Monday, July 29, 2013

Blogging Rules and The Wolverine Review! Plus Ninja News, New Covers, Video Game Trivia, and an Interview With Byron’s Son

Today there is a very special interview at the blog of C. Lee McKenzie. Why is it special? It’s Bassan’s first interview! Just ten years old and he’s doing his first interview. Want to know more about Byron’s son? Then visit Lee’s site!

Ninja News

Michael Di Gesu has jumped back into illustrations and he began with a book cover design for Siv Ottem. Today is the beg reveal, so visit Michael’s site this morning!!

The Tree of Life project continues at Sam’s site, with numerous entries from blogger buddies of ours. Comment on each entry to win prizes, including a signed copy of CassaStorm!

Roland Yeomans is offering some amazing prizes for reviews of his audiobooks. The prizes include Thor II cast and Johnny Depp autographs. Visit his blog for details!

Melanie Schulz has an amazing blogfest/anthology!
“I will be hosting a blogfest/contest on September 2, 2013. All the stories entered will be complied into an anthology ebook that will be available on Kindle- all proceeds to go to Operation Purple, a great organization that sends children of our military to summer camp, free of charge. One randomly chosen entry will win a $50.00 amazon gift card, as well as a signed copy of my book, The Newstead Project.”

Cate Masters’ latest, Cinderella Dreams, is now available. Congratulations, Cate!

Michelle Gregory needs your input! “For the next IWSG, I want my writing friends to share the most encouraging thing they've learned about writing. It could also be a favorite writing quote, even if the quote comes from you.” Leave a comment or send her an email by this Wednesday, July 31.

Sarah Allen’s short story collection, Cross-Eyed, is now available – and it’s free! Congratulations, Sarah.

Melanie Schulz also posted one of the nicest reviews of CassaFire last Friday!

Cover Reveals!

Félicité Found by Julia King

Spiders by Doralynn Kennedy

The Wilder Mage by Huntress, aka CD Coffelt And you can also check out the cool book trailer!

How Do You Follow Blogs

Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion last Wednesday. It seems less people are using GFC to follow now.

However, as I am SO damn close to 1900 GFC followers, it would still be really awesome to hit it!!

As Brandon and Bryan from A Beer For The Shower stated:

“It seems people are following in other ways. But, but... how can I justify my blogger existence if people can't see just how many friends I have???”

Video Game Trivia Answers

1 - What is the best-selling iPhone game? Angry Birds
2 - How many Pokemon films have been made? Sixteen
3 - What’s the highest grossing movie based on a video game? Prince of Persia @ $335 million
4 - What is the longest running video game franchise still being made? Mario, which has spawned over 200 games since 1981

Blogging Rules

There aren’t really any rules, but most of us operate under implied guidelines. When we first start out, most of us don’t have a clue when it comes to blogging etiquette

What I’ve listed are my blog rules – feel free to share yours.

Follow me and I’ll follow you. There are exceptions, but I’ll follow someone who follows me if I can find a link to his blog.

Comment here and I’ll return the comment. Same as above applies. (And I do miss people now and then - sorry!)

I won’t post on days I can’t visit and comment back. I know everyone has their opinion about this one, but if I’m gone for the day or won’t have access to my computer, I don’t post. I won’t ask you to visit me when I can’t visit you. That just feels rude.

If I can’t think of anything worthwhile, I won’t post anything. Doesn’t happen often, but I have skipped posting for that very reason.

I’ll ease back when writing, but I don’t stop posting and visiting. Again, it would just feel wrong.

When I follow a new blog, I give the person two weeks to return the follow and/or comments. If not, then I un-follow. I have too many devoted friends to spend time on someone who doesn’t want to be friends.

If I comment, I’ve read the post. I won’t comment just to say I was here or I was first or anything.

I won’t post just to self-promote. Even September 17 won’t be all about me.

I don’t worry about hits or blog visits. (Everything I’ve read says they are very inaccurate anyway.) I won’t post something just to get hits.

As they say, don’t blog angry. (Or is that don't drive angry?)

And finally, I’ll never forget my beginnings – an unknown blogger and author with no followers.

What are some of your rules?

Movie Review

The Wolverine
This film picks up not long after after X-Men III ends.
Similar to Iron Man III (he’s in the suit, he’s out of the suit) I was frustrated with the ‘he has his powers, he doesn’t have his powers’ aspect. Only this one didn’t get any better.
The storyline just doesn’t hold up, especially by the end. It’s a convoluted mess. There were so many opportunities for Wolverine to kick ass – and they didn’t materialize. I see a movie with Wolverine, I expect him to kick ass as some point.
There was also a relationship with a girl less than half his age that felt creepy. And we’re talking Jackman’s age, not Wolverine’s.
The overall tone was just too dark. It wasn’t really enjoyable. I’ve never read the comics, but I bet Wolverine has a nemesis that would’ve been more interesting.
On the plus side, the Japan setting is cool and the character of Yukio kicks butt.
I walked out of the theater thinking it was at least decent, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked this film.
Not recommended.

Excited about the contests and cool covers? Get any of the trivia right? Anyone else see The Wolverine? And what are some of your blogging rules?

Don’t forget to visit C. Lee McKenzie and Bassan!


Huntress said...

Sounds like Jackman went one Wolverine too far.
Thanks, Alex, for the Shout Out. It means more to me than I can say. Why else would I get up at 4am? Just to check your blog, that's why. LOL

Elise Fallson said...

I know a few folks disappointed by the movie Wolverine. I'll wait until it's available online.

Excellent blogging guidlines. I try to maintain similar rules but my life is pretty crazy, especially with the kids out of school and everything else going on, but I think most people understand.

Congrats to everyone with books coming out, cover reveals and blogging news! Seems like everyday something awesome going on in the blogosphere.

Will check out Bassan’s interview!

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww there's a Byron Junior!! I've just been to C.Lee's blog and am blubbing!! There's a baby!!! How lovely is that?!?!

I've skipped your Wolverine review cos I'm about to go see it and I don't want to know anything until I see it (in 3D and IMAX!!!!!) sigh!!!!

