Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Movie Reviews - Lockout & YellowBrickRoad, Ninja News, Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop, Music Answers, and Movie Quotes Trivia!

Movie Reviews!

Feels like I haven’t done one of these in ages. So I’ll give you two!

Lockout - 2012

Officially the worst film of 2012! Mystery Science Theater 3000 would have a field day with this movie.
It’s similar to Escape From New York, only much, much worse. In the first five minutes, the special effects are on par with early 80’s films. The dialogue is cheesy. The plot’s convoluted. The movie is badly edited. It’s a total mess.
There’s only one reason I made it to the end – Guy Pearce. His character was snarky as hell and stole the show. Drop Pearce in that character into any other film, and he would’ve been brilliant.
You’ve been warned!!!

YellowBrickRoad - 2010
In 1940, the entire population of Friar, NH walked up a winding mountain trail – some froze to death, some were slaughtered, and the rest vanished. This movie follows a group of explorers trying to solve the mystery of the Yellow Brick Road.
Part psychological thriller, part horror (a.k.a. Blair Witch) this freaky little movie gets under your skin. (It’s not a found footage film though.) It’s disturbing on many levels with a vibe similar to Valhalla Rising. Ending is really odd, but everything in between is even odder, especially the music. If you need satisfaction in your movies, look elsewhere. Want a weird ride that’s not too extreme? This is your movie.

Ninja News!

Rick announced that the first issue of Nain Rouge Magazine, a Journal of Art, Poetry and Prose is up over at White Cat Publications, LLC!

Tim Brannan at The Other Side is hosting the Monstrous Monday Blogfest on October 29 – blog about your favorite monster. Just in time for Halloween!

Donna K. Weaver just signed a contract with Rhemalda Publishing. Congratulations, Donna!

Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop

Caught this over at Jennifer Lane’s blog. (And she was gracious enough to list me!) It’s the Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop, hosted by Terri Giuliano Long.

I’d like to celebrate the following bloggers:

Patrick Tillett Extreme traveler and expert photographer. Pat goes to those out of the way places so we don’t have to. Thanks pat – you rock!

Kathy at Imagine Today - She’s a writer, a reader, and a very sweet person. Her profile says it all “I am passionate about living life and giving back to our world.” Amen, Kathy!

Gary and Penny at Klahanie - master of snark and much coveted blog comments. Gary is both amusing and devoted. We all know Penny is in charge though!

Medeia Sharif - Young adult author, major goal achiever, and a super supporter. You are super cool in my book, Medeia!

Johanna at Losing Sanity - Author and mother extraordinaire, she has a great grip on life and family. And I’d take her traveling anytime, because she knows all the good spots!

Music Trivia Answers!

1 – Three singers have fronted Van Halen – name them. David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and Gary Cherone (formerly of Extreme)
2 – Joe Satriani, one of the best guitarists in the world, is known for his guitar instrumental albums, but he actually sang lead vocals for several songs on which of his albums? Flying in a Blue Dream
3 – Care to take a stab at naming all the lead singers for the band Rainbow? Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, and Doogie White
4 – In 1999 the band Fear Factory did a cover of the 1980 song, Cars, and it featured a guest appearance by the original singer/songwriter – name him. Gary Numan
5 – And now here’s an easy one! Name the lead singer of Rush. Geddy Lee

Comedy Movie Quotes Trivia!

You can blame Jeremy at Retro-Zombie. We’ve had a banter of movie quotes going on the past couple weeks. Name the comedy!

1 – “Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”

2 – “Maybe you’re the plucky comic relief.”

3 – “Ray, next time someone asks you if you’re a god, say yes!”

4 – “Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!”

5 – “You idiot! These are not them. You’ve captured their stunt doubles!”

Seen either of the movies I reviewed? (If you saw Lockout in the theater, my condolences.) Any news spark your interest? Who would you celebrate in the blog hop? Get any of the music trivia right? Know any of the movie quotes? Think the Ninja spends too much time watching movies? Nah – never!


mooderino said...

I saw Lockout and lived to tell the tale. A very tedious, poorly made tale.


Unknown said...

