Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Networking Tips for Shy Writers, Ninja News, Maguire's Corner, Blog Readers, Wednesday Movie Quote, and the Phone Book

Today I welcome the awesome Christine Rains!


I love to talk about writing. It's my passion. The problem is, like many writers, I'm shy. I can't just talk to anyone. Sometimes it's all I can do to remember to breathe when in social situations. I'm lucky I've not fainted yet. And yes, that noise is me knocking on wood.

This makes networking immensely difficult. Yet it's a necessity in our profession. How do I meet other authors and promote myself without losing my voice again? (Oh yes, it's happened.)

Thank goodness for the internet! Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, review sites, writer's groups, etc. There are many ways to get your name out there from the safety of your home. You can get cozy in your favorite chair, wear your Star Wars pajamas, and sneak some of your kid's Cheerios when he's not looking.

But one day, you'll have to leave the Godzilla slippers behind and venture out to a writing conference or book signing. Face-to-face with other people. Yikes! How do you survive?

Remember to breathe. It helps not to faint. Those other people are there for the same reason you are. As alone as you might feel, you are one of them.
Be yourself. You might be a little geeky, but so what? Be honest about who you are, let your passions shine through, and you'll be respected for it.
Use being shy to your advantage. Be a good listener, and even though you don't say a lot, remember it's quality over quantity.
Have business cards, flyers, and other promotional items at the ready. If you lose your voice, a card can speak for you. Plus, people love free things. Give stuff away and you'll be remembered.
Smile. A friendly smile will take you a long way.

In the not too distant future, all your networking will likely be done online. We can create avatars of ourselves from the cast of Firefly and chat about writing while hanging out in Serenity. (I call Zoe!) Until then, be proud of who you are. It's okay to be geeky or shy. What you have to say is important because you're the one saying it.

Do you have any face-to-face networking tips for shy writers?

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Alex!

1305 & 1306 – The Oracle and the Vampire (The 13th Floor series, #5)
By Christine Rains
Genre: paranormal romance

Having fallen for her gorgeous neighbor might not be so bad if Harriet McKay wasn't in her hideous banshee form every time Kiral saw her...

Find it here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords

Christine Rains is a writer, blogger, and geek mom. She has four degrees which help nothing with motherhood, but make her a great Jeopardy player. When she's not writing or reading, she having adventures with her son or watching cheesy movies on Syfy Channel. She's a member of Untethered Realms and S.C.I.F.I. The 13th Floor series is her first self-published series. She has seven novellas and twenty-one short stories published.
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Ninja News

Thanks to everyone who commented on my interview with Tammy Theriault! She is willing to take on more victims…

Misha Gericke is hosting another Word Master Challenge – Famous Adaptation. See her site for details – you could win an Amazon gift card.

Ellie Garratt’s book, Passing Time, is free through this Friday. Download it from Amazon US or Amazon UK

Coming Soon!!!

Maguire's Corner
By Heather M. Gardner
Published by Front Porch Romance

Coffee shop owner Maggie Maguire doesn’t trust the new police chief her father hired to protect Maguire’s Corner. He’s a stranger, cold, bossy and annoyingly handsome. But, Maggie’s witnessed a serious crime and now someone’s trying to kill her. The man that aggravates her most might be the only one that can help her.

Police Chief Jack Munro likes his new job and his new town, and unfortunately he also likes the stubborn but beautiful town sweetheart. His self-imposed hands-off Maggie policy is about to be put to the ultimate test when he must keep her close to protect her while he tracks down a ruthless killer.

Determined to ignore Jack’s charms, Maggie attempts to help him unravel the mystery but when their lives hang in the balance she must decide how much she’s willing to risk to save the man she suddenly can’t resist.

Congratulations, Heather!
Blog Readers

After solving issues with both Bloglovin’ (couldn’t comment on some blogs) and Feedly (couldn’t delete blogs) I’ve decided I’m going to use… both! Feedly updates faster but Bloglovin’ looks better. (And I have the app.) So I’m just going to bounce back and forth between the two, depending on how I feel that day.

Google Reader may self-destruct now!

Wednesday Movie Quote

Post your favorite here or play along on your own blog.

Today’s genre is monster movies.

My selection comes from Lake Placid:

Mrs. Bickerman (played by Betty White): I'm rooting for the crocodile. I hope he swallows your friends whole. You might want to arrest me for that too. Is that a crime? To wish the chewing of law enforcement?

Next week – sports films!

The Phone Book

This is for Maurice:

Are you a shy writer? Fan of Christine’s series? Excited for Heather’s upcoming book? What Reader are you now using? What is your favorite monster movie quote? And just what is the meaning of the phone book…?


Empty Nest Insider said...

Thanks for the great tips Christine, and congrats on your book! Congrats also go out to Ellie and Heather! Was Maurice the one who said that you could make reading a phone book interesting Alex?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex - Christine is certainly prolific and those degrees must hold her in good stead with her writing, and the threads she leads us along - I have to buy her 13th floor series.

I see we're in competition mode for the ability to write sensibly about cabbages, or about telephone books - they've recently been having discussions about surnames disappearing from 'our list' .. families dying out .. fascinating.

Re Feedly and BlogLovin- thanks .. solved my problem for me .. I shall follow your suggestion ... Google Reader please hang on for another few weeks as I switch!!

Cheers Hilary

Mark Means said...

Christine is awesome and I loved her A to Z theme where she featured snippets from her book.

