Monday, July 15, 2013

Optical Osmosis and Snark, Pacific Rim Review, Cassa News, and Major Ninja News!

I am being highlighted by Jo over at The Murphey Saga today, and I’m a bit nervous because I have NO IDEA what she’s going to say! Visit her today and hope we are both pleasantly surprised.

Optical Osmosis

Today I welcome long-time friend and critique partner, Jeffrey Beesler. His third book, Optical Osmosis, is out now, and he’s here to tell you about it. And snark. You’ll see!

Hey, Alex! Thanks for having me on the blog today. It’s been a sizzling summer so far for me, both in terms of the weather and in writing. I’m already having a much better July than last year, and I think that’s because I just released Optical Osmosis, my dark sci-fi, available at the links listed below as well as the Apple Store, which I always have a hard time finding a link for.

You might think that in a dark sci-fi story, there might not be any room for humor, or snark. Not so! I have a character, Serenity Fleace, a retired psychic who happens to be friends with the main character, Greg Gnops. Serenity won’t hold her tongue back. For instance, during a dinner scene, Serenity gets into full-on snark attack mode with the story’s antagonist, Flint Kyles, calling him a pathetic little man. When Flint claims he’s not little, Serenity says his argument would probably be a truthful statement in any situation not requiring a bed.

There’s another scene involving Serenity that might not be quite so snarky, but is still my favorite involving her. When Greg arrives at her door to check on her, she’s going through a beauty regiment that includes a facial. Naturally, he points out that he didn’t think of her as the kind of woman who was into her looks. She answers this by saying she won a beauty prize pack by accidentally dialing a radio station holding a contest, rather than her intended number. Silly Serenity.

I don’t know if it would be fair of me to say Serenity’s among my favorite characters from the book. I guess even the author can have a personal bias as a reader of the work, too. I do think she’s quite memorable, though. I certainly hope you get the chance to meet her in Optical Osmosis!

Find Jeffrey here - Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Purchase Optical Osmosis: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Cover Reveals

Cloaked in Fur by TF Walsh
Available August 5, 2013 from Crimson Romance

As a moonwulf, Daciana never expected to fall in love with a human. Hell, she never imagined that she’d abandon her pack, endanger everyone around her, and break the worst rule possible. But she did…

Add to Goodreads HERE

Courage (Mark of Nexus #2) by Carrie Butler
Available October 15, 2013

Rena Collins never thought she’d long for the past—back when affection from Wallace, her freakishly strong boyfriend, was the most dangerous aspect of her life. But now that the human-altering organization known as ERA has gone on the offensive, nothing is safe. Her bloodline is exposed, her relationships torn apart, and just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, ERA ups the ante…

Add to Goodreads HERE

Ninja News

Sean McLachlan’s book, The Quintessence of Absence, is now free! See his site for details.

Jade Hart had an exciting announcement – “Black Firefly have opened their doors to all authors--self-published veterans or brand new--to help with Editing, Cover Art, Formatting, Proofreading, Marketing, Promotion, even Beta Reading. We can do it all, or just pick and choose what services you need.”

Writers4Writers is today and we are supporting Brinda Berry and Catherine Stine.

Hildie McQueen’s latest, Big Sky Blue, is available today. Congratulations, Hildie!

Patsy Collins has a story, Swept Away, in the anthology Came as Me, Left as We. And she was celebrating it on her anniversary, a real life ‘came as me, left as we’ – how awesome is that?

Available now - Christine Rains’ next installment in the 13th Floor Series, The Ghost!

Chiharo Black lives with six supernatural tenants in a haunted building's mysterious thirteenth floor. Of course, no one knows she's there except the cats. Being a ghost can be a bit frustrating and lonely, but it isn't as bad as her mother made it out to be…

And Thursday night I suffered through most of SyFy’s Sharknado just for you!! Expect a play-by-play similar to the one for Sharktopus on Wednesday. Bring popcorn.

Cassa News!!!

CassaStorm now has several awesome reviews on Goodreads, including an amazing review from Nancy S. Thompson and a really special review from Charity Bradford. Thank you, ladies!!!

Melanie Schulz had the most unique review of CassaStar on her site, and it ended with this: “Alex- all I’ve got to say is you better be a hell of a guitar player, because your writing skills blew me away.” Crap, I’m in trouble – I’m a mediocre guitar player at best!!!

