Friday, August 31, 2012

Ninja News, Movie Trivia, and Giving up Blogging

Jeff Hargett at Strands of Pattern has been featuring an August is Awesome series. And guess what? I have a guest post with Jeff today! Jump over to Strands of Pattern for my take on blogging.

Ninja News!

Don’t forget, next Wednesday is post day for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.
Prayers for Roland Yeomans and others who live in and around New Orleans.

Big thank you to Jeremy Bates for his awesome review of CassaFire!

I was tagged by Michael Offutt for the Be Inspired meme. I think this is the third time I’ve been tagged. As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t do memes, but I will answer one of the questions:
Tell us anything that might pique our interest in your book.
CassaStorm - Twenty years have passed, and now Byron's struggles include intergalactic war, ancient aliens, and his own son.
Yeah, that last one really messes with his head. Heck, it would mess with MY head!

With Labor Day on Monday, I won’t be posting until next Wednesday. But the Ninja will be lurking…

More Ninja answers:

From Rusty Webb - How about, what's your hat size? No, that's too lame of a question. I need something more grand. What's your favorite Flinstone? Still no. Lessee, could you ever dunk a basketball?
Hat size – no idea. Favorite Flintstone – Betty. Dunk a basketball – yes!

From Karen Walker - And yes, I'd love to learn a bit more about Alex, the man. What I know so far is so wonderful.
Thank you, Karen! Well, to keep in line with the wonderful part, I’ll tell you that I adore my wife. She is smarter, sexier, and more amazing now than the day I met her. I am one lucky dude.

Giving up Blogging

Recently I saw a post about bloggers quitting due to negative response. They were book bloggers, dealing with angry authors, trolls, and a general dissatisfaction with what they were doing.

The question – have you ever thought about quitting?

While this Ninja has thought about the day I won’t be able to maintain the same pace I do now, I’ve never thought about quitting. And not just because I’m an author with at least one more book in me.

I refuse to quit on my blogger buddies.

Why you keep coming here, I don’t know. But you do! And to quote the original Spiderman – “With much power comes much responsibility.”

Why do I continue to blog? Because of YOU.

Some of you go through things that just amaze me. You persevere. You don’t give up. And eventually, you succeed.

I want to be here when you succeed. To share your triumphs with the world. And since the Ninja Army is so huge now, I know I can share it with a lot of people.

This blog long ago ceased being about me. It’s about YOU. Someone this week commented that I was Superman and that I needed to reveal Clark Kent. But neither really matters. What matters to me is YOU.

I never set out to be an author. I never thought I’d have an online presence, let alone that it would grow to its current state. I am humbled by the amount of people who leave comments here every week. You keep me going. You make me want to do better. You are a great blessing in my lfe.

So this is to let you know, this Ninja is NOT quitting!

Movie Trivia!

Two actors – name the movie!

1 – Sylvester Stallone – John Lithgow

2 – Kevin Costner – Gene Hackman (two answers)

3 – John Cleese – Jamie Lee Curtis

4 – Emma Thompson – Andy Garcia

5 – Andrew Dice Clay – Wayne Newton

6 – Alec Baldwin – James Earl Jones

Ready for the IWSG? Have you been tagged? Know the answers to the movie trivia? And have you ever thought about quitting? What keeps you going?

Don’t forget to visit Strands of Pattern!


The Angry Lurker said...

1 – Sylvester Stallone – John Lithgow

2 – Kevin Costner – Gene Hackman (two answers)
No way out and Wyatt Earp?

3 – John Cleese – Jamie Lee Curtis
A Fish called Wanda.

4 – Emma Thompson – Andy Garcia
Dead Again?

5 – Andrew Dice Clay – Wayne Newton
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

6 – Alec Baldwin – James Earl Jones
The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games?

I have thought about one day being unable to blog as much due to a new job but not quitting unless I'm dead!

Suzanne Furness said...

So glad you're not quitting, Alex. I believe you keep us all going with your encouragment and support. Who doesn't like seeing they have a comment from the Ninja in their inbox!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Emma Thompson and Andy Garcia were in a movie together?! That seems really random.

There are times when I feel like I need to take a blogcation, but I can't picture quitting blogging--or definitely not for the reasons that the book bloggers were giving.

J.C. Martin said...

Thoughts going out to those in New Orleans. Hopefully what the forecasts say are true, that this one will nowhere be as bad as Katrina.

Have never considered quitting blogging. Slowing down, yes. Taking a hiatus (for assorted reasons), yes. But totally giving up? No! My experiences in the blogging world have been nothing but positive, and I'm sure I have my blogger buddies to thank for this! :)

mooderino said...

My blog is very specific so I imagine one day I'll just run out of things to say. I won't quit though, I'll start putting up pictures of kittens. Probably make the blog a lot more popular.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lurker, you're good - nailed the trivia. And I share your sentiment!

Suzanne, thank you!

Elizabeth, they were in a movie together. And I'm sure you read the same post about the book bloggers quitting.

JC, Amen to that!

Brinda said...

A son??! What! Thanks for the teaser.

farawayeyes said...

Definitely one of the good guys, you are.

Cindy said...

I could never imagine you quitting.

Rick Daley said...

I barely post on my blog as it is. Quitting would be too much of an effort.

Rusty Carl said...

I think about quitting blogging all the time. Mostly because I can't seem to dedicate the time and energy to it that it deserves. Of course, I never want to, but I don't have much free time to do anything. More blogging means less writing, less artsy things. But I get something intangible out of blogging - aside from the relationships - that makes me persevere.

Thanks for the the answers to the burning questions I asked. I don't shy away from the hard ones.

Angela Brown said...

Keeping the people of New Orleans in my thoughts.

Trivia - I'm such a fail in this area that I'll humbly defer to the experts

To quote Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates. Y' never know what y' gonna ge-et." And it seems that is one way blogging has turned out for you, Alex. You started blogging and have grown into a Ninja Army Captain. You've impressed many of us with your giving heart and kept the army going strong. Thank you for all you do.

Karen Baldwin said...

Phew! Glad you're not quitting. Hmm? Next time I feel like slacking, I'm going to think: would Alex give up on me? NO! I need you Have a wonderful weekend.

LynnRush said...

1. Cliffhanger
3. Fish Called Wanda
Boy, I couldn't get any of the other ones. these were great!

Quitting? Nope. Never. I love blogging. While I don't command anything near the ninja army, I sure do have fun with it. Love chatting up movies, book, music and.... well, whatever comes to mind. :) It's super fun. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely words Alex, you don't realize but you are the lynch pin in this blogging community. Without you, this blogging world would be an empty place indeed.

