Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrating Milestones with Carrie Butler, Google Reader Discontinuing, Ninja News and Small Things, Music Trivia Answers, and Rick’s Picks

Today we are celebrating the milestones with the awesome Carrie Butler!

Celebrate the Milestones

Hey, guys! I may or may not have just rappelled into Alex’s ninja fortress, taken out a few dozen guards, and then snuck into his office—so, I don’t have long to talk. Just ignore the sweat. And the shuriken sticking out of my leg. I have a quick idea to share.

Ever wished your writing/blogging friends were there to give you a boost whenever you needed them? Say you’ve just received your 101st rejection letter, IWSG isn’t for another two weeks, and it’s the middle of the night. What are you going to do to get your mojo back?

The answer is simple: bust out your Anti-Discouragement Folder (ADF)! 

What’s an ADF, you ask? It’s the place where you keep screenshots of positive reviews, critiques, statistics, awards, and shout-outs. Sure, it sounds a little narcissistic, but it's really quite humbling. When you take in the community's support, all at once, it makes you want to get up again. It makes you want to try a little harder. And most importantly, it makes you want to give someone else that feeling.

You pay the encouragement forward, warm and fuzzies seize the land, and the blogosphere rejoices! Win, win—right? So, don't be afraid to celebrate those milestones. They're more important than you think.

Eek. Okay, the guitar solo just stopped down the hall. I better leave this box of Hot Tamales and jet. Later! :)

Now where did this box of Hot Tamales come from…?

Strength, Mark of Nexus – Book 1
By Carrie Butler
New Adult/Paranormal Romance
Paperback ISBN: 9781938404351
E-book ISBN: 9781938404368

When college student Rena Collins finds herself nose-to-chest with the campus outcast, she’s stunned. Wallace Blake is everything she’s ever wanted in a man—except he can’t touch her...

Book links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Sapphire Star Publishing

Carrie daydreamed her way through college—until they thrust a marketing degree into her hands, slapped a summa cum laude seal on the corner, and booted her out into a less-than-stellar job market. Instead of panicking at the prospect of unemployment, she used her Midwestern logic to steer into the skid and point her life in the direction she really wanted to go: writing out those daydreams.
Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads

Ninja News!

The A to Z Challenge approaches! Want to be prepared? Most excellent Ninja Minion, Elise Fallson, posted a list you need to read. Score big, little grasshopper!

Don’t forget next Monday, March 18 - Top Ten Movie Countdown blogfest! It’s going to be awesome.

May you never find your book here - Lousy Book Covers.

Roland Yeoman’s book, Victor Standish Must Die, is free right now – and you could win an autographed photo from The Walking Dead! See his site for details.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Curiosity Quills Press is having a ninety-nine cent sale! Jamie Ayers posted a list of books available HERE.

My small thing this week for VikLit’s “Celebrating the Small Things” is definitely the tiny scarf Deniz Bevan made for Mini-Alex. That just blows me away. That anyone thinks of me or Mini-Alex outside of blogging is just amazing – and very humbling.

Rock Music Trivia Answers!

1 – Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009) – Dream Theater
2 – Superunknown (1994) - Soundgarden
3 – Cowboys From Hell (1990) - Pantera
4 – Countdown to Extinction (1992) - Megadeth
5 – The Heart of Everything (2007) – Within Temptation

Cheap Pick

Time to go all guitar fanboy on you! But when I saw that the History Channel’s American Pickers was visiting Cheap Trick guitarist, Rick Nielsen, I had to watch.

They met up with Rick at the Rick’s Picks exhibit in Rockford, IL. What was on display was amazing, including Rick’s legendary five-neck guitars.

Then Rick took the guys back to his warehouse, where he has thousands of items from forty years in the industry stored. You should have seen the cases and trunks full of guitars! The guys walked away with several items, including a custom-made guitar they were going to display in their store.

Yes, I was drooling. Had I been there, you bet I would’ve made an offer on a guitar. Just one! I’m not greedy…

Google Reader to Vanish

Google Reader is going away in July!!!

And here I had my Reader all organized and labeled…

However, there are alternatives out there. I found a list at Extreme Tech and will try a couple of those soon.

Google does give you the option to download your list as a ZIP file, so be sure to do that before July 1.

Do you have an Anti-Discouragement Folder? Picking up Strength? Ready to win an autographed Walking Dead photo? Ready for Monday’s blgofest? Get any of the trivia right? Fan of Rick Nielson or Cheap Trick? (Come on – wouldn’t you want one of his guitars?) And anyone else about to search for a Google Reader alternative?


mooderino said...

The Google Reader thing is a pain. Sorting out all those sites is going to be horrible. I could do with finding a site that just imports the whole thing over. Off to do some research...

Moody Writing

Tonja Drecker said...

That folder's a good idea. You're right. The rejections don't come on those Wednesdays, and it's those moments where us writers need the extra boost.

Talli Roland said...

I cannot believe Reader is vanishing! Mass panic over here as I read all my zillion blogs through that!

Yay for Carrie, and Deniz rocks.

Sean McLachlan said...

My anti-discouragement folder is my daily word count goal. As long as I'm working towards that goal, I don't feel discouraged. Once I'm done for the day, that good feeling lasts until the following morning.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

ADF is an excellent idea. Wow no Google Reader as of July? Some people are going to freak. Live your daydreams Carrie! Congrats on Strength.

