Monday, June 15, 2020

Galaxy Quest and Deep Space Nine Documentaries, Dynazty: The Dark Delight Review, Alex’s You Rock Awards, and More!

Specials to Watch

Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary

Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek movie ever made. Granted, it wasn't actually a Star Trek movie, but the 1999 sci-fi comedy is all about the power of fandom, especially geeky movie fandom.
A new documentary -- Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary -- celebrates how the meta movie became an enduring fan favorite, and influenced everything from the Star Trek movie reboots to quirky Marvel superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.

This came out last year and it’s just about as funny as the movie.

It goes in depth how all of the elements worked perfectly together. The love for Star Trek is there, as is the high respect for the fans, and if any of that had been handled differently, the tone would’ve been all wrong. We get to learn where the Thermians got their funny walk and Mathesar his unique style of speech.

Sadly Alan Rickman is missing, but most of the cast makes an appearance.

Check out the trailer – then check out the special!

What We Left Behind – Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine celebrates the 25th anniversary of the self-proclaimed "black sheep" of the Star Trek spin-off series. Often described as dark and edgy, Deep Space Nine was maligned by many fans and critics at the time as a show that did not fit into Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. But now, two decades after it left the airwaves, Deep Space Nine is being re-discovered by new, younger fans through streaming services, and championed by those who stuck by it from the start.

Also released last year, this documentary was fan-funded. And UI didn't need to see it to be convinced - DS9 was always my favorite of the Trek series.

Most of the actors return to discuss the love they felt for this show, although Avery Brooks is absent. Terry Farrell talks about how both she and the fans were upset when she left in season six. Aron Eisenberg talks about how influential Nog’s role was. (Sadly the actor died last September.) The cast looks great and it’s touching to hear them discuss the show with such passion and love.

At the end, the director and a group of writers brain-storm a potential eighth season episode that leaves you wondering – could it happen?

Here’s the trailer – again, check out the special!

Music Review

Dynazty – The Dark Delight

This is another band from Sweden. (Does everyone born there possess a high proficiency level of guitar playing?)
Now, power metal is not my normal gig. But the first track was so catchy – great hook and chorus – that I decided to check it out.
If you’re a fan of radio-friendly metal from the 80’s, this album is definitely for you. It has great singing (provided by the male half of the band Amaranthe), huge choruses, and phenomenal guitar playing. There are three solos on this album that are truly epic.
It’s a great band playing catchy music – recommended.
Just wish their name wasn’t so goofy!

Ninja News

The Case of the Karnak Killer by Sean McLachlan

The fourth in the Masked Man of Cairo series.

A scandal in America. A murder in Cairo. 

Find it on Amazon

Don’t forget the IWSG Anthology Contest is open!

Guidelines and rules:
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Judging: The IWSG admins will create a shortlist of the best stories. The shortlist will then be sent to our official judges.
Our judges: Dan Koboldt, Lynda R. Young, Colleen Oefelein, Damien Larkin, Ion Newcombe, Julie Gwinn, and David Powers King

Alex’s You Rock Award

Every year, I give out this award to special blogger buddies. There are so many deserving, but I am keeping the list short this year.

First, here are the previous recipients of the award, some of whom no longer blog… Arlee, Yvonne, RaShelle, Hannah, Jeffrey, Gail, Rusty, Chuck, George, Jeremy, Matthew, Old Kitty, Ella, M Pax, Roland, Melissa, Robyn, Lynda, Michael, Heather, Stephen, Father Dragon Al, the late Tina, Damyanti, Edi, Karen, Elizabeth, Suze, Susan, Pat, Jo, Michelle, Brandon and Bryan, Christine, Truedessa, Rachna Chhabria, Fundy Blue, Hank Kaykuala, JH Moncrieff, Nilanjana Bos, Liza, Yolanda Renee, Spacer Guy, Elsie Amata, L. Diane Wolfe, Natalie Aguirre,
Sandra Cox, C. Lee McKenzie, Elizabeth Seckman, Magic Love Crow, Birgit, JE Oneil, LG Keltner, Chemist Ken, and Sherry Ellis

And now for the bloggers who have made this journey a heck of a lot better:

Kim Lajevardi
Kim posts interesting articles every week and she is very consistent. And dedicated! I know I can always count on Kim, from blog visits to co-hosting the IWSG. She rocks!