I also hope those suffering the storm in New Orleans are doing okay, my thoughts are with them too!

Jessica Bell said...

I can't imagine you ever quitting blogging. I think you'll be blogging from your grave! lol :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Moody, go for the kittens!

Brinda, that would be my reaction as well!

Rick, that made me laugh.

Rusty, it is the intangibles.

Aw, thank you Angela.

Leigh, I'll keep you going.

Lynn, that's why I enjoy your blog!

Thank you, CM.

Bryan Russell said...

I blog mostly just because I like doing it. I don't worry too much about readers or schedules or an online presence. I like doing the blog and I like the friends I've met blogging. That's pretty much it. Gotta keep things simple.

Elise Fallson said...

The title of the meme fits you very well because you inspire people, more than you know. Glad you're not quitting. My thoughts also go out to Roland and folks out in the New Orleans area.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I'm like you. I often think about my blogging time slowly evaporating. But I never see it fully disappearing. It's become too valuable to me as a writer and as a person. Interacting with like-minded peeps keeps me going, and I continue to learn a ton.

Robyn Campbell said...

I could never imagine you quitting anything, Alex. I have to admit that the hackers almost made me give up. But I won't let them win! Praying for Roland and everyone else who was in the path of the hurricane. Loved your answers. Betty was cool, but I loved Barney best! :-)

Arlee Bird said...

I think about quitting blogging sometimes and then I quit thinking about it. I'm not sure how long blogging will be in my future, but it may not always be to the extent that I do it now.

A Faraway View

Sangu Mandanna said...


I've never thought about quitting blogging, because I love it too much, but I have (and do still) thought about cutting back to maybe once a week. I feel like I run out of things to say and I don't want my posts to become half-hearted.

Laura Eno said...

I think that you gave the Energizer Bunny lessons!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Of course, you shouldn't quit blogging, you're great at it.

Your fans would miss you.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

I really enjoyed your post today, Alex, and I'm up early on the Internet so my comment is in the first 50, yay! Love what you say about your wife. I'm sure that she feels pretty lucky too. Totally agree about not quitting because of all those people who stop by my blog when it doesn't seem to matter, and yet they do, and leave comments that keep me going. Although I have cut back, posting only once every 5 to 7 days, when I used to post 3 or 4 times a week. Too bad about book bloggers quitting. We need more book review blogs. Want to start one LOL?

Anonymous said...

I have quit blogging several times. I think I'm on my 8th blog. Before when I blogged, I tried to be too structured, something that doesn't work for me. I think I'll last this time around because I'm not worried about blogging on certain days or specific topics. For me, those things cause burnout. And you are right, blogging should not be about the blogger but the blogger's audience. :)

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I never know the movie trivia - I was just excited this time to know most of the actors names!

I can't imagine quitting blogging. I've almost been at it a year and it has changed my life.

fairbetty said...

It seems to me that if the trolls are getting the best of someone they need more of this awesome blogging community to help them get through it to the other side! I'm glad you're not quitting, Alex. When I saw your post title I got a worry wrinkle on my forehead, but it's gone now. :)

Your movie trivia is HARD today! I think I only know the Hunt for Red October out of all of those!

Luanne G. Smith said...

I've thought about quitting the blog, but I enjoy the interaction with my friends too much. I have some of the funniest friends on the internet, I swear. They make me laugh all the time. Who'd want to give that up? said...

Byron has a son now? Is he single, Alex?

I've noticed a dip in blogging - respsonse-wise and in terms of my own energy. But that never happens at your site. I don't ever want to quit, though sometimes I need a break.


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I enjoy blogging and don't see stopping any time soon. Hopefully, others enjoy my blog, too! :)

I don't know how you do all that you do, Alex, but I'm glad you do and I enjoy coming over and visiting and reading (even if I rarely get any of the trivia questions right!)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jessica, that could be fun!

Elise, thanks.

Karen, thanks for you prompt!

Robyn, never let them win.

Lee, you have so many blogs and the Challenge - that would exhaust me!

Laura, that made me laugh!

Thanks, Karen. And sure, give me ten extra hours to read, and I could do that.

Linda, exactly. Hope you're here to stay this time.

Elisabeth, no worries!

LG, no one.

Robyn, I'm trying my best to maintain and entertain. And sorry, Byron is not single!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

maybe i am wrong... but isn't there a film called "fierce creatures" the sequel of sorts to "a fish called wanda"...

i have thought about the blogging thing and it's future for me... i the start i was running 10 to 12 blogs to see what worked best... now down to three of my favorites. two have changed drastically on format and the other is the same, just visually different. I have learned to stretch my imagination and you all have kept coming, evolution is a great thing... as for stopping, like a good dj knows if they aren't dancing it's time to change the music.

and in case you didn't know here are my sites. wink!

Horror Blogger Alliance
Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine:

i am never short or promoting..
have a great day!


Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I have thought about quitting blogging before. I worry I don't do a good enough job keeping up with everyone. But I love it! I love reading people's posts and finding out what's going on with everyone. So I won't be quitting any time soon. I'll just keep posting sporadically, and hopping around to visit others when I can. :)

Unknown said...

I know you would never quit on us, Alex, but I do love all the reasons you've given and that is what makes you one the very best out there. :)

Movie trivia...I can't think this morning. LOL

I've given the IWSG a shout out today and I can't believe it's the last day of August already. Where has the summer gone?

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Old Kitty said...

I am feeling such Ninja love!!

3) A Fish called Wanda and Fierce Creatures!

That's it! LOL!! Take care

Anonymous said...

I've given up on blogs before. Not the current one, though. I imagine the pace slowing in the future, but it's better this time around. I think it's the people that come by.

1. Cliffhanger
2. Wyatt Earp for sure. Not sure about the other.
3. A Fish Called Wanda and Fierce Creatures.
4. Dead Again?
5. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (since that's the only title I can think of that Dice did).
6. The Hunt for Red October.

PR said...

Phew glad your not quitting! I find it too much fun, I love getting to know people and sharing the love.

No 3 is something to do with a fish, but that's all I know (this is not good!):)

Pat Hatt said...

Lurker beat me to the movies but yeah I agree. Never will quit until I'm dead or my arms are chopped off, something like that haha

Tyrean Martinson said...