Rhonda Albom said...

Wow, I have never made it into the first 10 comments. I love the idea of the ADF, hate that Google Reader is going away and finally blogged about the AtoZ. I am getting ready, but it was one hectic week.

Mark Koopmans said...


Be careful... first it's a scarf, but soon it's going to be all about the Ninja Mini-Captain and you'll be out in your rocking (geddit) chair with nary a thing to do while Mini-Alex runs things from a very small hidden location.

Just sayin'

Ps. Can you please let Mini-Alex know I said to wish him a Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

Natalie Aguirre said...

I'm hoping it doesn't mean the Dashboard is going away. I check mine out through that. Anyone know if that's going away too?

Old Kitty said...

That guy on the cover of Strength may touch me any time.

Ahem. Just sayin!

Take care

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of an anti-discouragement folder! It sounds like a great idea, to me. I will have to work on that...

Congrats to Carrie!



Kimberly Gabriel said...

Great idea with the folder Carrie! Looking forward to the Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest. Off to check out Elise's list for the A-Z challenge!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Moody, I'm hoping one of those sites will do just that.

Talli, so do I!

Sheena, that's an understatement.

Rhonda, good for you! And glad you are preparing for the Challenge.

Mark, maybe he'll run thing better?

Natalie, I don't think so. I couldn't use the Dashboard now - way too many blogs!

Kitty - funny!

Unknown said...

I hope Google Reader vanishing is like the myth of Google Friend Connect disappearing! Congrats Carrie!

Laura Pauling said...

My daughter was very upset by the news on the Google Reader closing. A moment of panic crossing her face. How's she going to look at the silly cat pictures? :)

Congrats Carrie!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex .. it's great being part of a group - at least the techie ones will be helping us not so techie ones sor this Reader thing out - my first thought was - well ok (a) it's after the A-Z, and (b) I know I'll find an answer around the blogosphere ..

Mini Alex and St Patrick's Day - he needs a pure green scarf ... and Roland's books - I must get those shortly .. and good luck to Carrie - it's so essential to dream ..

Cheers Hilary

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

ADF sounds like a great idea!

Yes, I was very upset about Google Reader! But now I've switched to both Feedly and The Old Reader and will see which I like best.

Feeling very old. Misread your blurb on Cheap Pick and thought it said guitarist Rick Nelson. :) Then I said, "Wait...isn't he dead?" :)

Brinda said...

The disappearing Google Reader news has been such a DOWNER this week. I use it so much. I'll check out the link you posted. Thanks!

JeffO said...

I'll have to consider that ADF thing...

Cindy said...

I love the idea of making an Anti-Discouragement Folder. (I have one in my mind already, but it tends to get foggy when negative things happen.)

Gail said...

Mad Snapper has tried a new reader. Directions and opinions on her post today.

Might be a good replacement for GR.

Petronela said...

Good luck to Carrie and her ..intriguing book. Being rejected was a test of endurance to me, yet I always kept in mind that Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia were rejected 200 times and then...I regained my confidence. And yesterday I've just published my first short story :). Good luck to everyone.

Miranda Hardy said...

Please let us know what you find out regarding Reader. Ugh!

Congrats to Carrie.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I keep a binder of copies of my publications plus any great comments and emails and notes from readers. It really does help remind me I'm not as crazy as I think I am to keep going, to keep writing. :)

I like "American Pickers" but I always get creeped out when they go to those out in the woods kind of places - all my horror story fears kick in... :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

The folder is a good idea. A boost of positive to overcome the negative.

I need to experiment with those Google Reader substitutes.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I can't wait for the top 10 movie countdown!!

Lydia Kang said...

I need to make an ADF! What a great idea.

I always loved that song by Cheap Trick, The Flame. It's so pretty.

Tonja said...

American Pickers and a rock legend? Awesome. I heard about Google Reader. That's kind of nuts.

Summer Ross said...

It sucks that google reader is going away. That guitar is super sweet!
Have a great day, Alex!

Christine Rains said...

That's a very cool idea to have an ADF. That would definitely help on the bad days. Lots of great news! My list is already to go for Monday along with my cover reveal. I just heard about Google Reader. After April, I'm going to have to do some sorting and transfer everything into something else. That will be a BIG job. I have Skyfall to watch this weekend. Have a good one!

Michelle Wallace said...

ADF folder? Sounds like a great pick-me-upper! Now the trick is to remember to collect these little gems and store them...
They said that GFC widget would vanish, but it's still around. Now they say that Google Reader is on its way out! What next? Google Plus?
Extreme Tech? Sounds scary. I fall into the non-extreme techno-phobe category, so I'm wondering about this site...? But I'll check it out.

Julie Flanders said...

I can't believe Google Reader is going away. I was just getting mine organized! Thanks for sharing the list of alternatives.

Have a great weekend, Alex!

Yvonne Osborne said...

No, I don't have an ADF folder but I think I'm going to need one. And about Google Reader....I think life will go on without it. But I must say....I can't resist looking at those lousy book covers:)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Carolyn, unfortunately it's for real.

Laura, at least she has her priorities!

Hilary, sorry I didn't dress him for the occasion.

Elizabeth, you should still know Rick Nielsen though!