Movie Review

Pacific Rim
Wow! It’s like an anime brought to life.
It’s del Toro, so it’s quirky. Certainly not a perfect movie, although at times it was perfectly giddy.
It took a while to get into the flow of the film. But around the halfway point, and especially when the robots and monsters brawl, the movie turns jaw-dropping. (The special effects are out of this world.) By the end I was invested in the characters to the point I even got misty-eyed. (Yes, I cry over monster movies – don’t you?)
The cast is great, especially Idris Elba and Charlie Day. And Ron Perlman!
For the ladies, there is a strong female lead. Rinko Kikuchi’s character is smart and tough.
And for the guys, this film will bring out the twelve year old in you!
Highly recommended.

Any questions for Jeffrey? Picking up Optical Osmosis? What about one of the other new releases? See Pacific Rim or another movie this past weekend? And are you ready for a play-by-play of Sharknado?

Be sure to visit Jo Murphey!


Jeremy [Retro] said...

anime, you say?

Jeremy [Retro] said...

Sorry, I hit the button to feel king up top of your post comment. First Jo "The Murphey Saga" is awesome, she has provided me with great guidance and information.

Jeff Beesler dig the story/cover and anyone who uses... snarky is a friend of mine.

Great cover reveals and up coming news. I

I think with the film "Pacific Rim" I will wait... though I love the monster meets metal. My wallet meets empty and the wife doesn't want to see it, she has final vote and she wants to see that Hugh Jackman film.

Great Day!

Jeremy H.

New Look, Same Stuff...
It's not easy...

Mark Koopmans said...

Congrats to Jeffrey and wow, another fine batch of books on the way.

(Special kudos to Carrie, she of the awesome sauce who *never* says no to my many requests for technical blog HELP!)

PS... got some SPAM email concerning a RUSH video. Haven't checked it out yet, but will do when I can't sleep :)~

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I'm feeling the anime brought to life line in your Pacific Rim review Alex. It's coming Wednesday to Jamaica and I'm definitely seeing it over the weekend. Congrats Hildie, Patsy and Christie. Yay Carrie! Her book has an amazing cover and October has some steam. Nice cover TF Walsh. Jeff your book definitely sounds interesting and Serenity comes off as a secondary character who can steal the show. Congrats on the third book and getting a post on Alex's awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Lots of exciting things happening:) Thanks for sharing my book cover:)

ediFanoB said...

I went over to Jo Murphy's site but I could not detect anything related to you or the Cassa books. Maybe I have to clean my glasses.

Great to read that more and more CassaStorm reviews pop up.

Optical Osmosis sounds interesting. But my reading and reviewing schedule is full.

Huntress said...

Jeffrey is a writing machine! Yay for him and the other authors. I'll check out their books. Thx Alex :)

Anonymous said...

As usual a hive of activity on your blog, new books, Cassastorm news, the lot. Thanks for an enteraining post.


Melissa said...

What a great lineup! Congrats all around. :)

The Angry Lurker said...

I'm surprised by how well Pacific Rim is being received, looks like I'll have to see it now!

Brian Miller said...

ha. alright, i am def a sucker for what you are selling in pacific rim...smiles...on it...and jeffs books sounds the concept of the character, cool cover too...

J.L. Murphey said...

Aw Alex, twas nothing. Just a fan spew her love of a genre and a dynamite writer in it.

I have to echo Melanie's thoughts. You better be a damn good guitarist to leave readers stranded like this.

I'm going to have to wait for NetFlix, cable or DVD for Pacific Rim. Can't leave my hubby long enough to go see it. sigh

Heather M. Gardner said...

Morning Alex!

I hope you are getting lots of work done on your Friday vacations! :)

Serenity? What a great name for a character!

More books? I'm gonna need a fourth job.

I'm glad you like Pacific Rim. It does look like fun.


Ellie Garratt said...

I love reading your blog posts, Alex. They're always full of good and exciting news! Congratulations on the awesome reviews.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jeremy, you are the king today.
Holding out for Wolverine, huh? Yeah, my wife really wants to see Jackman as well.

Mark, you mean madman!

Sheena-kay, you know what to expect.

TF, you're welcome.

Edi, it's up now!

Fran - go!

JL, thank you again so much.