Good choice in Medeia and Kathy, Alex. I don't know the other bloggers you have chosen, but what a sweet thing to do!

Heading over to look into the Monstrous Monday Blogfest.


Congrats to Donna, great trivial though I don't know the answers. Loved your film reviews.

Have a good day,

Old Kitty said...

I know no.2, I do, I do, I do!!! *Jumps up and down and waves hand frantically in the air* Oh yes!!!!

My ultimate favourite film - well one of them!! Yay!!!

Galaxy Quest!! Oh yes!!!!

We love Penny and Gary!!!! Take care

Gossip_Grl said...

Didn't see either movie, but thanks for the warning on Lockout. I'm not sure if it's available at Redbox yet.
#3 of the movie quotes Is from Ghostbusters! I remember #1, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the movie.

Donna Shields said...

Thankfully, I haven't seen either of them. I only got 2 of the 3 singers for Van Halen right, lol.

But, I'm definitely going to check out those blog hops.

Congrats to Donna!

DWei said...

I'd rather watch Lockout than any of the Twilight movies...

Unknown said...

Well, that's a film I won't be going to see :-( Thanks for all the info Alex. I'm definitely off to see the blog hop because I love Terri Giuliano Long...

stu said...

With the Joe Satriani question, it's worth pointing out that he also does vocal numbers on 'Joe Satriani' and 'Is There Love In Space'.

Tara Tyler said...

2, galaxy quest
3, ghostbusters and
4, john candy? uncle buck?
i remember the rest but cant think of movies!

thanks for reviews and love those bloggers!

shelly said...

I loved Uncle Buck. I got great ideas from that movie being a single mom of 5 daughters.

Hugs and chocolate,

shelly said...

I loved Uncle Buck. I got great ideas from that movie being a single mom of 5 daughters.

Hugs and chocolate,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Moody, I'm glad you survived.

CM, blogfest looks like fun!

Kitty, yes!!!!

Gossip Girl, you got it.

Dwei, it's close!

Stu, yeah, I decided to go for the album that had the most. No one got it right anyway.

Tara, yes!

Shelly, you got it.

Huntress said...

#1 ?
#2 one of my all-time faves. Galaxy Quest
#4 ARGGHH, its on the tip of my tongue.

#5 Spaceballs. Love love love John Hurt!!!

Thx for new bloggers to follow :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Not planning on seeing either of those! Love most of the people you listed - I'll have to meet the ones I don't know yet! :)

AuthorAlden said...

Glad I decided at the last minute not to see Lockout!

Your comedy trivia section is filled with precious moments from my childhood, haha.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the warning and for the advice :)

Rusty Carl said...

I saw Lockout... I kept turning to my wife and telling her to nod to me when they stopped trying to explain something technical - like how the space stations were about to crash - so I could unstop my ears. They did everything wrong in that movie... I mean everything.

I can't figure out why I liked it. Guy Pearce, I suppose.

Not sure about the trivia today... I see Galaxyquest and Ghostbusters for sure, but the rest aren't ringing any bells.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Okay, time to take Lockout off my "DVDs to watch" list. :) I might add that other one though - sounds intriguing.

And once again, don't know any of the trivia. Sigh. said...

Those quotes are hilarious. I wonder if they're as funny in context. I have no guesses.

Glad Pat was first on your list. He's been a long-time blog friend, and he's a gem.


Unknown said...

I love the bloggers you've mentioned. They're awesome. And thanks for listing some movies that are awful. Now I know not to watch them.

baygirl32 said...

1 ?
3 Ghostbuster
4 Uncle Buck
5 Spaceballs

kjmckendry said...

Thanks Alex for the nomination!! You made my day! :)

I don't know any of those Comedy Quotes, I'd better start watching more funny movies.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Ok, I recognized Ghost busters. i thought number 4 might be an austin powers film but now I'm doubting myself. Thanks for the movie reviews! don't think I'll be seeing either one of these though;)

Sean McLachlan said...