Gail, thanks for the link!

Unikorna, congratulations.

Madeline, that thought crosses my mind as well...

Tonja, that is nuts.

Summer, and I'd have no idea how to play it.

Christine, glad you're ready for Monday.

Michelle, Google+ is the reason Google Reader is vanishing.

Jo said...

Phew, I didn't even know what Google Reader was, had to check it out. Don't use it, read blogs through Blogger so I'm OK. I think.

Anyone having problems with disappearing labels?


Jeremy [Retro] said...

i love cheap trick... and i live so close to members that i always have had the thought for the travel adventure to visit them... sadly it always ends me up in some type of prison in rockford.

google thing has never worked and seems like there is too much to keep up with...

have a great day!

Shell Flower said...

I need to build an anti-rejection folder as I am about to start querying and I know I'll need it. Loved the Hot Tamales jokes :) That guitar documentary sounds cool. My son would be drooling over that, too. He's guitar obsessed these days. And I can't wait for the movie blog hop, already compiling my list!

farawayeyes said...

Ready and waiting for Monday!

Luanne G. Smith said...

I never did get the hang of the Google reader. I'm very cavewomanish on that stuff. I just use my dashboard or sidebar to find people.

And all set for Movie Monday!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for Monday! I am ready!

Also, I will check out that Google Reader replacement site. Thanks.

jaybird said...

I love the idea of the folder. I think I might need to put one together for myself. It might help with all of my insecurities.

The family and I are a big fan of the American Pickers. Those guys are too much. We love to see where they turn up, picking up junk all across America!

Have a great weekend Alex. "See" you on Monday for the movie blog fest.

LD Masterson said...

Well, this sticks. I just finished getting all my blogs organized in Google reader so it didn't take all day to visit and comment. I'll check out the replacement site but I'll also be watch for your recommendation.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's top ten movies.

Suzanne Furness said...

An antidiscouragement folder seems like an awesome idea and something most of us could probably do with.

Yeah heard about Google Reader what a pain, will have to rethink things.

Wonder what mini Alex will be sent next?

Leovi said...

Yes, it is good and beneficial to tar with the support of the community!

Mina Burrows said...

Go Carrie! So excited for her.

I can't believe that guitar. Amaze-balls.

I didn't know this about Google Reader. What did they say was their replacement? I don't always use it, but I do enough. What will you do? I'll look at Extreme Tech too. Thx.

Melissa said...

I got my copy(ies) of Strength. And I'll be looking for an alternative to Google Reader. I JUST got it organized. Ugh. Please post if you find a good one. I'll be interested to hear your recommendations, oh ninja master. :D

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Shame about Google Reader. Just another way they're trying to move us all to Google +... I guess we can list the blogs we follow on our sidebars and click on whenever we someone has an updated post (a non-techie solution to the problem.)

kjmckendry said...

An ADF sounds like a great idea!

Love the cover of Strength! Congratulations Carrie.

Wow a 5 necked guitar?! How would you even play that? So cool!

Juliana Haygert said...

*waves* hi sister!

I'm trying out Feedly as a substitute for google reader and so far it has been great!!

Laura Eno said...

Carrie was able to break into the ninja's office? Wow... At least she left you some Hot Tamales. :)
I went with Feedfiend to replace Google Reader, since I use IE and no phone app. I just had mine organized too. :/

Gwen Gardner said...

I like the idea of an Anti-Discouragement Folder. Such a great idea for those down times. Congrats to Carrie - I'm seeing your book everywhere!

There's so much going on- I'm off to see Elise and Roland.

Thanks for all the ninjas news, Alex!

Dawn Ius said...

I am absolutely starting an ADF! Great idea :-)

Elise Fallson said...

Looking for a google reader alternative may be just the thing to force me to get more organized. I've heard hootsuite is a pretty helpful social media manager but I need to do more research . . .

Thanks for the tips Carrie! And off to check out Roland's book! (:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvonne, I need one - can't keep track of 1800 blogs through the dashboard!

Jo, I hadn't noticed disappearing labels.

Jeremy, you go wild when you hit Rockford, don't you? Dude, you're so close! Go see that exhibit for me.

Shell, he can watch it online - it's up at their site now.

LG, I follow way too many unfortunately...

Jaybird, I admit I enjoy watching as well.

LD, sounds like you'll be able to export them, organized and all.

Suzanne, who knows!?

Mina, I'm going to try Feedly first.

Melissa, I will!

Karen, my sidebar would run to China...

Kathy, no idea how!

Juliana, that's what I'll try this weekend.

Laura, I'll check into it.

SC Author said...

ADF. I AM GETTING THAT. And thank you so so much for agreeing to give my contest a shoutout on Monday!

Cate Masters said...

Love the idea of an ADF, Carrie. I once had a Bonfire of the Vanities and burned all my rejection slips (they were still paper back then - so glad I don't have to use the SASEs anymore, lol)

Rusty Carl said...

Anti-Discouragement Folder? I may have a 'slightly less discouraging' folder, but that's about it.

I'm not quite ready for Monday... but I will be.

SK Anthony said...

Oooh Top Ten Move Countdown Blogfest! I'm very curious to check it out ;)
Scarf for mini-Alex? Too adorable! Definitely yay for that.

