Monday, March 26, 2012

Double Feature Day!

And who doesn’t like a double feature? Ah, the days of going to the drive in – a dozen people crammed in one car because it’s only five bucks; a speaker hanging on by a thread that barely worked; watching the vehicle in front of you bounce as if to hip hop… Hmm, doesn’t sound nearly as fun as I remember.

But today’s double feature is far better!

I am visiting Emily R. King’s site today for her Blogger Mentor Monday feature. Emily is one sharp lady, so be sure to stop by.

Meanwhile, I am handing my blog over to my blogger buddy and critique partner, Jeffrey Beesler. A fellow science fiction writer, I’ve had the honor of reading a couple of his manuscripts, including his new fantasy novel, Spell of Entrapment. Take it away, Jeffrey!

Like every other idea underneath the sun, the concept of entrapment isn’t new to fiction telling. How often do we have stories with the damsel in distress, or the little boy who falls down the well and has to rely on a border collie to come to his rescue? These tales can be a reflection of how we might feel trapped in our present situations. No matter how good we have it, we’re always looking for that quick fix, that perfect means of repairing whatever’s wrong with our lives.

When I wrote Spell of Entrapment, I had my own source of inspiration for the tale. Being trapped in a house has happened before in literature, and even pop culture. In fact, there was an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer several years back which had the characters trapped in a house. I wanted to explore a similar story, but in a different genre.

Fantasy seemed the perfect solution. I cast my characters in a world of epic fantasy, with swords and sorcery, the standard fare. I of course gave them their own unique twist, and made the circumstances that bound them to their own house much different than what I’d seen before. In doing so, I helped to cultivate my own unique bend on an idea that, like most other ideas, had already been done.

I’m glad to say I’m happy with the results I’ve achieved. Even with the book taking place mostly in one location, I’ve created quite a vivid world. I’ve even come to find that the name of the country I’d come up with, Trava, is Serbian for grass. You learn so many interesting things when putting together a project of this caliber, don’t you?

Buy Spell of Entrapment here:
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Here’s hoping for huge sales, Jeffrey! You deserve it, dude.

Now you are no longer entrapped and can visit Emily R. King!

Conducted any interesting research of your own? Been trapped anywhere? Remember the old drive in theaters of the 70’s before they started using radio stations instead of those awful speakers? Got your posts all ready for the A to Z Challenge? (I do!) And who went to see The Hunger Games this weekend? Was it as good as the book? Should I go see it even though I probably won’t ever read the books?


Old Kitty said...

Oh my gosh!! Am first!! Yikes!! How exciting!!

Well Yay for Mr Jeffrey being all trapped in some grass in Serbia! But seriously!!! Good luck with Spell of Entrapment, Jeffrey! My sister and I were trapped in a lift once and remember vividly the guy behind the "help" intercom button yelling "STOP PRESSING THE HELP BUTTON ALREADY WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!"


Take care


Wonderful post Jefferey and good luck with the book.

I got trapped the other year in a toilet on a plane on it's way from UK to San Fransisco. Luckily someone heard my banging on the door.

Thanks Alex for hosting Jefferey.

Unknown said...

That's interesting about Trava being Serbian for grass. The things we learn! I had a Polish character who swore in one of my novels - that was an education! You have your A-Z posts all done *sigh*? I'll wing it, just like I wing everything :-(

Brinda said...

I remember the drive-in; I wish we still had them. Jeffrey's book sounds interesting. I hate that feeling of being trapped. I'm not claustrophobic, but I wouldn't want to be trapped in a house. I went to see The Hunger Games and loved it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Kitty, that is so funny!! I would've kept pressing the button anyway.

Yvonne, at least that's once place people would definitely find you.

Susan, they are written and formatted. I like to stay on top of things.

Brinda, when the excitement dies down, I'll probably go see it as well.

Civil War Horror (Sean McLachlan) said...

Love the cover. We have a lot of those overgrown old houses in Missouri.

The Angry Lurker said...

Just read on another blog that The Hunger Gamers are like Twilight but better and based on more teen books I believe, probably go see John Carter tomorrow instead!

Laura Pauling said...

I did not see The Hunger Games but my daughter did. I hope to soon! She mentioned it was good but there was a couple things they could've done better.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for the great post Jeff. I love high fantasy and am glad to find another who likes writing in this genre.