Thanks for the suggestion of YellowBrickRoad, I'll try and hunt it down in the fee remaining video stores we have left here in Spain.
That monster blog fest sounds cool! I have just the thing!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I'm a sad movie watcher! #3 Ghostbusters #4 Uncle Buck
The other three, I'm not sure, but they are so doggone familiar it's aggravating me!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Huntress, you got those.

JW, you were lucky!

Rusty, Pearce is the only reason I kept watching. And you got two right.

Madeleine, remove it at once!

Robyn, Pat is awesome.

Baygirl, got those right!

Kathy, you're welcome!

Katie, Ghostbusters is correct.

Sean, think you'd like it.

Elizabeth, you got two.

LD Masterson said...

Thanks for the reviews. I won't be watching either or those. Evidently, I don't watch enough movies in general. I came up blank on all the trivia questions, although I did recognize number three after I saw the answer in someone's comment. Pitiful.

Ted Cross said...

Better Off Dead, one of my favorite comedies ever!

jaybird said...

As usual, I agree with your movie reviews 100%

Looks like some really fun blog hops to check out too. I have so many bloggers I would want to celebrate, the list is long.

"Ray, next time someone asks you if you're a god, say yes!" Classic line from Ghostbusters!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

You're right about Guy Pearce's character: "That's why they call it a punchline, right?"

The only line I knew was #4 from UNCLE BUCK.

May your mid-week treat you well.

Miranda Hardy said...

I haven't seen either of those movies, but I wouldn't have been interested in lockout. I may rent the other one when it comes out on Netflix. Lol

I suck at trivia!

Juliana Haygert said...

Seriously? Baj, I was going to watch Lockout, now I won't LOL

Jeez, Alex, your trivia are HARD!!

Jack said...

I didn't get any of the music ones, I'm bad at music knowledge unless it is lyrics.

The movies ones, I don't think I know any of those either though I think I should know 2, maybe just because it sounds like Doctor Who. 4 sounds familiar too though.

ediFanoB said...

I really like your Trivias.

Thanks for the Music Trivia answers. At least I knew one Name: Ronnie James Dio.

Luanne G. Smith said...

So happy for Donna's good news. I know she worked hard to make her manuscript the best it could be.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and I watched Man on a Ledge the other night. It wasn't bad. Not great but entertaining.

Budd said...

See, now I have to see lockdown. I had forgotten it was even a thin until you reviewed it. Now I must find out for myself just how bad it is.

Haven't heard of Yellow Brick Road. will look for that one as well.

2. By Grabthor's Hammer that is Galaxy Quest
3. Ghost Busters
4. I should know this one.
5. Is that spaceballs?

LynnRush said...

Woot. I think we got some of those music trivia answers right. Yay!!!!!

I don't know comedies very well at all. You stumped me on these.

You can never watch too many movies!!!! LOL :)

Leovi said...

I love Joe Satriani.

Cate Masters said...

How did I miss Gary Cherone fronting Van Halen? I used to love Extreme.
Congrats to all on your news!

Brinda said...

Ahem..*cough, cough* I liked Lockout. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Donna!

Are LOCKOUT and YELLOW BRICK ROAD on Netflix? (it's blocked here at work so I can't check)

Movie trivia; now we're talking:
1. Better Off Dead. "Two dollars!"
2. Galaxy Quest.
3. Ghostbusters.
4. Uncle Buck. Classic.

Isis Rushdan said...

Good movie reviews. From the previews I expected so much more from Lockout, but I'm with Brinda-I liked it. Main reason was Guy Pearce.

PR said...

No such thing as watching too many movies! I had Lockout on my rental list, was undecided but will remove it now, thanks :P

StratPlayerCJF said...

Thanks for the movie reviews -- I'd made a point of avoiding 'Lockout' and I'm glad I did. But hadn't really heard of YellowBrickRoad. It sounds like something I'd get into.

But, Acckk!!!! I missed the music trivia post! Dang -- I could have answered some of those. However, the correct answer to #3 is actually : "Ronnie James Dio and some others who were never as good. But as long as Ritchie Blackmore was playing, it really didn't matter..."

So let's try the quotrivia:

1. Uhhh... No clue...

2. "Galaxy Quest" - fabulous movie!