Now, what's this %&$#& about Google reader going away?... if you weren't just the messenger Alex I'd tell to #$%$^#@ but you are lucky... off to google that now :-/

Tyrean Martinson said...

Carrie - Love that you rappelled into the Ninja Lair, and you've taken the time to give us such great advice with a shuriken in your leg (ouch)! BTW - I just started collecting a folder like that, and it has definitely made my day on those moments when I'm down on my writing.

Alex - Nice celebration! And Google Reader going away? Hmm. I'll be looking for a replacement too.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I used to keep an ADF but the cobwebs in it just depressed me! I never did Google Reader, but I am saddened for those who did. Thanks for shouting out my contest -- since you are the only one to post of my book and contest, it seems Monday you will be the winner. Have a great weekend! :-)

Cherie Reich said...

Anti-discouragement folder - Love the idea, Carrie! Congrats on your book release!

Alex, I started using Feedly yesterday. It takes everything you had in Google Reader and brings it over with one click. Seriously, I just had to log in and everything was there as I'd had it. Plus, it has apps for tablets and smartphones.

Unknown said...

Nice to see Carrie's book making the rounds.

Laura S. said...

I love the idea of an anti-discouragement folder!

~Sia McKye~ said...

I'm a firm believer in keeping track of good things I've accomplished. One of my techniques as a counselor was having a list made of the things people were proud of. It helps put things into perspective and a good reminder.
I've been hearing about the Google reader. Don't know what impact it will have on me just yet.

Oh, and I'd have been drooling, too, if I had walked around Rick's collection. :-)

randi lee said...

I LOVE the folder idea, Alex! What an awesome concept. I think I'll be incorporating something like that into my own writing arsenal. I'm kinda happy Google reader is going away. The blog-o-sphere has slightly felt like a popularity contents lately. Doing away with the numbers game will be least I think so.

Suze said...

Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell' is one of my husband's favorite albums.

Have a relaxing, lovely Spring(ish) weekend, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Rick is an amazing guitarists! I watch him on Youtube videos often.

Good luck to Carrie! Shes always there to help other bloggers!. Its time good Karma returns to her many times over.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I don't have an Anti-Discouragement Folder, I will now keep it and go through it when another rejection hits my inbox.

cleemckenzie said...

I never get the trivia right . . . well, maybe one in a hundred. Shoot me.

Carrie assured me the guy had pants on in her cover. She never lies.

My ADF file is thin, but exists, so do I get points?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

SC, no problem!

Rusty, you better be ready.

SK, don't shoot the messenger! I'll have an update on Monday.

Roland, hopefully not! There will be more.

Cherie, that's the one I intend to try.

Sia, his collection was amazing...

Randi, I still need a way to follow blog posts though.

Suze, your husband has great taste.

Stephen, he is! said...

I don't understand why Google keeps threatening unnecessary changes - and sometimes follows through on those threats. How does it hurt them to keep the Google reader? Frustrating.

I think I'm ready for Monday's blogfest. I know I'm ready for the weekend.

Be well, Alex.

Nancy Thompson said...

I don't have a file but I do have some awesome author friends I constantly text & who help keep me buoyed, Carrie being one of them. And you bet, I got both the ebook and the paperback of Strength, which Carrie promised to sign for me, yay! Thanks for Elise's A to Z link. I could always use a little help. And I'm gonna have to brainstorm for the movie blogfest. I thought of you when I read yesterday that Google was discontinuing their Reader. I'm glad there're options for super-bloggers like you. Have an awesome weekend Alex!

Al Diaz said...

When I was about to mourn for Google Reader I just found out that I actually didn't know what Google Reader was. I was under the false impression I was using it already. Now how thick a dragon can get with technology and software?

Anyway when it goes, I guess I'll just keep pretending (as done so far) that I'm still using it.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I kept meaning to get used to google glad I didn't! I don't shift gears quickly and would have pouted over the change.

I am so tempted to look at the covers, but a little gun shy. :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

ADF, eh? A real folder would suit me. Ah--who am I kidding. I need encouragement around the clock. I'm even dreaming about rejections that haven't happened yet.

Did I miss a post, Alex? If I did, I'm terribly sorry. Don't know what happened. But I have to go back and look now, just in case.

Later, Captain...

ps Yay, Carrie!

Anonymous said...

Great ADF idea! Positively love it:)

About google reader...I'm a bit confused. They've got another way for us to see what blogs we follow, right? They're not just going to eliminate it, without some sort of replacement or anything, are they???

See you Monday for the movie of the weekend to you, Alex!

Charity Bradford said...

I'm going to start an ADF folder today! And I'm heading to check out that list of google reader alternatives. :) Thanks!

Johanna Garth said...

I love the idea of an ADF. Someone else was just talking to me about it. Must be the Universe's way of telling me to make one.

Happy Weekend Alex :)

Empty Nest Insider said...

I also love the idea of an ADF! Congrats to Carrie on her book release!


Nicole said...

Love the idea of an ADF! And now I wanna listen to some Cheap Trick. :)

Nickie said...

My friends and I did something similar to an ADF folder -- we called it the 'I Love Me' wall. It's a wall or shelf in your room dedicated to every trophy, plaque, certificate, ribbon, etc., you ever received, plus photos of you being *awesome*. It's kind of nice to pick through those things on a down day and see what you've already accomplished. I'll have to add positive book reviews to my 'I Love Me' wall.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lee, I'm not going to look to find out!

