Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Insecure Writer’s Support Group, Ninja News, Save the Date, Django Unchained Review, and Word of the Year

It’s time for another group posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the tab above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. I encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might be the encouragement someone needs.

My two awesome co-hosts this month are Tyrean Martinson and Jamie Gibbs! Please be sure to thank them for their time and effort to make all IWSG members feel welcome.

And welcome to 2013! Everyone recharged and ready? Got your goals set? Know exactly what you want to accomplish this year?

Wait, some of you don’t?

That’s all right – I don’t either. I spent the past few weeks enjoying time off, time with family, sleeping, game playing, guitar playing, reading, movie watching, and in general a whole lot of nothing. Outside of plans for my third book’s release in September and another year of hosting the A to Z Challenge, I haven’t made any big decisions for this year.

Many of you have heard me say my third book might be my last. I never wanted to be an author and I think it rather caught me by surprise. Music has always been a part of my life though, and in the past year it has evolved into something even larger. And I may have some decisions to make as to which creative path to pursue.

I don’t want to let down you guys or my fans, but I don’t want to let down God either. He got me this far - I just need to figure out which way to go from here.

And it’s a lot to consider! Why did God get me to this point? Really doubt it was to make my books so successful. (Yes, they are clean and morally sound, but they are not going to change lives.) Was it to get me to a point where I can really help other writers and bloggers? That is more likely. But do I need to keep writing books to do that? Do I need to write something else? Or do I need to pursue my new musical career? (Since I’m playing contemporary Christian, it might really change lives.)

So, I’ll be doing a lot of thinking and praying over the next month or two, looking for my answer. God will lead me to a place where I can have the greatest impact. Whatever that may be is fine with me. (Even if I do have to keep writing more books, which yes, scares the crap out of me!)

Be sure to visit others on the LIST.


Milo James Fowler at In Media Res posted his numbers for the year. Thanks to Write1Sub1, Milo had thirty-five stories accepted this year for publication. Plus there’s a lot more that happened in 2012. Congratulations, Milo!!

If you haven’t had a chance, Old Kitty (keeper of Charlie and Gumtree) has a story in Writers for Animals, which is available on Amazon UK. All profits will be donated to animal sanctuaries, so not only will you get to read Kitty’s story, you will help out some animals.

Misha at My First Book has a project for the year involving Awareness and Paying it Forward – and she’s looking for others to join her. See Misha’s site for details.

Save the Date!

There have been so many blogfests lately, I decided I didn’t want to rush into the New Year with another one – but, I do have the date selected! Monday, March 18. And I’m going back to one of the very first blogfests I ever hosted. (Back when I had less than two hundred followers.) I’m sure MOST of you missed those early fests, so this will be a chance to do a simple, fun, everyone-can-participate blogfest before the A to Z Challenge kicks off.

Movie Review

Django Unchained
It’s a very straightforward story but told in Tarantino’s style. It wasn’t as violent or gory as critics claimed, either. (Although the gunfights are bloody and the depiction of slavery brutal.) Overall, the film is a fun western like only Tarantino could do.
Christoph Waltz is spectacular. He steals every scene, and as a bounty hunter with a heart, you’re never really sure what he’s going to say or do.
There are moments of extreme humor as well. Some are so zany, you start to wonder if the film isn’t a broad comedy.
It’s as long as The Hobbit, but like that movie, it didn’t feel long. (Again, skip the big drink.)
If you enjoy Tarantino films, go see it. If not, then this movie isn’t going to change your mind.

Word for the Year

I got this idea from Tina. It’s a word to guide us in our decisions throughout 2013. Tina stated her word for 2013 was contentment. I started thinking about what word I would chose, and I received confirmation of my choice in Liza’s thankful post this week.

My Word for the Year – GIVE

What word would you choose?

What insecurities are you facing today? Or are you feeling the optimism of a new year? March 18 marked now? See Django Unchained or another movie over the holidays? Have a great Christmas? And what is your word for 2013?


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M.J. Fifield said...

Am I seriously the first to leave a comment? That can't be right...

Every February there's the RPM challenge where musicians all over the globe attempt to write and record a 28 minute album (or thereabouts) in a month. Maybe that could be your next challenge.

Give is a great word for the year. I also really like Tina's.


Kyra Lennon said...

Good luck with figuring out your goals for the year! I can't imagine anyone will feel let down if you decide not to write another book - all everyone wants for you is to be happy with whatever you choose to do!

Cynthia said...

Happy New Year, and Happy IWSG Day too. As artists, we all go through soul searching phases where we need to consider where we want to go, where we need to be creatively. I hope you find your way.

I don't have a specific word, but I do have a phrase I hope to use frequently in 2013, which is, "I completed..."

Empty Nest Insider said...

You've chosen an excellent word, and we can all "give" a little bit more of ourselves! I was outvoted by our boys, and went to see Django. I agree that Christoph Waltz stole the show, and I did appreciate the humor. One scene reminded me of something out of Blazing Saddles.

Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... you know, I have some lyric ideas, too...

Misha Gerrick said...

Oh my word! I'm not the 100 and somethingth...

Yeah I already marked the 18th. :-D

Since I have a lot of things that I want to finish, my word would be perseverance.

Thanks for mentioning my blog!

Lan said...

Happy New Year Alex!!

I'm sure your fans will support you no matter what you choose to do. Whatever purpose has lead you here, rest assured you're do much good. Especially for us crazy insecure writers :)

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Writing your books got you to this point. You have touched so many lives with your generous, honest approach. Just by being a child of Christ, you have shared the Light with others who may not have been able to see it before. You have authority now, a voice that people listen to. You will always have that no matter which way you choose to go. Many blessings to you, Alex.

Sean McLachlan said...

Happy New Year! We celebrated in Tangier, looking across the strait at the fireworks in Spain. Morocco is an hour behind Spain despite being due south and so we got to celebrate New Year's twice! The Muslims didn't join us, because their new year happened six weeks ago.

Looking forward to a great year of writing and hanging out in the blogosphere. Can't wait to hear about the next blogfest!

Suzanne Furness said...

Decisions can be tough sometimes and I hope you find the path that is right for you whichever way that may take you. You have given so much to so many people already and I am sure that has changed lives for the better. That is something to be proud of.

Happy New Year to you and your family, Alex.

mooderino said...

I thought Django was very entertaining. That and Argo are probably the best of the last few months for me.


Emily Genther said...

Best of luck in whatever you do end up pursuing!

RaveAir said...

Happy New Year Alex!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I think it's wonderful that you have different gifts and interests that you can pursue! I have a feeling that a direction will be made clear to're being so good to look for it.

PK HREZO said...