Alex - I read your title and thought, "NO WAY! Alex can't quit!!!" So I'm really glad you aren't! Thank you for being the awesome, encouraging presence that you are!
I keep going because of all the other awesome bloggers out there.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Meaning all the bloggers other than me . . .

shelly said...

I'm holding out that you're the Santa Claus of the blogosphere.

Hugs and chocolate,

Miranda Hardy said...

I'm happy you wouldn't consider quitting. I saw a post today about someone leaving blogging and it saddened me.

I may not post as often, but I'm always lurking. I enjoy reading accomplishments and I love celebrating among many.

Have a great weekend!

Gossip_Grl said...

On bloggers quitting, I have looked at the trollers as bully's and have had my share since mid April. I have had less since turning off anonymous comments. I also once had an author crucify me for something I had written. If blogging is something that person wanted to do, then if they quit, the bully's win. You always inspire everyone to follow those dreams.

Kimberly Gabriel said...

I cant decide which part of this post is my favorite - your reasons for not quitting blogging or the part where you talk about your wife....I do love what you say about your wife... ;)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

You can't quit. We won't let you.

Quitting has crossed my mind a few times. Cutting back for a while usually cures that.

Jack said...

I've read places too of bloggers quitting. Of course, having people drag all your hard work down can't be easy, but it seems that it should give one even more reason to keep going.
I'm glad to know you won't be quitting 8-).

Goody, glad I have someone to update twitter when I die. Something about frightening my followers on there amuses me, probably the lack of sleep.

I'm rubbish at actors, but I've this feeling I should know some of the movies. Especially the last.

Juliana Haygert said...

I love the way you talk about your wife. So amazing. I bet she's a lucky lady too ;)

I never thought about quitting blogging, but I do think there will be a time when it won't be so interesting anymore, and the posts will be more sparse. Maybe I'll follow your example and make my blog about my writer friends ;)

Yolanda Renée said...

I think about giving up daily -- this week -- hourly.
My heart will let me know when it's over -- literally!

Leovi said...

Well over ten years ago I quit smoking, it is a matter of intending and convince.

cleemckenzie said...

There's always so much to respond to on your blog. Let me just catch the highlights. You're guest post: I'll pop over and say hi. The hurricane: I'll add my concern for everyone's safety. I'm skipping the trivia because, well because I'm terrible at that.

As to quitting: Yes, I've thought about it. But I haven't. I do think it's good to take breaks. Just as in everything you need a change once in a while. I believe there's a commandment about that.

Lisa Regan said...

I can't think of the trivia answers although I probably know them. My brain is mush this week! I am glad you're not quitting. I've never considered it although sometimes I am hard-pressed to find time to do it but I always make time because I love connecting with so many other awesome, talented and inspiring writers!

Cherie Reich said...

I'm ready for IWSG, and I was tagged in the Be Inspired. :)

When I had one blog follower for quite a few months, I did consider quitting, but I'm glad I didn't. I'm with you that being there for everyone else keeps me going.

Suze said...

No. 3 -- A Fish Called Wanda.

Have a great weekend, Superman.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I'm sad when good blogs go under because of online jerks with a hole so vast inside them they need to attack others just to feel something. As for me I have never thought about quitting. I have finally accomplished having a blog with people like me who love writing, actually write and are helpful and friendly and FUN. No one's taking that from me. Translate: If anyone tries to - I WILL FIND YOU. No one's stealing my blogging joy. You can count on that.

Read Strand of Pattern interview and you're right that there's no one secret to successful blogging. And I too am not one who you'll see filling my blog daily with writing tips. Sorry not my niche. Supporting others is truly a big part of blogging and I think your interview gave some really great tips.

Back to commenting on what's posted here. Yes IWSG is coming up. YAY! Also I planned on discussing about blogs closing down and what can be done to stop these cowardly bullies from scaring off fellow bloggers off the web. Hope you'll be there on Monday to see my post. It was inspired earlier this week when I saw one of my fave blogs close down due to negative comments and being terrorized.

I'll also send a prayer for those in and around New Orleans. Nice, using a meme to do a little promotion. You piqued my curiousity. Have a good weekend and break. You're the only ninja allowed to lurk near by blog anytime. To the rest I have a bat nicknamed Jessica and a frying pan. Back up!

Thanks for supporting Playlist Week. I had to post yesterday's playlist last night and will post the new one later today.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Madeline, I'm here for your amusement!

Jeremy, you are correct about that film. And I can't imagine running that many blogs.

Rachel, never quit!

Thank you, Melissa.

Kitty, very good!

Joshua, you're good!

Pat, you are serious!

Tyrean, I wouldn't quit on you.

Gossip, exactly - bullies shouldn't win.

Thanks, Kimberly.

Miss Jack, happy to scare your Twitter followers when you're gone.

Juliana, that would be great!

Lee, thou shall refresh thyself?

Cherie, you have a lot more now!

Suze, you got it.

Unspoken said...

I have no idea on movies ;(. YES! I have stopped blogging, but I always miss the small community of bloggers I have met here. It's funny how these social networking sites do create a cool relationship and you care about the people you visit! It's under my skin and I'm glad it is :).

Anonymous said...

Alex, you are everything that is right about blogging! Glad you're not quitting, though I think you have a few thousand people who wouldn't let you. :) You can run but you can't hide...

Summer Ross said...

I have no clue about the movies- I'm really not good with actor's names. LOL

So much is happening. I wont be able to do the IWSG posts because I haven't had time, but I'll look forward to reading a few when i get the chance.

One of the authors I edit had to evacuate because of Hurricane Isaac, I'm waiting patiently for her to e-mail me again and let me know she is alright. Natural disasters scare me.
I hope you have a great Friday Alex.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I like your answer to the one question in the meme. It tells me that you will be writing more books in this universe only this time, it will be with Byron's son (I see through you!) LOL I love it.

As far as quitting goes? I use my blog as an outlet for communication that I lack in my daily life. So until my daily/social life starts to pick up, I will most likely be chatting about all the things I want to chat about. So I really can't see myself quitting.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sheena-kay, that is a great description of online jerks. Thanks for reading my guest post. I'm not posting Monday, but I will be lurking to catch your post.

She Writes, and we are glad to have you back.

Thanks, Liz!

Summer, hope she's all right. I still haven't heard back from Roland.

Michael, I could. Especially as another twenty-year jump makes Byron a little too old to be running around the galaxy. And your answer for not quitting made me laugh!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Alex, my blog is so writing specific that I am sure one day I will run out of topics,, but I hope I won't quit.