Robyn, they want everyone on Google+, but that doesn't help me with blog posts.

Nancy, I need those options!

Al, now you never need to worry about it!

Joylene, no worries!

MJ, they want everyone to use Google+, but that's a messy way to follow blogs.

Mark Means said...

I'm seriously bummed about the Google Reader thing, but I'm guessing something will rise to take it's place soon...I hope!

I think Rick Nielsen was the very first person I ever saw playing a two necked guitar and I remember thinking how 'futuristic' it looked, lol

Unknown said...

Okay, loving your idea of an ADF. I must get to creating one ASAP.

Theresa Milstein said...

I don't have an antidepressant folder, but I need one. I've been so down lately. Birthdays and writing anniversaries don't mix, except when both #s are getting up there.

Have a great weekend.

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks again for having me over, Alex! And by "having me over," I mean allowing me to break in. :)

@Talli - Thank you! :D

@Sean - Now THAT is a healthy means of staying encouraged! :)

@Sheena-kay - Thank you very much! :)

@Rhonda - Thank you! :)

@Kitty - Hah! I almost choked on my water. Well said! ;)

@Alexandra - Thank you! It really does help. :)

@Kimberly, C.M., Laura, Hilary, & Elizabeth - Thank you very much! :D

@Jeff - You should! It's a nice way to keep yourself on track. :)

ilima said...

Carrie, you are a genius. I like to reread nice things people say about my writing when I'm feeling down, but making a folder collection of it all is such a great idea!

Gossip_Grl said...

I've been gone for a bit and just learned from reading here about the reader disappearing. Do you know if they will be replacing it with something else or taking it completely away?

Ash-Matic said...

An ADF sounds like a really good idea. I should get one grafted onto my face for all those disillusionment moments.

Andrew Leon said...

I thought it was Wednesday!
>runs off with arms over head a la Kermit the Frog<

Unknown said...

I think the ADF is a great idea. Thanks Carrie!
I loved looking at all the "bad covers." Some were just awful, and some seemed familiar, like I've been seeing a number of indie titles with covers like these (or worse). The real shocker is that I've seen recent Big 6 covers that look little better.
I wish you'd gotten one of those Rick Nielsen guitars! :-)

Tara Tyler said...

what!? what will we do? they forcing us to all be google plussers? ah!

yay for carrie! sweet idea to stay positive at low points.
fun fests coming up!

but i am seriously freaked to lose reader!

Carrie-Anne said...

That really sucks about Google Reader. I only just figured out how to use it a few months ago, and now need some other way to keep track of the blogs I've followed. There's always the time-consuming method of copying and pasting each url into a Word document and then clicking on the hyperlinks.

Charles Gramlich said...

Good idea. I don't have a folder perse but I do keep copies of reviews and do check them every once in a while when I need encouragment.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mark, I look at the five neck one and wonder how he does it!

Gossip, they are taking it away completely. I'm trying a couple replacements this weekend and will post about them on Monday.

Andrew, don't panic!

Lexa, I would so like to have one.

Tara, that is what they are trying to do!

Carrie-Anne, I'll let you know Monday which substitutes I'm using.

LynnRush said...

Yay, STRENGTH. Just loved that book. And ya for New Adult taking off like it has. :)

I love the Anti-Discouragement folder idea. I have something like that, but love this name. The folder really does help. :)

Unknown said...

Alex - I forgot to mention that I've added your two books, CASSASTAR and CASSAFIRE to the Amazon book-slideshow widget on my blog. When your next one comes out, I'll add that one, too! :-D

Unknown said...

An anti-dscouragement folder sounds like the perfect thing to have.

I just got know Reader and now it's going away. I haven't got a clue. I still use my Blogger Dashboard to read my blogs. I'm sunk...:(

I would have been drooling over those guitars, too.

Carol Kilgore said...

Husband watched that American Pickers show! And congrats to Carrie on her new book!

Happy Weekend :)

Shaharizan Perez said...

All set for the blogfest on Monday!!! *excited*

VikLit said...

I love the idea of an anti discouragement folder! I may have to start one.

And hurrah to mini alex scarf! :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

That Anti-Discouragement Folder is a great idea. It's all about reframing negative thoughts. I'll have to try it. I never thought I'd stop using Google Reader, but Feedly isn't bad. We'll see. I can't believe I forgot to sign up for the blogfest! It's even in my schedule! On my way...

Carrie Butler said...

@Cindy - Same here! That's why I had to come up with something a little more permanent. :)

@Unikorna - Thank you, and congratulations on your publication! :D

@Miranda - Thank you! :)

@Madeline - Even better! Tangible "evidence". :D

@L. Diane Wolfe - To fight the forces of evil! Or something like that... ;)

@Lydia - You should! It really helps. :) Thank you!

@Christine - I wish I could make my folder look like one of those break-in-case-of-emergency boxes! Perfect for bad days. :D Thanks, Christine!

@Michelle - Oh, you bet! I recommend Jing for taking screenshots. :)

@Yvonne - Thanks for stopping by! :D

Carrie Butler said...

@Shell - Yes! That type of postive reinforcement is perfect for query time. Good luck!