My only niggle about blogging is trying to visit a bloggie via Google plus and there are no links to the blog in this Google plus page! LOL!

Take care

Jeremy [Retro] said...

I can only say... give the franchise to Disney, I am afraid they get what makes a successful "Marvel" movie... you watch they will promote it all week long "number one movie"... the Wolverine. Word of mouth spreads fast, I talked the wife out of seeing it, saving the money for "Percy Jackson"... which sadly doesn't look that good.

Suzanne Furness said...

I'll check out the interview in a minute! My friend who is staying with me at the moment was just talking about Wolverine, she wants to go see it. Congrats to all those new releases and looking forward to seeing Michael's cover for Siv later.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

oh.. I am sorry, great post and much success to all who have cool things happening... will check out interview!

Unknown said...

So very hard not to become addicted to blogging, the number of followers, that sort of thing. Have ditched facebook, or farcebook as Gary calls it, but when my next book is published I think, 'might be a good idea to let people know about it', oh well... :0)

The Words Crafter said...

Wow, lots of congratulations going out to people! I read that the movie was only so-so and barely made it here. However, overseas it's a smash. Go figure...

Love your blogging rules. They have dignity. I'm in the process of writing more, much more, and am down to once or twice a week. And it's taking me a couple days to get around to everyone. But I get there. Writing is one of the reasons I'm not in a hurry to build up followers. I feel horrible if I don't visit, but my writing has to come first.

I hope you guys are safe from all the flooding. I have to see if I can make it to work....This rainyday girl is hoping for sunshine!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out Alex! I am really excited about showing off Michaels cover for my book! Congrats to all the others with their book releases. I downloaded Rolands book on audio the other day. There is an offer on Amazon for audio book apps everyone should check out.

Great blogging rules!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I downloaded Sarah Allen's collection earlier today. It looks really good.

And about the blogging rules. I try to comment back as much as possible, but sometimes life and an extremely slow computer get in the way. If someone comments regularly on my blog, I follow and comment regularly too. I don't unfollow blogs that don't follow me back though. Some blogs are just interesting to read and I want to keep following them even if they don't want to be friends with me.

Ok, I'll follow you on GFC too. I don't use that anymore, but then you're one step closer to your goal :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

My blogging rules are pretty similar to yours, although I'm surprised to hear that you sometimes don't have anything worthwhile to say!!

My son has chosen The Wolverine for his birthday treat next week. As I'll be going with two 14 year old boys, I imagine the fighting will be much more important than the plot.

Congrats to all the ninjas in today's news - I downloaded Sarah Allen's book, I just need to read it now :-)

Anonymous said...

Read your blogging rules with interest. I too have rules, for example.
1. when I follow a person I always comment......only a few answer mine of which I appreciate.
2.If a person has no intention of following you now and a gain why do they put their avatar on my site?
3.I too always remember my humble days as a new blogger and always try to encourage new bloggers.

Seems the blogging world is gradually changing.


Heather M. Gardner said...

Wow! Such great covers (even the Spiders one and I hate those things!) and I want to check out that blogfest! Thanks for sharing Alex.

I don't have any rules. If I did, I'd break them. :)

Sorry about Wolverine. I'm not sure why they are trying to ruin that character but they're doing a great job.

Happy Monday-ish type day!


J.L. Murphey said...

I have similar blog rules. The only exception is the unfollow. If I find a blog interesting I'll follow the blog. If I get bored or you don't post anything worthwhile, I'll unfollow. If you don't post for months on end, I'll unfollow.

Sounds like the end for the wolverine franchise although they hit #1 for opening weekend.

Stephanie said...

I like you blog rules. I need to run back through my blogroll and prune, come to think of it. A lot of those blogs are never updated anymore.

Too bad about Wolverine. I'd hoped it would save the previous Wolverine movie.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Congrats to everyone with blogging news!

I have to admit I've cut back on the blogs I actually read and comment on because it's hard to find the time for it. I also want to have something to say when I comment, not just "Nice post" or something like that.

BTW, don't forget to pick up your copy of "Letters to Psyche" if you haven't done so already!

Melissa said...

Congrats to all you with reveals and releases.

My blogging rules are similar to yours. I will post on a day I'm not at my computer, but that's because I have devoted followers of my GPM series. They expect a lesson, and they expect it on Monday. LOL I also prefer to keep a set blogging schedule. If I am away, I make return visits asap, usually within 24 hours. ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Huntress, you are welcome! And you're an early bird.

Kitty, I have the same issue with Google+. And glad you enjoyed Bassan's interview.

Jeremy, you were wise to skip it.

Suzanne, you've been warned.

Carole, I've never been on Farcebook.

Thanks, Words. No heavy flooding where I live, but lots of rain.

Siv, you're welcome!

Vanessa, appreciate it!!

Annalisa, it doesn't happen often. And wish there was more fighting in the movie.

Yvonne, as far as the second one, I have no idea...

JL, the franchise should be thankful it made a lot of money this weekend.

Sandra, I will!

Unknown said...

Gosh! So many shout-outs :-) I adore Siv's new book and Michael's cover is excellent. I agree with your blog rules and I try to follow but I've had blog burn-out lately for some reason. I think it's been doused now, though and I'm back. Like you, I'll try and be more disciplined and blog on certain days. I really like the sound of Michelle's idea for IWSG too.

Karen Lange said...

My blog rules are similar to yours, although I don't unfollow if someone doesn't reciprocate. It actually didn't occur to me to do that, but I'm thinking it's a good idea. Thanks for your insight!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Will definitely check out Lee's post. I love Bassam!

And thanks for sharing your rules. I'm struggling with the follow/unfollow issue and think I'll use yours as a guidepost.

Brian Miller said...

our rules are not much different...i dont necessarily follow just because someone follows...i let it play out a bit and see if we connect in the comments...if not, well we probably will not...and i always return comment, its like a conversation to me and i dont stick in one sided conversations very long...

have you noticed since the last update that blogs are pulling through slow...some as late as 8-12 hours after posting...which deters GFC as well...

Brian Miller said...


Unknown said...

