Monday, November 9, 2015

Realms Faire – Trapped in the Vortex! Blog Comments – What’s Right? Plus Deadpool Video, Fargo Series and Let Us Prey Movie Reviews, Six Years of Blogging, and Ninja News.

The 2015 Realms Faire!

Hosted by author M. Pax
Twitter Hashtag – #RealmsFaire

Today, I am trapped in the Vortex!!

Alex needs your help. He’s trapped in Lucien’s Bar, the gateway to the Underworld, and challenging War to a sword fight is his only way out. Please come over and cheer him on. Your comments will improve his chances. The Immortals aren’t above cheating so here are three magic words to give Alex an edge in the contest: ninja, light, steel. Use these words in your comment to give him an added boost on Monday, Nov 9th, at River Fairchild's site.

Ninja News

Elizabeth S. Craig is visiting the IWSG today! Always an honor to have Elizabeth, and today she is discussing author newsletters.

Today’s Themes That Rocked the Challenge feature at the A to Z Blog is Jennifer Hawes! She posted about her hometown of Hannibal, MO, which also happens to be the boyhood town of a certain author named Mark Twain…

New release – The Deep Dark Woods Anthology
Featuring The Blue Mist by Shannon Lawrence
Find it on Amazon

Edi’s Book Lighthouse had some great links this past weekend regarding author blogs and social media importance. (Not to mention the world’s first underwater museum!) Edi mentioned that he enjoys blog tours as long as the content differs from blog to blog, and I have to agree. A blog tour should not be the same posts over and over or just an announcement.

And Edi and I will both be excited Tuesday, November 10 – Fallout 4 releases! Such an awesome series.

Deadpool Video

This funny promotional piece for next February’s Deadpool movie came out recently. There are words bleeped out, but my wife and I don’t think Ryan Reynolds was really cussing at the kids. (At least, we hope not!)

Fargo Series Review

Season two is a separate story line from season one. Rest assured though, the characters are just as quirky!
The acting is spectacular and the writing top notch.
It even includes some kind of alien intervention. (Yes, you read that right!)
This show will leave you scratching your head in confusion, but in a good way.

Let Us Prey Movie Review

This Irish film was highly rated on NetFlix.
It has a great style that covers up not a lot of substance. It’s a horror/psychological thriller that stretched plausibility, but not enough to stop watching.
Many will recognize the stranger from Game of Thrones. You’re never exactly sure who the stranger is, which is part of the reason you’ll keep watching.
Worth a NetFlix rental if you’re curious.

Blog Comments – What’s Right?

This is part of Jeffrey Scott’s monthly R.A.N.T. series.

This isn’t going to be just about returning comments, but will encompass other clog comment topics as well. Just some things I’ve been tossing around in my mind and with certain groups.

It is good manners to return a visit, but sometimes we miss a comment from a new person. Or maybe the person posted something that day we really just don’t relate to. Or maybe we just ran out of time. But if someone visits our site several times, then it’s rude not to return the visit. (And there are bloggers out there who just won’t visit a site outside of their comfort pool no matter how many times we comment, which is sad.)

What about those who follow and comment, enticing you to do the same, and then they just stop visiting? Maybe even unfollow you? I’ve noticed a lot of these types of bloggers lately. Are they just after followers to build their blog? They amassed a lot of followers and are now being choosy who they visit?

And how often should we expect our friends to comment? Every post no matter what? Some days, people are just busy! Maybe on vacation. Maybe it’s a topic that they can’t comment on. We can’t expect a comment every single time. I follow over 2000 blogs and my blogger buddy list is twice what’s in my sidebar – I just can’t visit every post of every single person. (The clones have tried, believe me. And then half of them went on strike during the A to Z Challenge.)

Blogging is still about being social and making friends. It’s not expecting everyone to come to you, or taking advantage of others, or possessing unrealistic expectations. It’s building new friendships and maintaining old ones. It’s being a genuine person who cares.

What do you guys think?

Six Years Ago Today…

And to end this on a happy note – today, November 9, marks six years of blogging for me!

I cannot begin to tell you what a wild ride it’s been. I started with no followers and a book release looming almost a year away. I had no ambitions of building a huge following or writing more books. No plans to become a part of the A to Z Team or host dozens of blogfests. And certainly had no idea I’d start something like the IWSG.

The bottom line – I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you. You guys are the reason why this Ninja won’t quit. You haven’t given up on me and I won’t give up on you.

Don’t forget to visit the IWSG and A to Z Blog today.

Excited for Fallout 4? What did you think of the Deadpool video? (I really don’t think he said anything bad to those kids.) Watching Fargo? Seen Let Us Prey? Can you believe it’s been six years? And what are your thoughts on blog comments?

And please save me from the Vortex!!


nashvillecats2 said...

Congrats on your 6th blogging birthday Alex. I also have been blogging for 6 years but started when I was in Spain.
I sometimes write a blog only to have the majority of followers not comment , I do have the faithful and welcomed few who I appreciate their comments very much.
WOW i'M FIRST today.

Rhonda Albom said...

Happy Blogging Birthday. I try to return comments when I can, but missed a lot while I was unwell. I am glad most of my followers stuck around.

Stephanie Faris said...

I use my comments to decide which blogs to read. I just go through and click over. However, if your goal is to be stagnant, not going outside of your comfort pool is fine. But if you are here for community, friendship, AND to get the word out about your books when you need to, you are actually hurting yourself by stagnating. It's important to get out and read new blogs. I try to--but it probably takes reading about 20-40 new blogs to get a new steady reader. That's a LOT of people not commenting back! I went through the IWSG list last time and read more than 50 new blogs, maybe more...and got only a couple of new readers out of it because people just don't read back. Sad.

TBM said...

I haven't watched season two of Fargo yet, but I have recorded a few of the episodes. Glad to hear it's worth it.

I know some bloggers just visit to increase their number of followers. I've had many who'll comment, "Follow me." If that's all they write, why would I bother. I love blogging because of the friendships and support. I'm not chasing stats. It's the community. And I think the people who miss that point kinda miss the point of blogging. Just my opinion, though.

Cindy said...

The only way to get consistent comments from the same people is to comment on their blogs, even when they don't comment on yours. Eventually they notice and become regular. That being said, blogging is the most time consuming social media of them all, so I fully understand when people can't comment.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Wow, six years!!! You've accomplished so much in those years, you should be proud, Alex!!!

You're so right about returning a comment for a comment, be a good friend, online and off!

Now I'm off to save you from the Vortex!!!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I just started Fargo this season and really enjoy it.