A Feedly/Bloglovin' combo, you say? Hmm...I'll have to give Bloglovin' another look.

"Smile. A friendly smile will take you a long way."-- So very true! :)

The Angry Lurker said...

“When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Jeremy [Retro] said...

i am not familiar with Feedly or Bloglovin'... does this make me a bad blogger... i am shy about my works/art/design... that is my inner me. the other me is the "here come and get it", see my conflicts?

yes, too many voices!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Thanks Christine for sharing your tips, all shy writers need to know this. Misha's challenge is great and congrats to all authours coming out with new books and freebies. Love your Wednesday quote pick and Betty White did an awesome job playing her role in that movie. So hilarious despite the awful reality of those crocs.

Mark Koopmans said...

I'm am out-going person by nature, so to the shy writer going to their first (or fifteenth) Writers' Conference, I would say only one thing (because I have seen this happen sooooo many times at "read and critique" sessions.
When quiet folk turn into filibuster-style speakers, you know they love their work.

So, BRING YOUR PASSION (and leave it on the conference table!)

It's *your* baby, so share the passion and the love you have for the WIP/ms. (You don't have to explain to the listener what you do, just *why* you did.)

Anonymous said...

Alex whatever is this Bloglovin? I am not up to date with many things on line, only use what I know. How do one get this Bloglovin? I am

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Julie, that's real close to what he said - good memory.

Hilary, that is interesting.

Fran, good one!

Jeremy, you're an introverted extrovert.

Sheena-kay, it was about the only clean line she uttered in the film!

Mark, excellent tip.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for the tips, Christine. I'm a shy writer and will remember your tips when I'm forced out of my cave.

And good to know what you think of the blog readers, Alex.

Brinda said...

OMG! Christine's book sounds great. I love that blurb.

It saddens me that you are jumping between two apps to read and comment on blogs. I shake my fist at Google Reader. Argh!

J.L. Murphey said...

I'm not shy, just an introvert.

Laura Pauling said...

I'm not shy and get a little nervous about those kinds of things. My heart goes out to authors who truly are shy. Once there, I can get into it. But, it doesn't really matter at some signings - what matters is if the books sell. :) Hard sells don't always work.

Unknown said...

Ha! I laughed when I saw the phone book in reference to your other post.

I just signed up at bloglovin'. I'm also trying to find a "one size fits all" blogroll and get better organized.

Great tidbits from Christine!

M.L. Swift, Writer

Yolanda Renée said...

Shy writer, marketer, individual -- you name it -- I'd rather observe!

Do you give lessons on blogging techy stuff -- I'm a dunce. I can't even get my posts to post when I pick the time and date. I still have to do it manually, and can't figure out what I've missed, but I know it's something. :)

Unknown said...

Great guest post, Christine! Some good advice. I have never had the pleasure to promote my books face to face at a convention or whatever, so I can relate to your insecurity! And, have no advice to offer.

Alex, I have also decided to use both Feedly and Bloglovin. Between the two it seems to work.

Tara Tyler said...

yay christine!! i love that 13th floor series!
and yay, heather!! so ecstatic for her!

and after two weeks, i feel like im finally catching up from a to z!

re: google reader, will our blog roll and followers gadget be affected? do you know? ah!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Yes I imagine social networking sites have helped writers IMMENSLY. It's amazing nowadays how you can connect with so many people near and far in such a short period of time.

Jeff Hargett said...

You're a brave ninja, allowing yourself to become Tammy Theriault's victim. I admire bravery. :)

Loved Christine's post.

Christine Rains said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Alex! And thanks to everyone for commenting. (I'll reply later today when I have more than a minute.) I'm thrilled for Heather. I have no clue about the phone book, though.

Old Kitty said...

"It was Beauty killed the beast" from King Kong (1933)!! Yay!!

Take care

Tonja said...

Always good to remember to breathe. :)

Heather M. Gardner said...

I love Christine's series. I just got the newest one for my Kindle. She is such a great writer.

Thank you so much Alex for posting about MC. You are a wonderful friend for doing that and helping all of us when we need you. Please know, I will be there for you when CassaStorm comes out in September!

Betty White is so amazing cause that movie was just awful but I will watch it just to see her. :)

Thank you! Heather

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

JL made a good point by bringing up introvertism; introverts aren't necessarily shy, but they need time alone to recharge. (Extroverts recharge by hanging out with other people.) I'm an introvert. I can talk on panels and give readings, but by the end of the night, I'm too exhausted for the con parties. Still, I do go briefly and try to approach people who are alone or in small groups. Sometimes a couple of really close connections are better than scattering your attentions.

I haven't been able to delete blogs from GR for a long time. I think it's because Blogger won't let me remove blogs from my blogroll. I wonder if something like that affects other readers.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Author C Hope Clark has a book called THE SHY WRITER that I found helpful. I read the older version but she's since updated it.

And how can you go wrong with a Betty White quote? Love it! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvonne, I'll send you a link.

Natalie, I like both of them and will use both.

Brinda, their loss!

Mike, you get it now, don't you?

Yolanda, if you're setting the time and date, it should post. But I know several people who have issues with scheduling posts.

Carolyn, they each offer something unique.

Tara, blog roll safe, but no idea on the GFC widget.

Jeff, brave or crazy, not sure which!

Kitty, good one!

Heather, you're welcome! And I think that was the only clean line she uttered in the film.