Running the Shady Dell here online in honor of the real one he grew up with, Shady is all about the music. You’ll get retro at his site, but he’s willing to try and appreciate any music, which is just cool. Shady rocks!

Jemi Fraser
Jemi has been a blogger buddy for years and I was surprised I’d not awarded her sooner! A Canadian author with several books and a short story in one IWSG anthologies, Jemi has just such a great attitude. She rocks!

Mason Canyon
I think Mason was one of the first bloggers I followed, so I’m just as surprised she didn’t get an award sooner as well. She’s supportive in everything and very accountable. I can see sitting down with her and talking just like old friends. Mason rocks!

Stacy McKitrick

Stacy is a prolific writer and a world traveler. I know she is missing the multiple cruises she takes every year! She’s also a Penguins fan with a great sense of humor and a never give up (never surrender!) attitude. She rocks!

Have you watched either the Galaxy Quest or DS9 specials? Checking out Dynazty? Entering the IWSG Anthology Contest? Are you following those rocking bloggers? Which bloggers make your day?
See you July 1 for the next IWSG post!


Elephant's Child said...

Huge congratulations to all the deserving rockers.

nashvillecats2 said...

Being a former reciprient of the "You Rock" award I congratulate the above whom you have awarded it to. May they show it with pride like I do.


Mason Canyon said...

Alex, I'm blown away to be a recipient of your "You Rock" award. I will display it proudly and I agree, I think we could sit down and chat like old friends. Congrats to all the other recipients and Sean for his new release.

I've always loved Galaxy Quest, but then I'm a Star Trek fan as well.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Congratulations to the "You Rock" award winners! Thanks for introducing me to some bloggers in the process. :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

I didn't know about the Galaxy Quest doc, I'm definitely going to watch that! I'm still in deep sadness about Alan Rickman - in fact, about several of the 2016 gang :-(

I never got into Deep Space Nine - I watched it, but quite as happily missed a few. I'm one of the few who loved Voyager. I'm currently watching the second series of Discovery. Hubby convinced me it's more the Star Trek I was expecting when I gave up on the first series half way through.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Alex!

Thank you very much for plugging my Shady's Place site, good buddy. I appreciate it!

In the 1970s and 80s, if someone mentioned the music scene in Sweden, ABBA immediately came to mind. I dare say that, in the 21st, it is the plethora of Swedish symphonic metal bands. I thoroughly enjoyed this cut by Dynazty.

I also enjoyed viewing the two trailers. Although not my favorite genre, I nevertheless felt the excitement as the people who made the original film and movie and the new documentaries about them reminisced.

Thanks again for thinking of me and have a great week, good buddy Alex!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Some great You Rock recipients.

Never give up, never surrender!

Rhonda Albom said...

Congrats to all the you rock awardees. Nice to see so many that I know on the list. Great selection.

Joanne said...

I will check out the Galaxy Quest doc - that was an awesome, clever movie. And congrats to the You Rock bloggers - you've got a talented batch of folks out there with a lot of variety. And finally - Sweden - lots of time in the dark winters - I'm thinking guitarists, to kill time and bring some light, just play and play - hence, mad skills. Have a good week!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats to everyone who won your award. I love Galaxy Quest and watched it many times. I'll have to check out the documentary.

Jemi Fraser said...

What a great surprise to find this morning! I'm thrilled to receive the You Rock award!!! You made my day and you rock as well!! Congrats to the others!
I'm a huge Star Trek fan - I haven't seen Galaxy Quest in far too long. I think I'll rewatch that before I check out the documentaires. Thanks again :) said...

Thank you for the You Rock Award, Alex! Between the Insecure Writer's Support Group and your consistent support over the years, I feel like you deserve it more than anyone. Have a great week, my friend.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Congrats to all of Alex's Rockers Award!!

Toi Thomas said...