@Jaybird - Thank you! I really hope it helps. As you revist each comment, try to see things through the eyes of the person who wrote it. It might give you a fresh perspective. :)

@Suzanne - Thank you! :D

@Leovi - Absolutely!

@Karen - Thank you so much! :)

@Mina - Thank you, my friend! :D

@Melissa - Woohoo! Did you buy an extra copy so you could frame the page where I called you the "Goddess of Grammar"? ;)

P.S. If you did, I full support this idea. LOL

@kmckendry - Thank you very much! :)

@Juliana - Hey, sister! :D

@Laura - It was a painful endeavor, but well worth it! ;)

Jemi Fraser said...

Carrie - that's a brilliant idea! We all have those down moments and this would help!!

Alex - I just saw the Google Reader notice when I opened it a few minutes ago. I'm so sad! I love my organized folders...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lexa, thank you!! That was really nice of you.

Melissa, they were awesome...

Carol, then he knows what I am talking about when I say hundreds of guitars!

Maurice, Feedly is what I intend to try. And you can't miss a blogfest about movies!

Jemi, so do I! Hopefully I find a new one I like this weekend.

Samantha May said...

Aw sweet I got the trivia question :D

The book covers website nearly made me spit my coffee out. I hope I don't end up there!

Speaking of American Pickers. One of my best friends works at the Nashville store and is on a first name basis with Mike :)

My dad freaked out when he figured that out ha!

Unknown said...

I wonder how much it would cost for just one of the guitars in his collection. The Hubby's got a strat that he's had since like 1976 and it's worth a good bit. Oooh we were invited to play at Madison Square Garden in April for Claptons Crossroads. They choose 4 unsigned bands a year and we were one of them. We had to turn them down though due to the Hubbys health. It was sort of grand to turn down Eric Clapton though.

mshatch said...

I am almost ready for the movie blogfest :)

M Pax said...

I sure do have an ADF. It helps. And that's one hot tamale on your cover, Carrie Butler.

I was a huuuge Cheap Trick fan in hs. I saw them in concert even. :D I missed that episode of AP, but will catch it on the reruns.

Feedly will import your google reader, folder and all. So you can still be organized.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I can't even think about the loss of google reader.
Getting ready for Monday this weekend and trying to get those April posts ready.

LynNerdKelley said...

I love Carrie Butler's idea for an Anti-Discouragement Folder. And her book sounds great!
Thanks for the heads up about Google Reader. Sheesh!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Awk!! Google Reader is going away? Thank goodness I always read your posts, Alex, because I did not know this.

Helena said...

I have a paper ADF on my desk -- it's not complete, but every time I get positive feedback I try to keep a copy in the folder. Thanks, Carrie(and her book sounds wonderful) -- this isn't narcissistic, it's necessary.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

1) The anti-discouragement folder is an awesome idea.

2) I've got my blog post ready to go regarding the blog fest on Monday (and thank you very much for the reminder).

3) I'm sad about google reader going away *sniff.

Have a great weekend, Alex and gang.

nutschell said...

Gah! First they get rid of the google followers now they're getting rid of reader?! Sigh.Thanks for the tip. I'll check out Extreme Tech's list.

Ciara said...

I stopped using Google reader when I lost my widget on Wordpress. Wish I had an ADF. I'll be ready for the Movie Fest. I'm borrowing a laptop for awhile, so I can blog again. :)

DMS said...

Congratulations to Carrie! I think the folder is pure genius. LOVE IT! I am going to make a folder like it asap. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Chancelet said...

Down times suck! But luckily you have folks who love ya and know your talent. Something's got to break through soon. Great folder idea. I may have to get me one of 'em.

Yolanda Renée said...

I'm so not tech savvy I don't even know what Google reader is -- and it most likely affects me!

Love the scarf!

Carrie Butler said...

@Gwen - Thank you! :) The blogging community has been so supportive!

@Dawn - Yay! I'm glad to hear that. :) Thank you

@Elise - You're very welcome. Thanks for stopping by! :D

@SC - Excellent! Thank you. :)

@Cate - Oh, I bet that felt good! I wouldn't mind doing that, myself. LOL Thank you!

@Rusty - Better than nothing, right? ;) Thanks, Rusty!

@Tyrean - It wasn't easy! Alex's ninja army is not to be underestimated. ;) I'm glad I'm not the only one keeping track of these things!

@Roland - You, sir, are an asset to this community! :) And now you have something for the ol' ADF.

@Cherie, Julie, and Laura - Thank you very much! :)

@Sia - That sounds like a wonderful technique! I'm sure it's very effective. :)

@Randi - Wonderful! :) Thank you.

Chuck said...

Looking forward to the blogfest...badge is going on my site now.

I got three out of five right...then again I only answered 3 so is that 100% or something less?

Don't use Google reader (I don't think) I just have the list of blogs on blogger in alphabetical order.

klahanie said...

Hi Alex,

I never use Google Reader, anyway. I have my reading list and I also have the blog list on my site for easy reference.

Maybe I'm lucky, but I've never had anything negative or in the way of constructive criticism in regards to my writing or, for that matter, neither has Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

Mel Kinnel (@TizMellyMel) said...

I'm so bummed about Google Reader especially since I only started using it several months ago. Now I'm on the hunt to find a reader I like.

