Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sharknado Play-by-Play! Plus Ninja News and Monster Movie Trivia

Ninja News

Talli Roland signed a two-book deal with Amazon Publishing. They will re-publish The Pollyanna Plan with a new cover and release The No-Kids Club spring of 2014. Congratulations, Talli!

Taking Time and Other Science Fiction Stories by Ellie Garratt

Available now!

Science fiction stories of time and space...

Find the book at Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Goodreads.

Cassa News

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for CassaStorm on Goodreads. Open to the USA, Canada. AND Mexico!

Thanks to those of you who visited Jo Murphy’s feature on me this past Monday. I was stunned to discover she was a fan of my books before we ever met in the blogging world! Thanks again, Jo.

And I forgot to mention this in my review of Pacific Rim on Monday. There is a scene where Raleigh is telling Mako about the mental connection between the pilots and that the worst part is the silence when that person isn’t in your head anymore. Yes, CassaStar definitely entered my mind at that point!

Sharknado Play-by-Play

Yes, it was another SyFy Craptastic epic. We won’t even begin to dissect the implausibility of sharks surviving out of water in a storm and then falling to earth with a desire to eat everyone in sight. Just pretend you have the IQ of a carrot and enjoy.

9:01 Sharknado title appears and blows off screen. I’m guessing this won’t be the only thing that blows.

9:04 There are so many sharks in the water, you could literally walk across the ocean.

9:05 The captain of a shark fishing boat is killed. Lucky bastard doesn’t have to watch any more of Sharknado.

9:08 Ian Ziering, post Beverly Hills 90210, shows up. Don’t judge – dude has to eat.

9:15 Girl hands over sarong for tourniquet on man with deep cuts. Hello? The guy behind you is missing a leg and you still have on your bikini!

9:24 Sunny day – hurricane – sunny day – hurricane. Apparently the continuity guy was eaten by a shark.

9:32 When is Sharktopus going to make a cameo?

9:40 George the lovable drunk is eaten by shark. An hour later, the shark was pulled over and issued a DWI.

9:43 Sharks are popping out of the storm drain like a giant Pez dispenser!

9:51 Somewhere Bruce the shark is watching this and laughing his ass off.

9:53 The house is flooded up to the second floor but the road is clear. (Remember folks, the continuity guy is dead.)

9:54 If you only see one film where sharks attack a Beverly Hills home – don’t see this one.

10:05 Man says he came to LA to be an actor. Maybe one day my friend. Maybe one day…

10:16 Car blows up after shark attack. Shark terrorists?

10:21 Special effects time. It’s a tornado. With sharks. Crap, now they aren’t even trying…

10:30 I need to get ready for bed. I don’t think I’ll miss any critical plot twists though.

10:50 A shark just gave birth to Ian Ziering in what can only be described as the worst Discovery Channel special ever.

10:55 They blow up the final Sharknado with explosives. Shame someone didn’t do that to film itself.

While watching this movie, I started thinking of other films they could do. (Obviously I wasn’t the only one, as a few of these have appeared online during the past week.) See if you can guess the disaster – and feel free to add your own:


Monster Movie Trivia!

How well do you know your monster movies?

1 – What was the monster in Brotherhood of the Wolf?

2 – How many times have Godzilla and Gamera fought?

3 – DeForest Kelley fought giant rabbits in what film?

4 – Which X-Men cast member starred in Deep Rising?

5 – What year was the original King Kong released?

6 – What was the giant creature in Lake Placid?

7 – In Godzilla vs. the Thing, what was the Thing?

Answers on Monday!

And I have to end with this from Jo Blo because it’s awesome!!!!Can't wait for the movie next year.

Have you picked up Ellie’s book? Did anyone else suffer through Sharknado? Know the other shark disasters or have one of your own? Seeing a movie this weekend? Ready for Godzilla next year? And know any trivia answers?


Sean McLachlan said...

Was this done by the same guy who did Sharktopus?

Ray Rousell said...

I know 1, 4, 5 & 6 but no clue on the other questions without cheating!!!

ediFanoB said...

More Shark movies
Sharklock Holmes

And a TV series
Sharkhouse 13

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Talli Rowlands, Still can't master your Trivial any question on Danny Boy will be answered in a flash.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the Shark movie was a bit out there!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sean, it's done by the same company. They grind out these cheap films for anyone who wants to buy them. And they make a killing doing it.