I like your rules, they make sense. As for me I don't Blog I just follow what I like. I might one day but for now I will blow with the wind. I did make it out to see The Wolverine. i read a review that it was 3/4 of a good movie. That seems to sum it up for me also.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luanne G. Smith said...

I feel the same about blogging. Even if I don't post, I still feel like I should comment. But if I can't get out to comment as much as I like, I won't post. I'm very distracted right now by my writing, so blogging is sporadic over the summer.

Constance Burris said...

I was supposed to this see Wolverine, but it was sold out. Now I won't have to bother.

Southpaw said...

Well, you have more than me. I do try an post only days I can reply and visit others.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Melissa, don't want to disappoint them! And you play catch up, which is cool.

Susan, glad to have you back!

Karen, you're welcome.

Thanks, Brian! And I'd noticed some blogs were appearing late. Some in my sidebar don't even update at the right time, which is really odd.

Constance, you might like it more than I did.

Unknown said...

Wow, your blogging rules are...polite I guess is the word. I commend you on all of that. I don't really have any "rules" other than a guideline of NOT sucking. Meaning, if I start a post and it totally sucks, I scrap it or it sits in my MS Word graveyard until it ages like fine wine (that never happens.) I would rather go weeks with no post than post a completely crappy post. A lot of mine are partially crappy, that seems to be okay. I do respond to all comments and try to visit all the blogs back, but if I can't, I try not to lose sleep about it.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Hmm, think I'll save WOLVERINE to watch on DVD.

I like your "rule" of not blogging angry. I also try to stay away from "drama" and/or "controversy." That's not to say a blog topic can't be serious - for me, it's just more about steering clear of comment wars, etc.

Hart Johnson said...

Rules schmules... no, but seriously... I try very hard to return follows with follows and comments with comments. Sometimes I lag and sometimes the latest blog is either really OLD or on some topic I just can' manage to read through, but I do try.

I will post if I won't be there, but will SAY I'm not around and then will try to get to people the next day.

Chris Desson said...

Oh boy. I've heard such great things about Wolverine, and now after your review- Yikes!

I never used Google Reader, but I notice if people copy and paste the bloggers URL into the Blogger dashboard it actually adds to the followers list on said blog. I use Feedly too, which makes things simple to read and follow but not so much if you want to comment.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

So much GREAT news.

I doubt if I go to see the Wolverine, but I plan to see the newest Smurf movie. :)

mshatch said...

That's too bad about Wolverine. My blogging rules are similar to yours, although if I'm not into the content of a blog (for whatever reason) I don't follow just to follow back. The same holds true for commenting back. 90% of the time I comment back but every now and then I just can't add anything to the conversation.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I thought the Wolverine film was all right. I just wonder how he's going to get his adamantium claws back or if they're going to even do anything with that or not.

Off to check out the interview.

Al Diaz said...

Ouch. Your rules are fair and square, I do admit it; but by them, I should stop blogging at all. I'm terrible! In my defense, my life is not what it was when I started to blog and well...stuff you already know. I guess when no one reads, that will be my cue to leave.
Very useful review. I'm using my few gold coins on seeing Despicable Me 2 instead. :)
I'll check C.Lee's interview and the review.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Ha, thanks for the quote! BTW, if you can't reach 2,000 GFC then I'm afraid to tell you that you've failed as a man. I hope your wife accepts the divorce graciously.

Really, though, your following etiquette is much the same as ours. And I'm surprised how many people don't get that we can't read blogs every single day; we read when we post. I mean, if you post on a Saturday and I don't read it until Monday, that's not because I hate you or I'm blowing you off. Maybe, just maybe, it's because I have plans with my family over the weekend and Monday is my nearest blog reading day...

baygirl32 said...

I had high hopes for Wolverine.

I have to buck up a little - my rules are not so clear :)

Karen Baldwin said...

Appreciate the refresher tips for blogging. And wow, almost 2,000 followers? Amazing. But then you and your blog are amazing. I just saw the first Wolverine movie yesterday. Yes, I'm way behind the rest of the world.

Andrew Leon said...

I'm probably going to be seeing Wolverine today. I want to be able to just skip it, but, man, it's Jackman as Wolverine, and I can't make myself not go even though I'm expecting all kinds of horribleness. And, heck, if you didn't like it, there's really not any hope that I will.

David P. King said...

I share many, if not all, of your awesome rules. Wonderful collection of authors to celebrate today! :)

Belle Wong said...

Wolverine sounds very disappointing, Alex. I really admire your blogging rules. I think I actually follow them, more or less - which explains why I only post about once a week :)

Charles Gramlich said...

After Wolverine: Origins, I wasn't sure what this new film would bring to the table. Anyway, I'm pretty over that franchise.

Crystal Collier said...

Don't blog angry. LOL! But it's so true. The blogging community is such a wonderful and supportive place that there's really no room for antagonism. I think you nailed it right on the head as far as etiquette goes.

Carol Kilgore said...

Michael's cover design is awesome!

Regarding blog rules, I do many of the same as you but not all.

Now I'm going over to read Bassan's interview.

Angela Brown said...

Very cool seeing Huntress's cover making the moves around the blogsphere. Very happy for her.

I figured Wolverine would be about a lot of butt-whipping, but if not...then that would certainly disappoint.

I've always appreciated your rules for your blog and totally respect them. For myself, I try to stick to my MWF post schedule as closely as possible but prefer to do at least a day's notice of hiatus or time away. My main rule is all about interaction and respect. As of yet, I haven't posted any rules but if the times comes, it would only be because some commentor lacked respect for others as well as my blog.

Suze said...

Al, I like your blogging rules, and find that--though I travel in far smaller circles than you--we take very much the same approach. Maybe that's why we've been friends for so long? :)

Susan Oloier said...

Excellent blogging rules, Alex.
Looking forward to visiting Lee, Michael, and Roland. Thanks for the heads up!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Alex,

Always the gentleman... I so like that about you! Thanks for the shout out!

Your blogging rules are flawless. I've always appreciated kindness, consideration, and respect. And mostly that is what you find here in our blogosphere. Sadly there are a few that don't but, we weed them out.