Finally, I saw your picture :)

I have been calling you a superhero from ages. People are just waking up to that fact now.

Sherry Ellis said...

I'm definitely glad you're not quitting! Why do people come here? Well first of all, you're so nice, second, you help promote others, third, it's an interesting blog! So there.

Now I'm going to head over to your guest blog post. Have a great weekend!

Jeff Hargett said...

Just wanted to say thanks for being my guest today, Alex! The post is proof of your awesomeness. (As if the daily flood of comments you receive wasn't proof already.)

Sad news about the hurricane and bloggers quitting. I've not considered quitting, but have considered adding a "How Busy I Am This Week" gadget to explain my delays at making my blogging rounds on occasion. LOL

And I always love hearing guys talk about how much they love their wives. There's comfort in knowing that I'm not the only guy around still head over heels in love after almost three decades.

Morgan said...

The comment about your wife made me all fluttery inside ;) Nothing better than seeing such strong unity in a marriage!!!!!!

And Alex, your perspective and priorities are so "there." Right where they're supposed to be--and it's such an inspiration. And the thing is, we come back because of YOU. You're one of those magnet people--where you make all of us feel like we're your best friend. These kind of people are rare, but they attract others!

And it's a good thing you won't be quitting! Because if you did, it would throw the universe out of whack!

Anonymous said...

I've experienced trolls and spiteful commenters and while they have made me feel upset I enjoy being able to delete thier comments and forgetting about them so Have I ever thought about quitting? Nope never, because the number of positive supportive comments outweighs the others.
I had worse experiences managing forums where members would go off into spiteful cliquey groups in private emails and then effectively put other members on the forums into coventry, which I found much more insidious/ more akin to bullying.

I like your meme tag answer.
The JOhn Cleese answer is Clockwise? Is the Emma Thompson one Tall Guy?

Carrie-Anne said...

Wednesday is going to be my first IWSG, after thinking about signing up for a long time.

I'm not quitting blogging, but starting in September, I am going to only post on the days of my weekly bloghops, and for other bloghops, blogfests, and contests as they come up. It's just not worth all the time and effort I put into writing and editing posts on my own topics if I get such low traffic and an even lower percentage of comments. I'm glad I wrote a lot of those posts, even if it was only for myself, but the point of writing them online and not in your own paper journal is to connect with people and have a dialogue. If no one is interested enough to respond, I'm not going to write on my off days.

randi lee said...

I'll admit...I've thought about quitting a few times, but I haven't because I have a message and I want to share it, no matter how big or small my hit rate may be. I think we as bloggers should support one another (which is why I love IWSG) and applaud you for inspiring others to keep at it.

nutschell said...

Quitting has never crossed my mind. I don't know if it's because I'm just stubborn and pic-headed, or if it's because I love writing/blogging too much to quit. :S


Johanna Garth said...

No plans to quit and I love the sweet, sweet relationship you have with your wife. Every time you talk about her it makes me smile.

LD Masterson said...

I hate getting here late on trivia day. Can't help but see the answers as I'm scrolling to the bottom of the comments so answering now feels like cheating. But definitely knew the John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis had done two movies. Actually the whole Wanda crew got together for Fierce Creature but the magic didn't strike a second time.

I'm glad you're not thinking of quitting. The blogosphere needs its Ninja.

Andrew Leon said...

I can see that I need to think of some really good question... hmm...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Rachna, thank you!

Thank YOU, Jeff! And yeah, I adore my wife.

Morgan, I don't want to disrupt the universe!

Madeleine, the forum sounds awful. And sorry, not the answers.

Carrie-Anne, glad you're on board!

Randi Lee, the support is important.

Johanna, I like to make people smile.

LD, no it didn't work for Fierce Creatures at all!

Empty Nest Insider said...

I'll head over to Jeff's over the weekend! So glad our fearless leader will continue to guide us! Have a great weekend Alex! Julie

Li said...

I can see where a constant stream of negativity, or spamming, or hackers might drive someone to just quit. What a shame. I consider myself blessed and fortunate that I've had very few problems - and "fell" into a wonderful group of bloggers from my very first week. Thank you, Alex, and all of you other warm and supportive people! :-)

Julie Dao said...

I love how you write about your wife! Sounds like the two of you are each very lucky and have a wonderful relationship. Hope you enjoy your long weekend, Alex! Taking a blogging break myself :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're not quitting. The blogging world would have a huge black hole.

Also, my thoughts are for those in New Orleans as well.

Maurice Mitchell said...

You got a great lady Alex. Keep up the awesome supportive blogging. I think about quitting every week around Thursday. But every Monday I jump back in. I didn't realize Roland was in New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

I know a couple of bloggers who have quit and are quitting. Everything seems very unsettled at the minute, but like everything in life, given a little time, it will settle back down. I'm glad you're not quitting, I've only just started visiting!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You as well, Julie!

Lisa, I've had few problems as well.

Julie, we'll see you when you return.

Maurice, yes he is, and I haven't heard anything for two days.

Rebecca, I'm not going anywhere!

M Pax said...

I'm sorry some have had such negative experiences online. That's a shame. Authors should keep their noses out of the reviews. Once we publish, the story is no longer ours.

I'm ready for Wednesday. I only know #3, A Fish Called Wanda. A great film.

Jemi Fraser said...

Pretty sure A Fish Called Wanda is the third answer. (but I'm so often wrong on these things... :P)

I've learned so much from my bloggy friends and have made so many friends along the road - I can't imagine quitting either :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Quit blogging?!I'd rather kill myself. LOL. Blogging is such a huge part of my life, I would feel half-dead without it.

Carol Kilgore said...

Glad you're not quitting :)

I know THREE of the trivia answers:
No Way Out
A Fish Called Wanda
The Hunt for Red October

AFCW is one of my favorite movies :)

Happy Weekend!

Michael Di Gesu said...


What you posted today brought a tear to my eye. I can't begin to tell you how much your sincere and caring manner gets to me. So few souls are so giving ...

You truly are a blessing to our community.

I haven't heard anything from Roland... I hope he's okay.

Have an awesome weekend and Monday off. AND I can't believe Insecure WEDNESDAY IS THIS WEDNESDAY... it creeps up on me so quickly!

Nancy Thompson said...

Great interview, Alex...again. And whew! I was afraid you were leaving us. Can't imagine a world without the Ninja Captain. Yes, tagged again & again & again. I don't do them like I used to. Not enough time anymore. But I'll always find time for the IWSG. And let's see, I do know No Way Out & the Clancy-based flicks. Not sure about the others. Oh well. Have a great holiday!