Sandra, Feedly is affected because the two are closely connected, but one you import into Bloglovin, anything you delete there is GONE.

Al Diaz said...

Okay, Monday and Wednesday, let's see. I saw your interview with Tammy and I think you should give her that allowance she's demanding. Ninja kids can't be just coincidence.
The cabbage, as the phone book in here...hmmm, scientific experiment on your readership over the transcendence and relevance of comments, with a slight insight over the creativity of the human mind to find various possibilities from a random image deprived from context.
Christine, I'm all the way with you in the shyness thing. No face to face writing now, or any time soon for the dragon. I think screen to screen is as far as Father Dragon will go.
Congratulations to Heather.
My monster quote:
Mike Wazowski: Hey, good morning, Monstropolis. It's now five after the hour of 6:00 A.M. in the big monster city. Temperature's a balmy 65 degrees - which is good news for you reptiles - and it looks like it's gonna be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in, or simply... WORK OUT THAT FLAB THAT'S HANGING OVER THE BED. Get up, Sulley. (Or in this case, Dragon ;))

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great tips, Charlotte--especially like the in-person ones. I do find in-person events exhausting and stressful.

Alex--You can delete blogs in Feedly by going to "organize" under your name in the upper-left corner and deleting the blog when your list comes up. :)

S.A. Larsenッ said...

You sound so much like me, Christine! I don't know how I'd muster the courage to network in person if the internet wasn't available. I, too, know I'll eventually have to venture out to conferences, etc... But that's in a little while. I'll let those thoughts stew. I have given writing workshops, though. Seeing how I write for kids, the workshops aren't too much out of my box. Kids are pretty accepting. They think what I do is 'coo', which simple cracks me up.

farawayeyes said...

Just finishing up the first book in Christine's series and I AM A FAN.

Great tip about Ellie's book. I have been wanting to read it.

These movie quotes are killing me.

Jennie Bennett said...

I actually love to talk to other writers so writers conferences are my high. I've met lots of shy people and they are super awesome to talk to, so maybe that's something that would help. Just remember, at writer's conferences, everyone WANTS to be your friend. Or at least, that's how I look at it :)

Laura Clipson said...

I'm definitely a shy writer, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who panics in social situations! I guess they can't always be avoided (unfortunately) but that's great advice :)

Stina said...

I swear social media was invented for us shy writers. :D

Laura Eno said...

Hi Christine! Very good tips but there's one problem. I'm Zoe.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Madeline, I'll have to look for that book.

Al, funny quote! I'll reveal the whole cabbage - phone book thing on Friday.

Elizabeth, I did finally figure that out!

JA, good attitude. said...

Which will die first: the phone book or Google Reader? It's anybody's guess.

I'm a Christine fan. Congratulations to Heather too.


Pat Hatt said...

Yeah social media sure helps a ton, not shy, but like sitting at home promoting better. Lake placid was a fun one and sports next week, here's a fav.

"Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball. Straightball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come."

mshatch said...

"I'm feeling much better now."

As being shy, I'm more shy in person than here because I can think about what I want to say and more importantly, EDIT it!

And dang, I wanted be Zoe!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Great post, Christine. I think I'm pretty darn shy, but I have no problem talking to others. When the time comes, I WILL have a problem with asking people to buy my stuff. When I'm given compliments on anything, I tell the person why they're wrong about their opinion. I'm a mess. :)

Alex, Thanks for all the news. Heather's cover looks amazing.

Jo said...

Being shy when you have to make personal appearances must be hell. I have always tended to be somewhat shy, but I found acting helped me.

I shall look forward to the cabbage and phone book reveal!!!

I avoid monster movies like the plague, scare the CPAP out of me.


Karen Baldwin said...

When you meet people that you want to network with, or even people who've read your book, think if it as a performance...a well rehearsed performance. When you see a talk show, the people make their chatter look spontaneous. Not. They rehearsed it mucho times in the mirror, in the car, wherever. Imagine the questions you'll be asked. Imagine the questions you will ask. Throw in humor. And breath. The tongue really gets tied up when nervous. Then all that comes out of the mouth is gobbledegook.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Great tips, Christine! I agree, being honest is the most important thing, and having something to hand them is good.
Go Heather!
And Bloglovin is probably the one I'm going with . . .probably.
The phone book - because you could print the phone book and still get a thousand comments. :)

Cassie Mae said...

Would you believe I'm a shy person? Like, I'm okay talking about movies and books and life in general, but ask me to talk about MY books, um... clammy hands and knotted tongue. I have a seriously hard time.

jaybird said...

I'm SO excited for Christine. And I am a weird mix- I am NOT shy in person, at all. I am obnoxious and loud. But when it comes to my writing, I get all intimidated and shy and totally withdrawn. Besides the fact that I feel like I'm going to puke whenever I have to share my work. I'm getting a little better, thanks to the IWSG.

The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry about the google reader being gone but glad to read you're finding your way around it.

I didn't know you were shy?

Stephen Tremp said...

Lots of exciting news!

Thanks Christine for the tips and good luck with 1305 & 1306! I'll be selling copies of my books this summer at local events and at the beach so this is a timely post.

And good luck to Ellie and Heather too!

Luanne G. Smith said...

Yep, I can be very shy in person. Blogs and the internet are the best inventions ever for writers who aren't comfortable speaking in groups.

And I already lost my Google reader. It's been gone for about a month now.