Morning Heather!! I did get a lot done last Friday. I saw a movie.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Jeffrey, it's always good to mix a little humor into any type of book; it helps make the characters more likeable.

I'm going to check out Black Firefly right now....

Laura Clipson said...

That's a lot of books! They all look great :)

Sarah Foster said...

I think there's room for snark in any story. :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congrats on the good reviews for CassaStorm Alex! I am planning on seeing Pacific Rim this week. Originally I wasn't but then I was surprised at how positive the reviews have been overall.

Karen Baldwin said...

My two nephews convinced me to go to the movies and see Pacific Rim, otherwise I never would see a movie like that. I LOVed it! The hunky male actors helped too. I liked the reference to the dinosaurs.

Ash-Matic said...

I am SO excited for Pacific Rim. I love monster movies, so this is like a crazy good wet dream for me.

I'd be watching it right now if I wasn't waiting for an electrician. Stupid power failures. Come on laptop battery, don't fail me now!

Unknown said...

Great covers! Also, nice review of Pacific Rim. I knew there would be great special effects. Can't wait to see it. Wonderful news on CassaStorm.

M.L. Swift, Writer

Unknown said...

congratulations to all the authors and their new books.

So excited for all the talented writers and editors at Black Firefly. Great news.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats on the great reviews. And thanks for the movie review. I wasn't sure I'd like this but now I'm thinking I will.

A.J. Walker said...

Some nice covers coming out. Indie book covers just keep getting better.

Brinda said...

All these books look so good. If only I had a full-time job reading books!!

Southpaw said...

Those are all such great covers!

I love the line "anime brought to life" to describe Pacific Rim. I am interested in seeing it.

Pat Hatt said...

Can't say I've ever cried over a monster movie lol but there is always a first time I suppose.

jaybird said...

Still dying to see Pacific Rim. Had too busy a weekend to get out.

CONGRATS to you on all the great reviews! And congrats to all the authors. There are SO many amazing books coming out this month. My TBR list keeps on growing....I love the summertime when I get to attack that list!

Jo said...

Congrats to all the new authors today.

Funny they are just talking about Sharknado on TV right now. They say it was meant to be funny.

Luanne G. Smith said...

Nope, don't cry at monster movies...unless I'm really sad I spent my money on a bad one. But I do like snarky characters. Every story needs that one character who doesn't have a filter. :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

lots of good stuff here today. I've heard Pacific Rim's a fun view, a great summer popcorn movie.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Optimistic, go and enjoy!

Leigh, that was a clever twist with the dinosaurs.

Ash, then you will love it.

Holly, that's the best way to describe it.

Jo, hopefully it was meant to be bad as well.

LG - funny!

Karen, thanks, certainly not one of the best though.

Anonymous said...

I added CassaStorm to my Goodreads list.

I have Sean's book and will look into the others.

I'm glad Pacific Rim is highly entertaining. I've been hearing so much about it.

Juliana Haygert said...

Congrats, Carrie!

And congrats on CassaStorm's great reviews, Alex!

I only hear great things about Pacific Rim! Can't wait to be able to see it ;)

mshatch said...

I can't wait for your play by play review of Sharknado. Just the title alone is snicker worthy so I'll be interested to hear if the movie was about anything (besides sharks in a tornado).

Carol Kilgore said...

Congrats to all those with new books and new covers and new reviews!

Julie Dao said...

Congrats on your awesome book reviews, and glad you enjoyed the movie! I've been hearing a lot of great things about that film.

A Beer for the Shower said...

You had me at snark.

Also, I keep hearing so many good things about Pacific Rim. I may just have to bite the bullet and go see this one... (twist my arm, I know)

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Wow what a lot of energy for a Monday morning!! Congrats to all!!

Jay Noel said...

That's so great for you with getting such good reviews. You'll have to post some of your guitar playing on here.

Looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim! But I did miss Sharknado. I will have to catch that piece of art when they replay it.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Alex,
Thanks for this great list.
It is interesting to note
that there is room for humor
in a Sci-fi story. That is 'Optical Osmosis' Let us see.
Best Regards

Cate Masters said...

Congrats on all the great ninja news! And congrats on the great reviews, Alex.

Suze said...

Congratulations and all the best to Jeffrey!

I enjoyed reading your review of Pacific Rim.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I wasn't going to see Pacific Rim but you may have sold me. Thanks for all the book news.