Edi, those are awesome!!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sharkquake would be EPIC!! LOL. And I only knew the answer to #6. Alligator, right?

Jo said...

I was sitting here giggling about your comments on Sharknado. What a ridiculous story. So sorry the continuity guy got eaten. I don't imagine I will ever watch it unless I do so to see if I can spot where your comments apply. Love the idea of a shark getting a DWI 'cos it ate the drunk.

Mark Koopmans said...

I had a feeling this review would be hilarious, 'cos you were chomping at the bit (bite) last week to tell us how horrific this movie was:)

My only add-on - the new show on AMC: The Walking Sharks


M.J. Fifield said...

"I’m guessing this won’t be the only thing that blows" <--- Hahahaha!

I love those SyFy movies. They're unapologetically bad and make for great drinking games.

Christine Rains said...

Yay for Ellie! Love your play-by-play. The worse part for Ian Ziering wasn't the sharks, but the fact his character had to be married to Tara Reid! Oh yes, Godzilla! I really hope it's good.

Brian Miller said...

dude...that shark movie looks horribly awesome...hahaha...errr....ian zeiring...ok, trying hard not to judge, hard not to judge...ha...

shark vs. ninja, i'd def watch it...smiles.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats to Talli and Elle!

Heather M. Gardner said...

OMG! I almost pee'd my pants. OMG!

That is the best one yet!

You had me at 9:01!

Thank you. Thank you SO much.

Darn trivia.

1. Ummm. I'm going with a wolf-like creature.
2. No idea
3. What? How do you even know this?
4. No clue.
5. Thirty-something?
6. Giant alligator/crocodile. I can never tell the difference.
7. Alien?


Juliana Haygert said...

Congrats Talli and Ellie!

That shark movie looks so horrible lol

Stephen Tremp said...

Great play by play! Sharknado could have used continuity guy.

I'm definitely looking forward to Godzilla. What better movie than a giant mutated creature destroying Manhattan.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Optimistic, close - it's the other one.

Jo, glad I could amuse you.

Mark, that's a good one!

MJ, drinking game - I'll have to try that next time.

Heather, you're welcome, and you got one right.

Unknown said...

I can answer the Godzilla questions
#4 As far as I know I don't think they ever did fight.
#7 Mothra
I love the poster. I hope the design stays true to the original.

Jemi Fraser said...

Yay for Talli & Ellie! I know they're aiming for campy when they make things like Sharknado but sounds like this didn't even get close!

Chris Desson said...

Watching Sharknado was like watching a horrible train wreck, no matter how bad it was I just couldn't look away. The movie was so stupid. Your play-by-play comments were not, they were genius. As for the trivia, I only knew two- Boo, me. :(

Luanne G. Smith said...

You watched the whole thing!!???! LOL. Well, it does make for humorous commentary.

And congrats to Talli and Ellie. Always love to hear good book news. :)

Pat Hatt said...

LOL those syfy movies are so friggin horrible. Hopefully the new godzilla movie is way better than the last. But i think even that beats sharknado haha

#1some weird cross dog huge wolf thing, beast of something weird it was called.

#2 umm 1

#3 night of the lepus

#4 Jean

#5 1933

#6 Crocodile

#7 Mothra

mshatch said...

OMG I am so glad I missed it but glad to have your play by play to affirm my decision (not that it was really much of a decision since no cable/satellite = no sharknado!).

And I only know the answer to #1 - a lion disguised by costume to make it look like a massive otherworldly wolf. Interestingly I just watched this and caught the Frenchman's gf (from the Matrix)in it.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Unknown said...

As always, congratulations to the highlighted authors. Your play-by-play was funny. Doesn't sound like a movie I would even consider anyway but your synopsis sealed that deal.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

That was too funny! :)

I think the creature in Lake Placid was an alligator? All I remember about that movie was that Betty White was in it. :)

One of these days, I'm going to find and re-watch the movie THEM - giant ants! I saw it on TV when I was kid and it was terrifying at the time....

Danette said...

HI Alex, There's a comedian -can't remember who at the moment who talks about fears and says that fears. He says that fear of sharks are a stupid fear because if you just stay out of the ocean then you won't get bit by them (Daniel Tosh maybe?)- on the other hand you can't stay out of an airplane because it's not realistic to go to New York from L.A. by train or car all the time. I guess Sharknado would justify a real fear of sharks. I guess I'm not terribly worried about Sharknado...