I'm like Laura. My daughter saw The Hunger Games but not me. She liked it but felt it left out some of the book. I'm making her go see it again with me in the next week. I really want to see it.

ediFanoB said...

Lunch break!

Thanks for an interesting post Jefferey and good luck with the book.

And now it is time to visit Emily R. King.

Unknown said...

I remember that ep of Buffy, Jeffrey! I love how writers get inspired by so very many different things.

Alex, I definitely have my own drive-in memories. I saw Caddy Shack there because my parents thought that The Final Countdown would be showing first. Not!

Rusty Carl said...

I'm looking forward to reading Jeffrey's novel. I think I'm changing my A-Z theme in the 11th hour. Maybe I can make it about different types of indecisiveness... Maybe.

Yvonne Osborne said...

That's one spooky looking house. I wouldn't want to get anywhere near that. An interesting premise and I wish you luck.

Alex, I used to love the drive-in. Staying awake for the second movie, and they used to even replay the first if anyone was still there, doing whatever in the backseat of the car. And remember when basebasll had doubleheaders and didn't make people leave after the first one?

PR said...

Good luck with the book, sounds pretty cool. Doesn't sound like I should be reading it before going to bed at night though! :)

Arlee Bird said...

Don't miss drive-in movies and don't go out to movies anymore.
I'll probably read Hunger Games series before I ever bother with Potter.
Getting ready for Sunday.

The Dog Lived (and So Did I)
Wrote By Rote
An A to Z Co-host blog

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Way to go, Jeff. It sounds like you have it all under control.

Entrapment is an intriguing subject and author can do lots with. you're making me think.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sean, we have them here as well.

Lurker, hope you enjoy John Carter!

Laura and Natalie, I'll probably go see it as well in a few weeks.

Melissa, either movie is good.

Rusty, brave man!

Yvonne, I remember both.

Anna, it's not scary.

Annalisa Crawford said...

The Hunger Games thing has hit me at full blast - I really should get my head out of 19th Century novels, and then I might work out what it's all about!

Jeffrey's novel sounds great - I'm just relieved I've never been stuck anywhere... touch wood!

writing and living by Richard P Hughes said...

I have not read the books or seen the movie. My daughter has done both. She says the movie wasn't as good as the books. The books are bloodier. (I guess that's a compliment to the books.)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, great idea! I actually have a book idea that rose out of a Veronica Mars episode, so I love the idea you have a Buffy equivalent. It sounds like a great set-up for a spooky tale.

Southpaw said...

I like the subtlety of Trava and the idea of isolation of Siberia.

Amy said...

Nice to meet you Jeffery, I can't wait to check out your book - it sounds great!

Thank you for sharing him Alex! :)

Cate Masters said...

I'm claustrophobic, so being trapped is especially scary for me! Best of luck with your book, Jeffrey.
I'm looking forward to seeing Hunger Games, Alex, but probably won't until it's on DVD.

Talli Roland said...

I'm impressed by Jeffrey's research! I must admit that most of my novels tend to be set in places where I've lived, so copious amounts of research haven't been required. Thank goodness!

LynnRush said...

Oh. Did someone say BUFFY? **grin** She's my fave.

I'm super excited for A to Z. I've got posts ready through the letter M. It's so fun!!!! I didn't see Hunger Games, haven't read the book, but everyone I've talked to says it's the best book to movie rendition ever!!!

I sooo need to read those!! :)

Have a super day!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Nice to meet you Jeffrey. Your book sounds like an entrapment. Just saying.

This weekend i drove by an old Drive-In sign in the big city. That drive-in is where I saw my first slasher movie--triple feature. I haven't been the same since. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Richard, I'd heard they toned down the violence for the movie.

Talli, you're just smart that way.

Lynn, glad you're excited about the Challenge!

Bish Denham said...

Can't say I've ever been physically trapped anywhere, at least not for any length of time. Even so, for the short period where I felt I was not in control I was very scared.

As for drive-ins! We even had one on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I saw the Concert for Bangladesh there.

Karen Lange said...

The movie I saw at a drive in was Grease - must have been 77 or 78. Heading over to Emily's!

Luna said...

Good luck, Jeffrey! Your novel sounds very intriguing!

We had severe winds whip through our town recently and it wrecked the screen of our drive-in. The cables snapped and the wind ripped half the screen off. Luckily, it will be fixed!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Jeff, your book sounds like a good set-up for suspense. Good luck with it.
I started writing my A to Z posts yesterday. One down, 25 to go!
Play off the Page

Jay Noel said...