CONGRATS TO everyone with their books and reveals.

Catch your interview in a few!

The Angry Lurker said...

This movie is supposed to be based on a 4 comic mini series back in the 80's I believe and which I own, the trailer horrified me and now you have confirmed it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Joy, thanks, and I don't want crappy posts either.

Madeline, that's a good plan.

Hart, and that's fair.

Christine, you might like the movie. Just didn't do it for me.

Marcy, I get stuck once in a while, trying to find the right thing to say.

Michael, I think he's been declawed.

Karen, you could try one of the readers or just use the dashboard.

Al, you are great with blogging! Don't think otherwise. And yes, see Despicable Me 2 instead.

Brandon and Bryan, your quote made me laugh! Crap, don't want to lose my man card. And it might take me a couple days to return comments. Some days are just busier when it comes to life.

Leigh, that one was actually better.

Andrew, you'll have to let me know what you thought.

Belle, I'm down to two days, which is working well.

Angela, interaction is the most important.

Suze, you are a class act.

Thanks, Michael, and you are welcome!

Cassie Mae said...

Okay, have to check out that interview. I love Bassan.

And your rules are why you are awesome. :) My rules are the same, as long as it doesn't interfere with my family. I love my friends and bloggy buds, but my family always comes first :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Our blogs are our cyber-homes, and to me, the same rules apply: be a good guest and be a great host.

I am a long-time Wolverine fan, and "Happy" is just not his destiny. I felt the same way about age with Edward and Bella. Edward was over a 100 -- what, beyond creepy pedophile physical attraction, could draw him to a 15 year old?

I'm heading over to Bassan’s interview now. Oh, and I found the neatest Norse Mythology video to tie in to Siv's SECRETS OF THE ASH TREE. Come on over and watch! :-)

Rachna Chhabria said...

Have already visited Michael's blog and seen the cover he did for Siv. Super cover.
My blog rules are quite similar to yours Alex. Maybe we are cyber siblings (a word I learnt from Michael :) )

Nancy Thompson said...

I agree with the shower boys. You know, Alex, you're such an expert now. Your next project should be a non-fiction book on blogging. Seriously, you ARE the man! I do agree with most of your rules. Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to comply. I miss blogging & hope to get back to it in the fall. My life is crazy right now & something had to give.

Catherine Stine said...

Don't blog angry--hehehhehehe, funny but true. There's nothing more annoying than a bitter blogger.

SC Author said...

Aww, I was excited about Wolverine. I love the X-Men movies and the Wolverine movie before this one. Sigh. Thanks for the review, though!

Leovi said...

Think Cinderella dreams can not be predictable? Or will this book amazing ingredients?

cleemckenzie said...

Bassan did really well for his first time interview. I'm glad you agreed to let him tell about himself on my blog. It has been great to host him.

My blogging rules have shifted over the years, but one I've kept is that I always respond to my comments--email if available or on the blog reply or both. And I always visit the blogger at his or her site to say hi. I know there are other rules, I just can't think of what they are at the moment. :-)

Here's to Sept. 17th!

Samantha May said...

I love Julia's cover!

I think those are really good guidelines. I would also add that you should promote your fellow writers once in a while. When a blog is me, me, me all the time it's a little boring :P

I heard The Wolverine wasn't that good...I guess I won't be seeing it then. Not in theaters at least.

Tonja said...

Lol - Don't blog angry! Very true.

Normally, I try to comment back if someone commented on my post as a priority. Lately, I haven't been able to make that happen. But that's the goal.

If it's one of those blogfest/cover release/promote a book days where everyone is posting the same thing, I think it's fair to opt out of commenting. How much can you say about the same thing over and over? Is that just me? I don't expect many comments if I'm participating in one of those. I think the point is to get the word out to people that may not already know about the book.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your blogging rules and I do the same thing, I don't post if I don't have time to read and comment other blogs.

Robin said...

I like your blog rules. I do have some exceptions since I don't have as many followers. If there is a blog that I truly enjoy reading, I will still follow even if they won't follow me back. Even if I comment regularly. Yeah, I don't think it is the best etiquette, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't really enjoy the content. Aside from that, everything else goes.

Now, considering that Wolverine is one of the COOLEST X-Men, I can't understand why they can't write a decent movie for him. Hugh Jackman is a great actor, Wolverine is an awesome character, so it has to be the writing team. What's up with that????

Unknown said...

Fun to see what's going on in the blog community-- thanks for keeping us informed. I love cheering on writers!

I don't really care about the friend's list so it can go. I like the comments! I love the dialogue in a post, so that's what I look at most.

Life has demanded I ease up on myself with my consistency in writing and visiting posts, so I'm having to redefine my ideas on that, but I still love to read others' posts!

Susan Kane said...

We like Hugh Jackman and will forgive him for this movie.

Bish Denham said...

I haven't watched any of the Xmen movies anyway so I guess I won't be missing much by not seeing the latest installment.

I'm excited about Melanie's blogfest and am headed over to Lee's directly!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

This summer I have been a blogging failure. Too many unplanned everythings have taken me off my game. (My sweet hubs says I must set "office" hours and treat it like a job and force people to respect the time I need if I am to survive without having a melt down. He's right, I know...but it's hard to say no to people in need when blogging feels more like fun than work.)

I liked Wolverine. But I agree with the age thing...they could have made her older and a little thicker...was she not the skinniest chick you've ever seen? My husband was disappointed that he never went into "berserker" mode. He gets angry that movie makers never let him be the kick butt kind of guy that he is in the comic books.

Now, I want to go get myself signed up for the signed give away, but I have to go move furniture for my mother...

ilima said...

Totally agreed about Wolverine. I really liked the bullet train scene and Japan setting, but besides that...ugh. The pacing was all over the place, the romance was a little creepy, and it just got more ridiculous as the movie went on. :(

Huntress said...

Ack, Michael. TMI, lol

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex .. I plod erratically along and essentially use your criteria ... occasional blogs give me the freakies and I forget them .. but I do try and comment ..

... and now I have to find a way to subscribe again to new blogs I want to follow ..