Congrats on your 6th blogging anniversary. I am not as good as I should be about following all my followers blogs. With all my life changes this last year and a half, it's made it difficult to check each post to be I catch the new followers. I am trying to be better. I agree that we can't stop by for all the posts, especially when a person posts 3 or more times a week.

For me, the big challenge is people I follow who have regularly stopped by my blog in the past, but stop coming by. Often, I'll see them on other blogs. At some point, I stop going to their blog just because I'm so busy and want to try to focus on my followers who are regulars. I am supportive when they are going through a challenge, but at some point I want them to come back if they want to be friends.

Anonymous said...

Before I forget, happy sixth bloggerversary! Awesome!!

I still don't know how you do it, Alex. I have yet to figure out how you visit so many blogs. And it's obvious you read them, not just glance and make a generic comment to ensure a return comment. You care about those you visit. I think that's what makes you (and so many others around here) so special.

I make every effort to return a visit to those who take the time to visit me. It may not be that day, it may be several days, or even the following week, but I do return the visit. If I find that I visit someone a half dozen times and get zero return, I may not revisit them again. It depends on their blog content. If it's something I truly enjoy reading, I'll keep coming back because I understand my content may be uncomfortable/difficult for people to read. Just because I like reading them, doesn't automatically mean they'll enjoy my blog, and I get that.

Fargo, huh? I just checked. It's not on demand from the first episode. I'll have to keep an eye out.

Truedessa said...

Good Morning Alex,

Hope you were able to get some rest over the weekend as now we enter the busy work week. Congratulations on 6 years of blogging. You have gone far grasshopper. (smiling). Interesting about the blog comments. I always try to return blog comments. Occasionally I have run into issues where I am unable to comment due to google plus and I don't like sites that track your location. I feel this is an invasion of privacy. I have followed many blogs and the sad thing is they don't reciprocate but, I am fine with that as I think for me it is about quality not quantity. I have some friends who will always visit and that is what matters to me. I am not selling anything just offering the wanderings of my mind. I recently took a bit of a break and limited access to my blog for the short term as I tried to figure things out. I like to comment back on my own blog. I know there is some controversy about that in the poetic world. As some say if they leave a comment on your blog that is enough. I guess I feel differently as you want to make your blog interactive. A poet friend of mine said they want to keep their blog free from nonsense and to be taken seriously. I guess I am a bit out of the realm of what is normal. I like to have a fun blog a place where I can converse and share ideas. What do you think about that? Anyone else have any thoughts.

On a side note some people will never visit. I had one guy tell me he was a serious poet and that is why he didn't comment on my site and this was after I bought his book.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I'll check out the other links.

I admit that other than this site and a couple of others, I generally don't comment on other blogs as much as I used too. I feel very squeezed for time all day long. Family obligations suck up every second, which is part of the reason why my writing takes forever. I'd like to comment more, but something else has to give.

Tim Knight said...

Happy bloggoversary, Alex.

When it comes to commenting, I'll only comment when I have something to say and, perversely, I tend to comment more on friends' blogs where there aren't so many comments (if that makes sense).

However, when people comment on my blog I always try and reply (even if it's just a smiley face!) to acknowledge their time and effort.

Of course, occasionally there'll be a 'flood' of comments and then sometimes I'll post a reply that covers a number of those, rather than trying to come up with an original answer to each (which invariably leads to me repeating myself).

M.J. Fifield said...

Looking forward to the Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds really is perfect for the part, I think.

And I always try to respond to any comment left on my blog, and visit their blogs in return (if I haven't already been out there...) Some days I do just run out of time.

Congrats on your blogging anniversary, Alex!

River Fairchild said...

Six years... wow! Congrats on sticking with it! You (and your clones) are amazing. And sociable. I think that's the key. I tend to stand in a corner and my blogging reflects that.
I see your loyal minions are already gathering to help you win your sword fight with War. I hope he doesn't stick you with the pointy end. ;)

The Angry Lurker said...

I loved the first season of Fargo, Deadpools video is Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds, the comment thing can be quiet annoying and after a while you just stop, of course you miss some, I missed 8 months due to no internet!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Congratulations on 6 years, Alex. You've accomplished so much.

I love Fargo, but it was sad when the deputy was killed off. She was an awesome character.

Now I'm off to the Vortex. Oh, and show have my assignment finished today!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Alex! Our brains must surely be linked in some fashion because you and I presented related topics again today. (Please come over and help me pay tribute to our mutual friend Belle.) First of all, it amazes me to see your presence wherever I go. Your comments appear on the blogs of almost all our mutual friends every day. It takes time and dedication to make the rounds and show support to all of those people. I don't know how you do it but I applaud you for your commitment. I find it useful to have an email relationship with good blog friends and discuss expectations with them. For example, you and I got into a comfortable groove stemming from our love of rock and metal. We coordinate our BOTB posts and reciprocate on comments. I don't expect you to comment on every one of my posts but I am grateful when you do. Time management is key. We don't have time to read and comment on every new post that hits the feed. To deal with that reality I set up a triage system. Bloggers who give the most to me in terms of time commitment and consistently interesting, insightful comments, get the most in return. I believe it's the only fair way to go about it. Thanks, Alex!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

We started blogging about the same time which means my time is around 6 years too. Hard to believe! I think a lot of people mean well but then let things go with the interactive part of blogging, i.e. commenting-- and they figure if only they can write a post they've done it, not realizing how rewarding it is to comment and relate to other bloggers. Others get busy and figure if they comment back right on their own page, they've done sufficient payback. Personally, I think people should just do what works best for them and not worry about the "rules" of being a good blogger.

Jo said...

Happy Blogiversary Alex. It's incredible how much you have achieved in those 6 years and what a blogging icon you have become to all of us. Thanks.

I agree with everything you have said about commenting. I try and return visits, not that I get many unlike you.

H. R. Sinclair said...

Congrats on six years! I started around the same time as you too, and I'm pretty sure we connected shortly afterwards.

There are blogs I visit that I comment on where they have never returned a visit, but I'm okay with that because I like what they have to say.

mshatch said...

Happy six! I try to visit everyone who visits me along with everyone else I like to visit. On the other hand, I don't expect anyone to visit me ever but I am always happy when they do.

I may have to check Fargo out.

The Happy Whisk said...

Congrats on six years.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvonne, you are first! And we've been around the same amount of time.

Stephanie, sadly many of the Challenge participants didn't return comments. Or follows.

TBM, that's a good and valid opinion.

Cindy, that's why I say give people a little slack.