The house looks creepy. Makes me think it's a horror book.

I did see The Hunger Games, and it was really good. They stayed almost 100% true to the book, which is rare these days. Although like any film adaptation, you lose some of the depth you get from the book.

You should give the first installment a try. I do think you'd like it.

Christopher Hudson said...

Hey, I've been trapped in my basement office for years ... hmmm, I smell a book brewing.

Budd said...

that was the frat party episode right. doesn't anya go as a bunny? I love that one.

Bossy Betty said...

Saw "Hunger Games" with my son this weekend. It was good but not great. Being with my son was great though!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jamie, wow!

Mary, you can do it!

Jay, I've decided I will catch the movie in a week or two.

Christopher, that's funny!

Betty, I doubt it would've mattered what movie you saw then!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I have commented before on this book when I have seen it online, and I absolutely love the idea. I'm definitely going to read it soon :)

Marta Szemik said...

I've read a few blogs and posts about the Hunger Games today - most positive. Looking forward to seeing it when the seats in the theater cool down a bit.
I'm claustrophobic, so being trapped anywhere would be terrifying for me.
As for the A-Z. I have 14 done. A little nervous, but 14 is better than 0. I can always catch up on the day of, right?

Anonymous said...

Great write-up, Jeffrey. I'll definitely be checking this one out.

I have 33 out of 52 A-to-Z posts done. Needed the weekend off, but I'll get the remaining 19 ready to go this week.

Nancy Thompson said...

The last Gluck I saw at a drive-in was ET: The Extraterestrial way back in 1982! A lifetime ago.

So far, I've written A to O. Now I'm scared!

M.J. Fifield said...

Congratulations, Jeffrey, and best of luck with your novel. It sounds great.

I haven't gotten any posts ready for A to Z. Apparently my theme this year will be 'winging it'...

Tracy Jo said...

Love double feature day! I will check out Emily and Jeffrey's book sounds great. I have only been trapped by own thoughts. :-) Have an awesome day!

Cassie Mae said...

I'm glad I read the interview first. I was so into that I forgot what I was doing.

Looks like I've got another book to buy. :)

Jeremy [Retro] said...

it's all about the inspirations...
best to jeffery...

Sarah Tokeley said...

Ah, the drive-in. Another exotic mystery that we poor English only knew about from watching films like Grease.

And yes, Emily is awesome :-)

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Ooh, that sounds really interesting! (And I love the cover, by the way.) I will have to check that out. :)

David P. King said...

Research is among my favorite activities as a writer. One of my projects on hold has five fictional languages derived from actual languages in our world. It's quite the endeavor. I have mad respect for what Tolkien pulled off.

Responding to your comment: yes, it's been a hectic week, and this week doesn't look much different. Making an effort to be a better commenter. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Michael, you'll like it!

Marta, you are over halfway!

Joshua, you are doing two blogs for the Challenge, correct?

Nancy, no fear!

Cassie, you make me smile.

Sarah, it was an experience.

David, that sounds insane.

Morgan said...

Just came from Emily's. You are beyond awesome, Alex :D

Lydia Kang said...

I haven't seen the HG but I will. Thanks for the blurb on the book, it sounds great!

Mina Burrows said...

Cool! Love Jeffrey's title too. I'm heading over to check it out. :)

Emily R. King said...

Nice to meet you, Jeffrey! Spell of Entrapment sounds like a new take on some old goodies. :)

Thanks again for coming to my blog, Alex. You're a spectacular Mentor!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Yes, fantasy is a great genre for entrapment issues. =D

Already visited Emily's place, Alex. Nice.

D.G. Hudson said...

Good luck Jeffrey! Sounds like a good story. I've been following your posts.

BTW - Alex, I do remember those drive-ins and speakers. Some even had mini air conditioners.

For the A to Z, I have my blog posts about half done, with some completed. This week will finish up.

Looking forward to April's reading.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Morgan, and you are really sweet!

Emily, thank you for inviting me.

DG, not fair - we didn't get AC.

Ella said...

Sounds great Jeff! I almost was trapped on an island, the tide was coming in. I crossed the sand bar and the current pulled me off...not smart! Your book sounds great~ I love new worlds and ventures! Good luck to you!
Drive-In...good memories! My parents managed one, during the summers of my Junior n' Senior year!