Alexandra Heep said...

Quit blogging? Never! I blog to keep my sanity, not to satisfy people.

Since I do not have a ton of readers, I hardly ever get negative responses and never a bad email.

Patsy said...

When I started blogging it was a bit of an experiment - one I expected to be short lived. Now I can't imagine not doing it.

Donna K. Weaver said...

What a lovely sentiment, Alex. And I love the little hint about CassaStorm.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mary, you are correct!

Jemi, you got it.

George, same here! What would I do with my day?

Carol, you're right! And such a great film.

Thanks, Michael. Just trying to give back. And I hope we hear from Roland soon.

Nancy, not quitting on you!

Patsy, now you're hooked.

Thanks, Donna!

SC Author said...

I saw your title and thought YOU were quitting. I almost had a spasm. So glad to read that you will not be quitting :) PHEW!

Jenny S. Morris said...

So glad your not quitting. I was a little worried by your title. And I blog for the same reasons now. It started for other reasons but I love this community!

Susan Kane said...

I have considered quitting on my dark days. But then I start reading comments and great blogs, get laughing, feel better.

Really: Andrew Dice Clay and Wayne Newton??

Golden Eagle said...

I've thought about quitting a few times when too busy or just not motivated to post, but reading a few of my favorite blogs and checking comments usually motivates me to keep going.

Intangible Hearts said...

Thought I'd come to the source of tons of attention. Looks like we frequent some of the same wonderful blogs too. Nice of you to remember Roland and I hope Issac won't be too mean.:)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hi, Alex. It warms me that you drop by and visit even though my blogging has waned. Quit blogging? I haven't thought of quitting, though I've taken necessary breaks and have slowed some. I've needed to rediscover myself as a published writer and how I fit into this world. LOL. I know, it sounds cheesy, but oh well.

Take care and have a great weekend!


Cally Jackson said...

I almost had a heart attack when I saw 'quitting blogging' in your headline. Don't do that to me! Your blog (and the person behind it) are just too awesome!

I have thought about quitting when I've been going through tough times personally, but the genuine connections I've made with other writer-bloggers are what keep me going. That, and my desire to share my journey with the world at large! :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

SC, no way!

Jenny, it's awesome.

Susan, I know - odd combination!

Golden, you are such a standby - no way you could quit.

Hi Desert! Yes, worried about Roland.

Elizabeth, I'll always visit you.

Cally, thank you!!

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Personally I don't know how you keep up the pace. It's impressive and inspiring. Thanks, Capt Ninja!!

I'm sooooooooooooooo looking forward to CassaStorm!

D.G. Hudson said...

Good to know you're not quitting, that title threw me for a moment.

Did visit Jeff's site and commented, of course. I'm late today, busy Friday...

(BTW - You aren't planning on deploying your Ninja army in aid of Byron, are you?)

Marta Szemik said...

I haven't thought about quitting because to me it's a great outlet to share things about me (which is difficult to do in life).
I have though toned my blogging down as I try to figure out why I blog and what I like to blog about, which is not always writing.
One thing's for sure though - I would never be able to keep up with as much as you do Alex. I hope no one will ever find your kryptonite ;)

LynNerdKelley said...

You, Ninja Captain Alex, are the coolest ever. Sweet as apple pie with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I love your reason for not quitting blogging. I don't know how in the world you keep up at the pace you do.

My own reasons that I won't quit blogging (though I do disappear at times and my pacing is totally erratic) is because I actually love blogging. I love the blogger friends I've met, keeping in touch with them, learning more about them, supporting them when they're going through a bad patch, and I love preserving memories to pass down to my grandkids, nieces, nephews, and great-nieces and nephews, or anyone who cares about what life was like way back when.

Sending prayers to Roland and all who live near New Orleans. So crazy they got slammed again. Am going to read your guest post. Keep on truckin/bloggin'.

Heather Murphy said...

Have a great weekend! I'm on vacation for the next week and a half. I'm hoping that translates to writing time :)

mshatch said...

I only knew two trivia questions: No Way Out and A Fish Called Wanda, both of which I loved.

And I wouldn't dream of quitting blogging. Still having too much fun :)

Cassie Mae said...

When I got hit by the trolls, I didn't necessarily want to quit, but it did give me pause. I was afraid all my followers felt the same way, and they were too nice to say something. But when they all came back to fight for me? I was so humbled, so amazed, there's no way I could ever quit after all the support I received. I blog for my followers, for my buds. :) But I do understand the blow it takes on someone's ego when they are hit with nasty comments. It can seriously break you.

Jo said...

As you know, I blog 24/6 and have, so far, no desire to quit. I just love chuntering and I hope people enjoy reading, some obviously do. You too Alex, thanks so much. I agree, think you must be Superman to do all the blogging things you do. I am having trouble keeping up with a few blogs let alone replying to hundreds of Ninjas.

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

I don't know the answers to the movie questions, but Alex, you have been an inspiration to me and I hope you don't quit blogging. You are a catalyst for so many people.

Unknown said...

Good to know you are not giving up blogging! (Got a little worried when I saw the blog post title ;) )

Mark Koopmans said...

Aloha "Ales"

(You're stuck with that one now:)

I, too, am glad you're not quitting, and I'm very glad to hear that Mrs. C is a caring, patient person :)

Nov. 19, 2012 :)

Mina Burrows said...

I think its awesome you can dunk.

And blogging is exhausting so I've certainly thought about stopping at times. Haven't we all?

And here is my shot at the trivia:
2 – Kevin Costner – Gene Hackman - NO WAY OUT!

3 – John Cleese – Jamie Lee Curtis - A FISH CALLED WANDA!

How'd I do? Enjoy your weekend, Alex.

Michelle Wallace said...

Quitting has NEVER been an option... not for me, anyway...
Thanks to you for keeping us going, Alex - you are a gem!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lynda, and I soooooooooooo hope it doesn't disappoint!

DG, he's on his own with this one!

Marta, I hope they don't either. Blog about what excites you.

Thanks, Lynn! And it's cool that you blog about funny stories in the past so that they aren't lost.

MsHatch, you got it.

Cassie, that's because you are awesome. No way some negative jerk is taking me down.

Jo, some days it's a challenge, but worth it.

Mark, I'm ready for that date!

Mina, you got them! And I don't look good doing it, but I can dunk.

Thanks, Michelle!

Unknown said...