Happy New Year, Alex! Just keep an open mind and let your creativity speak to you. Music, writing, drawing... doesn't matter as long as you're creating, you won't let anyone down. :D

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Alex
Hmm...we all touch others either for the good or for the bad and this can change throughout our lives. I believe Jesus simply wants you to experience Him and enjoy Him in all that you do regardless what it is. I am challenged in this but you aren't. There was a time when faith came with little effort for me and I need to return to that. To quote the Bible, Return to your first love.

PR said...

It sounds like you're really passionate about music and it is something that would make you and others happy. Change is a good thing, we can't do the same thing forever or we'd never learn and grow :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

"Give" is a brilliant choice of word of the year. It kind of shows what type of person you are - generous!:)

I\m a huge Tarantino fan! Kill Bill and Inglousrious Basterds are amongst my all time favorite film, so I'm really looking forward to Django. Tarantino never disappoints me, so I expect it to be nothing less than fantastic. :)

Cally Jackson said...

Happy New Year, Alex! My word for the year is 'patience'. I think it will be very fitting with a newborn. :-)

Elsie Amata said...

I'm so new here, it's unlike me to jump right in and say anything like this but, well yeah, there's the but:

In the short time I've "known" you, Alex, you've touched my life. I've been lagging in inspiration to write. I needed that extra push and, along with some other bloggers, you were able to help me with the ISWG, because it inspired me to set a goal each month to dedicate thought to why I'm hesitating writing my book. You have left your mark here on your blog, through your books and with your music. God has led you well and He will continue to lead you in the right direction one day at a time. I love reading about your faith in Him. God Bless and thank you!

Brinda said...

I'm ready for 2013. Bring it on!

I haven't seen those movies. I need to check out Misha's idea.

Mel Chesley said...

Alex, if we were to lose you to music, you would still be an inspiration. You have to choose the path that' s intended for you. We would miss you but if your inspiration is needed elsewhere, who are we to argue?
As for me, I had a decent vacation and holiday. But my word for 2013 May have to be ME, because I find myself helping others around me more than I help myself both online and off. Happy New year!

J.L. Murphey said...

Happy New Year Alex!
My word for 2013 is Recovery This will be my main focus.

Both music and writing are creative outlets. Both can express God and your love for Him and spread the Word.

I have never been an insecure writer. I write what is in my brain to write. I'm looking forward to the A-Z challenge this year and enjoyed reading some of the posts for it last year. I hope to participate.

As far as goals for this year, I set some short term (accomplish in 2 weeks=6 months) and some long term (1-5 years). If it doesn't happen I don't kick myself, but realize the Lord has other plans for me.

Clay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clay said...

So excited about Django. Just coming to terms with it - Tarantino, Foxx and Waltz? My head is exploding!

Whatever decision you make, whichever path you go down, it will be the right one because you chose it. You have a good heart and have inspired so many people. Go easy on yourself. Cheers

Michelle Wallace said...

Happy New Year again!
I have no doubt that whatever direction you choose to follow, whether it be another book or musical goals, you will be successful, simply because of your good intentions coupled with generosity of spirit, selflessness and accepting guidance from God... you can't go wrong with such a powerful combination Alex!
A word for 2013? I'll have to think about it...but the word you have chosen suits you perfectly!
I'm off to visit Misha's place... and then onto the awesome co-hosts for this month!

Rick Daley said...

I saw The Hobbit and enjoyed it. I haven't seen Django yet, but it's on my list...

Old Kitty said...

Capn Ninja!!!! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you and yours!!!

And thank you so much for mentioning my little story in the writers for animals anthology! Awwww!! You are too wonderful, thank you!

It looks like your 2013 is going to be most reflective and still thoroughly creative year for you! I think we ninjas would LOVE to hear your songs!!! Oh go on, just a sample!!!! :-)!

You know I heard one christian pop song last year and it's on my forever playlist on youtube - it's by Plumb called "need you now" and I stumbled on this beautiful beautiful song because it was featured on a rescue clip of a couple of abandoned doggies... ok, totally random but if I hadn't been hooked on youtube clips of animal rescues I'd not have heard this song!

Anyway! I have no idea what my point is except that I love the utterly seemingly unconnected things that happen in daily life but in hindsight I wonder if they are totally unconnected?!?! If I hadn't done this, that wouldn't have happened, etc! Isn't life amazing!!?!? So many possibilities and yet what one chooses on the spur of the moment is perhaps what one needed to do.

I am off to see The Hobbit this weekend!! I will not drink or eat anything before or during and will sit by the exit doors closest to the toilets. Ahem!

Django Unchained sounds amazing especially with such talent involved too!!! But it feel oh so - erm.. masculine!! LOL!!! I like QT films but I never ever like any of his characters - just the action and spotting his "homages" to other films...! LOL!

Love your word for the year!!

My word? Spice!

As in spice up my life some more! Yay!!

Take care

Kirsten said...

Happy New Year, Alex!
You've done so much for writers and bloggers, me included and I wanted to express my appreciation for that.
I would be disappointed if you stopped writing though. I'm sure whatever you choose to do you'll be great at it!

I don't make resolutions, but I do like the idea of one word to describe a direction I'd like to take. This might be cliche, but mine has to be: Love

Murees Dupè said...

Great post Alex. I think God wanted you to experience all of your success so that you can use it in the future, whether it is in your music or whether just to help other individuals who still want to achieve what you did. You can say that you have been there and done that and that you still stayed true to who you were, as well as your values. I am sure no matter what path you choose, that it will be the right one. You are just awesome like that. Best of luck with 2013.

Laura Pauling said...

My one word for the year is 'forgive' b/c most offenses just aren't worth holding onto. :)

Miranda Hardy said...

I'm sure which ever route you take, it'll be the right one.

My word this year would be Learn. I still have so much to learn.

Hope 2013 is great for you Alex.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

MJ, you were first - and that is an idea!

Thank you, Kyra.

Cynthia, that is a good phrase.

Julie, I bet I know which scene.

Andrew, yeah, thanks.

Misha, you're welcome.

Lynda, thank you - that was beautiful.

Thanks, Suzanne.

Nancy, I hope you do return to that.

George, thanks, and you are going to dig Django!

Elsie, thank you so much!!

JL, both can express God.

Kitty, you're welcome, and thank you for your words of wisdom there.

Kirsten, that's a good word.

Murees, I do want to be true to me.

Tonja Drecker said...

I had to smile at this (a sort of dejavue). I personally believe one must let God guide, and unfortunately, the 'transitions' aren't always instant. Lean back and enjoy the flow? ;)

Louise said...

Alex, I hope you know how much God is using and has used you already, to encourage and build up others. You are doing wonderful things for him and his children, and I do thank God for you, my brother! I'm excited for you to discover what path he has next for you.