Unknown said... looks like I've got to get busy reading...a lot of new books out there.

J.L. Campbell said...

Definitely want to see Pacific Rim. Congrats to Jeffrey and all the other writers with new books out!

Catherine Stine said...

Okay Optical Osmosis is a fab title, and I like that it has snarky humor. And Alex, you've convinced me to see Pacific Rim.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Pacific Rim is like a Godzilla movie on steroids.

Congrats on the great reviews.

Jemi Fraser said...

Serenity sounds like a great character! Her name makes me think of Firefly too - all good :)

Unknown said...

Serenity sounds like my type of gal! I hope you have a lot of sucess with your book, Jeffrey.

Also, hope the other writers do well too.
Haven't seen the Pacific Rim movie but it sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to see Pacific Rim yesterday, but the 3D showing had something wrong with it, then we got told the wrong time and were late and some in the group didn't want to miss the first 5 minutes. Hopefully, today I'll get to see it because I really want to. I love mecha anime and I've heard good things about this movie.

Emily R. King said...

Love the new covers, and thanks for the movie review! My husband wants to see it.

Bish Denham said...

Congratulations, Jeffrey! Black Firefly sounds like a very helpful place to go, thanks for passing on the info.

Livia Peterson said...

Awesome movie review, Alex!

I wasn't interested in seeing Pacific Rim at first, but I'm so excited to see the film on Wednesday! Thanks to the awesome word of mouth I've been hearing constantly.

The trailers for Pacific Rim made the film look terrible and very unconvincing to see it on the big screen. It received positive reviews from the critics and my friends loved it, so that made me want to join the party even more.

I have some worries about the film - will it remind me of the terrible Transformers series and will it have a overlong runtime - feel like eight hours long.

I want to see Pacific Rim for myself, but there's no guarantee I'll love the movie. I'm not THAT nerdy/geeky. I'm walking into the theatre with very low expectations. If Pacific Rim doesn't deliver, at least - I'll be seeing Grown Ups 2 on the same day ;)

Congrats to Carrie and on your awesome reviews of CassaStorm.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Medeia, thanks!

Marcy, it certainly wasn't about continuity!

Brandon and Bryan, just go!!

Jay, I might post some guitar playing soon.

Suze, much more than you'd enjoy the movie I'm sure!

Jemi, it always comes back to Firefly.

Patricia, sorry! Hope you get to see it today.

Unknown said...

I too like Jeremy [Retro] will have to see Pacific Rim another time. I'm holding out for the ultimate Kaiju Godzilla!

*looks at wife W/puppy dog eyes*

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats to the new releases!

Love the cover reveals!

ilima said...

Jeffrey, I play favorites all the time with my characters. ;) Congrats on your new release!

Pacific Rim was a pleasant surprise. Cheesy at times, but WAY better than I thought it would be. My boys are going to love it.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

All those cover reveals look awesome. I especially like Hilde McQueens' BIG BLUE SKY. PACIFIC RIM looks to lose money for its studio which is sad. No sequels, but be glad we got the first one,right?

Tara Tyler said...

wow! so much exciting news!
yay for jeff & tania! big days!
and christine & jade and everyone!

and sweet reviews!! i need to catch up!

Hildie McQueen said...

My hubs wants to see that Pacific Rim, he'd also love Jeff's book. Both of the cover reveals sound like great reads. I'm not sure about the Sharknado thing...LOL

Hildie McQueen said...

Oh and a million thanks for posting about my book!!! You're awesome

Stephen Tremp said...

Wow! Lots of good news out there in the Blogosphere today. Best wishes to all!

And thanks for the W4WS shout out!

Will definitely see Pacific Rim and let the misty eyed twelve year old in me out. He needs to get out once in a while.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Love all these covers. :) Jeff, Optical Osmosis looks awesome!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Love all these covers. :) Jeff, Optical Osmosis looks awesome!

Liesel K. Hill said...

Glad to see you liked Pacific Rim. I wasn't sure what to think of it; have been debating whether to see it in theaters or not. Maybe I will now. Thanks for the review. :D

Lydia Kang said...

I've heard mixed reviews about Pacific Rim. Might see it on DVD.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Pacific Rim was awesome. I know what you're saying about "misty-eyed." Man, I love del Toro movies.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm leaning more every day toward seeing Pacific Rim

Sarah Ahiers said...