3. Ghostbusters, of course.

4. Uncle Buck.

5. Lol! Spaceballs. It's a good thing you leaned on the 80's movies, lol! Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to guess so many. ;^)

Marta Szemik said...

I always like your movie reviews. I'm sure these ones will save me time and money. I'm really looking forward to "Looper" this fall. Looks like my kind of a movie.

PK HREZO said...

Well I'm glad to know about Knockout now before I waste my time. the trailer looks halfway decent. Oh well. Guy Pearce is still awesome.

Nancy Thompson said...

I'm so very happy for Donna. I didn't know Gary Cherone fronted VH. Somehow I missed those music questions. Guess I need more sleep. None of those lines sounds familiar either. You could never spend too much time watching movies! I love 'em!

Emily R. King said...

Love Medeia and Johanna. Two great bloggers!

Sherry Ellis said...

I wasn't planning on seeing any of those movies, but after your review of the first, I know I most definitely will not waste my time seeing it!

~Sia McKye~ said...

No, I haven't seen either of those movies. Hmm, I thinking I don't want to either. Hubs just watched The Hunger Games Monday night. Wasn't interested in seeing that one either. Yah, I'm like that. Selective.

Your quotes...I know #2 Galaxy Quest, and #3 (cause I've used that quote many a time, lol!) Ghostbusters. I've also seen the movie about 7 times. It cracks me up.


Carolyn V said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. I guess I won't be seeing either of those any time soon.

Is #2 Galaxy Quest? Loved that movie. So funny. #3 definitely Ghost Busters.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Now I have to rent Lockout Alex. You did your job too well! That Spaceballs quote is one of my favorites. Especially the Druish princess in a beard.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

How did Guy Pearce get associated with such a stinker like "Lockout"? Oh well, I guess I could ask the same for Halle Berry in "Catwoman."

The Yellow Brick Road movie though sounds like something I might enjoy with Halloween coming. I went to the jazz concert last night at Sugarhouse Coffee and felt the chill in the air. Despite the super hot summer, I can feel fall coming. Maybe that's because I live so close to the mountains.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yellow Brick Road sounds like the kind of weird movie I would love. Lockout...not so much...

Morgan said...

Ohhhh... that's awesome for Donna! Must go congratulate her! And I love Guy Pearce... He's one of those celebrity crushes I have. Can bone structure get any better than that???? ;)

Donna K. Weaver said...

I haven't seen either of those movies--on purpose, especially Lockdown.

As for you movie quotes, I know 2, 3, & 4. Love those films!

Suze said...

I can't believe I missed the music trivia!

For the movies, no. 1 is NUMBER ONE. That is my all-time favorite film and I am NOT ashamed to broadcast it. BETTER OFF DEAD!

No. 4 is 'Uncle Buck.'

Keep 'em comin', Alexo!

Suze said...

Also -- YAY, Medeia!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

Totally it's an inspiration... those are the best I know all but one... to the comedy banter... and of course Geddy Lee.

I leave you with a obscure trivia... Who played Aaron Boone/Cabal and one of his greatest roles he might be remembered for in the late 80's.

I will wait for my answer. Outstanding post as always.


Johanna Garth said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Alex! Yellow Brick Road looks creepy cool.

Anonymous said...

I watched YellowBrickRoad on Netflix. Your rec is spot on. The great film experience it is not, but still enjoyable as long as you're not expecting it to blow you out of the water.

Melissa said...

Woo! Hagaaarrrr! Fifty-one-fifty, baby. (Didn't expect that from me, did you? LOL)
I can't drive 55 either, Sammy. :P

Great post, Alex. You're good at writing reviews. ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ted, it's a classic!

Jaybird, yes it is!

Roland, you got one though.

Edi, you did indeed.

Charles, it was all right.

Budd, you got it!

Cate, Extreme was awesome in the day.

Joshua, you got them all. And yes, that's where I got both both movies.

Chris, Dio was the best, but like Turner as well. And you got four.

Nancy, it was only for one album, but he did.

Sia, you are correct!

Carolyn, right on both accounts.

Maurice, you remember it well.