Thanks for all the cover reveals, new books - Michael's art work looks amazing for Siv's new book ..

And I'll be over to Lee's post shortly ..

Cheers to son Bassan! Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fran, I bet it's nothing like the comics...

Cassie, family does come first!

Roland, I will do that! And yes, that's even more creepy.

Rachna, maybe we are!

Thanks, Nancy. Something had to give here, which is why I'm not blogging on Fridays right now.

SC, you might like it.

Lee, thanks again for doing the interview. Bassan enjoyed it.

Samantha, which is why I prefer promoting others.

Tonja, that's true when the posts are all the same...

Robin, I don't know. They've botched both of Wolverine's movies though.

Susan, I'm sure he'll survive.

klahanie said...

A special interview a C. Lee's site. Must go and leave one of my eagerly anticipated comments.

Yay to Michael Di Gesu
Nice of you to submit a prize of your book.
Nice to see Roland mentioned.
Melanie and a blogfest. Okay!
Cate Masters and Cinderella.
Michelle wants input for IWSG aka....
Sarah's short stories sound like a treat
Good to see all those cover reveals
My "rules" are that I still endeavour to comment back individually to each person. Which doubles my comment total :) I also comment on everyone who has commented on my site and a whole lot more. I'm known to leave long, rambling comments. Somewhat like this one.

My son watched Wolverine on Saturday an told me he enjoyed it.

Excited about my comment?
Want more followers?
Okay then, I shall now go and create ten new blogs and have them follow your site.

I'm going now!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Michael's cover was wonderful.

Some days I just don't have time to visit blogs or I'm gone. I try to skip posting or at least visit everyone the next day.

Ink in the Book said...

I love the military and the men and women who serve, and have served. Thanks for sharing the blogfest over at Melanie's. I'm on way over now!

Tonja Drecker said...

*sigh* I was so looking forward to Wolverine. Oh well.

Great blogger guidelines, although I have to admit, my visits back happen more when the kiddies give me time to do it :)

And wow, there is SO much going on!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I'm with you on blog hits...stopped tracking that stuff years ago...who has the time?

Too bad about Wolverine! Your review seems to tie into some others that I've read. Think I'll pass on it. said...

Those are powerful book covers. My blogging "rules" are similar to yours; it's all about a give-and-take.

Bassan is already 10? Let me go see what kind of a Cassan he's growing up to be.


nutschell said...

Aww and I was looking forward to watching Wolverine. I guess I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD. Awesome blogging rules! I agree on easing back when writing--and yeah, it's hard to stop posting and visiting, too! ANyway, happy monday! You rock as always!

M Pax said...

I try not to write posts when hormonal, and keep comments in check... :) I'm sure you're all glad for that.

Livia Peterson said...

Awesome blog rules, Alex! I follow most of them. Another one I have is: I comment back on posts when I have time. I comment on posts I can relate to.

I plan on seeing The Wolverine on Sunday. I'll be walking into the theatre with middling expectations and nothing less. Plus it'll be my FIRST time seeing a X-Men movie, so I have no idea what to expect.

SK Anthony said...

I actually still love to use GFC, its just easy. The rules you shared were great, I wish I had more time to visit more blogs and to do it more often, I've been a bad bloggy friend as of late.. but kids and other life stuff gets priority. But I will try, I will try lol

Yukio was awesome, the movie... I liked it enough but I didn't love it. Still entertaining though.

Pat Tillett said...

Lot's going on out there!
I read the interview and it makes me want to read CassaStorm even more! I think your rules on blogging are good and make a lot of sense. My problem with commenting is that I'm always playing catch-up when it comes to reading and commenting on the blogs I like.

Doralynn Kennedy said...

Hi Alex, thanks for giving my cover some love!! Blogging rules. I'm not really blogging, but I agree with your rules. I do plan to get around to blogging again once my life gets off hold.

Libby said...

Most of our rules are the same. I felt weird about unfollowing blogs at first, but it's so rare that I need to do it that I feel it's justified. No one likes being ignored. :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Great tips Alex, especially not blogging angry. Always count to ten.

Anonymous said...

I'll check out Bassan's interview.

I heard from others that Wolverine isn't that great.

Jo said...

I follow a lot of the same rules as you Alex, but I would add I try never to be rude or hurtful to anyone.

Lots of exciting books and reveals today, have downloaded at least one of them although when I will get round to reading it I have no idea got so many on my Kindle.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I can't wait to read Bassan's first interview! Melanie's ebook idea sounds wonderful! I'll try not to "blog angry."


farawayeyes said...

Haven't seen Wolvering, and now I definitely won't waste the time or money.

Game Trivia - Ha,ha,ha.

Interesting blogging rules. I don't necessarily un-follow those who don't follow back, I figure it's there loss, but I probably don't visit them, if they don't at least, stop by once in awhile.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I wanted to see Wolverine. Sorry to hear it's a disappointment. I like your blog rules.

Ray Rousell said...

Shame about Wolverine, I was looking forward to it, It does make me wonder sometimes why the movie makers bugger up films. We all know like you said what we want out of this type of film, so why try and make it into something its not????? Idiots!
I've gotta agree on most of your blogging rules, me and Fran came up with basically the same list when we first started.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Elizabeth, he never did get to kick butt, which was wrong.

Ilima, agreed!

Gary, thanks for the ten new blogs!

Elizabeth, I don't!

Robyn, yes he is. I like those twenty year jumps.

Mary, that made me laugh!

Livia, keep expectations low and you might enjoy it.

Pat, you are always traveling, so it's cool.

Doralynn, you're welcome.

Libby, exactly.

Maurice, and count slowly...

Heather Musk said...

Thanks for the insight into your blogging rules. I'm still trying to establish my own, and then trying to stick to them. I'm always trying to be a better blogger.

I quite enjoyed The Wolverine, but as a female I guess my draws are slightly different ;-) I totally agree about the love interest though, I didn't think that was a good choice, and the guy in the adamantium suit took some getting used to.

Christine Rains said...

