Guest Guidelines

I enjoy featuring my blogging buddies! You guys are so amazing and supportive. If you're interested, here's Captain Ninja Alex's Guest Guidelines. It's designed to give everyone involved the best bang for their posting buck!

* My site stats: I post one time a week. I average over five thousand visits per week and one hundred plus comments per post.

* The focus of this blog is movies, science fiction, rock/prog music, tech stuff, books, and humor. Not everything is a perfect fit here, so check with me first. Due to the high volume of requests I receive, my regular blogger buddies get first pick. (Most of whom are listed in my sidebar.) I don't do sidebar ads or cover reveals.

* For Ninja News announcements, send only a link to your site, links to purchase or Goodreads, one image, and the first line of the blurb. (Sorry, I don't have room to post more.)

* Send me an email at least two-three months before you’d like to appear. And please send me your book information or whatever you are promoting or your guest post idea. Gives me time to fit it into my calendar and know what I’m saying yes to! Humor is a big plus.

* I ask that you send your post a week before it’s supposed to go live. Please send the actual links - no HTML formatting or hyperlinks - please! The body of the guest spot needs to be short.  Three hundred words tops.

* I’ll Tweet your post and entice my Ninja Army to comment – but I need you to do the same. Interact! And while my Army is huge, I can tell when they are the only ones leaving comments. 

* I don’t require a free book or whatever you are promoting. Really! I would rather support you by purchasing my own copy.

* Please have the courtesy to thank me when it’s over. (Yeah, sorry I have to add that...)

Any questions? Hot Tamales always welcome...