Jeremy [Retro] said...

i like silly nonsense like shark movies... did you ever see the trailer for "land shark", it's safer to be in the water... and "pool shark"... just like it sounds.

i knew most of the trivia...

Al Diaz said...

I already knew the ninja has sense of humor but you were hilarious today. What a wonderful way to start a day than by reading a review of Sharknado by Alex Cavanaugh. Brilliant!
Don't know any answer to the questions, it would be shameful if not because this is too common in me. (Still wondering about the IQ of carrots...probably the same I had on Monday.)
And yes, I think you should read the Artist's Way. I thought a lot about your dilemma while I was typing my post. I think it would help you...or yes, mess you a bit more, but believe me, it's a mess you'll also be comfortable with. In any case, it's worth the chance.
Thanks for bringing laughter to my day, you've just earned 5 dragon points :D

Cassie Mae said...

Sharks freak me the heck out. Even with the hilarious review, I'll probably stay the heck away because I'll have nightmares of airborne shark attacks. :)

Anonymous said...

Even though I found every time frame ridiculous, I still stopped at 10:50 and went, "Wait, what?" That sounded like an awful experience, and I'm sorry you had to go through watching it. *eHug*

I'm pretty sure I saw Deep Rising and can't remember who's in it at all.

6. An alligator overfed by Betty White!

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Alex,
Very interesting piece
Keep Going

Julie Dao said...

I LOL'ed at your play-by-play of Sharknado. I'm guessing someone thought that was a really good idea ("Hey! Let's do a Jaws movie except with sharks falling out of the SKY!"). Just entered your Goodreads giveaway!

John Wiswell said...

I'm quite ready for Godzilla! Or at least for a trailer to show how they're depicting the big guy. It's still my deep desire that we get that Legendary Pictures Godzilla/Pacific Rim shared universe movie eventually.

And you've certainly sold me on Sharknado. I'll have to track it down.

Andrew Leon said...

I think Sharkano sounds promising. I mean, if it has flaming sharks flying through the air, right?

Charles Gramlich said...

You just gave them ideas for their next four films, man.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

It's a case of a movie so bad that everyone flocks to it. Great news for Talli and Ellie.

I felt sorry for the "monster" in THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF. :-(

Leovi said...

Yeah, maybe this one step Sharknado of fantasy!

SK Anthony said...

OMG that was too funny!

Congrats to Talli and Ellie ;)

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats to Talli!! And I've picked up Ellie's newest release!

OMG! I love your play-by-play of Sharknado! I can tell it was much better than the movie! :)

Melissa said...

Congrats, Talli and Ellie!

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...
I'll stick with JAWS. :P

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Congrats to Talli and Ellie!

I didn't see the movie--I'd rather write--but your commentary was great.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

LOL love the Sharknado play by play. How about "Shark vs Alex!" Alex wins.

Suzanne Furness said...

Congrats to Talli and Ellie. Think I'll pass on the movie but enjoyed your synopsis!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Lol! Thanks for the play by play!
I'm pretty sure the monster in Lake Placid was some sort of giant alligator, but that's the only one I know.

The Happy Whisk said...

Headed over to check out your feature.

Robin said...

I really can't stand sharks. Just hearing the music from Jaws sets my teeth on edge. That movie freaked me out when I was a kid, and I didn't actually "see" most of it since I was hiding behind the couch every time the music came on. So, there you go.

Susan Oloier said...

Congrats to Talli! Such great news. And wishing Ellie all the best on her new release.
Continuity in movies is my husband's big pet peeve. He should have been a continuity director,

Unknown said...

Alas I did suffer through Sharknado, but I want to LOL

DeForest fought Rabbits in Night of the Lepus. Love that movie. :)

Cannot wait for the new Godzilla, I loathed the Matthew Broderick one.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am still laughing. Sharknado play by play. Priceless.

Maurice Mitchell said...

"When is Sharktopus going to make a cameo?" LOL Maybe in Sharktopus 2?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex .. I agree Talli and Ellie are going great guns with their publications and tie ins .. so pleased for them.

While Jo's mention of loving your books before finding you in blog-land is just so great to find out - fan meets author via blogging ..

Count me out of shark land! Cheers Hilary

Pat Hatt said...

You'll be able to give your play by play again next year, as Sharknado 2 was greenlit!