Catherine, thanks!

Natalie, you do have to wonder when they stop visiting. What happened?

Thanks, Elsie! I admit there is only one blogger I visit who doesn't often visit me, but she champions me in ways beyond just a blog comment, so we're cool.

Truedessa, free from nonsense? Well, I'm too late for that! And you are a far more talented and dedicated poet than most, so don't worry about that serious dude.

Sandra, I can't get to as many as I used to, and I hope people understand that.

Tim, that's why I don't do individual replies or reply to everyone. And that's cool you support those who don't get a lot of comments.

River, I hope the Ninja Army rises to the occasion!

Fran, but the loyal returned when you came back!

Shady, I will be by today! Yes, it takes a lot of time, but I do my best. Some days, I just can't keep up. But on posting days, I go all out.

Karen, sadly though, if someone replies on his own blog and not here, I'll never see it. Barely have time to visit blogs once.

Thanks everyone!!!!

Christine Rains said...

I'm loving Fargo too. I think it's even better than last season. I agree with you about friendships and blogging. I always return blog comments (even if it takes me a few days!). Congrats on six years! And what a way to celebrate by heading into the Vortex. I'm heading over now! Three cheers for Realms Faire!

L.G. Keltner said...

Congratulations on 6 years of blogging!

As for returning visits, there are times when life gets in the way for sure. Sometimes it takes a few days to get around to visiting people, but in the end, it's important to make the effort. And of course you and your clones can only do so much. What you do manage to do in the blogging world is very impressive!

Joanne said...

happy 6th blog birthday. I'm sorry I didn't follow until recently. I was hit or miss, but kept seeing your name everywhere. Who is this Alex guy? Does he sleep? Anyway - I figure folks participate and comment as they wish. It's nice having consistent friend/followers, but time can get away. I'm headed back to TX today - I shall try to find you in the Vortex (is it over Kentucky?). good luck

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Congrats on the six years of blogging!

Saw Hidden from Red Box this weekend - it was pretty good, but I wish it had gone in a different direction. Would have been scarier my way. :)

Yolanda Renée said...

I hope you escape Lucien's Bar!

Congrats on the anniversary!

Comments, I try, I don't always succeed, but I try.

Fargo is really odd! :)

Pat Hatt said...

Fargo is great. Congrats on 6 years too.

I always comment back, unless you know they come and say "great post" then pffft. Or I can't find the damn comment place and/or their using some stupid fancy smancy comment thing that cause me to jump through 50 hoops. But yeah, rather umm pathetic in a way that you can comment on 20 new blogs and maybe one will return comment. Most blogs I haven't missed a single post of theirs in years, go ocd lol

~Sia McKye~ said...

Time has zoomed by. Hard to believe it's been 6 years!

As far as blogs are concerned, I do believe it's good manners to return the visit. I've found a lot of good bloggers that way. I don't expect someone to visit every blog post I have up--especially when I was blogging several times a week. That's insane. For sure, I don't have that kind of time or energy. :-)

Sia McKye Over Coffee

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Congratulations on the 6 years!

Fargo is a TV show?! How did I miss this?

Arlee Bird said...

Congratulations on the 6 years of blogging. This is 6 years for me as well, but it seems like I've been blogging far longer than that.

The visiting and commenting has become so time consuming for me that it has become difficult for me to keep up and do other things in my life as well. I rarely get comments from new visitors anymore and since Google devalued the Follow widget and put more emphasis on their not-so-great Google+ I find the issue of following blogs to have stagnated from where it had been. I still think about receiving comments on my post and returning visits, but I don't focus my energies on that like I used to.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Charles Gramlich said...

I tried the original fallout and couldn't get into it. traded it in for something else.

Shell Flower said...

Happy bloggiversary! Keep on rocking and good luck with the Vortex.

Shadow said...

I commented on your link bout ninjas, light an steel.... Don't know what it is, ya got an explanation for me somewhere?
I think, if you comment, you should get a return 'hallo' but there's a life out there, and daily visiting or every post commenting is waaaay to unrealistic... and that's the end of obligation. Blogging should be fun.
Like your movie tips btw.... P.S. 9th of November I was born *grin* (now that would be a time to comment back, but I'm returning your visit so we fine *BiG GRiN*. See. Easy.

Julie Flanders said...

Wow - happy blogging anniversary!! What an amazing six years.
I love Fargo!! Thought it started out a bit slow but now I'm totally into it.
Heading over to try to help you out of the vortex now.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I still need to check out Fargo and start from the beginning. I keep hearing good things.

And happy bloggoversary! Yes, blogging is about being social and making friends. I don't care if people comment on every single post or always engage with us, but if someone just comes by, says something like "LOL funny post!" with a huge link to their own blog beneath it and then they expect us to come visit them and leave a thoughtful comment, they're in for a long wait. We just dump those comments in our spam folder. Also, I would hope people understand that we both have busy schedules. It's often easiest for me to blog read on Mondays because I work late on that day. If people can't understand that and get mad when we don't show up first thing Wednesday morning and read their Wednesday post, tough. I read blogs on my schedule, not yours, and if you're a trusted blog friend, then I'll get to it eventually. I promise.

Sandra Cox said...

Happy anniversary, Alex. You are a wonderful Captain, maybe we should promote you to Major Ninja.
Just got back from House Immortal. Keep swinging your sword.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Fargo. Great minds think alike. I always try to return visits and need to update my blog roll on the side of my blog. So glad you started blogging and started IWSG.

Sandra Cox said...

PS I agree with, Steph. I love our blog community AND getting new blog buddies is hard. I think most of the world has turned to Facebook.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

LG, I just do my best!

Joanne, I do like my sleep! Thanks for following that Alex guy.

Pat, that's impressive. And it is hard when you end up at a Google+ account and can't find that person's blog.

Elizabeth, you have to watch it!

Lee, I've pulled back. I get a few new followers through GFC, but not many anymore.

Shadow, happy birthday!! And if you cheered me out of the Vortex, that's all that matters.

Brandon and Bryan, what you said! I focus on visiting everyone on Mondays and then it's as I can get to people the rest of the week. There's really only one me.

Tyrean said...

Happy Six Year Blogaversary!!!
I try to comment back, but sometimes it takes me a week because I'm slow.

Shady Del Knight said...

