Monday, March 15, 2021

Movie Reviews, Chevelle NIRATIAS Review, Prog Madness, and New Releases

Movie Reviews

Boss Level

From the IMDB:
A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death.
Basically, it’s Groundhog Day meets John Wick/Deadpool. Looping, violent, and very funny.
It stars Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, and Naomi Watts. Grillo shines as the guy trapped in the loop. Every morning, he wakes up with people trying to kill him. Every day, he makes it a little further, trying to figure out who is behind it all.

There is a lot of humor as Grillo’s character gives a play-by-play of those trying to kill him. Many laugh out moments. It does have a moving story and characters you care about as well.
If you can handle violence and enjoy a good laugh along with a really good story, this is the movie for you. And at ninety minutes, it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Monster Hunter

From the IMDB:
When Lt. Artemis and her loyal soldiers are transported to a new world, they engage in a desperate battle for survival against enormous enemies with incredible powers.
Directed by Paul W S Anderson (Resident Evil series) and staring Mila Jovovich – and that alone should let you know what type of movie you are in for.
It’s passibly entertaining. The effects are great, but they were obviously more focused on those effects than an actual plot. This results in a shallow experience that’s forgotten the moment the credits finish.
Props to Mila – she’s in her forties and still doing the tough action films. However, the amount of punishment her character endures is ridiculous. (We’re talking Harrison Ford in the fridge level.)
It also stars Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman, and props to Tony as his character was very entertaining.
If you're bored and just want some giant monsters, leave your brain at the door and watch this one.

Chevelle – NIRATIAS Review

This is a very solid album and a stronger effort than the last one, North Corridor.
From their website:
The album draws on Pete's fascination with space travel, simulation theory and a healthy distrust/skepticism of the unknown. NIRATIAS was recorded over 2019 and 2020 with their long time producer, Joe Barresi. After almost 5 years between releases, Chevelle decided that they needed to put music out again, even if the landscape for music is difficult and uncertain. "We decided that pandemic or not, we are a rock band and writing and releasing music is just what we do. Even if it's just for our mental health, it's reason enough to put NIRATIAS out and feel some normalcy and pride in what we have been working on. As music fans, we appreciate this from the bands we follow and we hope our fans will appreciate it too."
Pete Loeffler (lead singer/guitarist/writer) does a great job on the riffs. It’s very creative guitar work.
Highlights are So Long Mother Earth, Peach, Test Test Enough, and Endlessly. The two standouts are Piistol Star and Remember When. Pete knows how to write them. Obviously, as the band has been around twenty-two years now!
Some have accused them of not growing. But they sound like Chevelle and that’s all right – no one else does. (And it’s a rare band that can say that.) This album is very fresh sounding, though. There is more ambient noise and interesting things going on in the background than with any other album.
Obviously, the theme is science fiction. And NIRATIAS stands for Nothing is Real and This is a Simulation.
Highly recommended!

Get Your Prog Madness Bracket Now!

That’s right – the prog bands face off this month and it starts today. So, grab your bracket and get in the competition - The Prog Report
Yes, I am voting Rush all the way through to number one.

New Book Releases

The Upside Down of Nora Gaines by Cathrina Constantine

Nora has visions of horrific things. Things that lurk in the shadows and feast on bones. After moving with her mother into an old farmhouse, Nora discovers a blank journal that fills itself with an ominous warning. A cursed beast is coming for her and time is running out. When the blood moon rises, so shall the beast.
Find it on Amazon

Guns of the West, featuring The Scarred One by Tyler Boone, aka Charles Gramlich

Published through Sundown Press, this collection is available on Kindle for only 99 cents.
Find it on Amazon

Critters and Crises by Jemima Pett

In ten years of short-story writing—mostly flash fiction of 1000 words or fewer—there are definitely favourite themes I return to.
Find it on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo

And finally, the A to Z Challenge kicks off April 1! Blog the letters of the alphabet every day but Sundays. See the site for details and to sign up.

Have you seen Boss Level or Monster Hunter? Are you a Chevelle fan? Playing Prog Madness? Picking up some new books? And are you participating in the A to Z Challenge this year?
Next post – April 7 for IWSG day!

And I will be mostly offline the last two weeks of March.


G. B. Miller said...

"Boss Level" sounds like an intriguing movie to watch. Having dealt with Arnold's pun-ny movies and the like, this certainly should be a step up. "Groundhog Day meets John Wick" is actually a very funny jacket blurb for the movie.

I'm surprised that Chevelle is still around. Usually bands from the 2000's don't have that long of a shelf life, so 15+ years and counting is an accomplishment.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

"Boss Level" actually sounds fun, although it's not my usual kind of movie.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Alex!