Laura Pauling said...

I have to ask - was that shark movie for real?

obv. I didn't watch it. I think I'll be using that in an upcoming guest post about believability. Srsly, I'll believe any premise if it's well done. :)

ilima said...

I love how your Tsharknami has a silent "t", haha. How about...Sharkenopause. That could be scary. :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Oy. My comment was lost. I had movie ideas and everything (whine, sniffle) but they were along the lines of Sharkong, and Cloudy with a Chance of Sharks, so I think the world might be better off without them.

Congrats to Ellie!

And I saw The Lone Ranger last night and was pleasantly surprised. The critics gave it such bad reviews I didn't expect much, but then I enjoyed it. Depp and Hammer pulled it off, and it was a fun movie.

ib said...

I do not believe that Sharknado actually exists. You made that up for publicity, didn't you? C'mon MAAN!
Well, while we are on the subject, let's add some Hobbit into the fray, shall we?

1. Sharkopolis
2. Sharktaphobia
3. The Sharkchurion Candidate
and my personal favorite
4. Sharknado & Sharktopus's Excellent Adventure


Hey, by the way, are your books in Kindle format? My wife and I are looking for something AWESOME to read.

Unknown said...

Following you from Bloggerdise New Blog Follower Club=)

Jeanie Huston

Empty Nest Insider said...

Congrats to Talli and Ellie! Great recap of Sharknado! I'm sure that your version was much better than the movie!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

David, you are correct!

Christine, we watched in morbid fascination...

LG, I watched it so you don't have to.

Pat, you got five right!

Marcy, very good! Yeah, it's a cool flick.

Madeline, you're close. And I remember seeing THEM when I was a kid.

Danette, I wouldn't be concerned...

Jeremy, pool shark is awesome. No one ever sees it coming.

Al, five dragon points! Glad I could amuse you. I'll pick up the book and give it a try.

Debra, she did overfeed him!

Thanks, Julie!

Charles, as long as they don't give me the credit.

Roland, so did I.

Michael, Ninja always beats shark!

Rachel, really close.

Susan, Sharknado could've used him.

Melissa, you are correct.

Pat, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura, it was a real movie, but not made by real writers.

Ilima, funny!

Tyrean, that's great!!

Ib, those are awesome! And yes, both books are on Amazon for the Kindle. Thanks!

Thanks, Jeanie!

nutschell said...

I've been hearing so much about this Sharknado but I dont know if I should give in to the pressure of watching it! I might feel like I've wasted 2 hours of my life. :) Congrats to Ellie and Talli!

Morgan said...

Laaaaughing at the sharkness. And congrats of course to all of the awesome success :-)

LD Masterson said...

When I first saw the ads for Sharknado I thought it was a joke. Guess I was right.

Congrats to all.

The Angry Lurker said...

1 – What was the monster in Brotherhood of the Wolf? A lion.

2 – How many times have Godzilla and Gamera fought? No idea.

3 – DeForest Kelley fought giant rabbits in what film? Night of the Lepus?

4 – Which X-Men cast member starred in Deep Rising? Famke Jansen?

5 – What year was the original King Kong released? 1932.

6 – What was the giant creature in Lake Placid? A crocodile.

7 – In Godzilla vs. the Thing, what was the Thing? No clue.

Tina said...

Congrats to Talli! I read The Hating Game and enjoyed it very much.
Read about this shark thing over at Stephen's place. Definitely need to make the replay a family event. Dissing bad sci-fi is an oft repeated event around here!
So someone stole your idea about not hearing the other person? How rude. Or the sincerest form of flattery...
Tina @ Life is Good

Samantha May said...

So many sharks, so little time. Awesome review! I'm sure demon sharks will become a thing before too long.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

SharkDueDate! Hey if anyone got pregnant with a shark it would truly be a disaster. *Sniff* I smell another SYFY winner! Congrats Talli and Ellie. And that Godzilla pic/image/poster was awesome.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Oh my gosh, that was the best play by play of a movie I have ever read. And sadly, now I really want to see it! What does that say about me? That I slow down to look at car crashes while telling myself it's out of concern, not curiosity?

farawayeyes said...

Literally on the floor over the Sharknado review. You one funny guy- that one bad movie.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Vampire Sharks From Hell!
Bloodsucking Sharks From Outer Space!
Sharkzilla vs Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Do you want me to go on? :-)

Annalisa Crawford said...