Sorry I missed it on the first sweep. Happy 6 year blogiversary, Alex! It is difficult to imagine you starting out as we all do with no followers. Today your blog is a bustling metropolis and rightly so. You are a full service blogger. Congratulations once again, good friend!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

I hope you find your way out of the Vortex. Swing that sword.
As for bloggers, I don't worry about who visits me or not. I love comments and appreciate everyone that takes the time to say a word or two, but I also know how busy everyone is and it doesn't upset me when they don't post. :)
Congratulations on 6 years.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Happy Anniversary!
Vortex - Mission accomplished. Good luck!
Blog Comments - I agree, I think it is good manners to give a return visit when someone visits. To be honest, I don't know how some of you bloggers do it, but you seem to do it! I'm very impressed. One of the regular blog hops I'm in, I'm surprised when there are those few who I always visit, but almost never see a return visit, or even acknowledgement of a comment. Which is something else I find to be in poor taste. I like to feel my comment was well received and not looked over. But I know that it's not always possible. I certainly try my hardest to give return visits and reply to all comments. said...

Woohoo! Happy blogoversary, Alex. You've helped so many of us get to where we are today, along the way. Congratulations.

And I'm glad I'm not from a city called Hannibal, even though Mark Twain was.

Have a great week.

Debra Renée Byrd said...

I don't get many comments, so I never see this instance, but I see it on Twitter a lot, people who just want a follow-back, so it looks like they have a bunch of followers for notoriety. It's the dumbest thing.

Unknown said...

Happy Blog Birthday Alex! You have been a tremendous positive force around here and have become much loved by many.

I have a rule-if I'm too busy to comment, then I'm too busy to post. Also I prefer to give more than I get and comment even when I'm not posting.

There are however some blogs I will no longer visit as to do so would mean compromising my values. I am a Christian and absolutely will not actively encourage people who engage in baiting us and hating us by visiting their blogs. I cannot change them, I will not argue with them and prefer to let God deal with them in His own way.

I'll be back to posting one of these days. I just wanted to pop in and see how you are doing!

EEGiorgi said...

Happy Blogging Birthday, you should be proud, look at the community you've created! :-)

Unknown said...

happy blogging birthday!! that's awesome :) and interesting topic on comments, I'm always surprised when people don't return. I find there's always something relatable in any post to discuss, and I'm in the "it's good manners to return comments" camp lol.

Sarah Foster said...

Happy blogiversary!
I do try to return comments as much as I can, although most of my comments come from bloggers whose blogs I tend to comment on anyway. If I don't comment on someone's post, it's usually because I can't think of something good enough to say (which is usually caused by lack of coffee...).

Cherdo said...

Happy anniversary, Alex! Great post and I like what you are saying about blog comments. I've been personally uplifted but many people in the community - and likewise appalled but this is sort of the way you find your niche.

Like the real world, everybody has their quirks, opinions, likes, and dislikes. Music, art, books, family, and humor are sort of my go-to genres. I tend to turn away from meanspirited stuff - and quickly. Even then, I choose to do it kindly. I'm not going to try to point out faux pas or disagreements. You never know why a blogger is the way they are or why they do things. But I know myself pretty well by now and I try to visit blogs as often as I can.

Brother, I'm a fan whether here or not. :-)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Loved the Deadpool Halloween video -- Look straight ahead, kids! :-)

Happy Anniversary, Alex. The Blogsphere would not be the same without you.

I try to repay visits on my blog, but as a rare blood courier, my time is so fleeting!

Ratatoskr, the Asgardian Squirrel, is headed your way to help you win against War. Maybe you will have won before the pesky guy gets there!

SpacerGuy said...

Its always inspiring to discover such interesting variety in Ninja Land. MPax has great books on offer with a phaser in the shape of a Zeppelin on one, now that's cool!!! Jeffreys Rant hits key notes. I suppose a pet peeve of mine when visiting blogs has to be marathon posts - When a blurb is funny or interesting - going the distance pays off but sometimes I feel like I deserve a prize after reading the lengthy confusing ones, LOL. Its like sacrilege not to comment when a bloggie has gone to all the trouble of visiting you.

Heather M. Gardner said...

Happy blogiversary!
That's awesome.

I love seeing you in so many places in a day!

Say hi to the clones!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sandra, thanks! Not ready for a promotion just yet.

Susan, you're a big part of the IWSG.

Thanks, Shady. I started with nothing though.

Beverly, everyone is busy these days.

Jeffrey, thanks! And that's wrong when you repeatedly visit someone and they never even make an effort.

Deborah, it is dumb!

Anne, I couldn't agree more with you! Well said. And hope to see you posting soon. I don't even have your email so your blog is the only way I can talk to you.

Beth, that's why I offer a variety. Surely there is something here to comment on.

Cherdo, thanks so much!

Roland, send in the squirrel! And glad you got a kick out of the video.

Spacerguy, a prize for reaching the end! Brilliant idea.


SK Anthony said...

Awww happy 6th bloggaversary!!!

The clip was funny, I do hope he wasn't really cursing lol

And I agree on the blogging bit, it's definitely about building new friendships and keeping old ones. My schedule hasn't allowed me to comment as often as I used to but I try to make it a couple times a month at least. And I usually go back a few posts to catch up with my friends, but it's for me because I like their thoughts and such . . . not for them to come back to me. The second it isn't genuine that's when it loses appeal.

Fundy Blue said...

Congrats on achieving six years of blogging, Alex! You have accomplished amazing things! Who knew when you started on your journey?!! I think you nailed the meaning of blogging and that is the relationships you form.

As for commenting, I try my darndest to reply to every comment, even if I can't get to it right away. Except for the nasties or the spammers; when they stop by occasionally, I zap them into cyber oblivion. I also try to react to what commenters have written and respond to it genuinely. I've held Pat Hatt out as my model ~ talk about jumping out of your comfort zone! Look what I would have missed, if I hadn't given Pat's blog a shot! To me, Pat is the master of returning comments and visits. You are awesome too, and you faithfully answer under the time-constraints you deal with. Of course we all can't visit every blog we're following every day! But I think a lot of us try to do the best we can, given our circumstances.

As for following to build a follower's list. I haven't looked at it quite that way. I know how much it means to me each time I get a follower. So I try to encourage bloggers by following them. And I try to visit them. I think people sort themselves out as to whom they will devote the most time to visiting and commenting. And sometimes bloggers come and go and come and go again. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, because life is always challenging. If someone is just looking to build follower numbers and that's all, I let it go. So what? The things that have worked for me in blogging, i.e. building relationships with some awesome people and getting encouragement from them in my writing journey, are the things I least expected. I'm getting far more that I'm giving, and that will keep me in the blogging world muddling along as best I can. Have a good one, my friend!