I am still working on my word for 2013. I have a few that are standing out to me, I just have to pick one!

Christine Rains said...

I agree with the rest of your army. Whichever route you choose will be the right one and we'll all be behind you. Now I'm more curious to see Django. I watched the new Dark Knight movie last week and liked it. Right now, I have a romantic comedy called Liberal Arts. The Word for the Year is a neat idea. Hmmm, accept. I need to accept there are things in life I have no control over and be okay with that. It'll make me happier all around if I can do that.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I love the idea of a "word" for 2013 - I'll have to mull over some ideas...

My husband and I watched all the Harry Potter movies over the week from Christmas to New Year's - watched the last three on New Year's Eve. So much fun and such wonderful storytelling - a good way for a writer to start the new year. :)

Happy 2013, Alex! I'm sure it will be a good one for you, no matter which road you go down.

Liza said...

I will be thinking of you as you do your soul searching, Alex. I only hope you find a way to embrace both the writing and the music...although of course you must follow where your heart dictates. As for GIVE...well you already so many ways, but as I've said before, especially in the example you set. Wishing you great joy in 2013 Alex, where ever you find it.

Tonja said...

When I was on vacation in June, a guy asked me why I was working at the beach. I told him I was writing. He told me how much he liked Christian fiction. They can't get enough of it. Since then, several other people have told me the same.

Not my thing. But I think it's yours.

Sincerely, you should give it a try - you have a huge following and would likely reach lots of people. If you did, I would tell the next person that asks me to write that genre that they should read your book. You could give me cards with the amazon link. Apparently I look like a Christian writer. :)

Heather M. Gardner said...

Happy New Year, Alex!

I'm sure whatever you decide to do it will be wonderful.

Your fans and friends, if they are true, won't be disappointed if you are doing what you really love. We will all be happy for you no matter what.

Word for the year...patience.

Melissa said...

I think my word for the year is 'balance.' If I could choose two, the second would be WRITE! LOL

You changes lives with just about everything you do, Alex. I'm sure whatever you choose will be productive.

Happy New Year. :)

Bob/Sally said...

Happy new year, Alex!

After a tough end to 2012, I think my word for the year is going to have to be BUDGET.

~Sia McKye~ said...

I also used December for kicking back and relaxing, catching up on movies, and a lot of books. Spent time with my family. Did some decluttering of my house--that's still work in progress.

Alex...most creative people have more than one outlet and area of interest-what's wrong with that? Not a thing. As for writing--you write if the story is inside you and I suspect there will be more.

Changing do you know you haven't? God gives you the time and blessings to develop your strengths and work on weaknesses. You've had blessings and don't they feel good. There is a message there--doing something that makes you happy and fulfilled and its all the sweeter because you reach out to help others. That's good so long as you don't neglect those necessary things--your relationship with your Heavenly father, your Christian obligations, and your family. Never fear, the answer will be provided. :-)

I want to see The Hobbit-it sounds like a grand adventure, but Tarantino's film...not so much. I'm not a big fan of his altho my boys like his stuff.

My word? Balance.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Alex, I finally joined the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Am wondering is there a place where I can join it (a linky or something where I can add my blog URL). I have so far only added the badge to my blog.

My word for the year is Determination, Faith and Strength.

Hope you had a great holiday :)

Matthew MacNish said...

Christoph Waltz was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross the other day, and it was a great interview. He's such a late bloomer, but his performances are incredible.

Luanne G. Smith said...

I think if you started focusing on the music more and blogged about it people would still tune in. I don't think I could force myself to write another book if it wasn't in my heart to do it.

Happy New Year!

Shell Flower said...

Good luck making a choice, but it kind of sounds like you have already made it. If your music can change lives, you really should go for it. It's still art and creativity. You are a total rockstar!

Mina Burrows said...

Thanks for your input on Django Unchained. I want to see this so bad. *sigh*

March 18th is on the calendar. :)

jaybird said...

I will be praying for you Alex, that the Lord will direct your paths and make your decisions clear.

When I reflect back on my life, I can honestly say the times when I was the most miserable, was when I was pulling a Jonah, and stubbornly running in the opposite direction of God's will for my life. I know how important it is to make God's will your own. I didn't find peace in my heart until I did. xo

Luna said...

Happy New Year, Alex! Sometimes we do step onto different paths and can always find them again later on. Your faith is very inspiring. I'm sure you'll find the answers you seek soon.

Jo said...

I don't usually read the ISWG posts, not being a writer.

Re your choice of the word GIVE, as I said in another post, that is what you appear to do all the time. As you know, I have chosen Mindfulness.

I see all my movies way after their original issue.

Elizabeth Seckman said...


The world seems upside down and when I think on it too long, I get chest pains (from the anxiety, not the cheeseburgers, I'm sure). But then I remember God is in control and I trust He will take care of us.

And He will you also, of that I am sure. May whatever path you take be blessed.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

T, I will try to enjoy the flow.

Louise, thank you!

Christine, accept is a good word.

Thank you, Liza.

Tonja, that made me chuckle! It's always a possibility.

Sia, thank you - that was beautifully said!

Rachna, go to the tabbed page above labled Insecure Writer's Support Group - the sign up list is there. And welcome!

Thank you Shell.

Jaybird, that's usually how it ends up.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Ha--I was up at 6 and I'm still only #55. My word is Believe. And I agree that you have to follow your heart, Alex. It's exciting to think what God might have in plan for you. Happy New Year, my dear fine fellow. Thanks for inspiring me so!

Workingdan said...

I just might have to join this IWSG. I have a book (my first) that I've been wanting to write but for some reason I keep putting it off. I think it goes beyond just being lazy.

Gossip_Grl said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere and hope you had a great Christmas. It sounds like you have some great plans for the coming year! I also cannot believe that it is coming up to another A-Z sign up. Time sure flies!

Patsy said...

Happy New Year, Ninja Captain!

Tracy Jo said...

I am sending you extra prayers as you go through your decision process. No matter what you decide, you will be a success and you already have helped so many people. :-) Thanks for the heads up about OK. Just purchased her book! word. Hard, I want like 5 words. ha! Going with CREATIVE. Cheers to 2013!

Sarah McCabe said...

I honestly think that God doesn't care what industry we work in as long as we're being a positive example for Him where ever we go. Good luck with your decision!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I'm working on my IWSG post right now where I will also announce my word for the year. I've been doing that for about five years now. The word chooses me in some ways. I feel the need to live into its meaning.
I saw The Hobbit over the weekend, well worth the effort to see it on the big screen. A bit heavy on the battle scenes for me, but so colorful and interesting, and I loved the music.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Alex! I love your idea for a word. I think my 2013 word is going to be "Breathe." :)

I have not seen DJANGO but plan to, not so much that I'm a Tarantino fan but a westerns fan. Over the holidays, we saw ARGO, which we enjoyed, except for the glaring historical innacuracy at the end.