Man i want to see Pacific Rim, but i have no idea when i'll find the time. Sigh.

I love the cover to Jeff's book!

Isis Rushdan said...

Great covers up today! Congrats to everyone.

Thanks for the review. I won't object when hubby asks me to add it to Netflix :).

Tina said...

Heading over to see what she did to you...
Have not seen Pacific Rim, same problem as Jeremy, except skip the wife part. I'm the wife saying NO money for theater movies...
Congrats on the great reviews...but I thought it wasn't out until September...
Tina @ Life is Good

Ciara said...

Serenity? Being a die-hard Browncoat I love that name!

BTW - I love the cover!
Congrats for all the new releases.
Awesome to find great reviews! Congratulations, Alex. Of course, no surprise everyone loves CassaStorm.

Mark Means said...

Strangely enough, I met Jeffrey on Google Plus a few years ago...a great guy and I wish him all the best with his book :)

Having been burned, big time, by The Lone Ranger, I'm swearing off "summer blockbusters" for the year and will wait for Pacific Rim to come to DVD or Netflix.

Andrew Leon said...

I saw PacRim Friday night at the LucasFilm screening at the Presidio, one of the most high tech theaters in the world. The 3D was amazing.
However, as spectacular as the movie was to watch, the story was a steaming pile of poo that started at the wrong place.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Congratulations on the super awesome reviews, Alex. I am sure you play the guitar as well as you write, so don't worry about that.

I am eager to see Pacific Rim.

Nancy Thompson said...

Wow, so much a-happenin' today. You're like the Page Six of the Writer/Author Bloggyland, Alex! Hey, did you see how Sharknado was all over the mainstream media last weekend? Even made NBC Nightly News! Can't wait for your lowdown.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Livia, it was more like a Japanese monster movie than Transformers. I do recommend the 3D - very immersive.

David, directed by Edwards - should be awesome!

Ilima, glad you enjoyed it.

Roland, it will do massive business overseas though.

Hildie, you're welcome!

Stephen, you're welcome, and let that boy out now and then.

Liesel, it is definitely a big screen film.

Michael, that was a wrenching moment at the end there!

Mark, really sorry Lone Ranger did you in.

Andrew, my wife also said it started in the wrong spot. It did redeem itself for me though.

Nancy, I think that's why they made the movie.

Michelle Wallace said...

Wow, a Monday hive of activity over here (as per usual) with lots of exciting things happening...
I love the cover of Optical Osmosis... it's eerie & eye-catching.
Congratulations to all those with book releases and cover reveals!

Suzanne Furness said...

Another busy day in blogland! Congrats to all the authors with new releases and cover reveals going on. Congrats on your great reviews too.

Leigh Covington said...

Jeff's book sounds great. I'll have to check it out. And I'm looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim. Heard good things :)

Karen Lange said...

Nice to meet Jeff! Thanks for all the great news, too. Congrats on the good reviews!

Leovi said...

Congratulations, for these excellent reviews, you certainly also a good guitar player!

Jeff Beesler said...

Jeremy: Snarky is as snarky does!

Mark: Hopefully that email is legit spam!

Sheena: Serenity is definitely a scene stealer!

TfWalsh: Awesome cover!

EdiFanoB: It's hard to find anyone who doesn't have a full schedule these days!

Huntress: You should see the backlog of books I've written but haven't edited yet!

Jeff Beesler said...

Yvonne: Glad you enjoyed the post!

Melissa: Thank you!

Francis: I'll wait until it comes out on Netflix!

Brian: Glad you enjoyed Optical's premise!

J.L: I'm still in denial about Alex's departure from writing books!

Heather: Serenity likes the name, too!

Ellie: Looking forward to stopping by your blog on Friday!

Sandra: All too true about the humor front!

Jeff Beesler said...

Laura: Don't they though?

Sarah: Yes, there is!

Optimistic: Alex has a lot to be proud of with the CassaSeries!

Em-Musing: I hadn't heard of Pacific Rim before last week myself!

Ash: Hopefully the power comes back on before long!

M.L: Glad you enjoyed the book cover!

Julie: Thanks for the congrats!

AJ: My cover artist really outdid himself with Optical!

Jeff Beesler said...

Brinda: I want that kind of job, too!

Southpaw: Glad to see Optical caught your eye!

