enough.

So here’s my top five list of movies, and top five list of TV shows, in no particular order:

Blade Runner (the director’s cut, of course!)
The Fifth Element
Edward Scissorhands
Orphan Black
Red Dwarf
Lost (I know, I know ...)
The X Files

What science fiction books, TV series, or movies have you read/seen lately? Got any recommendations for me?

To celebrate the release of Jessica Bell’s latest novel, WHITE LADY, she is giving away an e-copy (mobi, ePub, or PDF) to a random commenter on this blog.

Sonia yearns for sharp objects and blood. But now that she’s rehabilitating herself as a “normal” mother and mathematics teacher, it’s time to stop dreaming about slicing people’s throats…

Click HERE to view the book trailer.
Click HERE for purchase links.

Ninja News

At the A to Z Blog today is Carrie-Anne Brownian, whose awesome theme took us on a tour of Asia and Europe – check it out!

I was one of the Shelfie Blog Hop winners!

Pat Hatt also continued his zombie story and my clones were involved…

New Releases!

A Lizard's Tail by Bish Denham
When a feral cat threatens the lives of all who live at Stone Wall, Marvin knows his destiny has finally arrived. But how can a young, vain lizard get rid of such a dangerous enemy?
Find it on Amazon and Goodreads

Soulless (Maiden of Time Book 2) by Crystal Collier
Find it on Amazon
Her tour starts today – follow along!

Tales of Firelight and Shadow - anthology from Double Dragon Books with retold folk tales, some very, very creepy.
Featuring Patricia Stoltey’s first traditionally published short story, "Three Sisters of Ring Island" is a retelling of a Norwegian tale, "Three Billy Goats Gruff." Find it at Double Dragon

The Adventures of an Arkansawyer by Charles Gramlich 
Find it on Amazon

Music Trivia Answers!

1 – Persistence of Time (1990) - Anthrax
2 – Astro-Creep: 2000 (1995) – White Zombie
3 – …And Justice For All (1988) - Metallica
4 – Jar of Flies (1994) – Alice in Chains
5 – The Art of Balance (2002) – Shadows Fall
6 – Hold Your Fire (1988) - Rush
7 – Empire (1990) - Queensryche
8 – Images and Words (1992) – Dream Theater
9 – Flying in a Blue Dream (1989) Joe Satriani
10 – Vulgar Display of Power (1992) - Pantera

Whoa! What are some of your reasons speculative fiction kicks a$$? What shows and movies can you recommend to Jessica? (Don't forget your comment could win a book!) Picking up some new books? Get any of the trivia right?

Don’t forget to visit Pat Hatt’s It’s Rhyme Time!

Wednesday – more fun stuff, trivia, movie reviews and news, Mini-Alex, and… I have an awesome announcement!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Movie News – Iron Man 4, Dark Judges, and More! Plus Music Trivia, Ninja News, and Random Ninja Stuff

Movie News

Rumor of the day: Sony and Marvel might get together on Spider-Man! (Yeah, wouldn’t that be awesome?) Get the details on Blastr.

From JoBlo - on Ellen Degeneres' talk show, Robert Downey Jr. said that yes, an Iron Man 4 movie is coming. Before that, we’ll see Iron Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 2, 2015.

JoBlo also has an exclusive clip of the Guillermo del Toro-produced animated film, The Book of Life. You can view it HERE

An unofficial Dark Judges mini-series is in the works. From Blastr:
Adi Shankar, producer of the first Dredd film, has secretly been filming his own seven-part Dredd miniseries focused on the Dark Judges arc. That’s right — Shankar has created his own, unofficial Dredd project that’ll be released for free online later this month.

And if you haven’t been watching, SyFy’s Face Off is halfway through the new season, and there have been some amazing makeups and creatures so far.

Ninja News

Industry expert and author, Anne R. Allen, is our guest at the IWSG Site today!

Thanks to Michelle for including my book in her Shelfie!

New Releases –

Tempting Fate (a Serendipity novel #2) by Brinda Berry

Secret of Souls by Terri Rochenski

Ghostly Gallows (Book II - Afterlife Series) by Gwen Gardner

Music Trivia!

Album title is listed – name the band.

All in the category of hard rock and prog rock.

1 – Persistence of Time (1990)
2 – Astro-Creep: 2000 (1995)
3 – …And Justice For All (1988)
4 – Jar of Flies (1994)
5 – The Art of Balance (2002)
6 – Hold Your Fire (1988)
7 – Empire (1990)
8 – Images and Words (1992)
9 – Flying in a Blue Dream (1989)
10 – Vulgar Display of Power (1992)

Random Ninja Stuff

Many of you asked about the song that inspired my latest manuscript. When and if I know it’s a done deal with my publisher, I’ll post the video for you. The song title is similar to the manuscript title, plus the lyrics give away some of the story, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

The Flash was really good last night. Had an excellent DC comics vibe to it. 

I finally set up my Author QandA at Goodreads. Had no idea I could do that. Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth! Feel free to ask a question – Goodreads generated a few to start, but they are rather bland…

Really random - peanut butter is awesome. I won't eat pancakes without peanut butter on them.

And my wife purchased some mums, so Mini-Alex would like to dedicate these to all of the ladies! The praying mantis tried to help with the guitar solo, but he wasn’t very good with the strings…

Think Sony and Marvel might get it together? Have you been watching Face Off? Excited about the new releases? Know any of the trivia? Think Mini-Alex should make more appearances…?