I wish you a healthy and happy 2013!

Unknown said...

What ever you choice Alex I hope it gives you joy. If you are terrified of writing another book maybe it is time to take a break and do something else. Just don't stop blogging :) Happy New Year!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Good luck making your decision, Alex. And remember, it doesn't have to be set in stone. If you decide to focus on your music now, and at some point down the road decide to write again you can! You don't have to decide to do one or the other forever and ever. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Alex, good luck with your decision! It will come to you. Maybe there is a book in your that is a little truer to what you see as your purpose? But there is no rush. You're doing good.

Cherie Colyer said...

I'm sure no matter what you do next it will be amazing--be it follow your music or write another book. You have a special gift of touching other's lives and that's special.

One of my friends had a FB post on Word for the Year. Mine is believe. I'm not going to let my insecurities or others negativity get me down. I'm going to keep reminding myself to believe.

Here's wishing you a wonderful 2013!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

There is a path that circumstances seem to say is the obvious path to take. Then, there is one that is scary, unsettling, and yet, in your heart you feel it is the one The Father would have you take.

If you take the scary path, you will stumble but you will never fall or feel unfulfilled.

Have the greatest of New Years. Praying for you to have fun these next 12 months! :-)

Unknown said...

Word of the year? Wow, I'll have to think about that because I only have one word...

But, on the writing front, whatever you choose to do with your life, know that you will have the support of all of us.

Anonymous said...

I just heard a sermon the other day and the guy talked about the times in the Bible when God said, "In a little while ...." then He will do something.

There's that waiting period where we just have to wait. For me, its like what Tome Petty said, "The waiting is the hard part." That's where patience and other Fruits of the Spirit helps.

Juliana Haygert said...

Oh, another blogfest. Nice!

I like this word of the year thing. Gonna try to do it on my blog soon ;)

Liesel K. Hill said...

I haven't seen ANY movies over the holiday! :0 I still need to see Django, Les Miz, and The Hobbit. Really need to get on that! I think my word for this year would be...succeed. I had a great Christmas, minus the nasty head cold that found me two days ago and shows no signs of going anywhere soon. Hope your holidays were both fun and relaxing! :D

Kimberly Gabriel said...

Wanting to be in a place where you can have the greatest impact? What a beautiful perspective Alex. My grandfather used to say we should all "leave the wood pile higher than we found it." Not a day goes by I don't think about that saying. Best of luck to you as you figure out your next pursuit. ;)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Whatever you choose to do you will be successful at it.

Saved March 18.

Hildie McQueen said...

Alex, look at the number of comments on your blog compared to others, it's clear that God has given you a gift and that you used it to bring so much to us writers. Did you make changes and impact on lives with your books? OF COURSE! I agree that you should allow God to lead you and guide you and wherever it is you are lead, it will be just as amazing! My word for the year...hmmm, how about RESTRAINT?

Rena said...

I know you didn't set out to be a writer, but sometimes it's the road stops that are the fun part of a trip. If your music is your passion. Go with your music.

I'm sure you've already seen Zen Pencils, but if you haven't take a peek at this

Success isn't enough to fill your heart, only passion can do that.

Cassie Mae said...

Sometimes it's not always a right or wrong choice. It's choosing something good or something better. And I'll be praying the answer comes to you soon too! But, it's not like you can't do both. It's just about where to put your focus. I'm first and foremost a wife and mother. I take care of my family first, then I take care of myself, which usually involves writing, but sometimes it's something else. Last year before I got prego I'd participate in concerts and sing my little heart out. That was part of my creative outlet ALONG WITH writing. You know, then I had to stop for a bit because babies sort of change the lung capacity, haha! But my family comes first. When I can, I'll go back to doing that too. But I won't stop writing either.

Gosh, did I just ramble on? Whoops! Hopefully you understood my point that it's not an ultimatum :) Do what you want and what you feel is the direction you need to take your career. :D It's good to have the options.

Huntress said...

My one true goal: Get back to writing.

I derailed my writing schedule this year due to a new grandson and general house demolition/remodeling. Now, I find it incredibly difficult to find my groove again.

If music is a part of your soul then go for it. Maybe this is a part of the Plan set for you. By scratching one itch (writing), now might be the time to move to another. All of it is a part of creativity, writing AND music.

Then again, you could do both. *BG*

cleemckenzie said...

What great IWSG kick off for the year post! May your quiet contemplation of your next step be productive and fulfilling.

Love your word for the year. Mine's Acceptance, but it's been Acceptance for several years. I'm still working on it. :-)

Hannah said...

My Word for the Year is: DO.

I'm done with talking and thinking about things. I'm going to continue my trend from last year and DO.

Sarah Ahiers said...

I really want to see Django Unchained, but doubt i'll find the time to hit it in theaters. Sigh. I'm so behind on movies. We did catche MIB3 and Amazing Spiderman this last week. Spiderman was awesome and MIB3 fun but not as great as the first one (naturally)

Jennie Bennett said...

I love how honest you are Alex. You've already made a difference in so many lives, no matter what you do, we'll all be here supporting you like you support us :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Dear Ninja Man -- I enjoyed this personal post about you, a great deal. Well-written and honest. I'll be interested to see where your adventures take you. Whatever you decide.

Thanks for being a great supporter to me. You are one fantastic Ninja Dude.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

D.G. Hudson said...

I'm always hopeful this time of year, and consider it a fresh start. (new lists, new plans)

Tenacity / tenacious could be my word - I won't let go of my goals.

Perhaps your music will lead you in ways you never imagined. And a blogfest before the A - Z will give us a warm-up for the big one. Thanks for all you do, Alex!

mshatch said...

I like that word for the year. And I think you should follow your heart. If your heart is leaning toward music I say run with it. Plus, it's not like you can't come back to writing later, right?


T. Powell Coltrin said...

Even though I put my hope in God, I am totally optimistic about 2013. There's something about a new year that prompts promises and prospects.

One thing I'm doing is getting my fingers toughened again with guitar strings. :) I feel a song coming on.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Great word for the new year Alex. Indeed your faith will take you to the right path. It's always good to trust in Him. Hope your year starts off awesome and can't wait to sign up for the unnamed blog hop!

VikLit said...

Great word of the year. Happy 2013 to you!

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Great word. Mine=Kindness! Best wishes and good luck in the upcoming year!

Laura Eno said...

March 18th now marked.

Why don't you combine writing and music by writing song lyrics? Just a thought...