Jaybird: Attack that list with all your might!

Jo: Thank you!

Medeia: Hope you like Optical!

Beer: Got caught up in the draft of the Snarkado, did you?

Karen: I have to wonder how Alex manages to have so much energy on a Monday!

Jeff Beesler said...

Phil: Loved the way you turned that into a lyrical flow there.

Cate: There's a lot of ninja news out there, isn't there?

Suze: Thank you so much, Suze!

Susan: Definitely a lot of news out there!

Melanie: No time like the present...

J.L: Thank you so much!

Catherine: I'm glad you like the title!

Jemi: I can see how Serenity would remind you of Firefly!

Clarissa: Thank you, and I think Serenity would love to have coffee with you. You know, if she was actually real!

Emily: Glad you like the cover!

Bish: Thank you so much!

Ilima: I try not to play favorites! But it's hard!

Roland: At least they took a risk with Pacific Rim.

Tara: Definitely big releases for authors!

Hildie: Sounds like your husband has great, discerning tastes with fiction!

Stephen: Lots of news out there, that's for sure!

Rachel: Thank you! I appreciate that!

Sarah: It certainly catches the eye, doesn't it?

Isis: Thank you!

Empty Nest Insider said...

Great cover for Optical Osmosis! Congrats to Jeffrey and all of the authors! Alex, I'm excited about your fantastic reviews!


Jeff Beesler said...

Tina: I think those were advanced copies of the book being reviewed.

Ciara: Glad you like the cover!

Mark: Yep, I see you regularly over there on Google Plus!

Michelle: That's the effect I was going for!

Leigh: Glad the book caught your eye!

Karen: Nice to meet you, too! said...

I like Serenity. Jeffrey, is she based on someone in your life? Your wife, perhaps?

Okay, off to visit Jo.
Have a great week, Alex.

Jeff Beesler said...

Empty Nest: Thank you so much!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Jeffrey, I sure like the sound of Serenity! My kinda girl, lol! I'll have to check this out. Right now I'm doing all sorts of physical labor around the McKye ranch and reading is my favorite way to relax. I've been enjoying some new authors and genres. I get bored with the same O same O stuff. It's been fun. Some things have been meh, but man, I've found quite a few good stories. :-)

Alex, I KNEW you'd watch Sharknado. I had several friends watching it and tell me about it. Don't know that I'll see it, but then, maybe I will.

Lot of good books to check out.

Oh darn, it's raining outside. Guess that means stopping chores and doing some reading. SUCH a hardship, lolol!


Sherry Ellis said...

Christine's new book sounds awesome! I'll hop over to Jo's blog and see what she has to say about you.

Carrie Butler said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out, Alex! I really appreciate it. :)

I'm happy for Jeffrey. Optical Osmosis looks fantastic! Also, I want to say congratulations to Hildie, Patsy, and Christine!

Annalisa Crawford said...

Congratulations on the awesome reviews!

Robin said...

Congrats on the outstanding book reviews!

I wasn't even considering seeing Pacific Rim prior to your review. Now... I am considering it....

farawayeyes said...

Wow, lots of new releases for summer. Congrats to all. I think I'm gonna skip 'Pacific Rim'. Still trying to get to 'The Lone Ranger'. Got a review coming of that one?

Samantha May said...

A lot of great covers! I'm glad Congrats on the awesome reviews!

I think there's always a place for snark. It's a daily thing for me.

Sharknado was just...yeah. Right up there with Piranha 3D.

Christine Rains said...

Congrats to Jeffrey! His book is so wonderfully original. Yay for Carrie and Tania too. Thank you for the shout-out, and for suffering through Sharknado. It was shark-mazing! Hehehe. I hadn't watched a good-bad Syfy flick in a while. It was so much fun. Can't wait for your play-by-play! I even got two more films in on the weekend: Despicable Me 2 (loved it!) and Django Unchained (darn good too). Pacific Rim is one I definitely want to see.

The Words Crafter said...

Congratulations on the great reviews!

I read about Jeffrey's book somewhere and it sounds amazing. It's on my to-be-bought list!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Michelle, always hopping around here!

Leovi, thanks!

Julie, so am I!!

Sia, wait until you read my play-by-play before you suffer through Sharknado.

Carrie, you're welcome!

Faraway, no, not going to see that one. Too many others coming out.