I haven't seen these specials but I do love Galaxy Quest and remember DS9. I will have to check them out.
Congratulations to the You Rock winners.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mason, you're welcome! And you definitely need to watch that special.

Annalisa, I liked Voyager more the second time I watched the series. Couldn't get into Discovery though.

Shady, you're welcome! And it's amazing how many bands are coming out of Sweden now. Must be something in the water.

Joanne, you might be on to something.

Jemi, you're welcome!

Thanks, Kim.

Botanist said...

I loved Galaxy Quest! I agree DS9 didn't seem to quite fit the rest of the series but I remember it with fondness all the same.

DMS said...

I have always enjoyed Star Trek- but over the last year I have become obsessed. I have been watching it on Netflix and making my way through the different seasons in order. So- I am excited about your recommendations of Galaxy Quest and DS9 specials. Thanks!

kaykuala said...

Congrats on the new Rockers. It feels great to be one of the chosen few! Galaxy Quest brings back memories of the whole Star Trek series. Great Alex for trekking back the long and arduous journeys!


Chrys Fey said...

Congrats to the You Rock winners!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Congratulations to the You Rock winners! An congratulations to Sean on his latest novel!
This documentaries look spectacularly fun.
And Dynazty definitely has a good sound. Thanks for sharing these, Alex!

Computer Tutor said...

I'm a crazy ST fan, as is my son so I'll check this out. We're both all wrapped up in SpaceX's launches. Oh man they are amazing.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks for the award! How awesome! You made my day.
Thanks also for sharing those documentaries on Galaxy Quest and DS9. I definitely want to watch them. Just got to figure out how. :)
And I look forward to the day we can again say, Let's go Pens!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ian, watch the special and you'll want to watch the series again.

Jess, that's great!

Tyrean, they are just a fun band.

Stacy, you're welcome, and yes! Go Pens.

J E Oneil said...

That me :D

Thanks, Alex. You're so kind. said...

Yay! Thanks to you, Alex, I now have new bloggers to meet (Kim, etc.), and I know they're stellar because you've chosen them. Congrats to the crew.

Have a peaceful, productive week.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Congratulations to the You Rock Awards. Well deserved. And congrats on the new books out. Star Trek sounds good. I really used to enjoy it. (The old ones) Haven't seen the latest ones. Have a great week everyone.

Liz A. said...

I haven't seen these docs, but they seem right up my alley. Alan Rickman, RIP. I did enjoy DS9, but it was on at the time I worked swing shift, so I missed bits here and there. It's probably due for a rewatch.

mail4rosey said...

Your reviews are always short and to the point, and make me want to see or listen to something new. Just like a review should do. :)

Juneta key said...

DS9 was my favorite.

Jenni said...

I haven't watched the specials, but I used to watch DS9 back in the day. Congrats to all the You Rock winners! I see there's a few more blogs I need to check out.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Patricia, Udo?

JE, that was you!

Liz, easy to binge-watch all the seasons now.

Juneta, it was mine!

Andrew Leon said...

I want to see Never Surrender, but I don't know if I'll ever actually make time for it.

I don't remember: Have you seen Discovery?
I really like it.

Truedessa said...

Congrats to the new "Rockers".

Galaxy Quest, I never tire of watching that movie. It was on TV not too long ago. I was surfing through and I had to watch it.

Have a great week Alex!

I will check out the music...

Birgit said...

First, congrats to all the people you have showcased here. I do follow Shady who always makes me smile. I love Galaxy Quest and can’t think of a favourite scene because so many scenes are great. I miss Alan Rickman to this day and it was so funny that he never took off his head piece. Sam Rockwell was hilarious....they all were...Rock, rock, rock, rock...

John Wiswell said...

Yeah I totally want to see Never Surrender. I adore Galaxy Quest. It's such a fun movie.

Nilanjana Bose said...

'If you’re a fan of radio-friendly metal from the 80’s' - I am, no question! Thanks for the music clip, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope your week is going well.

G. B. Miller said...

Always loved DS9, as compared to say, STNG, it was always perpetually fresh and interesting. Sadly, I stopped watching after season 3/4 as life got in the way and wound up missing too many episodes to be able to pick up the various plot threads (in my state it was shown on a mid-to-late Saturday afternoon) and with no reruns being shown, it ultimately fell by the wayside.