Oh wow, I wish I'd seen this! But reading your minute-by-minute makes up for it :-)

Sherry Ellis said...

Wow! Those are a lot of sharks in the Sharknado movie!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nutschell, you will waste two hours of your life.

LD, the joke was on us.

Fran, you got four, and were one year off on King Kong - very good!

Tina, mine was first, so I'll take it as flattery.

Samantha, that's a good one.

Elizabeth, claim it's research.

Vanessa, those are great!

Helena said...

By accident (I would never do it on purpose) I caught a few minutes of Sharknado. Your minute-by-minute is SO much more entertaining, Alex! The acting by a couple of the starlets was so bad (stand helplessly while looking gobsmacked with disbelief) that I couldn't bear it and switched channels.

Bevimus said...

Having missed the majority of the shark movies on syfy i'm guess most of the ones i'd come up with have already been done. But your play by play was amazingly entertaining and I thank you for it.

M Pax said...

Woo hoo for Ellie!!

I loved Sharknado. It was absolutely fantastic. the best one they've ever done. I was excited today to learn Sharknado 2 is coming. Woo hoo!

Patsy said...

I didn't see Sharknado - and now I don't have to!

The Words Crafter said...

This had me laughing out loud :) Grats to Ellie and Talli! The only answer I know is the alligator...

Fun post!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Trust me, if I see a movie about sharks attacking Beverly Hills, it won't be Sharknado.

Godzilla has never battled Gamera and the Thing is Mothra.

Nancy Thompson said...

I don't know the answer to a single one. Never was into monster movies, though I used to watch Ultraman when I was a kid. Gave me dinosaur nightmares for years, which is why I don't watch monster movies anymore. That was the silliest play by play I've ever read. Who thinks up this stuff?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Helena, you were smart to save yourself.

Mary, I saw that there's going to be another one.

Diane, you are correct.

Nancy, someone with a lot of time on his hands...

Carrie-Anne said...

That shark movie is just begging for a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 send-off!

kjmckendry said...

Love the Play by play Alex! SO funny! Sounds like a great movie to miss.

Congratulations to Talli! You go girl!

Julie Flanders said...

Just caught up with Jo's post about you. Such a great tribute and well-deserved.

So happy for Talli, that's awesome!

Mark Means said...

Thanks for saving me from having to sit through "Sharknado"....I owe ya one! :D

Congrats to all those with new book offerings...well done!

Chuck said...

Alex, I missed Shraknado!!! Damn. My wife is busy right now trying to find it. After Sharktopus I am hooked on bad fish movies...

I don't think I know any of your trivia but the good news is...

I have entered the CassaStorm drawing a ton and I bought one of Jeremy's Ninja Army T-shirts!!!

I am now offical...and acting like I'm 12!!

klahanie said...

Hey Alex,

Yet another public service by your good self. Now I wont have to suffer through "Sharknado".

Ellie's book is on my list of must-reads.

I've never recovered from watching that classic film, "Bambi Meets Godzilla!" Although, a rather short film....

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Carrie-Anne, yes it is!!

Julie, thanks.

Chuck, you the man!! Jeremy will be so happy.

Gary, I need to post Bambi Meets Godzilla...

LisaAnn said...

OMG, your play-by-play is so fantastic. I can't even believe this movie exists, but I am already loving that GIF of Ian jumping into the shark's mouth so much.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ella said...

YOU are so fun ;D
I love all the shark ideas~
Congrats to Talli! :D

Yes, I have Ellie's book~

Stay cool Captain!

Unknown said...

Pez Dispenser? You crack me up!!!

J E Oneil said...

I'm going to skip the play by play because I have a feeling my mom's going to make me watch Sharknado with her tomorrow and I don't think I can stomach it more than once.

The only question I know the answer to is that the monster movie Deforest Kelly was in was Night of the Lepus. Unless there is another giant rabbit monster movie. Which is all too possible.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I have a feeling I'm going to end up watching this stupid thing just to see how bad it is.

More suggestions:
Sharkteroids - sharks rain down from the heavens like meteors
The Sharkpture - Jesus comes down to bring the good back to heaven... and feed the bad to FLYING SHARKS.

Unknown said...

And I heard Sharknado 2 has been given the green light. Someone's laughing all the way to the bank. Craptastic! I am may watch it in fast forward one day, but not any day soon. Haha.