Andrew Leon said...

Despite being an introvert, I am not shy.

Tammy Theriault said...

I love Christine and told her she had one big flaw with her books...making them novellas! I need more girl! Thanks Alex for the most comments I'll probably ever have. :D

Summer Ross said...

Great post Christine. I can't say I struggle with being very shy, but I don't go as all out as I could either. LOL I found a safety zone and while it's not bad, it's also not great either- if I could break free- things would be different.

Alex- The phone book means controlled order. LOL

Charles Gramlich said...

blogs are wonderful tools for shy writers, like me. I'm glad I live in the time I do or no one would hardly know my name. As it is 'several' people do. :)

ilima said...

If only I could be Jayne and hang out in cyberspace with my fellow nerdy writers...getting out into the world as a writer can be hard.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Christine is prolific! But I think I may be more shy than she -- with less time! A terrible combo. :-)

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Hmm. Okay so "blog lovin'" is better than "feedly." I've been using "Feedly" ever since you recommended it about two months ago, and I've liked it so I may have to give bloglovin a try.

As for Christine, we've chatted about certain SyFy movies on twitter. It's so funny because the other day I watched this horrible dinosaur movie, but I was just too lazy to change the channel.

Susan Oloier said...

Good tips from Christine. I used to be shy, but my issues now is feeling strange talking to people about my writing. It often feels like bragging even though it's just like chatting up an accounting job. Well, maybe not just like that.

Tina said...

No one would ever call me shy...they'd ask me to please stop talking now ;-) However, her tips were great for those in her shoes.
I think I get the phone book thing...someone said you could just write the phone book and people would read it. But I don't get the cabbage...though I read Gary. Must have missed one of this comments here.

Tina @ Life is Good

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I am shy, but I'm getting better at faking it. ;)
Congratulations, Heather! The cover looks great!

Nancy Thompson said...

Not a shy writer but I was nervous when I had to speak in front if a large crowd at my first writers conference last year. And YAY for Heather! I've been out of touch & missed that covet reveal. Gotta go say hi now.

Unknown said...

The nice thing about being a painter is that I really don't have to meet people. Believe it or not, I'm horribly shy.

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I've seen Lake Placid. Good pick for the genre monster movies.

Cherie Reich said...

Is it sad I'm looking forward to the day when our interactions with people will mainly be online? I'm terribly shy too, but get me talking about writing and publishing, then I can talk for days.

Unknown said...

Awesome Christine! And hey, I'll fight you for Zoe. ;)

Tammie's interview was great, Alex!

I'll quote my Wolfman "Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright"

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Loved Christine's tips. I'm shy in the beginning, but once I have my balance (and breath), you can't shut me up.

Loved Betty White in that movie...well, I love Betty White in anything!

Johanna Garth said...

Christine, those are great ideas. I think everyone, shy or not, has those moments when they have to meet real, live readers and feel that sick sensation in the pit of their stomach...oh no...this is real!

randi lee said...

I've published some controversial short pieces that made some people I know look at me 'funny,' so I tend to shy away from sharing my work with people I know now. Strangers? I'm all for sharing my work with strangers! But the people I face day-to-day? No way, man!

Excellent post and I'm glad you posted it. There are so many writers out there that need to hear exactly what you just said! Thanks, Alex!

Intangible Hearts said...

Not too shy but it's a tough crowd. I went cold-calling businesses the other day hoping some would want a local writer's book on their front counter. No such luck yet and lots of mean comments. I will keep foraging ahead! :)

LD Masterson said...

Thanks for the good advice, Christine. I struggle with that shy-in-public thing, too.

Heather's cover is awesome.

I never saw Lake Placid but I love the mental image I now have of Betty White delivering that line. I may watch the movie just to see that.

Unknown said...

beautifully written, Christine! we all have something to say, you're right!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Robyn, the phone book is already dead it just doesn't know it yet.

Pat, Major League - excellent!

Marcy, Alien?

Jo, you were an actress? Whoa!

Tyrean, exactly - you got it!

Cassie, I don't believe it.

Jaybird, that's good to hear.

Whisk, reserved is a better term.

LG, bummer.

Tammy, thank you for the opportunity.

Summer, wish I could control it.

Tina, they are one and the same!

Anne, don't believe it.

Melissa, good one!

LD, she's very colorful in the film!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Christine, being a good listener is perfect for any situation. I'll try not to faint! Alex, I tried BlogLovin and Feedly and can't really say I like either. BlogLovin doesn't use folders very well and Feedly tries to tell me what to read. It's nice at first, but I prefer a straight list. Ironically enough I use a spreadsheet and it's perfect. I'll use Feedly in a pinch though. Thanks for the phone book...I don't know what it means, but I'll wait till Friday. You're great at building suspense Man.

Leovi said...

Yes, the world of blogging is a Buenlugar to communicate, I'm also a photographer shy.

Sherry Ellis said...

Those are great tips from Christine! I am a fan of her series. I think she's a talented writer. Am I a shy writer? Hmmm. I think my natural tendency is to be shy, but I've been doing public speaking and performing for so long, I've kind of gotten over it.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Betty White was the best part of that film. I am a bit of a shy writer. Christine is one of my online friends.

Author A.O. Peart said...

Awesome tips Christine. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your book. I'm adding it to my TBR list :-)
Congrats to Ellie and Heather as well.

Unknown said...