Christine, you're welcome, and those were both great films.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Alex, great that you share the new book covers! Optical Osmosis sounds like an interesting read. I like books with psychics in them--maybe I should write one:)

Mary Montague Sikes

Maurice Mitchell said...

I've seen Jeff's book before, but that looks like a new cover. Great job Man. Congratulations on the reviews Alex! The storm rises.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Oh man, part of me wishes I'd watched Sharknado just to see what the heck they did with it, and part of me is glad I missed it. Speaking of which, we had a tornado in the mountains on Saturday! No sharks that I'm aware of, but we're pretty far from all the oceans...

Congrats to everyone mentioned! Jeffrey's character sounds interesting; I always enjoy some good snark.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

M Pax said...

Love the name of Jeffrey's character. Serenity. :) Hope he's a big hit.

Congrats to Tania and Carrie, Christine, too.

I'll have to check out Pacific Rim sometime then. I know Husband Unit will love it.

Unknown said...

Congrats to Jeffrey and those revealing covers or releasing books.

You're one of the few who seems to like Pacific Rim. I've hear a number who feel the story's a bit empty, like WWZ. Well, to each his own.

Have a good week!

mooderino said...

feels like Pacific Rim should really be seen on the big screen but not sure I'll get round to it. Too busy working on my tan (here in the UK we only get the one week of sunshine a year).


Unknown said...

Charlie Day??? Idris Elba??? No way!! Charlie Hunnam stole the show and owned the screen versus those two. So did Rinko. I loved this movie and think it is the best one of the summer so far. I can't believe it placed third behind Adam Sandler's ridiculous flick Grown Ups 2. And the fx are some of the best I've seen.

Unknown said...

On my way to The Murphey Saga. :)

cleemckenzie said...

Great post as always. New books, movies, reviews that rock. All darned exciting.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Congrats to Jeff!!!! (I love the cover too)

A huge congrats to you too, Alex, for the mighty fine reviews. I'm not surprised, of course.

And good to hear about Pacific Rim. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Al Diaz said...

Dragon was here but came brainless. In the lack of something mildly intelligent to say, I leave applause for those good reviews. Go Alex!

RaShelle Workman said...

You got misty-eyed at Pacific Rim? That's it, I'm seeing it tonight!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Shannon, be glad you missed it.

Lexa, everyone I know dug the movie.

Lynda, thanks again for your awesome review.

RaShelle, go!!!

J E Oneil said...

You know what impresses me about Pacific Rim? The woman has actual, functional armor. I want to support it just for that.'s going to suck all of us in, isn't it?

klahanie said...


Dude, you can relax now. You're wait is over. Yes, I've arrived at the ridiculous time of three in the morning. I would appreciate bonus points for this. Thank you.

Jeffrey, snark, is the way forward and I'm impressed!

What the howl? Nice to see mention of Tania Walsh's book on here. Nothing like a rogue werewolf, as in the book, not Tania.

I'm noting that Nancy has given you an amazing review. And Nancy, if you read this, nice to know my Canadian buddies are purchasing your book.

Thank you for your time and goodnight. Time zones!

Carrie-Anne said...

Congratulations to all the writers with new releases! I most love the cover of Big Sky Blue.

Jack said...

My brother is DYING to see Pacific Rim and I've considered going with him, now more so. I thought it would turn out to be one of those movies filmed with just one camera - where a character runs around with it. Those kind make me motion sick.

Ella said...

I love your review of Pacific Rim-sounds like a win to me~

Yes, Congrats to Jeffrey and all the other writers! Gosh, so many Christmas in July ideas~ I am making my list to give and get ;D

Jeffrey your books sounds amazing and memorable~ Congrats again!

Alex hope you are staying cool-

Pat Tillett said...

Congrats on the positive reviews Alex! Optical Osmosis sounds very interesting and based partially on your review, I'm hooked...

Unknown said...

The cover for optical osmosis looks so cool!
Congratulations on your Goodreads reviews :-)
And I wonder if Pacific Rim will be another one of those movies I watch ONLY because my husband wants to watch it, and then I end up enjoying it! (like Star Trek, Transformers and Avatar, to name a few!)

Unknown said...

I'm in two minds about Pacific Rim - Im not a massive fan of kaiju movies so I may wait for this on DVD.