I think the blogging community would crack more than a little if you left, Alex! Like you, I wouldn't be able to leave the amazing community that has built up since I started. You're an epic bunch of people; why would I want to leave that?

Rek Sesh said...

Can't quit...when I get bored or lose focus, I take a blog break.
It gets difficult visiting everyone on my blogroll everyday (some post almost everyday)so I pick and choose based on their post title or pic. :)
Cute/interesting pic - you can bet on a visit from me.
I'll miss your posts if you ever quit, they kinda of cheer me up.
Enjoy your tiny break.

Leovi said...

They are right to Strands of Pattern, August is Awesome Because of Alex Cavanaugh. Greetings.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex .. I've been thinking of Roland and his family and friends in and around New Orleans .. sounds like it was still a challenging place to be - it's difficult to stop nature in its tracks ...

Re blogging - nope don't think I'm giving up yet - though I wonder occasionally how one phases out, or just stops ... but it's certainly not in the offing ..

Cheers and Happy Labor Day Weekend .. Hilary

Anonymous said...

HOpe Rolland is okay! And so glad to hear you're not quitting on us:-) Book bloggers are AWESOME and I'm sad to hear that some authors are treating them badly, and trolls totally suck!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine quitting blogging. I've made so many online friends, I've found a M-W-F rhythm, and I'm able to catch up on comments. Also, the blogosphere is packed not just with awesome people, but awesome information. People have also told me they get a lot from my blog.

Livia Peterson said...

I'm glad that you aren't going to quit blogging. You are a fantastic Ninja Captain, Alex and your blog is fun to read!

I don't imagine myself quitting blogging even though I'm still fairly new to the Blogosphere. I'm starting to make some friendships and would like to continue those. I love commenting on other's so much fun.

Have a great weekend!

James Garcia Jr said...

Thanks for not quitting, Alex. You definitely have something special going on here. I'm amazed at how active this place of yours is. I don't know how you do it, either. :) If I have some little part to do with it, however, then I am pleased. Take care, Bro!


Anonymous said...

Everyone comes over here, Alex, because you are simply an all-around amazing person and blogger and writer. What else can I say? Your site is one of the most colorful and inviting site in Blogger land. And friends? Next to family IMO they're the best thing on Planet Earth!

Laura said...

So very glad that you're not quitting :) neither am I... just taking things a bit too slowly online at the mo - but I'll be back :)

And I join your prayers for anyone who lives in and around New Orleans

Liza said...

You are in inspiration Alex. You show what happens when you put others first...the rewards are tenfold. Good for you for setting an example we should all live by.

Unknown said...

I've not quit blogging, but I just made the decision to quit reviewing :( I'm sad to do it, but it was taking up all my spare time, and I want to be writing! So I've called it quits and am going to give this whole writing thing a go myself :) Just not enough hours in the day as it is, what with work and LittleMan. Something had to give!

Chemist Ken said...

I've thought about quitting on occasion, especially on those months when my blog doesn't get many hits. But I've made so many friends through the blog, and I want to meet more, so I'll keep plugging away. I hope that things will pick up once I'm able to publish something.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Alex
Well, you're first commenter gave away the movies otherwise I'd have to say, don't know. Now if you'd asked Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (2) I'd nailed it.

I did nearly quit when I got sick. As it was, I made the rounds rarely. I was completely exhausted after reading 3 or 4 post. I'm so glad to be back swinging.


klahanie said...

Hey Alex,
I shall be interested on your take on blogging. I'll go check that out later.
I've been 'tagged'. Of course, in my case it was so the blogging authorities could make sure I was maintaining my curfew.
I shall not be giving up blogging. In fact I have very positive interaction with virtually all who visit my obscure site. Any negativity that I might incur is always dealt with polite discretion.
Delighted to see that you will continue your worthy, interactive endeavour, Alex. Indeed, you embrace the ideals of a sharing, caring blogging community. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star and me, her mere human, wish you and all our friends in North America, a peaceful, positive Labour Day weekend.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jamie, thanks, and exactly!

Rek, I will always try to cheer you up.

Thanks, Leovi!

Hilary, I have heard from Roland - the hurricane didn't get him, but a car with no brakes did.

Medeia, I enjoy visiting you! And your schedule matches mine.

Livia, I hope you stay and make many friends!

Thank you, James.

Ann, you are so awesome!!!!

Laura, thank you.

Liza, I try.

Zoe, it's all about balance.

Ken, just don't give up and it will happen for you.

Nancy, and we are glad you are back!

Gary, you are one of those I wouldn't have met any other way and I am honored to know you my friend!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I have thought about quitting in the past, not because anyone was nasty, but simply because I have trouble working out the time to appropriately respond and visit in the way I wish I could. I do eventually get back to everyone, but I hate how long it takes me sometimes. Like you, the thing that kept me here was all the wonderful people I've met in Blog Land. How could I leave?

Jo said...

I hope Roland wasn't hurt by the car.

Shah Wharton said...

Damn I come bearing memes The Sunshine Blogger Award. Oh well - Just take the sunshine and hold to rest :D

I think about quitting sometimes, but never seriously. II'm depleted of energy reserves right now, but must keep on. You do an incredible job here. You pack so much in?

Re the questions: What Angry Lurker said :P

Denise Covey said...

Every so often I clean up my blogger buzz. I'm always surprised how many of the blogs I follow have closed down. It is time consuming, but worth it.

Ted Cross said...

A Fish Called Wanda is one my all-time favorites! Cleese and Curtis are great, but so is Kevin Kline and all the rest.

I won't give up blogging anytime soon, but I have scaled back so much that I've lost most of my readers. It's a little sad, but maybe I'll find the inspiration to pick back up again someday.

Talli Roland said...

Alex, I love how you talk about your wife. Makes my heart go 'awwwww!'!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Shannon, it takes me a long time as well.

Jo, put him in the hospital, but nothing broken.

Shah, thanks anyway!

Ted, I'm still hanging with you!

Talli, was it mushy?

Cate Masters said...

You're an inspiration, Alex! I've also thought of cutting back, mostly to time constraints. But I'll keep plugging away.
A Fish called Wanda is the only one I knew. I'm terrible at movie trivia!
Off to visit Strands of Pattern...
Have a great holiday.

Martin Willoughby said...

Cut back, yes at some point, but quit? No. I'm having far too much fun with other people.

Leovi said...

Sorry the previous comment, the translator translated I quit rather than Giving up Blogging. The truth is that ever crossed my mind, but I will continue while you have time available.

Nick Wilford said...