Livia Peterson said...

Congratulations to Ellie!

Alex: I saw Pacific Rim today and man, I had a blast! It was visually stunning and had awesome chemistry between the actors. The action sequences are never ending and overlong. I loved the scientists' subplot - I wanted more of that. I wouldn't watch Pacific Rim again though. I'm glad I listened to the excellent word-of-mouth! :) said...

I know nothing of monsters, except the cookie monster, so I'm skipping the quiz.

I LOVE it when you do these movie play-by-plays, Alex. Your humor really shines. This one's hilarious!

Hmm, what's next? Sharks on a Plane? Gone With the Sharks? Love Means Never Having to Say, "Look out there's a big angry shark about to bite your butt"? The possibilities are endless.


Kela McClelland said...

I did not see Sharknado, but your comments were awesome.


1. A werewolf of sorts or something wolf-ish?
2. Um...
3. Sounds hilarious
4. Famke Janssen
5. Pretty sure it was 1933
6. Giant Alligator
7. It was, ya know, that one thing...

Hope you're having an awesome week. :)

Unknown said...

Freaking hilarious! Kinda makes me want to watch Sharknado just to see how bad it is!

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

oh my gosh I had a great chuckle at your Shark film review. I'll be sure to skip it ;)

J.L. Murphey said...

I know it's a B-movie, but if there was a C it would fall into it. Surprised you wasted your time viewing and reviewing it, but hilarious. I can't believe you spent the time on a blow by blow and were actually paying attention enough to do it.

Cally Jackson said...

I know none of the trivia answers. Sigh.

Looks like Tara Reid's career has reached an all-time high! ;-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

JE, and once is too many times. Your answer is correct.

Brandon and Bryan, those are good!

Michael, they are indeed laughing their way to the bank.

Livia, told you it was just fun!

Thanks, Robyn. And your suggestions rock.

Kela, you got two right!

JL, this would be an F movie. And after the response to my play-by-play of Sharktopus, I knew I had to suffer through it.

Cally, she's ready for the Oscars now.

Michelle Wallace said...

Jo's post was great!
Congrats to Talli and Ellie!
The only shark movie I know of is Jaws...

Tara Tyler said...

i know nothing, but love everything!
hilarious! you should have a vlog show like mystery science theater 3000!

Unknown said...

OMS! I laughed till I farted a shark out of my--well, you know.
If only they had released "Sharknado" with your comments. Kind of like George Bush narrating "It's a Wonderful Life" for the sight impaired.
I think you've found your niche Cap'n.
Thanks for the belly laugh.
~Just Jill

Sarah Allen said...

Congrats to Talli and Ellie! Such great news. And yay for Sharnado :D Always good to start the day with a laugh :)

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, with Joy)

Anonymous said...

Didn't catch Sharknado, but sounds like an instant cult classic . . . watching another one of those now--Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Equally stupid, but that doesn't mean I don't find it funny!

Libby said...

Just signed up for the giveaway!!! Also, Sharkado 2. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Yay for Talli and Ellie!

And LOVED your Sharknado review! I almost want to see it for the cheese factor. It seems sort of like The Blob... so bad it's good again.

Anonymous said...

I keep missing these shark movies.

I'm thrilled for Talli.

Patricia Stoltey said...

The shark movie sounds like a hoot, but I think I'll go for something a little less ridiculous.

Sarah Ahiers said...

This: If you only see one film where sharks attack a Beverly Hills home – don’t see this one

Made me LOL

And i love Brotherhood of the Wolf! It's based on the true story of the Beast of Gevaudan. ...I should probably do a Wednesday Weird on that

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tara, I would almost enjoy doing that.

Jill, thank YOU for the laugh!

Thanks, Libby!

Sarah, glad I made you laugh. And you should do a Wednesday Weird on that.

Leovi said...

King Kong was made ​​in the decade of the 30's!

Tonja Drecker said...

Godzilla's coming out next year? YAY!!! I've got to take my son to that.
Glad I missed that shark movie - a shark tornado, huh? Proof that anything can sell.

Unknown said...

Hello! Hope you see my comment way down here. Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't believe how popular those shark movies are.

Brandon Ax said...

Man I have been in the writing cave hard this week I missed your last post.

I really liked Pacific Rim thought about taking my son to go see it.

I also can't was for Godzilla.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

T, anything sells on the SyFy Channel.