Michael, guess he needed a paycheck. And we finally got cooler weather this week. Still not fall though...

Morgan, can't answer that.

Suze, you are correct, and more to come!

Jeremy, it was Nightbreed I believe. Craig Sheffer?

Johanna, you are welcome!

Mina Burrows said...

Lockout was bad? Ooh, I have to tell my man about that. Thx. :)

Go Donna!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Never got to see Lockout in theatres and now I'm glad I didn't. Yellow Brick Road looks scary awesome.Bloggers I'd celebrate include Cassie Mae, Kelley Lynn, and you Alex! We bloggers love you so much and thank you for all your support.

#3- “Ray, next time someone asks you if you’re a god, say yes!”
Is Ghostbusters! Love them!

Andrew Leon said...

See, I don't like Guy Pearce, so, um, yeah... I didn't want to see that anyway.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I already know some of the "celebrated bloggers," and look forward to meeting the others! Gary and Penny always put a smile on my face! Congrats to all! Julie

Rek Sesh said...

The movies stood interesting but most commenters seem to think otherwise.
I enjoyed the quotes...and nice to see Pat name on the CB list.
Congrats to all of them especially Donna Weaver.

Annalisa Crawford said...

3. Ghostbusters
5. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back maybe?

Tasha Seegmiller said...

It took my brain a minute to find the quote, but #1 is Better Off Dead. In my first apartment, anyone who wanted to date one of the roomies had to watch this movie. If they didn't laugh, they were out.

SpacerGuy said...

Monsterous Monday sounds like a great laugh Alex, I've signed up for the fun of it.

Arlee Bird said...

I've added YellowBrickRoad to my NetFlix queue. Sounds weird enough for me.

I'm signed up for Tim's "Monstrous Blogfest". Tim will be guest posting on the A to Z Blog next Monday.

Tossing It Out

Ali Cross said...

We felt the same way about Lockout. Big disappointment.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

You are Correct.. this is going to be tough... you are movie worldly...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Melissa, that made me laugh!

Sheena-kay, thank you!

Andrew, you really shouldn't watch it then.

Annalisa, you got the first one right.

Tasha, that is an awesome rule!

Lee, that's great!

Jeremy, been a while since I'd watched Nightbreed...

nutschell said...

I missed Lockout. Well, now I feel better :) Don't know if I'd want to watch Yellow Brick Road. I probably won't be able to sleep for weeks!


TS Hendrik said...

Lockout was disappointing to say the least. I was expecting cheesy, but was hoping for something on the level of Deep Rising. Instead it just sucked quietly.

Jennifer Lane said...

I used to love Mystery Science Theater 3000. Is that show still on?

I'll have to check out Yellow Brick Road when I'm feeling brave.

So glad you joined the blog hop, Alex.

Michelle Wallace said...

I'm convinced that you are the "maestro of movie-watching"... and those blog hops sound great!
Congrats to Donna!

Jennie Bennett said...

I hadn't even heard of Lockout but now I'll be certian to run at the sight of it. I don't know any of those movie quotes but wherever they're from they sound hilarious!

Christine Rains said...

You've intrigued me with your description of the Yellow Brick Road. I'll have to see if it's on Netflix.

Hildie McQueen said...

Thanks Alex, two movies I will be skipping! Too bad you lost a couple of hours there! LOL

Patsy said...

I didn't get any music ones but undeterred I'll try the film quotes. Is No 1 from Shaun of the Dead?

Unknown said...

Im so glad that when I saw the Trailers for this movie I decided not to see it.

Heather Murphy said...

Very nice choices for celebrated bloggers

M Pax said...

I like weird. I may have to check out Yellow Brick Road.

I think quote #2 comes from Galaxy Quest.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nutschell, you're lucky you missed it.

TS, if it had been like Deep Rising, it would have been fun.

Jennifer, the guys now do Riff Trax. You should check out their site.

Christine, prepare to be disturbed.

Zack, wise decision.

Mary, you are correct!

D.G. Hudson said...

Haven't seen any new movies, but have recently watched all the Harry Potter movies at someone else's request. I liked the darker aspects of the later movies.