I've never chosen to take a break - they've been for holidays and right now, for unforeseen reasons - but they are good for refreshing. I couldn't give up as connecting with like-minded people has helped me immensely. I downloaded CassaStar last week, and I hope to get time to read it during my break!

Anonymous said...

If you ever quit, the blogosphere would never be the same! As long as folks keep reading my stuff, I'll keep blogging away.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Cate!

Martin, I'm having too much fun as well.

Leovi, no problem.

Nick, wow - thanks!

Thank you, Milo.

Allison said...

I've thought about quitting because blogging and keeping up with other bloggers just takes so much time. But I am having too much fun for now and have made some great friends. And I hope you never quit, Alex!

Allison (Geek Banter)

Hildie McQueen said...

I hear about online trolls and bullies online and it scares me, who are these people and why do they find it necessary to do this to people. VIrtual or not, it's a person you are hurting. Oh well thank God for people like you Alex!

Unknown said...

Do I get points for actually knowing of the existence of some of the actors? I'm seriously bad at this movie trivia, but it's always fun to see the answers!

I have thought of quitting, mainly at the point when I need a blogging break actually. And mainly then it's because it's getting to be too much to keep writing and posting. Usually stepping back and taking a little break fixes me up alright.

As to what keeps me going, it's the writing and sharing that keeps me going. And the unexpectedly nice people that I've met.

Melissa said...

You set the bar for the rest of us and keep us going when things get rough. Don't you dare quit! We need you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Allison, please don't ever quit!

Hildie, exactly!

Imogen, just keep taking those breaks when you need them.

Melissa, I won't!

Tonja said...

I read this on Friday. Small person must have distracted me before I got a chance to say I'm glad you aren't quitting. You would most certainly be missed. You've definitely made an impact on a lot of people in a positive way. I'm you're 149th comment. Who gets 149 comments?!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I only knew the last trivia. Usual score for me.
I've never given quitting blogging a series thought though there are days I'm not entirely excited about it.

The Happy Whisk said...

I only knew one and three. This was a good post and I enjoyed reading it. But I don't have an answer.

Melissa Sugar said...

A wonderful and inspirational post-as always. I think I might actually know a few of the movie trivia answers. Sylvester Stallone and John Lithgow- Cliffhanger. Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman (two of my favorite actors) Wyatt Earp and No Way Out (One my top ten list of all time favorite movies. And Alec Baldwin and James Earl Jones- The Hunt For Red October.

You are very much like Superman and I love that you realize that along with great power comes great responsibility. I admire you as a writer and a blogger and when I go through rough patches and consider calling it quits, it is people like you that encourage me to keep going but to also enjoy what I am doing. I don't think I have ever really considered calling it quits on my blog , but there are times when I am so overwhelmed with all of the other areas in my life like work, kids, family, writing etc. that I feel like I cannot make the time to properly devote to blogging. I am really close to a final, polished draft of my manuscript that will be up to par for querying and when I get in a great writing zone -where I want to keep going and I seem to have all the energy in the world, I do worry about how much I am neglecting my blog. I still need to find a better balance in my life.

Sometimes I consider how much more time I would have to devote to actually writing my book if I did not blog but then I realize that I have made many good friends and contacts through blogging that I would not have made if I never started or had given up. Another plus that keeps me motivated to blog is the amount of information and knowledge I have learned from fellow bloggers. My writing has drastically improved over the past year and I attribute most if not all of it to what I have learned from fellow bloggers and from entering contest, blogfest and other events.

I think we would all appreciate learning more about the great Alex. I admire you for sharing how wonderful your wife is and how much she means to you. I feel certain that having a supportive spouse makes all the difference in the word for a writer.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've thought of quitting a few times. Mainly just from getting tired and overreaching. But I would miss it badly.

Ella said...

Yes, I have thought about quitting, but then I woke up~ Bloggers n' Ninjas keep me going ;D

Off to check out your guest post~
I know I hope we soon hear from those in the hurricane's path...
Hope everyone is okay~

PK HREZO said...

Aww, I love your reasons for not quitting. You're inspiring to all of us. I have honestly thought about it because sometimes everyone else's success makes me impatient, but when I stop and think about all the wonderful friends I've made, I could never do it. It's all about moderation. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tonja, thanks! And I've seen some with more comments than me. God Bless them!

Melissa, you got it. And thank you so much. It is a balance, because while blogging does take time from writing, we need it when a book is scheduled to come out.

Charles, we'd miss you.

Ella, this Ninja will keep you going!

Jennie Bennett said...

I quit once, but I couldn't stay away! I'm so glad I came back, it has been worth every moment!

E.D. said...

Not much time for blogging, but not quitting. Little time is better than none!

~Sia McKye~ said...

I've never considered quitting the blog. I'd miss my blogging buddies too much for one and really enjoy doing what I do. I love sharing the common denominator of writers regardless of where they are on the path.

Of course, mine isn't a book blog and I rarely put up book reviews there. I have other avenues for that.

Now, I have a question. How long have you and Mrs. Alex been married? Do you have any children?


Emily R. King said...

It's sad that a blogger quit because of a negative response. I've thought about quitting before, but not because someone said something mean. It takes thick skin to be a writer, so negativity is actually good to be exposed small doses.

Ellie Garratt said...

Wow. CassaStorm sounds intriguing. His own son!

As you know, I've struggled in the past with blogging and time issues. Maintaining a blog and following others (which I love to do) takes time. There is no way around that. When it became apparent five months ago that personal issues were not allowing me to give back to the community of writers that blog, I was forced to take a break. But every day I wished I was blogging. Every day I missed all the wonderful friends I'd made. I would never consider giving up blogging permanently. Never!

Karen Lange said...

I have thought about quitting blogging, at times when frustrated about trying to get to other writing. Don't want to quit on the people, just the task that seems to overwhelm at times. But have been working to budget time a little differently and whatnot. May go down to one post a week if I really must - I'd miss everyone too much otherwise!

Movie trivia - #3 A Fish Called Wanda? #6 The Hunt for Red October.
Am drawing a blank on the others.

Happy Labor Day!

S. L. Hennessy said...

I'm glad you're not thinking about quitting. Your blog is always one of my favorites. And besides - ninjas never quit!

Ricky said...

Sometimes I do struggle to keep up the book reviews but I wouldn't quit. I just tell myself to relax because blogging is supposed to be fun....and it is!

Katherines Corner said...

I hope you never quit blogging my friend. Thank you for sharing. a lovely idea, thank you for sharing. Sending hugs your way and wishes for a beautiful week ahead xo

Jessica Salyer said...