Both my kids loved, "The Hunger Games". Son read all 3 books, he said, books are better! Daughter said there were some loop holes in the movie. Son said, not in the books. I heard the movie was filmed in an old saw mile somewhere in North Carolina ;D

Christine Rains said...

I love all the tidbits you learn when researching for a book. :)

Our drive-in here in town still uses those old speakers. They're much clearer than I remember the old ones, though. I'm reading for the A to Z Challenge! Woo-hoo!

Andrew Leon said...

I'll have my Hunger Games experience post up on Wednesday. Probably.
The only movie I can remember seeing at the drive in was A New Hope.

Leovi said...

The twin programs were my favorite in my childhood, I loved westerns and films Romans called them peplum.

Belle said...

I usually enjoy stories where people are trapped. It is fun to guess how they will get out. My daughters and granddaughters went to see Hunger Games. They all liked it.

Laura said...

That's going firmly on my TBR list. Thanks Jeffrey! I am a pantster A-Zer, so haven't given it any prep at all. Looking forward to it a lot though!
Off to see you over at Emily's

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That must've been difficult to do with one main setting.

Jen said...

I'm always doing research. Lately, it's all been for school work, but I'm, forever collecting little snippets I find interesting that I may be able to use in a future story.

Posts ready for the challenge?!? HA! I'm doing good to get papers turned in by Sunday each week! I figured i'd do what I always do...wing it!!!

Best of luck, Jeffrey! Your story sounds fascinating :D. Thanks for sharing! Off to Emily's now!


LynNerdKelley said...

I visited Emily's blog earlier. Nice interview, Alex. Yep, Emily is mighty sharp.

Congrats to Jeffrey. The book sounds intense and that's so cool that the name of the country you came up with, Trava, is Serbian for grass. Isn't that something?

I saw The Hunger Games yesterday with my husband. I really liked the movie and will watch it again, but it's not as good as the book. The book is much deeper than the movie. You'd probably enjoy the books, Alex, if you ever decide to read them. Have a great week!

Ellie Garratt said...

Yay for Mr. Beesler!

I'm planning to see The Hunger Games next week but need to read the book first. Can't do it the other way around.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Gasp, not read The Hunger Games!!?!?!

I will see it, but probably not until it hits the dollar movie, simply because that's how I see most of my movies these days (out with a friend once per week-babysitters are expensive!)

We still go to a drive-in about 20 minutes south of our town, which is cool. The kids love it. As a kid I used to have to hide under the seats of our van since I was the only one old enough to have to pay. They moved to the radio station right before they shut down, but they did still have those crappy speakers into the early 90's.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z said...

Gosh darnit, another brilliant blogger-author whose books I must add to my list. I mean, I already knew this about Jeffrey. I'm just more sure of it now.

I heard Hunger Games was just so-so.

Carol Kilgore said...

Nice to meet you, Jeffrey. Good luck with your book!

Alex, I'll be at Emily's to see you in a bit.

M Pax said...

Sounds fascinating, Jeff. I will definitely add it onto my Nook. :)

I sometimes miss the drive-in, Alex. My girlfriends and I would fill a grocery bag with crap food, and make ourselves sick eating it. We'd sit in the back seat with the windows down, chattering away. We usually didn't care what the movie was. Every year when summer hits, I think of going to the drive-in.

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats on your book, Jeffrey!

I'm doing A to Z for two blogs. The one blog is finished, and I have the first week done for the second blog. Now I hope to finish up the rest this week.

And The Hunger Games movie was awesome and pretty true to the books. Of course, if you haven't read the books, the movie might be a tad confusing.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ella, I remember you mentioning the drive-in. (In an interview I think?) And didn't know the movie was filmed in North Carolina.

Christine, amazed your town still has a drive-in.

Andrew, I can't even remember the first movie I saw in a drive-in.

Jen, I bet you wing it better than most.

Lynn, I'm going to do good to see the movie at this point...

Shannon, I'm amazed you have a drive-in. So few anymore.

Mary, that was the nice thing about the drive-in. You could bring your own food.

Cherie, that's quite ambitious doing the Challenge with two blogs!

Anonymous said...

What a great topic... love such stories where people are trapped somewhere... it all comes down to their personalities... a bit like stephen king's Mist... where people were trapped in a convenience store with monsters outside... very cool.

Jemi Fraser said...

Entrapment spells are a lot of fun - sounds like you've got a neat twist on it Jeffrey!