Elephant's Child said...

I hope you have survived the onslaught of War.
I love the warmth and the wonder of the blogosphere. I do try and reply to each comment, and pay return visits. A question of manners...

Suzanne Furness said...

6 years, congratulations! Blogging can be time consuming and sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day to do everything! I do try and reply to comments and visit those who take the time to visit me. Sometimes it may take a day or two so apologies for that! However,I have had visitors that I have been unable to trace through Google + etc. I enjoy the social interaction of blogging.

Andrew Leon said...

He could be cursing at the kids.
You never know.
It might not even be Reynolds in that suit.
Maybe that IS Deadpool.

Karen Lange said...

Jeffrey's thoughts hit the mark for me. I do my best to return comments and follows, unless I can't embrace the blog's message or occasionally, cannot locate it.

Congrats on the blogging milestone, Alex! You've been a great encouragement and inspiration. Hopping over to help with rescue efforts. :)

Birgit said...

We started the same year for blogging:) That was a good year! I think media likes to blow things out of proportion. I do always try to visit my blogger friends because so many do the same for me. If someone new has taken the time to write something, then i always reciprocate unless they are on something that won't allow me to (that has happened). I do get a bit sad when someone I follow does not ever respond. I don't mind if they don't follow me but if they would leave a comment every once in a blue moon, that would be ok. I notice this more with fellow card makers than anything else. I also may be late in responding but I always try to respond to my comments as well.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Congratulations on six years Alex - and am so glad I came across and all the other wonderful bloggers around this blogosphere. Good to see Elizabeth talking about newsletters; Mary and her Realms Faire .. and then Jeffrey and his r.a.n.t. ..

Comments - If I can - i.e. if I can trace the blog to comment on - and don't have to girate through too many hoops and for a few people I will do G+ ... but I'd prefer not to.

I visit and reply; I follow; I won't comment each posting ... though only posting a couple of times a week - I forget for those who post much more often ...

I do my best for others - but I fall down too .. cheers everyone - Hilary

J E Oneil said...

Six years? Wow, that's impressive. You've sure done well. Of course you couldn't do it without us, but it's only fair since we couldn't do it without you either. And I can't wait for the Deadpool movie. I'm not sure Ryan Reynolds is even acting.

Gail said...


I don't comment as much as I think I should. I have no requirements of those who visit me. Some have become great email friends.

I have learned much from IWSG. It hasn't been put into use but I'm still learning.

Congratulations on your time in Blogdom. I began in '08. Still haven't broke a thousand and have thought seriously about retiring my keyboard. If I disappear know that at least once a week I hear "...but what KIND is it?" and I smile. Thank you.

Jemi Fraser said...

6 good years! Congrats :)

I agree with your rant! I certainly don't catch every post of my blog buddies, but I do try to catch a lot. Life has become chaotic (maybe it always was :)) and I don't blog as often as before, but I do try to more-or-less keep up :)

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats on your blogversary, Alex! I always work on reciprocating comments first. Then I'll try to visit other people when I can. It can be very hard to keep up with everyone, even with clones.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

SK, I don't think he was. And agree about the being genuine.

Fundy! What you said. And Pat is awesome. He comments even more than I do.

Suzanne, no worries! And I get stuck trying to find visitors through Google+.

Birgit, if they never respond, then it's a one-sided conversation.

Hilary, you do great! And I can't keep up with multiple posters.

JE, no, I couldn't do it without you.

Gail, don't do dare disappear! You've already closed down one blog. That's more than enough.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogversary!
I try to comment regularly on the blogs I follow. I'm following them for a reason after all. I like what they have to say and I want them to know that.

I thought the Deadpool video was hilarious. He probably didn't swear, but the beeping makes us think he was because we've kinda trained ourselves to think it's a swear word when it's beeped. Same with the blurring. I saw a video once of some boy band where they blurred body parts out as a joke and even though I knew they were clothed, just seeing the blur, my mind instantly thought otherwise. It was funny.

Denise Covey said...

Hi Alex! Oh, don't get sucked down the vortex!
I like Jeffrey Scott's points. I find it difficult when my favourite bloggers post nearly every day! I think it is kind of rude to post every day/expect everyone to drop by, then whinge when they don't. Seriously, I only have time to post once a week, then by the time I comment on other blogs, return comments from my previous post, heck, I'm well into the week! I'm a huge fan of reciprocation, but, you're right, not everyone is. Sadly, there is a lot of me, me, me around, but that's life! There are so many gems out there to make blogging worthwhile.

Denise :-)

Shannon Lawrence said...

Thanks for sharing The Deep Dark Woods! Let Us Prey was certainly interesting. Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

As far as the rant, I try to visit people when I can. Things got wonky for me when GFC changed, and I didn't like the new version I went to. Sometimes I randomly remember that I haven't visited someone in awhile and will go seek them out.

DMS said...

I can't believe that you have been blogging for 6 years! Wow! I am just realizing that I have been blogging for I think close to 5 years. Time sure does fly.

I have been wanting to check out Fargo- hopefully I can catch up on season 1 soon...

kaykuala said...

Congrats Alex on your 6th year Hank started at about the same time. Perhaps many had just found its usefulness then. But Hank progressed too slow until 2010 when Hank discovered poetry blogs. Hank usually comments on the regulars and returns comments upon receiving from the others after that. So far it works.


kaykuala said...

Congrats Alex on your 6th year Hank started at about the same time. Perhaps many had just found its usefulness then. But Hank progressed too slow until 2010 when Hank discovered poetry blogs. Hank usually comments on the regulars and returns comments upon receiving from the others after that. So far it works.


Tonja Drecker said...

Happy Blogging Birthday! Amazing how much you've achieved in six years. Just imagine what another six might bring ;)

Brandon Ax said...

I can't wait to play FO4. I also wanted to play Tom Raider, but it is not going to be out for PS4.

I loved that Deadpool video.

Liz A. said...

Congrats on 6 years.

It's nice to have comments. For many moons, I got no comments on my blog, so I appreciate those who take the time to stop by. But it's like friendships. Some last a short time. Some last for years. Some last a lifetime. When the friendship has run its course, it has run its course. And sometimes we just have to say goodbye.

Mark Koopmans said...

Oh bloody hell... I know I'm one of the crappiest return commenters out there, but I always admit it and I think that helps from too many people making voodoo dolls from old coconut bra pieces:)

Congrats on six years, old friend. Can you believe the ride... and you're only getting starting... Here's to the 26th anniversary :)

While I was reading, I stopped, went to Netflix, and will watch Let us Prey later :)

Heading to save you from the Vortex, but need to stop off and get some new cheap, red boxed wine.... I'll be there in a flash :)

John Wiswell said...