Really glad to hear your not quitting. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

JA, we're glad you came back!

Sia, never quit! And over twenty years and no kids.

Emily, good point!

Ellie, thanks. And sometimes a break is needed. We're glad you're back though.

Karen, cutting back is better than quitting. And you are correct.

SL, no they don't!

Ricky, it is!

Thanks, Katherine and Jessica.

Carrie Butler said...

Hooray for ninjas who refuse to quit! :)

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of quitting blogging... love it too much, but I have toned down... just need to spend more time on writing:)

Wanda said...

Hi Alex, love the quote with great power comes great responsibility. I haven't really thought of quitting blogging but some times I feel weighted with the responsibility to keep a certain pace. Hope you're enjoying a happy Labor Day.

Nicole said...

Good to hear you'll be stickin' around for a while! I think the hardest challenge is balancing blogging time with quality writing time.

Rick said...

Alex, I think 51 of 50 states have laws against quitting blogging.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wanda, it's the pace that's tough sometimes.

Rick, I don't want to break any laws...

Tara Tyler said...

feel so low at 174! sorry people are mean and that some bloggers quit!

3 jumped out at me, a fish called wanda =)

Hart Johnson said...

You're so good how you stay on top of everything.

I can see blogging a lot lessm mostly since I've recently run into interference. But I can't imagine not doing it. I also think it's really bad behavior for authors to badger bloggers--talk about something that could bite back!

Susan Fields said...

I really don't know how you keep up the blogging pace that you do - you're amazing! I might think about quitting sometimes, but then I remember my wonderful bloggy friends and I know I'd miss them too much.

Jay Noel said...

I've quit blogging, but it's because I got burned out. I was posting all of the time, and each post was real creative writing - which took a lot out of me.

And then the blogging spawned a podcast that was syndicated.

Just got sick of doing something for FREE. So I decided to start it up again but with a completely different theme.

Tess Julia said...

I am amazed by the work it must be to keep up with your blog. You have no idea how encouraging it is to have a blogger with your presence notice a small fry like me :) And how you feel about your wife is awesome! My husband and I feel the same about each other and tomorrow we'll hit 17 years- it's only gotten better with time.

Cecilia Robert said...

I've noticed a fair amount of bloggers quiting as I 've never thought about quitting. glad you're not quiting. :)
Ah the trivia,,out of all those: Emma thompson -Andy Garcia - Dead Again..:)
man, I need to catch up with movie watching.

Maryannwrites said...

Okay, I'll admit I only knew two of the movie trivia questions. A Fish Called Wanda and Hunt for Red October.

Regarding quitting a blog, I have toyed with the idea of quitting because of the time involved. However, like you, Alex, I love the interaction with others and am honored that people find what I have to say of interest.

I started my first blog, The Many Faces of Grief, as a prelude to my first major publication, the hardback version of One Small Victory. The story line deals with grief issues. What was neat about that blog was the feedback I got from readers who found my blog posts helpful as they dealt with their grief issues. That was so rewarding, and I felt blessed to be a part of that.

Cecilia Robert said...

Emma Thompson - Andy Garcia = Dead Garcia

i've also heard rumours about bloggers quiting. Never thought about it myself. It's fun and I've met wonderful people this last year. i'm glad you are not quiting... :D

Lydia Kang said...

I hope you never quit. YOu're so supportive and awesome Alex, and we all appreciate that so much!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tara, you're not low! And you are correct.

Hart, you bet it can bite back!

Susan, that's why I do what I do.

Jay, and it's working!

Rose, happy anniversary! And everyone is equal here. At least to me.

Cecilia - you are correct!

Maryann, that does sound wonderful!

Lydia, thank you!

Nigel G Mitchell said...

Maurice and I have both quit the Geek Twins blog at least a couple of times. It's hard work, and sometimes we disagree about how we want the blog to go. But we always come back, because it's really rewarding to see something we've written take off.

I do think one day, blogs will be extinct. I think something better or more interesting will come along that makes blogs look like MySpace.

Sherry Ellis said...

Hi again. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You are one of the most inspiring bloggers I know! I don't know if you do these award things, but I just wanted to let you know. It's over at Mama Diaries.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nigel, that two of you can put together the blog speaks volumes of your friendship as brothers. You are one of the best movie blogs out there - don't ever quit!

Thank you so much, Sherry.

Callie Leuck said...

Ready for the IWSG?



No. I'm going to go with "No." No idea what I'm doing for it, and have been missing deadlines left and right so I've got that going for me. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

Oh well. I'll knock a few things off my checklist tonight and then wing it for IWSG. The writing life, eh?

And to answer your question, no I don't plan to quit blogging. Even if I am only doing it once a week, it makes me produce something and feel good for having accomplished it, besides interacting with cool people.

Ciara said...

I'd planned on writing my IWSG today, but this stomach bug is kicking my butt. I'm trying to blog a little because I miss everyone, but that is about the most productive I'm going to be. I'm so glad you don't want to quit blogging. It's sad that people have to say negative things to fellow bloggers.

Heather M. Gardner said...

You always amaze me.

I keep coming back because you are so entertaining, you have great up to the minute information and you give such great support to all of us.

So, thank you!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Callie, you'll think of something grand I'm sure!

Ciara, if you can't, that's all right. Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks, Heather!

Christine Rains said...

I'd never think you'd quit. You are the Ninja Captain for a reason! :) I have thought about cutting back a lot on blogging. I've gotten so little writing done because I spend so much time on blogs. Hope you had a great weekend. With my little break this week, I'm actually getting writing done!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I have taken long breaks from blogging but like you the friendships keep me coming back.

I am happy to learn of a Mrs. Ninja. That was a very nice tribute you gave to her and I know she feels the same about you.

Helena said...

You're such a great blogger, Alex, you can never quit! Me? I am so grateful for my few visitors and blogging pals, but occasionally I toy with the idea of quitting mostly out of feelings of inadequacy. But then my usual delusion of adequacy creeps back over me and I keep blogging.

dolorah said...

An excellent post Alex. Inspiring.

I get frustrated with the time blogging takes sometimes, but I've found taking small breaks helps me balance it all.

Sometimes I run out of posts, though, and just browse everyone else's blogs.


Ainsley Shay said...

Your commitment and support to others in the writing world is found in so many blogs that I follow - you would be greatly missed. I hope to be a great blogger like you one day - still trying to find balance with writing, family and the blogging community.