Now, off to Emily's... :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

well, i wasn't alive in the 70s, BUT i do remember those theaters. Man, how awesome were they? We'd always go early because ours had a great playground for the kids to use, but we'd make sure we were back in the car before the movie started.
I miss drivethroughs

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Good luck with your new book. Wishing you lots of sales!

Mary Montague Sikes

Carrie Butler said...

Ah, the things we do in the name of research. I think I've handcuffed myself to just about everything in this house now.

...For the book, I promise!

Anyway, Spell of Entrapment sounds great! Oh, and I've already been over to Empress King's blog. Very nice. :)

Suze said...

I do have my A- Z posts all ready to go. Off to Emily's!

Tara Tyler said...

i wonder how those who dont know the books are liking the movie, hard to fill all the gaps, tho it captures the essence wonderfully! loved it!

and jeffrey's book is already on my tbr list!

Ciara said...

I also write high fantasy. World building is so important with this genre. Your book sounds great. Oh, you really should read The Hunger Games. Brilliant writing!

Jeff Beesler said...

Old Kitty: Congrats on being first to comment!

Yvonne: I'll need all the luck I can get!

Susan: We learn a lot from our characters, don't we?

Brinda: I'll have to read the books before I see the movie!

Sean: Glad you like the cover!

Lurker: I've heard that same comparison on Facebook!

Laura: I suspect there may be some things I could've done better with Spell of Entrapment.

Natalie: I surprised myself by how easily I fell into writing high fantasy.

Chuck said...

I don't have all my posts ready but the first week or so is about done. I am in various stages for various letters...made it a little more interesting this year. Hunger Games tomorrow...didn't read the book either.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

TF, Jeffrey's book is way better than The Mist - trust me.

Sarah, you weren't alive? You young pup!

Carrie, I believe you...

Chuck, let me know what you think!

Leigh Covington said...

Happy Monday Alex. I'm on my way to Emily's but I'm getting my notepad and pen first. Yes- I'm taking notes!

And Jeffrey - I can't wait to read this book. Sounds fabulous. So glad you shared with us today. :)

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you over at Emily's blog.

Thinking back on books I've read and movies/shows I've seen, the idea of entrapment is interesting. The way Jeffrey uses it sounds awesome.

Have a wonderful week.

Julie Musil said...

Spell of Entrapment sounds like a cool read! When I was five, and my brother was four, we were trapped in our locked church. My mom had five kids, and she didn't do a head count before she left :/ (we were only there alone for 15 minutes, but it felt like a week!)

SpacerGuy said...

Remember last years AtoZ challenge, Fortunately my Starfleet training came in handy, heh. Guess whos birthday it was today?

mshatch said...

yes, I remember the old drive ins - I think I actually saw Blade Runner at the Drive in at the Eastham Drive in on Cape Cod a million years ago. Thanks for reminding me how old I am ;)

Copyboy said...

I haven't read 'em either. But I super love that Buffy episode. Classic series.

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I have spent a crazy amount of time researching organ donation, time of recovery, and how quickly a liver would fail after being replaced. Yup, those normal things.

Jeff Beesler said...

ediFanoB: Thanks for the wishes!

Melissa: Inspiration comes in almost every shape and form!

Rusty: I hope you enjoy it!

Yvonne: It does rather look foreboding.

Anna: It could be one of my creepier writes for sure.

Arlee: People keep telling me to check out Hunger Games, too.

Sa: Or so my characters let me believe.

Alex: I don't blame you for waiting until the hype dies to see the movie.

Annalisa: Being stuck in a house can be a real downer!

Lisa said...

Hello Jeffrey, very interesting story. And Alex,, I am not ready.

Jeff Beesler said...

Richard: Movies seldom are better than the books.

Hart: It really was!

Southpaw: Isolation can be a terrible thing for our characters to go through.

Amy: Pleased to meet you, too!

Cate: Embekah doesn't like Entrapment much herself, either...

Talli: Most of my research comes in the form of my friends.

Lynn: Everything I know about strong female characters, I learned from Buffy.

Teresa: It has trapped quite a few people into reading it.

Bish: Losing control can be the scariest thing we ever face!

Karen: Grease was one of my sister's favorite movies growing up.

Jamie: Hope you get your drive-in screen back soon!

Mary: You'll get there eventually!

Jay: There are certainly some creepy elements to it!

Christopher: Hope you escape your office soon!