Chocolate blogfest made me want chocolate.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I only recognise Ghostbusters and Spaceballs.

Now I want to check out Lockout just for the laugh! lol.

Anonymous said...

Please share with us how you manage to write, blog, visit everyone's blog, watch LOTS of movies, and learn so much trivia?!? We bow down to you, Ninja Captain Alex--Hahaha

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Lockout sounds like a real stinker!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

You have some awesome bloggers listed in your blog celebration section! (waves....)

klahanie said...

Hey Alex,
I followed the "YellowBrickRoad" over to your site. A bunch of Munchkins kept singing in my ear and some dog named "Toto", (not to be be confused with the band of the same name who were, at one time, the back up musicians to Boz Scaggs), kept yapping in my ear.
Anyway, you my illustrious friend, were an obvious choice to be included in Jennifer Lane's "Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop".
I note you have very kindly put up your own bloggers celebration. I'm flattered that you would mention Penny the Jack Russell dog and me, her mere human, in such a list of notable bloggers. So much respect to them and to you.
Oh, before I go, I saw Gary Numan and "Tubeway Army" at a concert in Vancouver in 1979. I have been spaced out ever since! :)
Thanks again for noting us. Much appreciated.
Your starstruck fan, Gary

Karen Baldwin said...

It's official! I'm brain dead. Don't know any of the trivia answers. Help! I need a transplant.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I only recognized one of the bloggers you mentioned, so I'm heading off to check out the others.

And no, I never know any of your trivia answers...I obviously don't watch enough movies or listen to enough rock.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lynda, you are correct. And more cringing than laughing...

Jamie, I can't reveal my Ninja secrets!

Gary, did not know they were backup musicians to Scaggs. You and Penny are most welcome. Many today have seconded my choice!

Patricia, no one watches or listens as much as me...

farawayeyes said...

Know absolutely NONE of the trivia. Of course, I had to start the day at 5AM today, so I don't know much, right about now.

Do know Donna Weaver and am terribly excited for her.

Pat Tillett said...

Hey! Thanks so much Alex. I truly appreciate the nice words. I'll make sure to check the others you mentioned.

I think I'll be passing on Lockout, but YellowBrickRoad looks to be something I'll enjoy. Much good stuff and info on this post. Do you ever sleep?

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Surprise, I don't know any answers of the movie trivia. I was thinking of renting Lockout so you saved me a few dollars.
I like the idea of the Favorite monster fest.

Author A.O. Peart said...

Doesn't look like these two movies will make it to my to-watch-list.

Golden Eagle said...

I'd cross Locked off my list, but this is the first I've heard of it so no change. Sorry to hear it was such a bad movie!

Great bloggers to celebrate!

DMS said...

I haven't seen either of the movies- though Yellow Brick Road sounds intriguing. Congrats on the award. Great quotes! I think at least one of them is from Space Balls- but I could be wrong. Once I thought of that movie- they all seemed like they could be from that one. lol.

Chuck said...

I heard Lockout was not good, which usually does NOT stop me from seeing a movie, so I guess this one is all action and no brains?? Yellowbrick Road does sounds interesting though.

I agree that Johanna's trip through NYC was pretty doggoned well reported.

And of course as I am behind in my reading I read the trivia answers before I read the post with the questions!! The movie quotes all sound familar but I know none of them off the top of my head!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Pat, you're welcome! And I do sleep. Really.

Susan, skip Lockout!

Jess, you are right.

Chuck, just skip Lockout. Watch YellowBrickRoad though. Real mind-mess.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Amazing Alex, how do you always have so much going on at your blog? I love to visit, but it's so hard to keep up.

Thanks for all you do,

Nicole said...

Yay! I got most of the trivia answers. Any post that mentions Van Halen, Rainbow and Rush all in the same breath is awesome. ;)

Unknown said...

I'm excited I actually know 2 of the quotes (and not from reading above comments)! Ghostbusters and Spaceballs (the flamethrower!). I never get these.

Helena said...