I really like Carrie's Anti-Discouragement Folder idea! We all need pick-me-ups as writers.

Carrie Butler said...

@Stephen - Thank you!

@Rachna - Yay! I hope it keeps you afloat. :)

@Lee - It's true. The man is covered up. ;) And absolutely!

@Nancy - A constant stream of encouragement sounds even better! :) Thank you for your support, my friend.

@Joylene - Maybe we should print ours out and use them as wallpaper. Now that would be encouraging! ;)

@M.J. - Thank you! :D

@Charity - Yay! I hope it works out for you. :)

@Johanna - It must be! :)

@Empty Nest Insider & Nicole - Thank you! :D

@Nickie - That's brilliant! I love this idea. :)

Robin said...

I don't even know what forum I am using to follow blogs. I just click on follow and they show up. Gah. Is that Google Reader?

So, did you ever go to YouTube and watch your video? Did you like it? Get why I chose it? Blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

I love the ADF idea! Thanks for including me in your Ninja News--that was a nice surprise:-) ~HaPPy*sAInt*PatriCK's*dAY*wEEkend!!!

Carrie Butler said...

@Jen - Thank you! I hope it works out for you. :)

@Theresa - Aww, I hope things look up!

@Ilima - Thank you very much! :D

@Ash-Matic - Now that is dedication!

@Lexa & Tara - Thank you!

@Charles - Whatever works! :) Thank you.

@Lynn - Thank you so much, my friend! :) Hooray for NA!

@Melissa - It is rather helpful! :)

@Carol - Thank you! :D

@VikLit - You should give it a try! :) Thank you!

@Maurice - I love the way you phrased that. "It's all about reframing negative thoughts." I'll have to keep that in mind!

Carrie Butler said...

@Jemi - Thank you!

@M Pax - Hah! I never thought of it that way, but I'm inclined to agree with you. ;)

@LynNerdKelley - Thank you very much!

@Helena - Thank you! And I love that you have a paper ADF on your desk. That's great!

@Ciara - It's never too late to start. ;)

@DMS - That's wonderful! Thank you. :)

@Nancy - They really do, don't they? Thank goodness for the support of others! :) Thank you!

@Mel - Thank you! :)

@Jamie - Thank you very much! :)

BAM! Caught up before midnight. *happy dance* You guys rock!

Unknown said...

If I ever get organized, I shall make a folder. That's a great idea. Really love the book cover! :)

James Garcia Jr said...

Really? My 15 year old watches that show all the time. I'll have to ask him about that episode and see whether he's seen it. How cool! Have a good weekend, Alex.
Thanks for sharing, Carrie. It was very amusing to meet you. I'm following now, so I can see more of your hijinks.


dolorah said...

ADF sounds like a cool idea. Carrie your novel is getting great exposure.

I don't know that I'll miss google reader. I forget to use it - more because I don't blog much lately - and I get so frustrated when the reader is over 400 or 1000 and I haven't been reading blogs in a week. Oh the guilt :(

Perhaps blogger will just go back to the list of blog following it used to have, and I'll continue scrolling through to see who to read.

Argh; all this changes is making my head hurt.


Patsy said...

Love the idea of the ADF!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Samantha, that is cool!! Then he sees that checkerboard guitar every day.

Anne, that is incredible. Yeah, the guys were making offers that were so low - I wanted to yell at them.

Mary, that's good to know - I'll be importing today.

Lynn and Patricia, yes, total exasperation.

Michael, let's hope the replacements are better.

Ciara, glad you are with us again.

Chuck, we'll go with a hundred percent.

Gary, Penny would only get positive!

Robin, I think so! And Google Reader is separate from the Dashboard.

James, you can catch it online as well.

Donna, hundreds of unread blogs is a daily thing for me. No longer freaks me out.

Heather M. Gardner said...

When I have enough good stuff I might just make that ADF file. Great idea.

Love Cheap Trick!

Have a great St. Patrick's Day!


Ella said...

Wow Carrie...this was amazing! Your book sounds great! I love the ADF file :D Brilliant!

Alex I just watched American Pickers...I love this episode! Frank was so cute-all fan boy like, lol.
Yes, I am a fan ;D

Happy Weekend to you and Mrs. Ninja!

Jennifer Lane said...

I love the idea of an ADF. I have something like that for my day job, but I need that for my writing career too, especially after reading a 1 star review.

Good luck on the author Q & A at goodreads, Carrie!

Leovi said...

Good advice that gives Fallson Elise, A To Z is a real challenge.

Nigel G Mitchell said...

I don't have an ADF. I need one. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Google Reader is going away?? Where have I been?

Nick Wilford said...

If there was something else that could import my Google Reader list, folders and all, that'd be fine. Otherwise, panic!

I don't need an anti-discouragement folder as the positive feedback etc I've had is nestled in a special place in my heart... OK, end cheesy mode. True though!

Unknown said...

Wow, lots of great Ninja news going around!

Never really picked up on Google Reader. I usually read through my "blog list" on my blog. Not sure this is very effective. I miss a lot doing it this way.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ella, he was a total fanboy!! Glad you saw it.

Liz, it is!

Nick, Feedly will do it.

Candilynn, I need something like Google Reader. Too many blogs!