Bossy: Sometimes it's not what we do, but the company with whom we enjoy doing things.

Michael: Hope you enjoy it!

Jeff Beesler said...

Joshua: Glad you liked the write-up!

Nancy: Wonder how E.T. would like Earth in the 21st century?

M.J: Pleasure to meet you! I saw you followed my blog today!

Tracy: Sometimes our thoughts are the worst things to be trapped with!

Cassie: Hope you enjoy the book!

Retro: Writing definitely inspires me!

Sarah: Too bad I missed out on the phenomenon of Grease at the Drive-In!

Jeff Beesler said...

Rachel: Yeah, that cover really is something else.

David: Tolkien really was a master of his storytelling.

Morgan: I'll have to check out Alex's interview!

Lydia: Glad the blurb is to your liking!

Mina: Happy you enjoyed the description of my book!

Emily: Nice to meet you as well, and thanks for the compliment!

Jeff Beesler said...

Donna: Yeah, fantasy characters do face a lot of genre issues.

D.G: Glad you've been following my posts!

Ella: I love to explore those new worlds!

Christine: It hasn't happened to me yet, but some authors dread the stuff they learn.

Andrew: I don't know if I ever saw a movie at the drive-in.

Leovi: My grandma was a fan of the westerns.

Belle: If they make it out alive, of course!

L. Diane: I got a little creative on that front while adhering to my own story's rules.

Jen: Keep those research notes handy!

Jeff Beesler said...

Lyn: I had no idea when I thought up the name! It was like, whoa!

Ellie: Yay for you, too! (I just like to cheer my friends on.)

Shannon: I understand that all too well. I go Netflix for my movies.

Robyn: I'm glad I added to the certainty with this title!

Jeff Beesler said...

Mpax: I'm so glad it's finally available at B&N!

Cherie: Thank you!

tfwalsh: I'll have to check that title out!

Tara: Glad I made the TBR list!

Ciara: People keep telling me that about the Hunger Games.

Chuck: I'm in the still haven't read the book state myself!

Jeff Beesler said...

Alex: My book better than the Mist? Now that's an endorsement!

Leigh: I'm glad to have shared it with you!

Medeia: People really are liking how I used entrapment in this book!

Spacerguy: Starfleet training is very important in today's world!

Mshatch: You're still a youngin'!

Copyboy: It was one of my top five favorite episodes from that series!

Tasha: What is normal but overrated anyhow?

Jeff Beesler said...

Julie: Glad you weren't stuck there indefinitely!

oceangirl: Thank you for liking the premise to my story!

Angela Brown said...

Enjoyed your splashdown over at Emily's blog, Alex. If I every get to meet you, I simply must have a couple of boxes on Hot Tamales on hand :-)

Enjoyed the Jeff take-over here. It's fun reading about other author's thought processes for stories.

No Hunger Games action for me yet, though I hope to fix that sooner than latter. Got some research that needs to happen for a couple of kids in a story who'll eventually need to save the world. and darn it if I'm not getting hungry for Hot Tamales now lol!

michelle said...

What on earth are hot tamales? Type of chilli? Similar to red peppers? Or jalapenos? I'm off to google it...

Empty Nest Insider said...

Drive-in movies were fun, especially the double features! I really liked The Hunger Games, though I never read the book. Best of luck with your book Jeffrey! Julie

Not So Simply Single said...

Good job. But damn, 100 comments...who has time to read all of those....I am STILL frigging reading!

Patsy said...

I've done some interesting research including attending an inquest and visiting a funeral director. Since then I've made sure I write stories that require research that's less morbid.

Misha Gerrick said...

I actually did a lot of research into the American West's history. Was really interesting. Nope... wasn't born. Nope. Got up to H on one of my blogs before deciding to pants the rest of it. Worked last year. I'm still waiting for Hunger Games to come to South Africa. Sigh.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Julie, just like the movie Home Alone!

Spacerguy, it's Nimoy's!

MsHatch, sorry.

Angela, I can be bribed!

Michelle, they are candy!

Single, just another day of comments for me.

Cindy said...

I always wanted to take my kids to a drive in movie, but they long since closed them around here. Too would be fun.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Alex, Hi Jeffrey
Great post. Being trapped is one of man's greatest fears. I think we have all experienced this fear to some degree. Good luck with your sales, Jeffrey.

farawayeyes said...

Sometimes I feel trapped in my head. LOL

Susan Fields said...