Tammy Theriault said...

i heard pacific rim was awesome!!!!! not sure if i want to see it though...not a big sci-fi fan

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex - good luck to Jeffrey with Optical Osmosis - love the title .. and Christine Rains' 13th floor series ... I need to read them ..

While I hope to meet Patsy tomorrow - which will be fun .. I can't see myself seeing Pacific Rim ... probably at some distant date on the tv!

Cheers Hilary

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I agree with Jeffery...there's always room for some snark :)

Lots of exciting news...where to begin? Best of luck to all the folks launching books and congrats on those early reviews!

Kela McClelland said...

More books to add to my TBR because I don't have enough on there. :p

I haven't been making time to actually comment when I stop by, so I'm working on that. Made time. Will work on making time more often. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

JE, it just sucked.

Gary, I could not begin to leave a coherent comment at three in the morning. Well done, sir.

Jack, not filmed like that, so no worries.

Ella, I'm staying inside!

Rachel, I bet it will be!

Hilary, you're meeting up with Patsy? Very cool!

Kela, always happy to see your comments.

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm on my way to Jo's blog!

Misha Gerrick said...

Serenity sounds like an awesome character. :-)

Thanks for the news bits. I have a LOT of catching up to do after last week.

Unknown said...

Wow! Those are some fabulous reviews on CS, Alex. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard about this movie, but figured it was another comic book remake. In doing some research, I am kind of pleased it isn't. There still some good original ideas out there. I thought of the Cassa series when I watched it with the two pilots and mind handshakes and stuff. Such a cool concept.

S. L. Hennessy said...

I loved it. Pacific Rim, a new sci fi favorite.

Libby said...

Mediocre guitar player? I'm out of here. Just kidding!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Misha, glad you're back.

Thanks, Candilynn!

Sydney, I thought of my own book as well.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Alex,

I think I know what I will be posting for the next IWSG...


I want so badly to keep up, but there is SOOOO much going on. I can't get to everything. How do you do it? I believe there are clones of you out there. LOL. Or you have your own set of minions....

Congrats on the amazing reviews!

Congrats to all the authors with new books, covers, and services!

The blogosphere is certainly active this week...

D.G. Hudson said...

Want to see Pacific Rim (especially since I live in one of the Pacific Rim countries. . .) and I love robots, hubs like special effects, so we'll see it soon.

Good luck to all the authors with books coming out! Summer is a good time for new reads. BTW - hopped over to the interview by Melanie, too.

Gwen Gardner said...

Oh my, I had to scroll way down. Lots of cool info here? How does one retire from being a psychic? I have a character that would like to know, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lots of cool news!! I saw The Lone Ranger this past weekend . . . yeah, it's Pirates in another setting, but the family still enjoyed it :-) Missed Sharknado b/c I don't have cable, but I want to catch it sometime!

Cherie Colyer said...

I like moments of humor in just about any story. It can break up the tension or simply lighten the mood of a dark story.

Great covers :)

Anonymous said...

Optical Osmosis sounds interesting.

I really want to see Pacific Rim! Maybe I'll go Thursday night.

The Happy Whisk said...

Playing Blogger Catch-up - headed over right after this to see your feature.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm so movie deprived this summer I'll go see anything....and Pacific Rim sounds perfectly fine to me.

Shell Flower said...

You're play-by-play slayed me. Wow. "Just pretend you have the IQ of a carrot and enjoy." - That could be a scary life philosophy.

Love the review by Melanie, too. Good call. Can't wait to read it.

Author A.O. Peart said...

I can't wait to watch Pacific Rim! This is my kind of movie (special effects in the movies make me feel like a child in the candy store).

Congratulations to everyone with new books. I"m going to download Optical Osmosis - yep, when I hear about a snarky character, I just know that I HAVE to read it.

Alex, congratulations on such stellar reviews. Your books totally deserve them. I still need to post mine (hangs head in shame). I promise I will :-)

Unknown said...

Still catching up on all the news. I loved the special effects in Pacific Rim, but never got invested in the characters. Sigh.

randi lee said...

Jeff seems like a rad dude to work with. The two of you have inspired me to go seek out my own critique partner!!

Jai Joshi said...

Jeffrey, major congrats on releasing Optical Osmosis! And I can totally relate to having a favourite character in your writing. Sometimes one of them just gets hold of you and even though you love all the others, that one is special. Serenity sounds like a special character.