The other day I watched the trailer for Boss Level and it looks good, and since Naomi Watts is one of my top 3 favorite actresses, I'm so there. I've never had a problem with leaving my brain at a door when I enter the movie theater, and therefore I am also interested in Monster Hunter.

Prog Madness looks like a great idea. I'm picking Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes to go all the way!

Have a great week, good buddy Alex!

Joanne said...

Wow - I know nothing about everything in your blog today. Well, there's A to Z, but I'm not participating - I'll be reading. Guess I've been hiding under a prog rock. Time to emerge, spring forward, and learn/watch new stuff.
Have a good week

Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats to everyone on their new releases. No, I'm not participating in A to Z in April. Have a good rest of your month, Alex!

Cathrina Constantine said...

Thank you for the mention Alex, it was a nice surprise for my Monday Morning!!!

Have a great week.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

GB, that would make a great blurb!

Elizabez, it's violent but very funny.

Shady, you're on!

Cathrina, you're welcome!

Computer Tutor said...

Boss Level sounds pretty good. Love that last line, Alex--"And at ninety minutes, it doesn’t overstay its welcome."

Yes, doing AtoZ but my slow way. It'll take me a few years rather than a month! Are you?

Stacy McKitrick said...

If Boss Level ever shows up on other than Hulu, I might give it a try. A more violent Ground Hog Day, huh?

Annalisa Crawford said...

Congrats to all the authors featured, on their new releases!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

My friend watched Monster Hunters and enjoyed it. I think I'm going to have to give it a try.

Tyrean Martinson said...

We saw Monster Hunter as the second movie at a drive-in theater the other night...and yeah. I wish I had seen it at home, but props to Milla doing action in her 40s. The first movie in the double-drive-in feature was Walking Chaos, and that one I recommend.
Congrats to all the authors of new books!

Tyrean Martinson said...

I mean...Chaos Walking. Really, I do recommend it, even if I can't say the title right.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Your movie reviews are very valuable in our house, Alex. You have no idea how much time you save us. Thank you! said...

Just the fact that it's A to Z again, Alex...What? Ha.
Rush, Rush, Rush for the win!
Take good care.

nashvillecats2 said...

Loved the views and reviews Alex, am looking forward to the A to Z Challenge .....all being well.


J E Oneil said...

Not much in the way of movies lately, unfortunately.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jacqui, not this year.

Stacy, yup!

Michael, park brain at door first.

Tyrean, funny!

Joylene, I am here to help.

Robyn, yes!

SpacerGuy said...

Its been years since I did A to Z Challenge but I've had a cool idea.

Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for the A to Z mention. The Team has been doing a great job working on it so far while I've been kind of blog low active.

I've heard of the group Chevelle but I'm not familiar with their music. I'm pretty sure there is at least of their CD's in the collection I inherited from my youngest brother. I'll have to look to see and then listen if it's there.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Susan Kane said...

Boss Level sounds good

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent reviews today Alex! Congrats to everyone on the new books! Take Care, big hugs!

Liz A. said...

Boss Level popped up on one of my streaming services (I forget which), but it seems a bit violent for me. I'm a bit too sensitive for such films. Glad you enjoyed it.

Mason Canyon said...

Boss Level sounds like a fun movie to check out. Congrats to those with new releases.

Jenni said...

Critters and Crises has such a cute cover. I've never tried flash fiction. It sounds intriguing.
Congrats to all the new releases!
Looking forward to next month's ISWG!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Spacer Guy, go for it.

Lee, you're welcome, and give one of their CDs a listen.

Jen said...

"Boss Level" sounds pretty funny. "Monster Hunter" I may have to forget about. I do love a good monster, especially those huge, over the top ones, but I can't forgive a terrible plot. Wish I could; there's some good monsters out there!

My husband used to listen to Chevelle. I'll have to ask if he's listened to their new album.

Ah, the A-Z Challenge. Not sure if I'll participate this year, but I'm sure I'll make the rounds and read!

It's good to be back,

Michael Abayomi said...

Boss Level sounds like it should be right up my alley. I'll see if I can find time to check it out later tonight.

kaykuala said...

Congrats on the new releases and Boss Level sounds interesting. Hank will be participating in the A to Z in April. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Alex!


Sandra Cox said...

Boss Level sounds fun. Not quite sure how I'd get along with the violence. Sometimes it's an issue, sometimes not, depends on how graphic.
YOU take special care.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for the review of BOSS LEVEL. I've been debating whether or not to see it -- now, I will. :-)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I loved Groundhog Day, so I will put Boss on my watch list.

I would love to do the A-Z Challenge, but I've just gotten some breathing room in real life and figure I should catch up on books before stacking my schedule.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex - probably not seeing any of those movies - though perhaps Boss sometime; The books - good luck to the authors; A- Z I won't be doing, but I'll enjoy following along to a few entrants - all the best - Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jen, tell him to pick it up!