Always worth reading Christine's posts - thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice Christine! I am painfully shy and awkward around new (and not so new) people but online I'm much more comfortable and social. Definitely have to come out of my shell more, especially if I have a book to pitch or sell.

Alex, I'm looking forward to those sports movie quotes; for once I might actually know what movies you're referencing!

The Pedestrian Writer's NaNoWriMom challenge

Unknown said...

I don't have a blog reader app, but since I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Mother's Day, I think I'll look into getting one. I'm looking forward to Heather's new book. It sounds like my type of read.
Thanks for the tips Christine. Knowledge is power!

Mel Chesley said...

Awesome advice, Christine! And Alex, I finally came across two blogs I couldn't comment on, so I will give Feedly a try as well. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

~Sia McKye~ said...

Networking is all about getting people to see you and remember you and what you have to offer.

A warm smile goes a long way. If you don't feel comfortable talking about you, then getting them to talk about them and being a good listener is great.

Practicing a few points out loud (at home) that you want remembered is a good. You won't feel like such a fish out of water if you have those few points in mind and easy to say. Add the give aways, bingo you have connected.

Shy or introverted do well with an audience of one or two. Not overwhelming. I've watched some very introverted people quietly work a room that way. It's impressive.

13th floor sound like a really good read and with some good flashes of humor. :-)


Jay Noel said...

I'm not a shy person at all, and I do a lot of schmoozing doctors and opticians in my daily job. Networking has been instrumental in my writing. Doing so makes yourself vulnerable, but it's worth it in the end.

Christine Rains said...

Empty Next Insider, thank you!

Hilary, I hope the degrees are helping with writing. I'm still paying for them! :) Thank you very much.

Mark, thanks! Your A to Z was cool.

Sheena-kay, you're welcome. Now if only I can overcome the losing my voice thing!

Mark Koopmans, excellent advice! Your passion will shine through whether you're shy or not.

Natalie, if only we could stay in our caves and let someone else do the marketing! :)

Bevimus said...

If we're all going to have Firefly avatars then I SO call Wash. Wash is my lovey.

As I've yet to have any books to sign or promote in social settings my social anxiety hasn't come into play yet, but it's good to know that should that day ever come i'll be able to take some tips from the wise ninja!

Christine Rains said...

Brinda, thanks so much!

Laura, I know a few writers that can't even go out to such things, they're so nervous. I make myself go, but it's hard.

M.L., thank you!

Yolanda, me too!

Carolyn, I've tried to network at conventions, and I've done a few read & critiques. I was terrified! But I'm always glad I've done them after the fact.

Thanks, Tara!

Optimistic, it is amazing. Think of what it'll be like in ten years!

Christine Rains said...

Jeff, thank you very much!

Tonja, most definitely!

Heather, thank you. I'm blushing. I can't wait to read yours!

Sandra, I agree. A few really good connections are much better than many brief ones.

Madeline, thanks for the recommendation.

Father Dragon, I think you're braver than any dragon I've met. Good luck!

SA Larsen, good luck when you do.

Christine Rains said...

farawayeyes, thank you! I'm so happy you're enjoying them.

J.A. Bennett, thank you for that. It helps to know that maybe the not so shy folks like us shy ones. :)

Laura, thanks!

Stina, definitely!

Laura, hm, maybe I can be Inara then. I couldn't pull off the cool crazy of River.

Robyn, thank you! :)

Pat, so much can be done from home. Yet it does help to get out there sometimes.

mshatch, I like to think about what I say and edit too. You'll have to fight Laura to be Zoe! I'm not daring to fight her. She's got Jezebel and Death on her side.

Christine Rains said...

Teresa, I imagine I'll have the same problem. I sold shoes for one semester in college and I was horrible at it!

Jo, sometimes practicing does help.

Em-Musing, thanks for the advice. I practice the things I'll say a thousand times, but anxiety tends to want to rear its ugly head no matter what!

Tyrean, thanks! Honesty is the biggest seller.

Cassie Mae, I know the feeling! I get really shy with my friends when they bring it up face to face.

Jaybird, as I said to Cassie, even with friends, I get nervous about my own writing. I know they'll be supportive, but it's so personal to me.

Good luck, Stephen! Sounds like a great summer.

Christine Rains said...

L.G., I completely agree!

Andrew, I'm seeing a lot of introverts here who aren't shy. So interesting!

Tammy, thanks! I'll get on to novels next. Just for you. :)

Summer, thank you!

Charles, I'm in the same boat as you. :)

Ilima, you can be Jayne. You have to wear the knitted hat, though.

Roland, thank you. More shy than me? I don't know. You're so supportive and encouraging. You'd be surrounded by fans and hugged so much if this wonderful community ever had a real life meet!

Suzanne Furness said...

I'm learning not to be so shy! I think I'm getting better, blogging certainly helps with the interaction. Sometimes 'talking' to people you don't know personally is much easier.

Still got to investigate the Google Reader conundrum!

M Pax said...

I am shy and terrible at small talk. Luckily, so are most other writers. :D Dealing with the public in the dark at the observatory has helped a lot, too.

Yay for Christine and Heather!

I've been able to delete blogs from Feedly. It took me awhile to figure it out. But two is always better than one.

Li said...