Great covers! And so much news. That's too bad about The Wolverine movie, but I didn't have high hopes for it. Wonderful blog rules. I always follow back and return comment too. My movie for the weekend was Moonrise Kingdom. Excellent film if you enjoy Wes Anderson movies. Amazingly talented young actors in it.

Carrie Butler said...

Whew! Another busy Monday. Congratulations to all of the reveals and releases!

And I'm inclined to agree with you, when it comes to blogging. One might even call those the golden blogging rules. ;)

Stephen Tremp said...

Congrats to all those.with great! No Spiders is a great cover. That grabbed my attention right away.

And I never got into the whole Wolverine thing. a kid although I loved Marvel comic books.

Tina said...

Lots of fun stuff happening - new books, new covers. Thanks for always covering all of that for us!
As to blogging rules, we're similar. I try to visit everyone who comments, and those in my blog roll, who are my best buddies and I want others to find them so I showcase them. I follow a lot more blogs than I read frequently, because for me it's like a bookmark. Something about your blog intrigued me, and I want to find you again. I don't always return follow, like if the blog is of a subject matter which goes against my values. I'm also more likely to return follow if someone has less than a 100 followers. I remember being at that stage and every new follower just cheered me on!
I also like to email my commenters, but don't always have the time. I think the visit is more appreciated, but I sure do like to get a conversation/connection going and email exchanges are a great way to do that.
Tina @ Life is Good

Toi Thomas said...

I always have to give myself a good half hour to read your posts, mostly because I'm either laughing or taking notes while I'm trying to read.

I like your blogs rules; many of them I never considered. I guess I just expect not to be followed back. I guess that's why I'm always so excited when I am.

I knew Prince of Persia was going to be the answer. My husband and I just had that conversation.

See you next time.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen Wolverine, but everyone I know who has loved it.

Thanks for you post last week. I'm a new bloglovin' member.

Sarah Ahiers said...

I've heard mixed things about Wolverine, though i don't think anyone said it was great. I don't know when, or if, i'll find time to see it

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ray, they were trying for a dark drama or something. They just needed Wolverine to kick some ass.

Tina I've been lucky that I haven't hit many blogs that go against my grain. And I definitely remember having less than a hundred followers for the first seven months of blogging.

Eternal, thank you! Wow, I didn't think I was note-worthy.

Jenn, that's great!

Unknown said...

Thank you for that, Alex, I'm still smiling at your comment.

Jennifer Lane said...

I heard from author friend Carol Oates that Wolverine was a turkey, so you're not alone in your negative review! Too bad, 'cause it had potential.

Thank you for keeping me up to date with all the events going on for fellow authors! :-)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

You have some great blog rules. One of mine is keeping my blog rolls organized and move up and down blogs that excite or lose my interest. I'll still do my best to comment but priority goes to my blogger friends, readers and blogs I enjoy.

mooderino said...

It can't be as bad as the last Wolverine movie, can it?


Yolanda Renée said...

Awesome interview, great voice.

I'd still like to see Wolverine but I'll wait till my son brings it home on video.

Lots of good things going on out there! Especially the Tree of Life!

Michelle Gregory said...

thanks for the shout-out. and thanks for saving us from another bad movie. wish i'd read more "regular movie-goers" reviews of Red 2. it would have saved us some time and some cash.

Anonymous said...

I'm holding off on seeing the new Wolverine movie. When it comes to X-men, the movies are lacking in my opinion. I like them, but there's too much that rubs me the wrong way. I'd rather spend my theater money on a movie that will blow me away (Pacific Rim!!!!)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Carole, you're welcome!

Sheena-kay, that's as it should be.

Moody, it was worse.

Michelle, you're welcome. Yeah, heard that one wasn't good either. Bummer.

Patricia, and that does blow one away!

Helena said...

How disappointing about Wolverine. But I'm grateful that a man (YOU, Alex dear) is creeped out by the male star being with a too-young female. When will Hollywood get a clue about this issue? And if the storyline doesn't hold together and the tone is too dark (this is a comic book, for chrisakes!), then why make the film at all?

Pat Hatt said...

Got every one right, damn I am good lol or again 10 pokemon films I've seen, so probably more sad. Don't even have kids to blame it on haha

Wolverine sounds like another meh one. X-men movies, most, are always more dark. X-men had dark stories but they never ever had that ugly leather suit crap.

As for blog rules, haha it is fun to blog mad and go on a rant. Thankfully I always have something to say, at least for now. And the only other one is the follow back if you follow me rule. I only do that if the person leaves a comment and it says more than "nice post" i could care less about numbers. They follow just in the hopes I'll follow back and want me to comment on them but they never comment on mine ever, pffft to that. So follow for a follow only applies when they actually comment once in a while, at least for me. Always return the comment though.

PK HREZO said...

Your rules pretty much mirror mine. I always feel guilty posting if I won't be able to visit others. Which is why summers are so sporadic.
Bet you're getting excited for September!!

Cathy Keaton said...

Yep, Mario is the most successful video game franchise ever. No surprise there. I love video game trivia.

I wonder if you've played The Last of Us, Alex. I'd love to see you review it! :D

G. B. Miller said...

A few of mine are like yours, but I have one very concrete personal rule that I follow at all times.

I've been blogging for a little of five years and in that time, the readers that have stopped by regularly I consider to be good friends.

So being a good friend to them is very important to me.

That's why I always let them know in advance if there is a potential issue that will prevent me from making my regulaly scheduled blog post (yes, I have a schedule where I post three days a week).

I figure that all that I really have going for me is my word, and if that gets destroyed, then what's the point?

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Great blogging rules/guidelines. And wow so many cover reveals!!

I'm not surprised about the Wolverine movie. Such a shame.

JJ said...

I believe common courtesy and tolerance of other people's ideas should be the basis of blogging. I have made some good friends through this media.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Helena, when she could be his daughter, yes it's creepy!

Pat, wish there was a way to find those who unfollow...

PK, yes I am!

Cathy, no I haven't.

GB. exactly! My blogger friends are important to me.

J E Oneil said...

I'm entirely too proud of myself for knowing most of the answers.

I think you have a good list of rules. I especially like that you seem more interested in being friends than gaining followers. It's probably why you've got almost 1900 of them.