Oh man, Fallout 4 has shaped up to look like lots of fun! I just wonder how long it will take to patch it to a stable state. A lot of reviewers are mentioning serious engine problems.

And happy Blogging Birthday! You must be proud of the crowd you've built.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on six years of blogging, Alex! Several published books later, you're still going strong!

Nilanjana Bose said...

Congrats on 6 years, wow!

Comments - now that's a topic that always generates a lot of heat/words :)

Seriously though, those numbers are huge, and I am utterly floored by what you guys accomplish, kudos!

There are blogs I visit, some I lurk at :) some I comment on, and I would do that regardless of whether they reciprocated or not. Of course, it's lovely when they do reciprocate and the connection goes forward. Not everybody wants to connect or reciprocate. If the writing/blog appeals to me I stick around, otherwise not. I don't expect reciprocation as some kind of god-given right or something, I assume bloggers have a life offline too :) it's probably what makes their writing interesting to me in the first place.

Don't see how any reasonable person can expect their friends to catch every single blog post, especially if they are posting more than once a week. That's just being blindly self-centred.

Unknown said...

Alex, beautifully put about being a genuine person who cares, including in the blogging world. I feel so blessed to have become part of this online community and I feel it is anyones loss who would just be involved for the purpose of getting followers and then disappear. It is a shame to be the recipient of that blogging attitude (I have experienced it too). And I am glad to see you discussing it. Hopefully you mentioning it may spark some deeper thoughts for people.

P.s. Good luck in the vortex :)

Unknown said...

Alex, beautifully put about being a genuine person who cares, including in the blogging world. I feel so blessed to have become part of this online community and I feel it is anyones loss who would just be involved for the purpose of getting followers and then disappear. It is a shame to be the recipient of that blogging attitude (I have experienced it too). And I am glad to see you discussing it. Hopefully you mentioning it may spark some deeper thoughts for people.

P.s. Good luck in the vortex :)

Helena said...

Congratulations on six wonderful, generous years of blogging, Alex my dear! May your legions of fans multiply even more.

I caught several episodes of the first season of Fargo and then lost track of it. It really seems to be well done enough that I should try to catch up with it again.

J.H. Moncrieff said...

Congratulations on six years of blogging, Alex! Thank you so much for starting the IWSG. I've met so many great people through it.

As for blog comments, I'm not sure how people with 100s of comments, like you and Stephanie Faris, do it. It takes me long enough to respond thoughtfully to 25 or 40 blogs, but I always try my best to return the favour.

If people stop visiting every single blog when their blog gets popular, I suspect they've just gotten too busy. I certainly wouldn't take that personally.

Misha Gerrick said...

My blogging went off the rails last year when things were going badly for me, but I am trying to pick up the strings again.

That said, my visits to blogs just don't bring the same response as it used to, though. Or maybe it's just that my schedule no longer allows me to make as many visits as I used to. :-/

Patsy said...

I always take a look at the blogs of people who comment on mine. Sometimes that's because I'm polite - sometimes because I'm nosey.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Congratulations on your blogversary. You are a phenominal writer and person. SO glad I know you.

I try to comment even if it's a word or two. I could spend all day visiting and commenting on blogs if I had the time. I love it.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Happy Anniversary, Alex! 6 years is a long time. Congratualations!
I remember that there were several times in earlier days when I thought I might shut down my blog. It helped that I never figured out how to read my stats! :) I am sure yours are major and that you won't ever shut your blog down. Too many people think you're terrific!
I had fun with my visit to River's site!


Mary Aalgaard said...

Another great post. I'll go to the Vortex fun in a bit. I need to watch Fargo. I am a Midwestern girl, after all. Comments: On busy days, it can get hard to keep track, especially if the commenter is new. And, it can be hard to find their blog. During the A to Z challenge, you teach them how to leave a blog address. That would be helpful. I don't expect many comments anymore. I do lots of theatre reviews, and I think many bloggers feel it's not important to leave a comment. That's okay. But, I do love the community of visiting and leaving a message during IWSG, other blog hops, and of course the A to Z Challenge.

Sandra Cox said...

Just went over to the IWSG site. The post was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Six years of blogging is amazing! I do my best to reply to every comment and return visits to those who stop by and comment on or like my posts. I don't always get there right away, but usually within a few days, unless something extra-crazy is going on. I don't have much spare time, though, so I don't get to visit nearly as many blogs as I would like. I'm still working on getting better at that. I'm a day late, but I'm going to check out the vortex. Hope you escaped!

Sherry Ellis said...

People who don't leave comments are missing the point of blogging. It's about developing relationships. You can't do that if you don't communicate.

Good luck getting out of the Vortex!

msmariah said...

Congrats on your 6 years of blogging Alex! Wow, I think that's around the time I started lurking on your page. Wow, time flies when you're having fun and you've been so much fun to follow!

Al Penwasser said...

About comments....
My daughter is starting a blog and I tell her that, if someone comments, you really should return the favor. Then, as you build your "follower base," absolutely keep up with your regulars. And especially return the favor from a new visitor, even if it means you have to get to a "regular" at another time.
Eventually, I told her, you'll just visit your friends without checking to see if they even have commented on your blog. Because you just enjoy what they write.
You are one of those bloggers in this category.
You have my sympathy.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Patricia, that is what we think right away.

Denise, that's why I don't blog but once a week. As many comments as I get, I need the week to keep up.

Shannon, you're welcome!

Brandon, I'll probably be playing it tonight!

Mark, save some of that wine for me!

John, I'll let you know if I have issues.

Nilanjana, it is. Too much to keep up with.

Emilyann, I hope so.

JH, glad you enjoy the IWSG. And forgive me if I ever miss a post.

Misha, I think the blogging world has just changed.

Patsy, that made me chuckle.

Thanks, Jean! Glad you didn't shut down.

Mary, some people do include a link in their comments.

Lori, I think I made it!

Sherry, exactly!

Thanks, Al! Wise words to your daughter. I do visit my friends first whether they comment or not. (So when someone stops, it takes me a while to catch on...)

Nick Wilford said...

Congrats on six years! That really is an impressive span and you've become a fixture in that time. I always return comments as a minimum of interaction, as I feel it's basic manners. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but I'll get there. I do make an effort to meet new people, in bloghops including IWSG, but the sad truth is that there are many I don't hear back from.

Susan Kane said...