I'm not into weird so I won't be seeing YellowBrickRoad. As for Lockout (which I'll be sure to skip) -- why does Hollywood make bad movies when I've been told (by a couple insiders) that there are wonderful unproduced scripts floating around? Maybe the suits are afraid of originality and so they stick to movies that are copies of earlier ones.

Denise Covey said...

I loved you celebrating such great bloggers!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll watch Yellow Brick Road anyway because I absolutely adore horror. I love it to death. It's probably my favorite genre. I'm a horror junkie. (SIDE EFFECTS include bad dreams, odd sleep paterns, slight paranoia, morbid imagination, and disturbing level of desensitization).

Cally Jackson said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. I've noted them both down as movies NOT to see. As for the movie trivia, it's a big fat dunno from me! :-)

Anonymous said...

I want to see Yellow Brick Road.

Thank you for listing me under the celebration. :) It made my day.

Unknown said...

Yellow Brick Road sounds pretty creepy :)

From those quotes I know Ghostbusters, Spaceballs and one is another Bill Murray movie (I think). Man, I'm bad at these!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Monti, it's because so much is happening in the blog world!

Nicole, you rock!!!

Michael, good for you! Tried to select some easier ones this time.

Helena, I think you guessed right - they are playing it safe.

Avantika, it was a decent movie.

Medeia, you are welcome!

Jamie, correct. Now get out there and watch more movies!

Nicki Elson said...

I'm in on the Monster Hop. :D I know I've heart that chewing line but couldn't tell you the movie. The other lines are so funny - especially #5. And #1.

Hope the next movies you see are more fun for ya.

Lydia Kang said...

too bad about that movie, because I really like Guy Pearce!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Better Off Dead - love that movie.

The monster blogfest sounds fun.

Karen Lange said...

Okay, not feeling particularly bright today. The only answer I know is the movie trivia #4 - Uncle Buck.

Thanks for all the links!

Terri Giuliano Long said...

Thank you so much for taking part, Alex! What a great list!

My best,

Helen Ginger said...

Alex, you are so much more hip than I am. See, just using the word "hip" shows how un-hip I am.

Leovi said...

Thanks for warning us about Lockout

Hart Johnson said...

Yellow Brick Road looks good--I love that spooky strange tension instead of full on gore. And thanks for the news updates!

Southpaw said...

Okay, I hadn't heard of either of these flicks. I'll pass on the first, but I'm still debating on the second.

Unknown said...

Very late to this party, had some full time job search things to take care of.

Love Johanna's blog and will be checking out these other amazing people.


1. Drawing a big fat blank LOL
2. Galaxy Quest
3. Ghostbusters
4. Uncle Buck
5. Spaceballs

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll have to check those movies out.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nicki, you'll find out tomorrow.

Diane, you are correct.

Karen, excellent!

Terri, thanks for hosting!

Helen, at least you didn't say groovy.

Hart, you'd like it!

Melissa, you got four.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Congrats to Donna! Way to go bloggers! And thanks for the movie reviews and the ever entertaining trivia. Always learn something here.

Luna said...

I did see Lockout recently and thought it was okay, but definitely not one I'd like to see again. I'm curious about Yellow Brick Road.

Ellie Garratt said...

I will probably watch Lockout because Guy Pearce is in it - I think he's a underrated actor. Yellow Brick Road looks awesome!

Bryan Russell said...

Ghostbusters! Spaceballs! Two of my all-time favourites.

Shallee said...

#2-- GalaxyQuest is one of my favorite comedies EVER. And so is #3, Ghostbusters, and #5, Spaceballs.

I haven't seen the movies you reviewed, but I agree with you that Guy Pearce is amazing. I love his roles even in not-so-great shows.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Debra, I am to inform and amuse!

Ellie, be prepared for suckage.

Bryan, you got it!

Jocelyn Rish said...

I thought the previews for Lockout looked pretty questionable, so I think I'll stay away. But I'm never heard of Yellow Brick Road. Sounds like my kind of movie, so I'm off to add it to my Netflix queue - thanks!

Cherie Reich said...

I haven't seen those movies. In fact, I haven't even heard of the second one.

SC Author said...

Don't know those quotes, but they are hilarious :) sign of awesome dialogue!

Julie Flanders said...