Hey Clarissa! Glad you're back.

Brandon, glad you came up for air.

Kirsten said...

The play by play was hilarious! Looks like SyFy might have jumped the shark. ;)
And you stumped me on the monster trivia. I'll wait for the music questions to come around again. I'm better at those, I think ...

Deniz Bevan said...

That was a fun play by play! I followed the whole Sharknado thing with Wil and Anne Wheaton live Tweeting the event, even though I didn't actually watch it.
What is SyFy anyway? They're making these ridiculous films on purpose? It's really funny!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sometimes I think SyFy is very creative. They couldn't make movies like Sharknado by accident.

Unknown said...

Congrats to Talli on her contract! Yay for Ellie on her book release - I'm dying to read it!

Loved the Sharknado play-by-play. They're making a new Godzilla? Really? Why? (Which is the question I ask every time a new Superman craptastic extravaganza comes out. Can't anyone in Hollywood get an original idea anymore?)

Donna K. Weaver said...

I hear Pacific Rim is a fun summer popcorn flick. Not great cinema but great fun to watch. I hope so.

I'm looking forward to RED2 and RIPD.

Maybe the moviemakers where thinking of CassaStar, too?

Charmaine Clancy said...

Disappointed that you can simply blow up a Sharknado. But lol on Bruce, 'I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine' I tell myself that whenever I'm on a diet.

Huntress said...

Clearly Sharknado is the newest classic on the unintended laugh-a-minute list.

Nigel G Mitchell said...

Good job, Talli and Ellie. Nice overview of Sharknado. Wish I could have seen it

Ciara said...

I do not think I could sit through the shark thing. LOL

Yay, Ellie Garratt. She's on fire!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to Talli on her two book deal!

Stephen Tremp had mentioned on his blog the other day about Sharknado being on again. So once it finally showed up on the schedule, we set it up to record. My husband and I will probably watch it tonight.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Kirsten, jumped the shark - good one!

Deniz, they buy their movies from a studio called Asylum, and I have to believe they are bad on purpose.

Lexa, but the director of the new Godzilla is Gareth Edwards who did Monsters! And after the last Godzilla, we need a good one.

Donna, they can think harder and make it a film.

Nigel, no you don't!

Susanne, good luck with that.

Matthew MacNish said...

I want to see Sharknado.

David P. King said...

Since I had to cut my cable, I'm super glad to see this play-by-play. Thanks for putting the time into it. Now I know what the downlow is. :)

S. L. Hennessy said...

Wait, you didn't like Sharknado? What's up with that? It was cinematic genius.

Elise Fallson said...

Congrats to Ellie and Talli!
You're rundown of sharknado was so funny. I'd like to see these made into movies: (actually, no I wouldn't, lol!)
Sharkzilla (maybe this one)
A Fist Full of Sharks
The Good, the Bad and the Sharks
Shark Grit
Dances with Sharks

I can't wait to see Godzilla!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Alex, I loved your Sharknado review, it had me giggling throughout especially when you said that the continuity guy was eaten by a shark ;)

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

"Just pretend you have the IQ of a carrot and enjoy." -- LOL!

I bet my boy would LOVE this show.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

David, I watched it so you don't have to.

SL, up there with Sharktopus!

Elise, those are good!!

Rachna, glad I could make you giggle.

EC, he would find it funny.

Jack said...

They're making a new Godzilla movie? Very cool, I'm a Godzilla fan from the very original ones.

BAWHAHAHAHAHA! Loved the Sharknado thing! I saw a preview for the second one and all I could think was, "Someone actually made that into a movie? Two movies?" If I ever need a pointless movie to watch, I guess I now know of one.

Cate Masters said...

Can't believe Syfy actually replayed Sharknado. I was tempted the first time (there's really nothing on cable during the summer and I needed a laugh) but hubby nixed it. After all the hubbub following the first airing, the temptation faded.

Leovi said...

I really like science fiction stories backwards and forwards in time!

JJ said...

I'm upset because I was trying to sell my Sharkano script to a movie producer in Pompeii. You would have loved the scene where Nero was bending over his fiddle.

Rusty Carl said...

I saw Sharknado and crapped myself. It's like a high school kid threw it together over a weekend.

Strangely, I was entertained. I probably shouldn't have said that.

Your observations were pure gold.

Carol Kilgore said...