Your comment was right on the button! I try to visit the blogs I am following when they post something. But, that may not be for weeks, or even months. Do I "un-follow" them?
And sometimes it seems that some bloggers are just trying to accrue followers, hoping to make the numbers jump, with no intention to develop a relationship.
I haven't "un-followed" anyone yet, but perhaps I should.

Belle Unruh said...

My first blog was about myself and family. I wanted it to be a fun blog. I made lots of friends and followed back and commented back. But I ended that blog because my grandson died. Life didn't seem so funny anymore. I needed a long time to grieve.
I have a blog about God and me. I write it for those who don't know anything about God. My hope is to help those who want and need him through the internet I've decided not to follow people's blogs now, except yours and Shadys because you are old friends. (Aren't we getting old?!)

I don't mean to be unfriendly at all; I just know how time-consuming it is to keep up with everyone. I love it, but I'm not too well and I need lots of rest and can't keep up. I don't need comments on this blog so maybe I will turn that option off. That could be the answer as I don't want to offend anyone.

Tess Julia said...

You're amazing, no question about it. Six years- I don't know how you do it but you are definitely an inspiration. As far as the blogger comments, for one, Alex you are a role model, and two, I agree it's rude to not acknowledge people when they comment.

Shady Del Knight said...

This is my third sweep of your post, good buddy. I wanted to add that Mrs. Shady and I flipped for Season 1 of Fargo and are eager to catch Season 2. Thanks for letting us know it's killer.

I also want to let you know that I will be offline from tonight through Saturday night because we will be entertaining out of state guests for a few days. I will be back online Sunday and catch your latest post which I assume will be coming on Monday. Thanks, Alex!

Carrie-Anne said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary!

I've quit visiting blogs where the favor was never returned. I understand not reading or commenting on every single post, but when someone visits you more than a few times, regularly, and even leaves thoughtful comments, it seems kind of rude to never stop back in return. Maybe these people just don't visit anyone outside of their established blogging circle.

Leslie S. Rose said...

Happy Blog Birthday. I'll have a slice of ice cream cake in your honor. I've really got to dive into the Fargo TV series. I loved the original movie.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary Alex! Isn't it amazing how much your life can change in such a short period of time?

Melissa said...

I agree with you that some bloggers take advantage. But I think we also need to give people the benefit of the doubt and look at their heart. Are they new to blogging and don't understand the etiquette? (I might not know had Carrie not taught me.) Have they been a thoughtful blogger before and suddenly changed? Maybe something is going on in their life that has made it impossible for them to keep up.

Good post, Alex. I'm sure this will generate some much-needed thought and discussion.

And Yay for Realms Faire! :)

Anonymous said...

I will check out these links. Happy blogiversary! It's my sixth year as well. I love the meaningful relationships I've made. I have also come across some attention seekers who just want their book purchased or a follow and then nothing else.

Katherines Corner said...

well shoot, I woke thinking I must visit Alex. I hope he understand my slow responses. Big hugs my friend..I'm just off to bury my head in the sand

Sandra Cox said...

I don't think I'm old enough to see Let Us Prey. :)

Crystal Collier said...

Sorry I missed you being in the vortex!

I'm right there with Jeffery on the commenting issue. I'll visit anyone once, twice, maybe even three times, but if I don't get a return visit after that, I'm done. In fact, there are some bloggers on my "no comment" list because they never return visits. Very sad.

Donna McDine said...

Time certainly does go fast even if you are stuck in the Vortex. Happy 6th Anniversary.

Blogoratti said...

Congrats to you, and thanks for sharing. That movie seems like one I'd watch. Greetings!

Intangible Hearts said...

Honestly, I don't have time to visit too many blogs and not too many people stop by and comment on my posts either. I'm kind of sad about it. Used to have lots of comments and visits at thedesert rocks. :( Anyway, I can't imagine bloggers who don't visit those who comment on their blog. What's up with that?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nick, and that seems to be the trend. Not sure why.

Susan, I only unfollow those who unfollow me. Or when someone's abandoned blog gets taken over by a weird company.

Belle, you do it at your own pace and style. I think what you blog about is great. Thanks for following me still. And I don't even want to talk about getting old...

Thanks, Tess!

Shady, enjoy time with your friends! And glad you checked out Fargo. Season two is even wilder...

Carrie-Anne, there are people like that. I don't get it.

Leslie, you have to watch it!

Melanie, yes!

Melissa, so far it has.

Katherine, you've been with me a long time - no worries!

Sandra, that made me chuckle.

Crystal, that's my policy!

Eve, I have no idea.

Jennifer Lane said...

Congrats on six years of most excellent blogging. Did you get out of the vortex?

Thanks for the link to Elizabeth's post about author newsletters. It's a good reminder I need to send my first one out.

Thank you for your offer to spread the word about my release on 12-2. I'll get you the buy link!

M Pax said...

Were you saved? I tried to help. :)

Thanks for the mention of the RF.

Congrats on 6 years of blogging. I was in Best Buy yesterday and didn't see the new Fallout. Otherwise it may have made it into my bag.

Kittie Howard said...

Congratulations, Alex, on your sixth anniversary!

I tend to agree with your comments about blogging. I've stopped counting the number of books I've bought, enjoyed reading, and left positive comments saying so and never heard from that blogger again. I make every attempt to respond to each comment, perhaps not the same day, but I do get to it. This is a busy household so much is determined by other stuff that must get done, like yesterday if not sooner. :)) Blogging consumes a lot of time, so much so, I sometimes think the concept of blogging is losing out to faster social media. Also, many bloggers get their core followers, then seem to switch to newsletters, with FB feeding the newsletters.

Anyway, the MC museum near Quantico really is worth a visit if you're in the area. My hub's an advisor to the board that's working toward a MC museum in J'ville. . . now out of the planning stage and soon will be in a temporary building so that items can begin being displayed.

Robin said...

Six years! That's quite a milestone.

Blogging. Sigh. I don't know what the "right" thing is. I try to read most every post and comment, but life happens. Right now I'm on vacation and very behind. I think we all just do the best we can.

Leandra Wallace said...

Happy 6 years! You've done amazing in that time, and are a huge support in the blogging world (which I truly appreciate!). Here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 6-year Blogiversary, twinny! Sorry I missed it. :( I'm anxiously waiting to get my hands on Fallout 4. I'm a total Fallout freak. Haven't seen Fargo yet. Still trying to catch up on shows that I'm already behind on. Hugs!

Ella said...