Unknown said...

To be honest, all movies out in the last 5 yrs or so have been disappointing. Too much CGI, not enough story.

The only problems I have with bloggers are those who avidly hawk their books in every post and those who paste long excerpts of their own writing as posts. It's like a telemarketer calling you during dinner...ugh.

Leigh Covington said...

DANG IT! I've been so excited to see Wolverine. :( Bummed it was such a disappointment. I think I'll wait to rent it.

Lydia Kang said...

Oddly, I'm not that interested in seeing Wolverine outside of the regular Xmen movies. Great review, Alex!

Rusty Carl said...

I had no intention of seeing Wolverine in theaters at all - but there I was watching it on opening weekend. I had very low expectations and came away thinking it was pretty good. But nowhere near my fav marvel flicks.

Blogging rules? I just try to post every once in awhile.

Jai Joshi said...

You've got some great blogger rules, Alex.

One of my rules is to make sure all my very good blogger friends are on my blog roll and people can access their links. And I try to hit every blog I follow at least once a week.


Mark Means said...

I like your rules for blogging and I adhere to most of them already. A few, I'll need to work on, though :)

Count me in as one of the 'disappointed' in The Wolverine...unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Many thanks for the shout-out and for offering a signed copy of CassaStorm--you rock!

I'm curious to see what Bassan has to say--headed over to Lee's next.

That's a clever idea for a worthy cause,Melanie!

Congrats to all the great cover reveals!

Damn, real disappointed in the Wolverine reviews...still might be worth it just to catch Jackman in 3D:)

Tara Tyler said...

look at all those covers! wow!!
yay for your review!
and i've heard not good things about wolverine.

i keep telling hollywood to read more for better ideas!
your books would make a great trilogy!

Michelle Wallace said...

Congrats to the batch of new reveals!
I love short stories and have already downloaded Sarah Allen's collection.
I saw Michael's cover illustration... awesome! Such talent!
Yay for the Tree Of Life collaboration - my excerpt went live yesterday!
Wow! There's loads of things going on here at your place, Alex (as per usual...)
Trying to play catch up is difficult... I think I'm off to C. Lee's place to check out the interview. *pauses to catch breath* and then....------WHOOSHES AWAY-------

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

JE, that made me chuckle. And yes, friends are more important.

Lexa, that's why I never do that.

Sorry Leigh - you might still like it.

Rusty, I should've lowered mine farther.

Jai, I try to visit most in a month, but even then that's a stretch...

Mark, sorry!

Samantha, you're welcome. And we didn't see it in 3D.

Tara - yeah! You keep telling them.

Michelle, I need to go read yours!

Unknown said...

Lots of great info in this post, Alex.
Love your blogging rules. My heart would like to follow them to a tee, but even though I try my best with the available time I have, I would never be able to do the job you do! A big pat on the back to you for all you do!

Congrats to all the authors with new releases and cover reveals!

Julie Flanders said...

I knew I would love Michael's cover for Siv's book and as usual he didn't disappoint. Really thrilled for both of them.
Heading over to check out your interview with Lee now!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Like you, if someone comments on my blog I comment back. Or, if I'm on a blog break, I will email back. That's why I wish people would make sure they have their email active. Makes it hard to reply back if they don't.

My most recent blog break ended up being a rather busy one with a lot of posts highlighting the books or covers of other people. Makes it tough if I visit everyone. Not much of a break. So do I not help because I'm on a break? Tough decision.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting about my blogfest! And I think, no I know, the reason you are so successful at blogging is because you follow your own list of rules. Kindness goes a long way, my friend.

Jemi Fraser said...

16 Pokemon movies???? Mind boggling!

My blogging rules are very similar to yours :)

James Garcia Jr said...

Hey, Alex! That's such a bummer about The Wolverine. I still have all of my comics and he was one of my favorites. I can't believe they still haven't gotten it right. By the time they do, it'll be a different actor - and I see Jackman as perfect. *sigh* I haven't seen it yet. Nobody wants to go. That should have been my clue when neither the 15 or 19 year old want to see it... Too bad. I'll see it at some point, I suppose.

Ella said...

I am happy there are special Ninjas in my blogging world ;D

Wow, what a post! So many great new books! I enjoyed your interview with Lee-well done! I look forward to September~

Unknown said...

I'm sad to hear Wolverine wasn't good. :( **heart cracks a little**

Great review. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD to watch.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I always try to follow anyone who follows me, and comment on theirs if they comment on mine. And yeah, I don't post if I don't have time to go around and read other's posts. Which is why I haven't been posting as much! I don't know how you find the time!

Shah Wharton said...

Hey Alex,

I agree with most of your blogger values, but I do pre-schedule some posts so if they go up and I'm away from home/my MAC, I catch up on anyone who visits at the earliest opportunity.

I was really looking forward to Wolverine but now I'm considering leaving it till it's on TV.

Roland has some awesome prizes!

I lost around 700 GFC follower when I moved to Wordpress last year, so I've had to start from scratch on all three blogs. But I so much prefer WP that I have to say it's been worth it.


writing and living by Richard P Hughes said...

You seem to treat your blog objectively, as a business tool, perhaps, and not like me, as a personal statement of what's on my mind. I think yours, if indeed that's how you treat it, is the better way.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I don't have many blog rules. I keep my posts family friendly, try my best to respond to comments and follow my followers, and offer hosting for other writers, especially those who want to promote new book releases. After the spring/summer from hell, I feel as though I'm starting all over again. Renewing my visits and comments to other bloggers will get things going.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Carolyn, just trying to do my best.

Donna, tough call, but cover reveals don't usually get a lot of comments anyway.

Melanie, you're welcome, and thanks!

Jemi, scary, isn't it?

James, if you're a big fan, then you can let us know if it stuck to the comics or not.

Just as I am happy there are special Ellas!

Rachel, I have cut back some...

Shah, that was a big loss, but there's so many other ways to follow now.

Thanks, Richard. Maybe not so much a business as a place for friends to gather around the water cooler.

Patricia, it will!

Nicole said...