Michael Di Gesu said...

HI, Alex,

Such an appropriate word for you.... But you do that every day...

Thanks for the news about your NEXT blog fest... You know I NEVER miss yours.

As for music. If you feel strongly about it ... go for it. There is no reason why you can't create music and write when your muse talks you into it. I know you will NEVER abandon us, but if you need a hiatus for a while, WE WILL understand.

ALL The best for 2013...

Yes, I have insecurities, but you know me. I generally work through them and MARCH on. And I am excited about this year and plan to really work hard at getting my writing ready to publish,,,, it is TIME.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Joylene, I'm ready.

Workingdan, join us!

Tracy Jo, creative is perfect for you.

Mary, the word is a great idea.

Liz, hope you like his twist on the genre.

Siv, not stopping blogging.

Cherie, believe is good. And thank you.

Stephen, I can be patient.

Thank you, Kimberly.

Hildie, thanks!

Cassie, I understood! There is room for more than one dream.

Huntress, I could.

Thank you, JA.

And Whisk, you are fantastic as well.

Teresa, we could jam together.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year & IWSG post day!! Alex, you have to follow your heart, and I'm confident, you'll do just that. You've been many things to many people, and you'll continue to do so, no matter what you're next step is. We support you! :)

Livia Peterson said...

God moves in mysterious ways. I know you've gotten far in your writing career and helped your fellow writers' get to the publication stage. You're a powerful man and it feels like you're the God of the Blogosphere shining upon us with support and encouragement. Giving us pats on the back and telling us, "You can do this! Don't give up!"

Guitar-playing or writing more books? I can't predict for you, but please stay here for us. You've made this community stronger and a better place. I only know this: God will make the right decision and trust Him. He will guide you through this.

I'll book March 18th! I'll sign up for that mysterious blogfest right away! How could I not?

Thanks for everything Alex! You're an awesome friend! :D

Ella said...

I think music is where you need to put your attention! I have been dealing with this energy as well...what to focus on? I think I'm going with my first love, heART! :D

I just hope you will stay in blogland and share your passion with us! :D

Happy New Year!
A word for the year...
I just hope I am not transplanted again...

Wow, congrats to all... Milo rocks~

Anonymous said...

I always say it's the little things God does for us that make it all matter. Don't short change what your books will do for someone. They might change an uncertain writer's life.

Morgan said...

Music Ninja!

Alex, we'd SOoooo support you. Do it. Time to grace the world with your music magic.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

My word of the year would be Love. Christopher Waltz is a genius. Whether you continue to write books or not Alex I wish you all the best. And with God anything is possible.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I know if you give up writing you will be missed, but it's good to know that you're following your heart and not doing something because you feel obligated.

Happy 2013, Alex!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Alex, thanks for the kind words on my IWSG blog post today. I totally want to get Disney World off my bucket list (along with Universal Orlando to see the Harry Potter stuff).

I saw your comment over on "Becoming Layla" with regard to her saying that she may quit writing. So it's no surprise that you took that up here on your blog for the Wednesday IWSG post. Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure it will be successful (although for me, I'm not so sure that God directs anything-I think people make those choices-but I'm not getting into that).

My New Years resolutions are simple: 1) Get healthier 2) buy a house 3) buy a new car.

If I can accomplish any of those three things by December 31st, I will be happy with 2013. All of them are of equal difficulty in my opinion.

Looking forward to seeing CassaStorm in 2013!

Anonymous said...

As one writer to another, I hope you do continue to write. But, if music is calling louder, then I hope you find as much success and fulfillment in a music career as you have in your writing career.

My word for the New Year is: perseverance. I'll need it to finish my WIP, begin the querying process, and start outlining my next project.

Happy New Year, Alex! Thanks again for the IWSG. :)

Steven said...

It's funny the paths that we sometimes unexpectedly go down in life, and the happy consequences that result from them. Whatever you do, Alex, I wish you luck and true success.

Southpaw said...

Interesting dilemma. I would like with the following you have created you could do either and still promote. ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

In whatever choice you make, I'm sure you will be a success. I much enjoyed CassaStar. Reviewed it on goodreads. My first finished book 0f 2013

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I appreciate people who tap into a higher power to live a life higher than they could have before. I have no doubt you will make the right decision, even if is scares you (I once heard that dreams/goals have to be big enough to scare you just a little), and I know that we will be there to try and offer an inkling of the support you have given to so many of us.

Callie Leuck said...

Whatever you ultimately decide to do, Alex, I'm sure you'll choose the right path and be totally awesome at it. One hears a lot about creatives who have multiple outlets for their creativity, so I am absolutely not surprised that you would be torn between music and writing books.

I'm looking forward to your third book, and if that's all you end up writing, that will be fine, Alex! Of course it might turn out that you work on your music and then another idea arises... such things happen!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

I cannot think of one word that would sum it up... maybe a phrase... work at it, not fail, make it big, or no struggles.

for the one word "SMILE"... no matter how bad it might get. No one can take that away...

Happy in the new year!


kjmckendry said...

I think my word for this year would be LOVE; to just show everyone more love would be great!

Good luck in figuring out your goals. I'm sure all of us would love another book from you. You can never know how your words will impact people.

Focus on your passion!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

I need to see Django Unchained. I love Tarantino.

I'm sure you'll do well in whatever path you take with your drive and other great qualities.

Allison said...

Wow, big decisions ahead! I always wonder if there is a "right" choice I'm supposed to be making... but I think God will be behind you whatever you do. Musician or writer, you can't really go wrong with either, can you? (I am both too. haha.) God bless in your decision making.

Carrie-Anne said...

As my beloved Lao-Tzu would say, if you're undecided about whether to move forward with writing more books or focusing on music, you should make yourself a vessel, open to all possibilities, and your path will be revealed to you.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Alex - Your post brought tears to my eyes. Why? Because you have such a servant's heart. Thank you for being willing to follow God's lead wherever he takes you. Whatever you do, in writing and/or music, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

My word for the year - Trust. Trusting God with everything.

Had a wonderful Christmas! Happy 2013!

Mark Means said...

Hope you had a great holiday, Alex!

As for my word of the year, I think mine will be "Do". I can add it to other words for different results...

"Do" better, "do" more, "do" right...etc.

Keep on ninja'ing, Alex :)

Nicki Elson said...

Cool, I've got my calendar marked for March 18.

I like the one word thing. Let's see, mine will be...Trust.

Julie Flanders said...

Whatever direction you decide to take next, I'm sure you'll be a success. Your music sounds very exciting!

I have a friend with a story in Writers for Animals but I haven't read the book yet, I'm anxious to check out Old Kitty's story too now.

Happy New Year, Alex!