So far I still just use email subscriptions and the Blogger dashboard to keep up with blogs. (Although I've been failing miserably the last few months at keeping up.)
Phone books are an awesome resource for coming up with names for characters. I find them especially useful for proper names from other countries I'm unfamiliar with. (I do mix up first and last names to try and avoid knowingly using a real person's name.)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maurice, you can adjust the settings for a regular list in Feedly. You'll laugh when I jog your memory about the phone books.

Susan, yes she did!

Chris, I hope you know them!

Mel, might end up balancing both like I do.

Sia, I do better with a small group.

Beverly, you get Wash and I cal Mal!

Mary, yeah it took me a bit to find it. I'll maintain both and see what happens.

L.G. Keltner said...

I'm weird. I can speak in front of a crowd without a problem, but when I'm one on one with someone I don't know, I struggle. I also have trouble talking to strangers on the phone. Blogging has been a great way for me to meet new people while avoiding anxiety.

Christine Rains said...

Michael, I haven't had a chance to watch a new Syfy movie in a while. I need more bad movie time! :)

Susan, I know how you feel. I don't like to brag either. Yet we do have to promote ourselves. Good luck!

Tina, thanks!

Rachel, that's what I try to do too!

Nancy, I get anxious just thinking about such a thing ever happening!

Anne, glad to meet another reclusive artist. :)

Cherie, I think you do wonderfully. :)

Melissa, oh oh. Another person to fight for Zoe. I'm pitting you against Laura and maybe you'll take each other out!

Elizabeth, I like being with talkers. I love to listen and then I'm not expected to talk as much! ;)

Johanna, that's so true!

Christine Rains said...

Randi, I'm even shy with friends talking about writing. Maybe more so!

The Desert Rocks, I admire your perseverance. Good luck!

LD, thanks!

Adriana, thank you. I believe everyone has something to say too, and we're each unique. :)

Maurice, that's very true!

Sherry, I don't think your family will let you be shy! :)

Susan, always lovely to meet new friends. :)

Angela, thank you!

Carole, thank you so much!

Chris, I work on being more social, but it's tough. Good luck!

Jenn, thank you!

Mel, thanks!

Sia, thank you for the great advice. Sometimes it's the quiet people that make the biggest splash!

Christine Rains said...

Jay, very true. I'd love to hear some of your networking tips.

Beverly, no one has called Wash yet. So you've got him!

Suzanne, blogging has helped a lot for me too.

Mary, that's good your summer nights have helped you with talking to people. At least they can't see blushes in the dark!

L.G., I'm better one on one. Crowds terrify me!

Helena said...

What a great movie line! And Betty White can put just the right comic spin on it.

Personally, Christine, I am terrible at online networking. But I'm hoping that later this year when my writing/publishing chores ease up I can concentrate on just being friendly instead of being the isolated writer. But even an online writer twit like me has been very impressed with all the kind, supportive people out there.

klahanie said...

Hey Alex,

Yay, I'm one of Christine's bestest fans! Christine, you make some excellent points. I do know that whenever I've been in a situation that I've done public speaking, I tell my um attentive audience that I'm really nervous and bear with me. By verbalising my feelings, it no only reduces my anxiety, but seems to put the audience more at ease.

Very nice interview with the adorable Tammy, Alex.

I have noted Ellie's put and have shared it through the various social networks.

And Stormy's friend, Heather, I send my congrats.

The phone is where you can look up the number for the "Bloggers Information Hotline"? No?

Do I detect a theme running with you putting up a photo with a link to a name?

Thank you and sadly, I'm going now..

Elizabeth Sara said...

I always get a bit embarrassed whenever anybody reads what I write, and I'm not sure why.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

great tips from Christines... but what happens if I wanna stay in my Star Wars pajamas??? ;)

Erin L. Funk said...

Great advice, Christine! And great call on picking Zoe for your avatar. I always say I'd love to be as tough as Zoe, but I'm really more of a Kaylee. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lisa, wish I could keep up like that.

Helena, you are friendly!

Gary, it will all make sense on Friday...

Ice Girl, and your writing is so beautiful!

Lynda, then you make the evening news!

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

I'm not really a shy person- but online I struggle because I can't see people's expression, read their body language, or feel their emotions. I do a lot better in person and have been trying to figure out this whole online thing for a while now. Congrats to Christine and Heather. I just downloaded Ellie's book- thanks for the announcement- excited to read it. Have a great day! :)

The Words Crafter said...

Good advice from Christine and loved the Betty White quote!

Chuck said...

I had to stop by and say Hi, Alex. Christine sure seems to have it going on...not necessarily my genre but I applaud her success and honesty.

Katherines Corner said...

great tips, I always learn something from you. xo

Ella said...

This post rocked! I needed to hear these words before I go face sharks tomorrow! Yikes, I'm scared, but going to go throw myself in the ring.
The ring of teaching art...wish me luck!

Thanks for all the news! Gosh off to visit Ellie. I feel like I have been put on a new planet and I'm not sure how life works here, yet.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I'm not shy, but I know plenty of writers who are. When they're asked to present at a conference, it about kills them.

Unknown said...

I get nervous around new people for sure. It's tough but somehow I make it through. I like Christine's advice to use shyness to my advantage by being a good listener.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Alex,

Shyness can really be debilitating. Thankfully I was THROWN into the limelight at a teenager and I HAD to "work it" ... my career depending on it.

SO I LOVE going to events and chatting, networking, and meeting fun, talented, and fascinating people. AND THAT certainly includes the "Geeks" ... I don't know why they people and even themselves put themselves down. Intelligence and talent are SO much more intriguing and fascinating than the pretty "plastic" people. I've met one to many of that type in my lifetime for sure...