My son took his vacation this week-because of Fallout 4~ I hope to go visit him this weekend~

Oh, sounds like you need you want me to bring Mushu?!
Oh, is it too late to save you?!
I must go look~

Ella said...

Cheers, Happy Blogging Birthday to you~

Rachna Chhabria said...

Congratulations on the 6th Blogoversary, Alex. 2129 followers is a large number and the comments on each of your posts almost always cross 120. We love our ninja captain and don't want him to quit ever.
Yep, I am also noticing that many bloggers are not posting frequently or commenting, once in a while their names pop up and I realized that they have left a comment.I can't blame them, its getting more and more difficult for all of us to balance work, writing, life with social networking sites and blogging (which requires a lot of thinking to come up with interesting posts).

S. L. Hennessy said...

Six years of blogging? Wow, that's awesome Alex! Happy blog-iversary!

Elise Fallson said...

I'm finally working out my computer issues, and should be back into the swing of things soon. Good to be back and Happy 6 years! I think I'm heading into year 4 for me, wow how quickly time flies.... :)

G. B. Miller said...

Congrats on your 6th blogging anniversary!

Re: comments.

Comments are a tricky thing. While I try to follow/respond to all of those who initially comment, not all reciprocate. So those people I have a tendency to give up on. Same goes for those who comment in order to gain new followers. Problem is when you pursue that philosophy, you have a tendency not to care about what bloggers follow you.

Example: had a fashionista blog leave a comment on my blog asking me to follow theirs. For any of you who've happened to check out my blog, you know it has zero to do with fashion. Thus, the comment was ignored.

The only other problem I've had in following other bloggers is when they decide that they don't like you or you comments anymore. No reason is given, other than having your comments being held up in perpetuity. Sad really.

Sandra Cox said...

The idea of an underwater museum is fascinating. I had to go check that out.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! I must say that I do have my struggles with commenting. Time is the key element that is often missing, which causes my delayed responses to comments and visits back. I like the last statement about building and maintaining friendships and being a genuine person who cares. When I comment on another person's post, I have read it and put thought into my response. Sometimes I don't have a way to relate, so my comment may sound more generic, but I do genuinely desire to be a good friend. I try to get back with those who have visited my post and I sometimes manage to visit someone new once in a while. Busyness just gets in the way sometimes.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I love the Fargo series. I hope it lasts several seasons.

As for the comment rant, I actually blog less during those situations where I can't read as many posts and leave comments. Seems only fair to my regular visitors.

Carrie Butler said...


mail4rosey said...

I see all of the time that you've become a mentor to so many other bloggers too. I think that's wonderful. Happy Bloggiversary to you! said...

I agree that returning comments and blog visits is a question of manners. But, I also take a missed time as simply a matter of someone with a life. I try to balance expectations with the knowledge that many of us are pursuing our writing and virtual presence on top of day jobs.

Unknown said...

I had to give up watching TV several months ago 'coz I was getting nowhere on my ms, so it's really nice that you keep me up to date on what's new. :)

I was just thinking about the comment situation today! I've noticed that every time I post (Fridays only) I get about 40 comments. But I comment on 70 blogs (return comments and everyone in my hop that posts). So that means half the people in my hop don't visit me - even when I comment on their blogs every. Single. Week. How rude and selfish!! I wanted to rant (smack people around, really) but I just can't... I'm glad you did it for me!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jennifer, glad to help!

Mary, I was already saved...

Kittie, you will always be one of those core followers. And thanks for letting me know about the museum.

Eva, you so totally rock!!!!

Ella, thank you!

Rachna, and that is so sad.

GB, I get emails about appearing on my site that have nothing to do with what I am all about. Weird, huh?

Elizabeth, I completely understand.

Patricia, that's how I feel.

Rosey, thank you.

Kim, that's the best way to handle it.

Lexa, I feel your pain. Considering how many I visit on IWSG post day...

Unknown said...

Yay, Alex! Happy blogiversary!!! You've created a wonderful community here, and I feel privileged to be your friend.

I'm awed by how regularly you comment on my posts-- and I only hope I can make up for my tardy return visits by supporting you through other means.

Like you, I tend to receive a lot of visitors and comments, but I don't do half as good a job at responding to them as you do! Kudos.

Sorry to leave a link, Blogger won't allow my wordpress comment:
Daily (w)rite

Ann V Friend said...

Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks fir all you do Alex (smile) Blessings!

Michelle Wallace said...

Six years? Wow!
You've done an AMAZING job in 6 years!!

Wrt blog visits/comments: I LOVE networking and meeting new bloggers/writers. I try to visit everybody who visits my blog. Sometimes I fall short. I think most do their best. You will get those whose time is tighter than others, hence their lack of getting around to blogs. It's a tricky thing...
To me it's all about building solid and meaningful connections.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Congratulations on your six years of blogging, Ninjalex

Stephen Tremp said...

Okay, I'm off to River's website to give you a boost!

Wanda said...

Congratulations Alex on all you have accomplished in your six years of blogging.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope you are having a great weekend, Alex.

Blue Grumpster said...

Six years... How about that? Congratulations are in order.

Toi Thomas said...

I cannot believe I missed this post.
I can't believe it's only been 6 years, but in the same, I'm so happy for you to have been doing this for 6 years. Congratulations.
Commenting is a touchy subject for many bloggers. I make a point to comment when I visit blogs that I actually follow, but sometimes I don't comment if it's a blog I'm just visiting for the day, but even that's rare. I don't expect people to comment on every one of my posts. Not all my posts are universally relatable. Plus, as you can see, sometimes I miss things and I'm sure others do too.

Leovi said...

Wonderful blogging these six years with you! I hope to do many more, congratulations !!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Damy, I will always visit you, my friend. And sorry Blogger is being fussy with you.

Sandra, it's been a good one!

Toi, you understand.

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow.

Mason T. Matchak said...

Congratulations on six years, man. ^_^ I've been at this for a little over three, and it's kind of amazing to look back and see how much has opened up since then. I've made friends I never would have known otherwise, and it really helps to be part of the greater writing community like this.

And I'm really grateful for IWSG, for that and other reasons.

Heather R. Holden said...

Six years? Wow! Congrats on the blogging anniversary!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

wooow...6 years...great job indeed, Alex..I'm still learning the robes and just do whatever I want to my blog :p. But for sure you have done a fantastic job..

Nigel G Mitchell said...

That Deadpool video is wrong is the best ways. It's great to see Ryan Reynolds (I'm assuming it was him in there) capture the spirit of Deadpool so well that he can ad lib (I'm assuming he was ad libbing).