Nice list of blog rules. I try to keep up with people who follow my blog or comment on my posts, but I've learned not to tag a specific timeline to it. It's often unrealistic to get back to everyone in the same day. I just do my best and give others the same flexibility. My other rule is, if it comes down to blogging or writing...the choice is writing. :)

Unknown said...

Congrats to the cover revealers! And that sucks about the Wolverine movie ... I'm an X-Men fan. Guess we'll probably watch this one on DVD at some stage if it isn't worth a cinema visit.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I know I'm not the only one who's cut back on blogging and commenting, but I'm still a bit perplexed what pushed me to. I've had plenty of stress in my life and still kept up with blogging and posting. In fact, I think it kept me sane most days. I suppose the guilt I do feel stems from the fact that no way was I as involved as you are, Alex, helping so many other authors. We all have our destiny, I reckon. Kudos to you for being a reluctant hero.

Unknown said...

Great rules Alex, I agree with and practice most of them :) However, I tend to try a visit back within the week rather than the day (it just works best with my schedule).

Also - Angry birds was no surprise, but for some reason Prince of Persia did surprise me.

Thanks for sharing as always! =)

Hannah said...

Blog rules vary from person to person.

I'm a firm practicer in the not posting if I don't have time to comment or read other blogs. I think of "blogging" as a social thing. If I have time to update, I have time to visit and vice versa.

But I don't believe in the auto follow and I don't expect others to follow me if I follow them. I follow blogs because I like what I'm reading, not to gain followers. Do I want all followers to comment and contribute? Sure do, but I also understand reading does not equal commenting.

LD Masterson said...

Some much going on with so many people, now that I've made it to the bottom of the comment list, I can't remember all the names so let me just offer congratulations and best wishes to everyone.

I like your blog rules. I've never made a specific list but my general approach to blogging follows pretty much the same lines.

And I still don't understand how you can keep up with all your followers and commenters as well as you do, but you do.

Misha Gerrick said...

Can't wait to watch the Wolverine.

As for blogging rules, I have quite a few, but I've been having to break them more and more often because I'm struggling to find time for everything.

Leovi said...

Yes, you're right, there are interesting people which is very difficult to find your link to answer a comment!

DMS said...

Great to see you on Lee's site! Or should I say it was nice to see Bassan there!

I hope you make it to 1900 followers (I am sure you will). I guess I will have to give followers other options other than GFC based on your findings. Too bad- I prefer to follow with GFC as it is the easiest- but I guess times are a changing. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nicole, it takes me two or three days to answer all of my comments and visit everyone. I'm trying to catch up right now!

Joylene, and I've really missed you. Reluctant hero - that's an apt description some days.

Hannah, if all of my followers commented, I'd have a meltdown...

LD, some days it's a struggle.

DMS, thanks, and that's how I prefer to follow.

Gwen Gardner said...

Your blogger rules are spot-on. Thanks for sharing them. And thanks for all the wonderful news you've shared, too!

Author A.O. Peart said...

Congrats to everyone with new covers and releases.

I'm disappointed to hear about Wolverine movie, although I'm sure I will end up watching it when it comes out on DVD.

Melanie's blogfest/anthology sounds intriguing. I'm gonna check it out.

Awesome blogging rules, Alex. They all make a lot of sense!

Tammy Theriault said...

I think everyone need that nice refresher course with blogging!!

Cally Jackson said...

Shame about The Wolverine. I'm a big fan of Hugh Jackman as a person (and fellow Aussie) so I hoped it would be good just for his sake.

In terms of my blogging 'rules', in some areas we're the same and in others we differ. I follow and regularly comment on a number of people's blogs who rarely if ever comment on mine. While I'd prefer that they did, I continue to follow them because I like their content.

I try to visit anyone who visits me but I can be patchy with this if I get busy. I won't post if I don't have anything to say, which is why I don't post very often.

On another topic, could you possibly give a shout out to the Fifth Writers Platform Building Campaign coming up in September? I'd really appreciate it! :-)

Elizabeth Twist said...

Oh, Hugh Jackman, or, as Tina Fey / Tracy Morgan calls him, Jack Human. Sooner or later, there comes a time in every man's life when he should maybe consider letting a younger actor take over his role as an ageless superhero.

The last Wolverine film was pretty disappointing too, as I recall.

Unknown said...

Fun interview and great review of CassaStorm! I like Brandon and Byran's's so true...haha. Wow, if I actually guessed on a few of those trivia questions, I would have gotten them right.

Unknown said...

Shame about the Wolverine :(

I like your blogger etiquette, but I think it largely depends on what your focus is as a blogger that defines your approach. You're very community focussed (the ninja army attests to this) and I'd recommend other authors should be similarly minded. Some might opt for a more journalistic approach and so the focus is less on reciprocal comment/following and more about gaining visibility for what they write.

At the end of the day, if we're all good to one another and have a good time doing it, what can go wrong?

jaybird said...

Oh Alex- as much as I'd like to disagree with you about The Wolverine, I really can't. I was disappointed too. Although, not in HJ. I thought he did the best he could with it. As always, he goes all in for this role. But the plot stunk and I expected WAY more from this story line. I reviewed it over at my blog too and was a bit generous there... I equated it to watching True Blood though. The plot is horrifying, but while I'm watching a shirtless Wolverine, I'm too distracted to really mind. LOL

Brinda said...

I've had to rearrange my priorities this summer to keep my sanity. It's caused me to be absent a lot from the blogging world. You always faithfully visit me and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. Really! I hope to get back on track soon.

randi lee said...

Michael DG and Michelle G are both GREAT bloggers and wonderful colleagues in this thing I call the blog-o-sphere. Definitely checking out their sites, post haste :D

S. L. Hennessy said...

I'm with you on the Wolverine. Apparently he's only good in ensemble X-Men films.

Korsgaard said...

Nice set of rules, and you have a good approach to following/commenting - I may need to apply that myself.

Another big rule for me - likely for you too since you also use your own name - is that I strive to make every post factual, and non-inflammatory. Not just out of integrity, but because I have friends and followers who have vastly different opinions. I don't want to insult their views, only to share my own.