Ray Rousell said...

I do like a bit of Star Trek, so both docs look pretty cool to me!

Chemist Ken said...

It took me a little while before I got into DS9, but I watched it from the beginning. That's more than I can say for STNG, which I hated at the beginning. Nice to see the old cast get together.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Joylene!

Andrew, I didn't care for it.

Truedessa, it's like The Princess Bride. You just have to watch it.

Nila, you will really enjoy the album then. It will take you right back.

GB, through NetFlix and others, you can now go back and watch them all.

Sandra Cox said...

This anthology would be a purrfect fit for you or is it off the table because you're an administrator?
Nice to have a pic of Stacy to connect the name with the face. Congrats to all the Rock Award Winners and good on you for honoring them.

SpacerGuy said...

Its really true. Galaxy Quest will never be out of date, it stands for something everyone trekking and rocking across the universe believes in. Congrats to Stacy, Mason, Jemi, Shady and Kim for its an honor being a part of the trekker/blogger/author community. High fives to Alex, Never give up and never surrender!

Anonymous said...

Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite sci-fi movies! Alan Rickman was a terrible loss - he stole every movie he made. Love the Dynasty video - definitely checking out the album. (I'm a closet heavy metal lover.)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex - I spotted one of the actors (and I recognised one lady!) mentioned it's taken me 20 years ... well please add that to my label!! I guess one day I'll get to watch them ... but always happy to read your notes ... take care - Hilary

mshatch said...

I have not watched the Galaxy Quest or DS9 specials. I did used to watch DS9 and loved it. In fact, I should rewatch the series. I saw the original GQ but I have to say I love the marvel movies better. They're among my faves.

Yolanda Renée said...

Congratulations to all the recipients of the You Rock Award! Very deserving all!

I loved Galaxy Quest! A favorite that's fun to watch again, and again!

Fundy Blue said...

Congratulations to all the You Rock Awardees ~ They are well deserved! OMG, Alex ~ I love "Galaxy Quest!" One of my all-time favorite movies. And I loved Deep Space Nine. I'll have to see these documentaries. All the best to you!

Donna Shields said...

I have not seen Galaxy Quest but man now I have to see it! Congrats to all the recipients!

Mary Kirkland said...

I loved Star Trek Deep Space Nice.

Sandra Cox said...

Haven't seen Galaxy Quest or DS9.
Hope you and your wife are having a great one.
Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners! That's awesome! Jemi is great.

It's funny, I say I'm not a big Star Trek fan, yet I know all the shows and movies and enjoyed them. I guess that's what happens when you live with a Trekkie. haha

Just an FYI; Elsie is a good link for me :)

Enjoy your time!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sandra, no, I can't enter since I'm an admin.

Lee, good for you! Rock on.

Marcy, it's fun going back and watching the series.

Elsie, do I have a bad link?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the one in the awards mentions went to my old website. :)

Debdatta Dasgupta said...

Congratulations to the winners!

XmasDolly said...

Holy Cow! I walked away had half of this square filled with a comment, and I come back go to finish, and before I could get the curser up there to type POOF! it disappears. DANG, THAT TICKS ME OFF! So, Dude how's goin? Fine I hope for you & yours. I see everyone is getting antsy to get out & no one is watchin' nothing that is so NOT GOOD! WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? I want to scream it from the roof tops for sure. It's going to be a complete blood bath or germ bath don't know which one, but neither is sooooooo NOT GOOD! PLEASE my friend keep a good watch on your family & as always you & yours is in my prayers for the good Lord to watch over you & your loved ones! Take care my friend & OH BEFORE I FORGET. Working on a new blog so that means new website I shall let you know ASAP what it is. Okie Dokie? Good, finally someone who is aware! I can no longer be with the two girls I was sharing a .com with and I have to go back to (it's a freebie) & that's all I can afford right now. Did I tell you I got hacked? Yeah, they cleaned out my bank account & I had just got my social security check & our income tax check, but we might have these guys this month/this time. Please pray for me to catch these muth..........rrrrrssss! I'm so angry I can spit. They stole every penny we had. I don't know what we're going to do to pay our property taxes now. DAM! Oh well, sorry to cry on your shoulder.... COME ON SMILE AND PUT SOME LOUD MUSIC ON & GET THOSE HOOFS MAAAAAAAAAOVIN" hahaha! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND MY FRIEND! DANG THIS NOTE TURNED INTO A BOOK! BWAHAHAHAHA.... STAY COOL MY FRIEND - YOU'RE DUH BEST!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