Anonymous said...

That's some guitar.

I like the sound of an ADF. I have the good stuff spread around, but maybe I should have it in one place.

Catch My Words said...

I'd love to get an anti-discouragement folder, but don't I have to have something to put in it first? My May 2011 magazine article isn't keeping away my novel rejection discouragement too well.

Li said...

Quite an uproar over Google reader. Apparently there are 100,000K people who signed a petition to Google to reconsider. Feedly seems to be very popular; I read most blogs off of my dashboard and a few at Bloglovin'.

Mini-Alex may be the action figure of the future - especially if your talented blogger friends are already busy creating a custom wardrobe...

Carrie Butler said...

@Celeste - Thank you! :)

@Jimmy - Thank you! I appreciate that. :D

@Donna - All thanks to the writing/blogging community! :) Thank you, Donna.

@Patsy - Thank you!

@Heather - You are AWESOME! Now you're one step closer... ;)

@Ella - Thank you very much! :)

@Jennifer - Ugh. Don't you just hate that? I had one this week, too. The ADF came in handy! :) Thank you!

@Nigel - Thank you! :)

@Nick - That is the safest place to store things like that--cheesy or not. :)

@Medeia - Maybe a little spring file organizing is in order. :) Thank you!

@Joyce - You a wonderful blogger, writer, and teacher. Put that in your ADF! :)

RaveAir said...

I'm very sad about the late decisions of Google. First they were killing the iGoogle and now the Google reader. It would be great if I can find a great replace for it.

Cassie Mae said...

I have an ADF! It's called "You do not suck!" I read it so often, I think I have it memorized.

And of course I'm going nuts over losing Google Reader. Thank heavens I'll still have it for the month of April.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lisa, Feedly seems to be working for me right now. And Mini-Alex as an action figure - whoa!

Zoltan, Feedly works even better.

Cassie, yes, at least it won't happen until after the Challenge.

Tina said...

I have what I call my "Fuzzy File" as in warm fuzzies. It has notes my students wrote me, cards friends have sent, letters from my (now all gone) grandparents. It's physical though. With your excellent suggestion, I'm going to make a digital one for exactly those items you mentioned.

Already got Rolands book through Retro-Z's side (and a t-shirt...but don't tell the engineer...he probably thinks I should have bought groceries but I NEEDED a "hippie chick" t-shirt...because I'm working on the taxes and it's no even April. That deserves a t-shirt, doncha think???)

I'd heard of the five necked guitars, but never seen one...amazing. You'd be like a kid in a candy store if you ever visited there...

See you at the Top 10 hop. I'll be there as per your excellent suggestion. I'm here stealing art, but of course had to comment...

Tina @ Life is Good
Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
@TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

Anonymous said...

I picked up a Kindle copy of Roland's latest and look forward to checking it out. I can't imagine playing that guitar...

Laura said...

Great idea :) Shame about the reader... does that mean the GFC is going too?

Sherry Ellis said...

I need an anti discouragement folder! I think I've hit close to 100 rejections!

As far as google reader goes, someone suggested Bloglovin as an alternative. I'm trying it.

alexia said...

I love the idea of an anti-discouragement folder! How cool.

And this is ridiculous about Google Reader. Why on earth would they retire it??? That's so dumb. Everyone uses it. Pair this with the fact that I accidentally got my son a Chrome Book, not knowing how much they suck, and had to return it, Google is not on my good side lately.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tina, I got one of Jeremy's shirts this weekend as well. The wife will look good in dragon. And I would go crazy in Rick's museum.

Laura, hope not!

Alexia, mine neither.

Rachel said...

I don't have an anti-discouragement folder but I do keep all of my rejections and revise and resubmits and feedback from critique partners/betas. I look back at it from time to time to see how much we grow. Great post, Carrie (and Alex).

I'm excited for the A- Z challenge to start but I'm a little nervous bc I don't really a theme this year (I didn't do one last year either), sooo should be interesting.

In the meantime, I just blogged about a great indie read - would love for you to stop by if you ever get a chance.


Jack said...

Good thing I came by tonight. I forgot about the movie countdown tomorrow. Guess I now have a post idea!

Alexandra Heep said...

Looks like I am back just in time for tomorrow's blog hop. Well, today in your time zone.

Cally Jackson said...

I've been meaning to set up an ADF for a while now. I saw the name 'Folder of Awesome' somewhere - I think I'll use that name when I set it up.

Why oh why are Google closing down Reader? It's such a great tool! I'll be lost without it!! Off to find a replacement...

Shannon Lawrence said...

I do not have an ADF, but it sounds lovely. Who can't use a pick-me-up here and there?

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Carrie Butler said...

@Cassie - Hah! Wouldn't it be cool if the folder actually said that out loud when you opened it? "You do not suck!"

@Tina - Your fuzzy file sounds wonderful! I need to keep better track of my personal warm & fuzzies. Thank you for bringing it up! :)

@Laura - Thanks! :)

@Sherry - Which means you're closer to an offer than ever before. :) Go, go, go!

@Alexia - Thank you! :)

@Rachel - Oo, that's a great way to look at rejections and revisions! It's so important to see growth in our work. :) Thank you!

@Cally - A Folder of Awesome sounds fantastic! :D

@Shannon - Pick-me-ups are the best! :)