Did not watch Sharknado. Don't know any of these trivia answers. But huge congrats to Talli and Ellie!

Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

All the hoopla about Sharknado. I feel a bit silly because I haven't seen it yet. Sigh. Am I the only one?

Bob Sanchez said...

Hey Alex, what a great review! I don't know if I get the SyFy channel, but I'll have to watch Sharknado if I can. I'll be munching popcorn and rooting for the sharks.

When we're through with shark titles, maybe we can try Whalenado, where this huge colony of whales that's pissed off at the Japanese for their whaling practices descends on Tokyo.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way.

msmariah said...

Hi Alex, I hope you're enjoying your summer. I have baby brain and I'm still recovering from many sleepless nights. I have to see Sharknado but I keep hearing about it. Just when I thought the SyFy channel couldn't get anymore ridiculous it does...

Denise Covey said...

It's such great news about Talli. Hope all goes well with your goodreads giveaway.

No trivia answers from me!

Unknown said...

I am now officially jealous that I didn't think to watch and blog Sharnado.

Anonymous said...

1 – Technically it was supposed to be a lion that had been modified with armor plating and metal implants. In reality, it was based on the Beast of Gevaudin.

2 – Canonically, that would be nil.

3 – Night of the Lepus.

4 – Jean Grey...err...Famke Jannsen.

5 – 1933.

6 – A man-eating crocodile, no matter how redundant those two words are together.

7 – Mothra!!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

JJ - funny!

Rusty, maybe grade school kids.

Candilynn, no - many wise people avoided it.

Bob, I like that title!

MsMariah, you've been missed. And I'm sure SyFy could get more ridiculous.

Cairn, it all started with Sharktopus. Now it's tradition for me.

Suze said...

No joke, congratulations, Talli! Babe, you are on the cutting edge. I really believe it.

cleemckenzie said...

Great news about Talli's and Ellie's books. That shark doesn't stand a chance against the Ninja.

No movies this week, but I'm heavily into Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Addicted actually.

randi lee said...

Sharknado, huh? least they were.......original? My vote is for Sharkenstien's Monster!

Anonymous said...

Impressive lists, as always.
Good for Talli and Ellie! All best wishes to them and of course to you Alex for book sales successes.

LOL! Sharknado sound as bad as the Legend of Boggy Creek!

PK HREZO said...

Sadly, I don't get cable and had to let the craptastic event pass me by. Boo hoo. But loved your play by play! LOL!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Let, did you see all the nominations NetFlix received for its original programming? Impressive.

Randi Lee, good one!

Madeleine - worse!

PK, you're probably better off without it.

Anonymous said...

Ellie always has the coolest cover art, and I'm partial to blue. SHARKNAMI makes a whole lot more sense, doesn't it? BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF -- great movie; wasn't it a lion?

LynNerdKelley said...

Wow, congrats to Talli on the two-book deal, and congrats to Ellie Garratt on her new book.

Thanks for the hilarious play-by-play on Sharknado! No, I didn't see it, but I love your comments about it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Joshua, sorry I missed your comment - you are correct on all counts!

Milo, it was indeed a lion.

Lynn, now you never have to watch it!

Carrie Butler said...

I suffered through Sharknado, too, just to see what all the fuss was about. Wow. Just... wow. I no longer feel bad about my first drafts. ;)

Margo Kelly said...

Congrats to Talli! And I've heard a lot about Sharknado ... but I'm just so not interested in that! :)

Have a great week!

Chancelet said...

I have to say, I'd never heard of Sharknado. Can't believe with all the great books out there to make a movie out of, they'd pick such a crappy story. Oh well.

Giveaway entered, and congrats to Talli! Writer’s Mark

~Sia McKye~ said...

Um, I don't do carrot IQ very well. I'm thinking your commentary is more interesting than watching the movie, lol! I'll give it a pass.

I heard about Talli and I'm proud of her. Another book to check out.


Jai Joshi said...

I did not suffer through Sharknardo, thank God!

Major congrats to Talli!


Talli Roland said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out, and to everyone for their congrats.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Carrie, our first drafts look brilliant next to that film.

Sia, safe to say you're right.

Talli, you're welcome!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I missed Sharknado. Thanks for the play-by-play! It sounds like it was awesomely bad.

Unknown said...

Oh man, now I absolutely have to see Sharknado. Although I'd also be on board for Sharklood.