Author A.O. Peart said...

I always pray for guidance from God too, Alex. He will let you know what to do, I'm sure of it :-)

I'm looking forward to watching Django when it comes on a DVD, since I prefer to watch movies at home and not in a movie theatre. I really don't know why, hmm. Must be just a little quirk of mine.

"Give" is an awesome word you've chose for the year. Mine is "kindness".

Donna K. Weaver said...

I love idea of a word for the year, and I'm not the least bit surprised by the one you chose.

I wish you well with your decision. One of my favorite quotes is: two people can do anything if one of them is God.

Annalisa Crawford said...

How fantastic to have two talents to choose between! I'm looking forward to seeing Django Unchained at some point.

Cherie Reich said...

I'll be keeping the date open for the blogfest, Alex! And my biggest insecurity at the moment is getting caught up after a long break. LOL! My sister saw Django Unchained and really enjoyed it.

M Pax said...

Follow your heart and dreams. I hope the answer comes to you soon.

I worked, worked, worked. Word of the year is an interesting idea.

L.G. Keltner said...

Whichever path you choose, you're still our Ninja Captain and we'll still look up to you. I have the 18th marked!

Unknown said...

Prayers going up for you, Alex! I haven't got to know you, yet, but from what everyone else says, I believe God is def. using you. It sounds like you've touched many lives and kept lots of writers from jumping off cliffs, lol! Here's to an awesome New Year w/total clarity of God's plan for you life. :)


dolorah said...

You changed my writing/blogging life by being around for me to interact with Alex. Thanks. And if your path diverges from the fiction writer's course, you will have some experience at story telling to write your own songs to put to your music. Perhaps that was why God lead you to write your novels.

I love Tarentino movies so I'm sure I'll enjoy Django. I got to see The Hobbit new years eve; loved it. I'll never look at bunnies the same, lol.

My word for the year? I need something self inspiring so: accomplishment. Perhaps I'll put that in my side bar to remind myself of my goal this year (and link back to Tina to thank her for the inspiration.)


alexia said...

Happy New Year! I have the perfect solution to your dilemma - you can write about music :)

I did see Django, and since I love QT, I loved this. It did seem more bloody than some of his others, though.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Oh my God, I'll never catch up on comments!!!

Michael, doing both is a possibility.

Livia, I promise I won't be going anywhere! I have a feeling no matter what I do, God will keep me here.

Ella, I will stay. And hope we can both follow our heart.

Debra, that's a good point.

Cathy, obligations are no fun.

Michael, fly on over - we can be in Orlando in seven hours. Six if I'm driving. And I bet you can accomplish all of those things.

Charles, really? Thanks!!!!

Tasha, thanks, and scares me more than a little.

Callie, it could happen.

Jeremy, that works perfect!

Allison, no I can't.

Thank you, Tyrean!! And thank you for co-hosting.

Donna, I like that!

Thank you, Celeste.

Donna, thank you so much!

Alexia, I could!

Laura said...

My word for the year is POSITIVE - but I love yours!
I can completely see where your insecurity is coming from this month - I think it is important for you to follow the path your heart leads you to, otherwise you can waste valuable time feeling guilty about not doing one thing whilst still not doing the other. You'll always be our Ninja Captain and we'll love you no matter where your awesomeness lies.
Laura x

Johanna Garth said...

Good morning Alex :) I think my word would be acceptance. I've had a lot of accepting to do in the last three months and anticipate a lot more.

Jessica Salyer said...

I wish you the best of luck in what ever you choose. I'm sure if you put you faith in the right place, He'll show you what to do. :)

My word for this year- Hope.

Anonymous said...

I think "Give" is a wonderful word for 2013! I think "YOLO" was the most used word in this house with my 12-yr-old, and LOL. I'm ready to retire the YOLO! I'll be praying for your decisions in 2013~God speed!

Helena said...

As you know, Alex, I'm making 2013 my last year of writing, barring unforeseen circumstances like sudden bestsellerdom, and to put it mildly the odds are against this for me. So whatever you decide to do with your own writing, good luck to you and may your musical career take off like gangbusters.

Nancy Thompson said...

I'm feeling more optimistic right now, as well. Still have all the old problems, but I do see a light, a dim one, and I'm gonna head straight for it. As for your path, I think you should do what your heart and God tells you. That's the one and only way to be truly happy and content. I wish you all the best! As for your next blogfest, I'm in. Got the date saved and everything. Happy new Year, Alex! God bless!

AuthorAlden said...

I'm seeing Django this weekend, and I can't wait. I'm a huge Tarantino fan, and he seems determined to make a movie in just about every genre that I love, one by one. If he makes a sci-fi epic next, I'm going to lose it!

Ciara said...

It's great to see I'm not the only one to take a break.
Don't worry, God will guide you. Is there anywhere we can hear your music?

Unknown said...

I want my word to be focus. That way I can accomplish what I'm setting out for. That's a big decision to make, but an exciting one. The blogging couold still help with your music, too, so it's not like you have to go anywhere. In the silence you'll find your answer. Happy New Year!

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Happy New Year, Alex!

How wonderful to have a choice that includes music! Perhaps that's where you can touch even more hearts...

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex. I saw Django. I enjoyed it. It was Tarantino, but I don't think he went far enough. It wasn't as clever as it could have been. But, I agree, Christop was amazing and he was my favorite in Inglorious Bastards, too.

And, Samuel L. Jackson's character was something else. What did you think of Leo? I thought he did great. Perfectly mean and pathetic at times.

Carrie Butler said...

I'll be praying for you to figure it out, my friend. :) Happy new Year!

Patricia Stoltey said...

A good word for 2013 for me would be relax. I enjoyed my time off from the internet so much that I want much more of that reading and movie watching time.

Unknown said...

Alex - I'd say those are pretty sizable things to look forward to this year - a book and the A-Z Challenge.

I, too, took a bit of a break and am just now getting back into the swing of things.

Have a great year!

ediFanoB said...

Dear Alex,
I'm sure however you will decide it will be the right decision because it will be a decision coming deep from your heart.

This year I do not have goals. I have dreams which I hope some of them will come true.

I have a new passion beside reading and that is sewing, especially sewing of clothes in Victorian style. That is related to my growing interest in steampunk.

My Word for the Year - SEWING

Doreen McGettigan said...

My word for 2013 is civility.
I'm feeling the fork in the road coming at me also. Unlike you I have always wanted to write and would love nothing more than to make it my full time career. I did not expect to love falling in love with my elderly hospice patients and their families. Some time this year I may have to give them up and go all in...
I will pray for you and your direction...

Tammy Theriault said...