Christine is a new friend and I am looking forward to reading her works. I just wish I could spend all day reading all my blogger friends books. What a way to relax and escape into amazing worlds.

Unknown said...

I'm using both Feedly and Bloglovin for now, until I can choose my favourite. There's also one called Old Reader that I've not tried yet.

I have a habit when I network that somehow, inexplicably, the conversation ends up moving to Batman. I don't know how I do this, but it happens more often than it should...

Ted Cross said...

You mention Facebook, but if you're on there, I haven't been able to find you!

Kyra Lennon said...

Excellent post from Christine!

Lol,I've been using Feedly, and I can't even fathom attempting to use anything else - I hate change!

dolorah said...

"Face-to-face with other people. " Eek! I do too much of that in my day job. I'm much more personable in the virtural world. Great advice though Christine.

Love love Betty White. She's had some interesting roles.

My favorite monster movie quote: I think we need a bigger boat!


Rhonda Albom said...

LOL, my fingers are tired from scrolling down so far to get to the bottom of your comments, it took so long that I forgot the questions. (the problem is my computer, it is moving at snails pace tonight, I don't know why). I remember: I am not shy, not yet a writer (but now I have a WIP), I switched to bloglovin, but like everything else on my computer it is too slow and the phone book is there to make shy writers taller when siting behind a table at a book signing so they tour over the crowds and feel powerful rather than nervous.

DWei said...

Start conversations with random strangers. Force yourself to find something to talk about and keep the conversation going.

With time, it'll come naturally and when you do have to talk to someone, it won't be so difficult.

Nas said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks, there's a great round up of news here.

Matthew MacNish said...

I've been to a couple conferences, and I find it helps to have a circle of friends to help you make it through. Most Cons are really busy, and really full of people, so having a small group who you know before you enter the crowds can make a big difference.

Martin Willoughby said...

Good tips Christine. One way to help is plan what you can say to certain questions that you know will come up. Where do you get your ideas? Who's the inspiration behind your characters?

Nick Wilford said...

I think the most nervous I've ever been was giving a talk about my writing to a group of schoolkids. I really struggle with telling people I'm a writer, but like Christine says, it would be easier at a conference. I'd probably just soak up the wisdom from everyone else!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Rebecca it is challenging when you can't see body language or expressions.

You can do it, Ella!

Michael you probably excel when it comes to dealing with people.

Jamie, that's funny.

Ted, I think Christine is, but I'm not.

Donna, that was my second choice!

Rhonda, yours is the best explanation yet of the phone book!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, count me in as a shy writer... i'd rather hide behind the computer screen:) Huge congrats to Christine on her new launch.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

When I became an author and a speaker, I had no choice but to lose the shyness. It helps to realize that most people are focused on themselves and not you.

Congrats, Heather!

Brian Miller said...

guess i will be forced to find my reader alternative here soon...ugh...

fav movie quote...

It doesn't matter whether you're selling Jesus or Buddha or civil rights or 'How to Make Money in Real Estate With No Money Down.' That doesn't make you a human being; it makes you a marketing rep. If you want to talk to somebody honestly, as a human being, ask him about his kids. Find out what his dreams are - just to find out, for no other reason. Because as soon as you lay your hands on a conversation to steer it, it's not a conversation anymore; it's a pitch. And you're not a human being; you're a marketing rep. ~The Big Kahuna

A Beer for the Shower said...

As simple and stupid as it is my tip would just be to go to those writers conferences and throw yourself out there. That's a great first exposure because you're just mostly talking to other writers, which really isn't that intimidating. That's a good first step to branching out and talking to other people, like readers, agents, editors, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely shy in public and around new people. I'm definitely a different creature than I am online. lol

Christine Rains said...

Helena, it does help that our writing community is so awesome!

Klahanie, your honesty is admirable!

Ice Girl, I think it's because our writing is so personal to us.

Lynda, I think some people would love it! *LOL*

Erin, we haven't had anyone call Kaylee yet. So you're in!

Rebecca, thank you. It does help to be able to see what the person is feeling and thinking.

The Words Crafter, thanks!

Chuck and Katherine, thank you very much!

Good luck, Ella! You'll do wonderfully.

Donna, that's the feeling I get exactly!

Julia, it does help, and especially when you find someone who does like to talk!

Christine Rains said...

Michael, thank you! I agree that intelligence and creativity are so much more interesting.

Jamie, Batman gets everyone talking!

Kyra and Donna, thank you!

Rhonda, I love your phone book suggestion too!

DWei, good advice!

Matthew, that's a great suggestion. I always feel better with a circle of friends.

Martin, fantastic advice. I practice a lot. Doesn't help much!

Nick, I love just basking in the presence of writers at conferences. I think kids would make me really nervous too!

Tania, thanks so much!

Diane, that's really good to know. Thank you!

ABFTS, sometimes all we can do is dive right in!

Debra, me too!

Julie Flanders said...

I'm a huge fan of Christine's series and also a very shy writer so I appreciate these tips!
I still need to try Blog Lovin, so far I'm using Feedly but have had some issues with it.

Congrats to Heather!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Brian, great quote!

Brandon and Bryan, true - other writers shouldn't intimidate us.

Julie, give it a try and see if you like it better.

Leovi said...

Yes, Bloglovin is much more pleasant to use than Google Reader!