I feel so pathetic, I have no clue on any of these quotes.

Totally cracked up about Lockout, I had heard it was bad but it must have been unreal LOL.

Congratulations to Donna!

RaShelle Workman said...

Alex - I haven't seen either of the movies.

As to the quotes, they're hilarious, but can't tell where any of them are from. #fail.

Fun though. =)

Tina said...

Movie quoting is an Olympic sport in our family and I'm sad to say I know none of those. However, while on bed rest I've been watching chick flix alternating with classic sci-fi, and ALL the available seasons of Big Bang Theory.
#1 reminds me of, "Yes, I know the rules. Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means go REALLY fast." Can you (or Mr. Zombie) name that one?
Visited Terri. Mentioned my Ninja love and my Gary love. Probably won't be able to participate...too far behind.
Tina @ Life is Good

klahanie said...

Hey Alex,
My human friend, because I'm in a generous mood, I've decided to leave you another comment.
I've had a chat with several of my adoring animal fans and they concur, for a human, you are well cool.
Pawsitive wishes from me, yes me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!

Ciara said...

I haven't seen either movie. Great list of bloggers!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jocelyn, just stay away from Lockout...

Julie, it was laughably bad.

Tina, that would be Starman!

Penny, thank you, and you are UBER cool!

mshatch said...

Damn, I consider myself a bit a movie buff but I only know #3, which is Ghostbusters, of course!

alexia said...

Yellow Brick Road sounds scary! Did that premise happen in real life? Creepy.

Elephant's Child said...

Hi, I followed you home via Penny the Modest Internet Star and your kind comment on my blog. And remember a guest post that you did at Kathy Oliffe-Websters blog. You are much loved (followed) and I can certainlly see why. I will return (someone already said that but I forget who).

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

MsHatch, that's one though!

Alexia, no, but it sounds plausible, doesn't it?

Elephant Child, thank you! Yes, i did a post for Cathy a while back. She and Gary are both awesome.

The Happy Whisk said...

Wow, I don't know any of those answers. My goodness.

Ella said...

Thanks for the movie warnings! I love Guy Pierce! I am thankful he carried the movie, but sad it wasn't good!

Oh, no the Ninja does not spend too much time watching movies~ I am so behind on my movie watching! I need a rainy weekend to play catch up!

Angela McCallister said...

I have to say YellowBrickRoad sounds like just the kind of terrible horror movie I'd watch. Sorry--the cheesier, the better. Well, except nothing beats the Evil Dead movies, lol.

I can't answer the movie trivia 'cause, ya know, I saw the answers above already. I've seen all of those movies, too, but I could only place three of them. Wow, I haven't watched anything on tv or the big screen in ages. Thought I'd give the Dresden Files a try, but someone told me they're quite different from the books, and I'm addicted to those books :)

Will definitely check out your blogger buddies, Alex!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Alex, thanks for the link back!

I got a really boost in sign-ups after this appeared, so thanks to all of you as well.

This is the first blohhop/fest (What is the proper word here??) I have run. I have been wanting to run one now for a while.

I am a LOOONG way away from the ninja skillz of Alex here, but I am learning! ;)

Thanks everyone.

The Other Side

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Whisk, that's all right!

Ella, I accept that as permission to keep watching.

Angela, it's a mind bend.

Tim, glad you got a lot of new participants! The blogfest Monday will be my seventh solo one. I've also co-hosted three or four.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I don't get out much. Don't know any of the answers. But I do know Gary and Penny the modest internet star. Too kewl, I actually know someone famous.

klahanie said...

Aha, I see the adorable Joylene has left a comment. Yes indeed, Joylene knows me, yes me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!
Yes Joylene, you can have my autograph!
With that, I shall now go for a well deserved snooze....

Kimberly Gabriel said...

Voted on Goodreads and Tasha was right... loved your answer about your wife. ;) Have a great weekend!

Lisa Regan said...

Hey, I know one! # 3 is Ghostbusters!

Unknown said...

I haven't seen either of those movies, thanks for the reviews. The only movie quote I knew was number 5, Spaceballs... One of my favorites :)