So cool...praises to God andthe word give. Not sureif you planned that but pretty cool alex. Couldn't do my post for the group today, but I will friday. Better late then not at all, right?

Ali Cross said...

Dude, whatever decision you choose to make for yourself, I wholeheartedly support it! And I'll be first in line to buy your CD when it comes out! (When is it coming out?? ;) )

Carol Kilgore said...

You'll recognize which path to take when you reach it, and it will feel exactly right. Keep the faith!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Hmmm, I think my word this year will have to be acceptance. There's some bad rolling my way this year that I can do nothing about, and the only way to get through it all will be acceptance.

I'm looking forward to seeing Django, though I think I'm finally going soft as has to do with graphic violence. Never thought it would happen, but it has. I like Westerns, though, and Jamie Fox, and sometimes Tarantino (used to be always).

Wow, inspirational news on the W1S1! Fantastic!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Tony Laplume said...

If you're meant to write another book, you'll know it. That's how it happens. You'll have a story that you absolutely have to write.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thank you, Laura!

Jamie, that is funny.

Thanks, Helena. You understand my decision.

Thank you, Nancy.

JW, that would be awesome!

Ciara, at the moment, only the blogfest winners Ellie and Jeremy have heard me.

Sydney, Jackson's character was the most despicable!

Edi, you realize you will have to post some of your creations?

Doreen, hope we both find our way.

Tammy, that's fine.

Thanks, Ali!

Tamara said...

Happy New Year Alex. I think you should consider yourself really blessed. A lot of people only have one creative talent--you were given two. Go with whatever one is speaking to you the loudest at the moment and I think you'll do fine. Whatever is meant to happen with it will.

And I LOVED DJANGO. Very fun movie!! Not usually a huge Tarantino fan, but this movie sold me on his genius. :)

My word for this year is strive. Self explanatory I'm sure. :)

Leovi said...

Well, I think you can continue with both, music and writing, but ultimately decide your inspiration.

JJ said...

Alex: I said my third book was my last four times already! It is a writer's curse.

I cannot think of a better word than "give." Happy New Year!

Jemi Fraser said...

Making big decisions is tough - take your time and follow your heart.

I like your word for the year. I'm not sure what I would choose - off the top of my head it would be help though :)

Al Diaz said...

Word for 2013: Reveal, although the only thing I am feeling like revealing right now is my bed. Remembered why I didn't like Christmas times, but thank God, I survived it without hating it. That's gotta be an improvement. I'm sure He'll point out the right path for you to follow.

Chancelet said...

Life changes! Aren't the the best? I'm sure you've changed or at least affected lives you don't even know about. I'm glad you have some control over this life change, and pray that you will have peace over whichever decision you come to.

Golden Eagle said...

Hope you find the path that feels right. I'm sure you'll make an impact whether it's writing or music!

Great word for 2013. Not sure what mine would me . . . something to think about.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm marking March 18th. I have some big hopes for 2013. I love your word for the year. Maybe I'll steal it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tony, if one hits, I'll run with it.

Tamara, Django was a little different for Tarantino.

JJ, we keep saying it...

Thank you, Nancy.

Pauline Wiles said...

Thanks for hosting this group - I'm new.
It sounds like you might be looking for a fresh creative path: I'm impressed that you're pondering the best use for your talents.

Anonymous said...

March 18th is marked off on my calendar. Looking forward to learning more about the blogfest.

God is listening and will help guide you down the right path. No matter what that path is, you have lots of people who will be cheering you on.

I have two words for the year. The first one is SIMPLIFY and the second one is FOCUS.

Anonymous said...

I wish you nothing but the best with your future direction, Alex.

Happy New Year.

Sheila Siler said...

I "THINK" my word this year will be DECISION. I need to decide if I am a novelist, a blogger, both, none, etc. I hope you will continue blogging - but that is selfish of me. I will pray that God opens and shuts all the right doors for you this year. You are a blessing to us all. said...

However you choose to prioritize your time, Alex, your writing and music will always be two of the many gifts you give to the world.

I decided to make this my year, as you suggest. Thank you for that advice, Alex.

Happy New Year to you.

Krista McLaughlin said...

I can definitely relate. Without God, I would not have gotten far at all. I'd still be stuck with my first book, which I can say is pretty awful. I'm sure He will show you where he wants you to go. Either way, you've greatly impacted this writing community. :)

I'll mark the date on my calendar! :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Hey, Alex! Congrats on your third release coming out in September! That's awesome that your faith is a big part of your life and I will pray for you as well as you chart out your course for the future.

I have no interest in seeing DJango (not a Tarantino fan) but I did love Les Mis.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Pauline, welcome!

Susanne, good words.

Sheila, I am sure I will still be blogging!

Robyn, claim it!

Krista, He makes the difference.

Thanks, Jennifer.

Cathy Keaton said...

Happy New Year, Alex!

I hope you figure out what you want to do this year. It makes sense that you might not have it all figured out at the beginning of the year. You'll figure it out later. You have 12 months, after all. ;)

Unknown said...

How AWESOME that you play contempary Christian. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Jesus Culture, but I LOVE those guys.

I like the idea of a word for the year. I first heard about it in Debbie Macomber's book One Perfect Word. It's a great read about the power of the perfect word.

klahanie said...

Hey Alex,

Going to keep my comment mercifully brief. As always and with the start of a New Year, plenty to check out and ponder here. Your ongoing caring attitude within the blogging community is greatly appreciated and admired.

A word of the year? "HOPE".

A peaceful, positive New Year and happy writing, Alex.

Marta Szemik said...

I think my word for the year is Persevere. I will be looking forward to seeing the path you decide to take. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great! I've marked March 18th :)

Unknown said...

I'm rather late, but real life intrudes at times.

God has a way of grabbing us by the ear if we're going in a direction not of His choosing. The Hubby and I did a couple of Christian CD's a few years back and it was fulfilling. My hubby has a degree in theology so it was a natural outgrowth of our daily lives. Wishing you success in your musical career.

Charity Bradford said...

I love how you live your life Alex. Just keep doing it the way you are--letting God lead you--and you'll be just fine. You know we'll support you!

KM Nalle said...

God's blessings to you this year, Alex, and good luck with the choices you are pondering.

My word for the year might need to be: Balance.

Mel Kinnel (@TizMellyMel) said...

Well, whatever path you take, I'm sure it will be fulfilling.

I saw Django Unchained today with the hubby and we thought it was pretty good. I did have to turn my head during a few of the scenes but that's just how it is in a Tarantino movie.

Yolanda Renée said...


Thanks for the kind words on my blog, and thanks for the IWSG. I would never have felt comfortable posting such a thing before. I work so hard at trying to inspire and be positive, but this time there was too much harshness and it got under my skin. Thanks to the IWSG I was able to let it go.
I hope you get to do everything you've set for yourself -- follow your heart.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I like GIVE.. that's a very good word to remember for this year:) Best of luck in 2013.