Leigh Covington said...

I love the tips for shy writers. That is an excellent post and so true. It's not always easy to jump into the middle of things.

Samantha May said...

Those are fantastic tips! I'm off to check out your interview with Tammy! I barely survived when I did it :D

Susan Kane said...

Dang. Monster movie lines, and I have none, since they drained out of my brain the moment I read yours. Dang.

randi lee said...

Hi Alex! I would LOVE it if you'd mention 3 ups on Monday! You are so super the best :-)

Michelle Wallace said...

I am very shy.
That interview over at Tammy's place was too funny! And it left my head spinning... I don't think I would've survived such an interview...

I can't wait to read Ellie's book... it's waiting on my Kindle...
Good luck to Heather!

I wouldn't even know what Bloglovin' and Feedly look like, or how they work, never seen them before in my life... but I'll have to check them out soon.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Samantha, she's tough!

Susan, sorry!

Randi Lee, no problem!

Michelle, you have six weeks...

Jennifer Lane said...

As someone who loves a man in uniform, I think Maguire's Corner sounds great!

Enjoyed the shy writer advice. I'm not shy but I'm not skilled at selling myself or my books. But I am a believer of anxiety medication! :-)

Jennifer Lane said...

But I couldn't find Maguire's Corner on Goodreads! Is it listed?

Suze said...

I still just read things as they come up on the dashboard. But then I follow less than 60 blogs ...

Carrie-Anne said...

I'm generally very quiet and introverted, unless I'm with a small group of people I know well. My editor at the newspaper I used to work for was really surprised to discover I've written books well over 300,000 words, since I'm so quiet in person. I just have more to say with the written word than the spoken word.

SpacerGuy said...

People love free stuff Christine, I must throw another star trek contest sometime soon. The last giveaway was a howl. I suppose my shyness has kept me from revealing my true identity online for the last 7 years. It why I resist facebook and other social media. I confess to getting a kick blogging as a Sci fi enigma, hiding behind my cloak as Spacerguy, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Networking isn't easy, but having an online following makes it easier. I'm still working on the in-person stuff. So far it's been stressful, but better once I'm actually doing an event.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally introverted so, yeah, I get this post. I have to force myself to be social but once I do, I kind of enjoy it. Kind of. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Good tips from Christine! Being shy is tough - but there are so many of us out here!! :) And if you have dibs on Zoe, I'll take Kaylee!

Christine Rains said...

Julie, Leigh, and Samantha, thank you very much!

Michelle, you're in good company here. :)

Jennifer, thanks!

Carrie-Anne, me too. I could write millions of words, but say very little.

Spacerguy, ah, but how some of us love mysteries!

Medeia, that's good to know. Good luck!

Liz, I'm always glad I've done it after the fact!

Jemi, thanks. Oops, someone else called Kaylee. You've got to fight for her!

Arlee Bird said...

I'm shy at heart, but I force myself to go into social situations. My acting experience at work.

A Faraway View
An A to Z Co-host blog

Rachna Chhabria said...

I too had the same problem of being unable to comment on a few blogs. But managed to do so later. My dashboard usually serves me well, but he has become moody from the last few weeks.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jennifer, we'll have to ask Heather!

Suze, you have it easy.

Carrie-Anne, I don't have mush to say at any time I guess.

Spacerguy, seven years? That's impressive.

Lee, you shouldn't be shy at all!

Denise Covey said...

I'm with you Alex...I'd much rather be online than attend real-live conferences etc. Nice to know i'm not alone. Thanks for promoting blogger's books here too. Charmaine Clancy just released her second novel today. Exciting for her...D

Charmaine Clancy said...

I've never been a social person and prefer very small circles in real life!

Because I write for kids, sometimes I present to kids - this is fine, I feel very comfy with the kids. It's the adults that terrify me! I do think I could easily talk about someone else's book easily, just not my own.

As for the whole reader thing, I've failed to work out how to use them anyway, so won't really miss Google reader.

Unknown said...

Great tips...looking forward to checking out Misha's challenge and Heather's book!

Lisa said...

Duh, just now found the jump to comment form link. (How long have I been coming here?) Now I DO feel stupid! Oh well, at least I finally got it. Marketing/selling essentially "myself" is very hard for me to do as well. I've done some readings and always cringe at the tone of my voice. Along with everything Christine said, the only tip I have for face to face, is to look only at one person at a time and to look in their eyes. Usually, along with breathing, that grounds me back in "Me" and I can get through. Christine, I love Serenity and I don't mind you being Zoe!

Ink in the Book said...

I'm still trying to decide what to replace Google Reader with. I guess I need to decide soon... Fun post today:)

Christine Rains said...

Lee, I agree with Alex!

Denise, a lot of us love how we can network online. :)

Charmaine, sometimes I think kids can be just as terrifying!

Karen, thanks!

Lisa, that's a great tip. I try to do the same thing if I can manage to focus!

Ink, thank you!

Patricia Stoltey said...

My favorite networking tip for the shy writer is to look for the person sitting or eating alone at a workshop of conference and ask "what do you write?" It's a wonderful way to connect with another introvert.

Ciara said...

I can't wait to Christine's books. They have been rocking it!!

Jai Joshi said...

Some great tips, Christine. I think I always remember is that those other people at conferences and literary festivals are there because they're just like me. They love books and they love writing and if I can just focus on that then I don't have any problems.