I saw Hunger Games and loved it, though I didn't think the movie quite did justice to the book. And I do remember those drive-in theaters - going to the drive-in was such a special treat when I was little.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cindy, we don't have one either.

Faraway, don't we all?

Author A.O. Peart said...

It sounds like an awesome premise, Jeffrey. As for word trava, it is also a Polish word for grass, although our "v" is "w" (trawa), still promounced as "v".

Hopping (yeah, you know about that, Alex :-))) ) over to Emily's blog now.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I remember drive-in movies, but not fondly. My brother and I tried to sleep in the back seat while my mom and dad watched horror pics like "The Creature from the Black Lagoon."

By the time I got to high school, movies, especially drive-ins, were places to fight off equally terrifying teen males with at least as many arms as an octopus has tentacles.

Is it any wonder I prefer to go to movies by myself?

Jennie Bennett said...

I love drive in's! Although I haven't been to one in ages even though there is one about 10 min from my house. I really should go this summer. Off to Emily's blog!

Mark said...

Now you've got me nostalgic for drive-ins:) On another note, I luv Emily's blog and will hop over there now:)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Jeffrey - sounds like a fun book!

Alex- interesting research-yes, got trapped in a locking toy box once as a kid, I remember drive in movies with faint nostalgia, and I'm definitely not ready for A to Z, but I did see Hunger Games and enjoyed it! My advice - take the time to read the first book at least.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I am planning to see Hunger Games this week.
Jeffrey's Spell of Entrapments sounds great. Good luck to Jeffrey.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Angela, you just hop all you want!

Patricia, that's funny. And I promise I was always the perfect gentleman.

Tyrean, sorry about the toy box!

Gina Gao said...

This sounds like a wonderful book. Nice post.

Leovi said...

Interesting proposal Spell of Entrapment, yes

Charles Gramlich said...

It's a nice challenge for a writer to put constraints like that on a plot. Trapped in a small area, or given a limited amount of time. Fun to do, but often hard to pull off.

Shelley Sly said...

Hmm.. I like the theme of entrapment. Sounds so interesting! I'll have to check it out. :)

And wow, another writer who hasn't read the Hunger Games? There's a small number of us in the community. We must all stick together. :P

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Can't wait to read this, Jeffrey. I love world creating and how it moves a story.

Golden Eagle said...

Interesting idea, limiting a story to a single confined space.

I haven't seen The Hunger Games, but a lot of people seem to like the movie.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Charles, you said it!

Shelley, we must!

Anonymous said...

Most interesting indeed to confine a setting to one space. Good luck Jeffrey with Spell of Entrapment! Now its off to Emily King's blog.

Jennie Bailey said...

Jeffrey's book sounds intriguing - I've got it in my cart for my next order! I remember my mom taking me to a drive-in movie when I was like 8 years old. The sound was awful. We didn't stay for the whole picture because I got on her nerves asking her repeatedly what was being said.

Jeff Beesler said...

Angela: Different takes make for interesting stakes!

Michelle: Hope your Google search came up fruitful!

Julie: Thanks for the good wishes!

Single: Alex inspires a chatty bunch for sure!

Patsy: Then may I recommend you not write about mimes?

Misha: The Games will get there eventually!

Cindy: The Drive-In is almost completely a thing of the past, sadly.

Farawayeyes: I know that feeling all too well!

Susan: A treat for so many that nowadays would want back.

Jeff Beesler said...

Angela: I didn't realize my word had so many European meanings!

Patricia: Drive-in-destined Octopi sounds like an epic story idea!

J.A: Support your local drive-in!

Mark: Alex can make anyone nostalgic for just about anything!

Tyrean: It was a fun book to write!

Rachna: I'll need all the luck I can get!

Jeff Beesler said...

Gina: Thank you for the compliment!

Charles: Judging from initial reactions, I managed to pull it off!

Shelley: The few, the proud!

Susan: Hope you enjoy it!

Golden Eagle: It was tough, but well worth the challenge!

Stephen: Thanks for the wishes, and for helping with the blog tour, too!

Jennie: Glad the book found its way to your cart!

Enid Wilson said...

Being trapped in a house isn't very nice, especially if there are some monsters, blood and gore involved. But that's exactly what many readers like. Well done, Jeffrey!

The Spinster’s Vow

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jennie, I can picture that happening!

Jay Noel said...

You talked me into it, Alex. I just signed up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I must be crazy.