Unknown said...

Give is a great word to start off the year. I'll keep you in my prayers and no matter where you go, I've got your back. Your brilliant mind and generous spirit has and always will help people whether it is through your writing or your music. I haven't really listened to contemporary Christian, but I will give it a go. It's always good to expand one's horizons because how will we keep getting inspired and dreaming?

Loca4crafts said...

Loved The Hobbit, looking forward to seeing Django Unchained.
My word for the year: success. A self-fulfilling prophesy, I hope :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex - good luck with working out your way forward .. I hope you stick around and I'm sure you will do in some way or other ... but quite understand your own need to be musically creative. HNY and a very successful 2013.

I just heard an interview with Tarantino .. and as my horizons have broadened since blogging and appreciating new areas of life ... I am looking forward to seeing Django ...

Cheers Hilary

Mark Koopmans said...


It was weird not having a message/email from you Wednesday (I missed IWSG for the first time in a year - but I had a *great* excuse, so I forwarded an old email from you - and I feel better now.

LOVED your post, Alex, and more power to your elbow if you feel led to go down the music route. You are so right to let God lead you now (and not be dragged later, right :)

*MUCH* success to you (and Mrs. C) for a happy, healthy and successful 2013.

My word: YES.

Charmaine Clancy said...

There's a general expectation that people will pursue a single career, excel and stay there. That suits a lot of people and I'm in awe (my hubby has always worked within environmental sciences and always will). Sometimes I wish I had that kind of focus, but then I think nah, and frolic on to try something else. You've gained valuable skills by writing and connecting with people, you've a good platform to continue if you wish, but you've the necessary experiences to move to something else if that's what takes your heart. Enjoy and love life your own way :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cathy, I have the whole year.

Jenn, I'm not!

Hope is a good word, Gary.

Anne, that is really cool!

Melissa, at least you can usually see those scenes coming.

Yolanda, that is what the group is all about.

Melissa, very true.

Hilary, it's a good movie.

Mark, that's funny.

Thank you, Charmaine.

Unknown said...

Thanks for having me as a host, Alex! It was great to see so many new blogs :)


Elise Fallson said...

My finger is actually sore from scrolling all the way down here! :P
I wish you so much success and most of all happiness in what ever path you decide to take. I don't think you have to rush into a decision, take your time and enjoy life. And I too think Give is an excellent word choice. (:

Jack said...

That is a big choice to make. I will keep you in my prayers that God will make His will known to you.

My brother wishes to see Unchained so he and I might go sometime as my other brother and I plan on going to The Life of Pi if it goes to our little theatre.

I shall have to think of a word for 2013, that is a cool idea.

Unknown said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I know God has used you to bless me several times. I'll be praying for His guidance in your life.

Jackie said...

Whatever you choose, it will be the right choice for you. Writer, musician, and ninja blogger? God's blessed you, Alex!

Tara Tyler said...

follow your heart! you can still blog and tell us how things are going! and hey! sell some rifs for our book trailers!
i saw misha's idea, love it!

the word i saw on another blog was decision
it made me think and i'm still thinking! it's tough to sum up my ambitions for the year in one word! maybe overcome? still thinking!

happy 2013!

farawayeyes said...

For the first time in over a year I missed IWSG. The server on island went down last Sat and they didn't get it fixed until yesterday. Now it appears my modem is fried. This is from my smart phone, which is way smarter than me do posting is a challenge and making corrections impossible.

I do have a word - POTENTIAL!

Best of everything in 2013.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jamie, thanks and glad you had a good time!

Elise, I won't rush this one.

Jack, both are good movies.

Melanie, thank you!

Tara, sell riffs for book trailers - I like that idea!

Faraway, I'm sorry!!

Sherry Ellis said...

This is a seriously major amount of comments. Wow! Good luck figuring out which path to take. I'm sure you'll do the right thing and be successful.

I like your word of the year. Mine is "Do." I'm going to do things so that good things happen.

Tina said...

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...
And I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
Tough decision my friend, but with God's guidance, I know you'll make the right one.
Thanks for the shout-out! What a nice surprise!
Tina @ Life is Good

randi lee said...

Alex--it's all about following your heart. Go with what you love!

And I'll still follow regardless of what you have to say. :)

E. M. Prokop said...

Happy New Year Alex! Congrats on the thrid book, that's fantastic! I think the word of the year is a great idea...I might be inclined to change it up every month ...I think for now my word will be 'strength'.
All the best to you and your family!

Adrianne Russell said...

I'm excited to see more details about the blogfest! I haven't seen Django Unchained, but I really enjoyed Skyfall and I should've passed on seeing Breaking Dawn Pt. 2. Ergh.

Rusty Carl said...

I'm sure you'll knock the socks off of whatever you decide to do in 2013. Glad to hear about Django. Might see it over the weekend.

LTM said...

Best of luck to you in the goal setting and the soul-searching! It sounds like you're taking the right approach, so I know you'll make the right decision.

Even if #3 is your last book, you'll have written THREE great books that readers love! That's huge!

Here's to a fulfilling, successful 2013, Alex! :o)

Gwen Gardner said...

Hah! I'm #194 in the comment list. You sure have a lot of think about, Alex. Changing careers is a huge step - I ought to know. I gave up a good paying job to be a broke writer. Sure am happy, though. Just keep praying and watching for signs :-)

Leigh Covington said...

How bout you write and play music? Yep! I am totally cool with you doing both! :)

David P. King said...

You've done an insurmountable amount of good to the blogging community, Alex, so whichever path you want or need to take, you've got our support. Right guys? ... Guys? ...

I've appreciated your support immensely. That's on the record. :)

Ink in the Book said...

I hope your holiday was simply fabulous! I enjoyed my time away from writing and blogging. Family time was at an all time high. Smiles and hugs were never more comforting.

And more more thing before i go today. The written word can greatly influence people as can music. You have a lot to pray about, I'm sure, but just remember books CAN change lives. Even science fiction...God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise...

Don't forget that!
Happy, Happy new year:)

DL Hammons said...

I circled March 18th on my calendar! I'll be ready this time!! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sherry, that is a good word!

Tina, thanks for the idea - it is now spreading.

Randi, thank you!

Eve, good word.

Adrianne, that is a given!!

Rusty, go!

Leigh, it's already more than I ever imagined.

Gwen, I keep the day job though, that's what matters.

David, thanks!

Ink, very wise words.

DL, I won't let you forget!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year Alex. May all your dreams and prayers come true. Thank you for being there in 2012.

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