Blogs have taken a turn for sure, so many of us are gone... I just remember all the good years of blogging. I am glad you are still in the top 10 sites, you are a great friend. Congrats, to the others that rock. I must see that GALAXY QUEST documentary, it was such a great film that helped me when I needed something to turn too when things were down.

So many things have changed, I am glad you are still there, how are things going. We need to catch up, get that beer... take care my friend.


Victoria Marie Lees said...

Oh my gosh, Alex, I loved Galaxy quest. It reminded me of the Captain Kirk Star Trek series. My husband and my daughter watched your trailer clip with me. So cool! You always have the most interesting posts. Have a beautiful summer!

Susan Kane said...

Oh, yes. Galaxy Quest is one of our go-to movies. We can recite dialog, sometimes. In November? I hope we can sit in the new improved seats, in the dark, with popcorn, by then!!

DS9--we always looked forward to that one. And, Rene Du..bois died recently. He was a fine actor.Will it return? Will Avery Brooks be there? Commanding figure. Excellent.

Kalpana said...

I've always been a Star Trek fan. Now my 31 year old daughter and I watch episodes of Deep Space 9 every evening and she can't get over how fantastic they are. I'm keen to watch the documentary too - thanks for writing about it.

Pat Hatt said...

Galaxy Quest sure was a winner indeed. Haven't watched the documentary yet. Congrats to the winners.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Marie, I am so sorry! That's terrible you were hacked. Hope they catch them. And we are as careful as we can be.

Jeremy, we definitely need to catch up!

Susan, yes, two of the actors died last fall after making the special. Very sad.

Kalpana, cool your daughter is a fan.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope you and your wife are having a great weekend, Alex.
Power got knocked out for over 6K in my area. We got buckets of rain.
Stay safe. Be healthy.

farawayeyes said...

Never saw DS9,but I love Galaxy Quest.

The Happy Whisk said...

It really is one of the best movies. Sad about Alan being gone though. But yes, love the movie.

Sherry Ellis said...

Yay to the recipients of the "You Rock" award! Excellent choices! I'm surprised Mason Canyon and Shady hadn't been selected before. They are awesome! Thanks again, for selecting me last year!

Sandra Cox said...

Hope you're having a pleasant, productive week.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I've been a trekker since I saw the first episode of Star Trek. And Galaxy Quest is one of my FAVORITE movies. It's magic! Thanks for sharing about this. I want to watch this documentary.

Tonja Drecker said...

I never warmed up to DS9, although I watched quite a few episodes hoping it'd get better. And those are amazing bloggers!

Patsy said...

The IWSG bloggers make my day! It's good to know we're not alone in our insecurities and that we can continue despite them – perhaps even overcome them or make them work for us.

Sandra Cox said...

See ya tomorrow:)

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Our children loved anything connected to Star Trek! Thanks for sharing the trailers.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Even though I love Star Trek, the original and the reboot, I never watched any of the spinoffs and I didn't see Galaxy Quest either.
Your 'You Rock' awards really make a person feel special. Congrats to the latest winners.

Lynda Dietz said...

Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I'm glad to hear about the documentary. I also wonder why I'd never heard of it when it came out last year! Never too late to watch, though.

Congrats to all the You Rock award winners!

mail4rosey said...

Just back to say hello. I know you're in the know on movies, so as an aside, I'm here to say we just saw ELF for the first time ever last night (we're so far behind on things, but we saw it in the Netflix line up). My son was cracking up watching it!! :) Also here to wish you a happy day!