Michael, look forward to your thoughts since you like the actor.

You as well, Hank!

Roland, you'll get a kick out of it.

Elizabeth, smart idea.

Andrew Leon said...

I feel like this time loop thing has been so done at this point...

I feel like this time loop thing has been so done at this point...

I feel like this time loop...

Ray Rousell said...

I've not heard anything about Boss Level at all? But it does sound like a fun film.

Sherry Ellis said...

It's amazing that the A to Z challenge is still going on! It's been a few years since I've done that. Maybe someday if things ever settle down. . .

Sandra Cox said...

Hmmm. Monster Hunt might be some mindless fun. Thanks for sharing.
YOU have a great one. said...

Boss Level sounds interesting. I may check it out. Have a nice week, Alex!

Mary Kirkland said...

I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for Boss Level.

Pat Hatt said...

I enjoyed Boss Level too. Although the ending was a bit meh. Never was a fan of those open ended type ones.

mail4rosey said...

All new information for me. Is it funny that reading 'Prog Madness' makes me want to travel? :) Prague... Prog... yeah, it's easy to get my mind wandering to travel. ;) Here to wish you a happy day.

DMS said...

I haven't heard of Boss Level! Congrats to all the artists/authors with new work out in the world! Hope you're enjoying your time off from the blog. :)

Truedessa said...

Ha - Why am I not surprise that you have Rush for the win? A great band, too bad I never was able to see them perform live.

What is your favorite Rush song?

nashvillecats2 said...

Hi Alex, not seen any of the films but am hopefully looking forward to the A to Z Challenge.
Have a good week.


Steven Arellano Rose Jr. said...

The Monster Hunter movie sounds like it's something I would get bored with as much as I love giant monster films. But there has to be at least minimal plot development and character development in order for me to get into a movie even if it's at the b-rated level.

The Upside Down of Nora Gaines sounds like a neat horror novel even if it's at the YA level. The anxieties of adolescence may even enhance the horror. I wouldn't mind checking that one out sometime. (I bookmarked the Amazon page.)

mshatch said...

Boss Level looks fun. Hope you're enjoying your 2 weeks away!

Jemi Fraser said...

I see some great books!
I'm not normally a fan of the violent movies, but Boss Man does sound kind of fun :)

Patsy said...

Like Jemima I have themes I keep returning to in my writing. Maybe we all do?

Birgit said...

Somehow, I missed this! I hang my head low....I wouldn't mind seeing the first film that sounds entertaining and I like Naomi Watts and even Bad Mel. I think I will skip the ugly dragons and Milla. It will be nice to finally go to the theatre one day. Congrats on all the books coming out. I am not sure what Prog is but I saw The Moody Blues and will go with them. I have no clue what it means but hey...why not.

Donna K. Weaver said...

We're going to see a new release in an actual theater on April 2nd--Godzilla vs King Kong. Hopefully it'll be worth it. We've both been vaccinated now. We'll take normal precautions, of course.

We're going AFTER we attend the birthday party for a grandson. The fact that we've been invited to attend that in person is huge. Don't want to mess it up!

Anonymous said...

Boss Level sounds like a movie my hubby and I can both enjoy. He's into action and I'm into humor. That's why we both love Shaun of the Dead :)

Have a great weekend, Alex!

J Lenni Dorner said...

I enjoyed Monster Hunter and Boss Level.
I don't know much about progressive rock.
Critters and Crises has an adorable cover.
I do like Chevelle.
A to Z!!! Woooo. My AtoZChallenge and IWSG post is a long one.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for sharing the March Madness sheet.
Enjoy your week!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I haven't seen either of those movies, but Boss Level sounds like a winner. I especially like that it doesn't overstay its welcome. :) (I hate those movies that drag on forever...)

Good to know the A-Z is still happening. In all the changes going on in the world, it's nice to know a bunch of bloggers are still doing this.

Take care, and Happy Easter!

Sandra Cox said...

Congrats to the wonderful authors with new releases.
Hoppy Easter, Alex.

mail4rosey said...

When we lived in Michigan, March Madness was a THING!! Everyone went to the MSU stadium and brackets were more important than dinner. :) I haven't seen any new movies lately. I was thinking the new Denzel Washington movie might be good. Also, I want to see Kong/Godzilla but one of my students gave away the storyline. -_-

Toi Thomas said...

Never heard of Boss Level or Monster Hunter. Thanks for the recommendations.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Boss Level sounds fun. I think of my A to Z days with fondness. It was a lot of work and very rewarding.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hope you had a great Easter Alex!