Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CassaFire Tour Day Seven, Ninja News, Ninja Fact, and More Trivia!

And the party continues! Hope I’m not keeping you all up past your bedtime.

Today’s stop is with the adorable Talli Roland!

Talli is without a doubt the cutest Canadian-English girl you will ever meet. She also possesses one of the happiest, most bubbly personalities you will ever meet. She’s an incredible author and one of the best cheerleaders in the world. Really glad Talli is on my side.

Be sure to visit Talli Roland for my take on women and female characters.

Don’t forget that everyone who comments here on my blog over the next two weeks will be entered to win this cool prize package from my publisher. So be sure to comment every single day!

Ninja News

Thanks to everyone who visited me Under the Tiki Hut yesterday! Yes, the Ninja scored some points.

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of the month – don’t forget to post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group!

A to Z Co-Host Tina Downey contributed a story to the book, Until They Have Faces. You can read about it HERE. Proceeds from the book go to benefit Boulder, Colorado’s homeless, and more information on the project can be found at Bridge House Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow. Congratulations Tina and all the volunteers that made the book possible!

The video contest is open until this weekend – visit A to Z Challenge Blog for details.

Ninja Fact

I’ve only regretted writing one thing. I won’t give away spoilers here, but there is a scene in CassaStar I wish I’d never had to write. I’m not an overly emotional person and live life on an even keel. No great highs or lows. But that one scene was really difficult. I regret it, and yet, there could be no other way to forward the story. Perhaps that is another reason why CassaFire jumps ahead twenty years. Like Byron, I needed some distance…

Trivia answers from Monday:

1 – In what movie do we reach Ludicrous Speed? Spaceballs
2 – Name the creator of Calvin and Hobbes Bill Waterson
3 – This 1981 movie boasted the tagline “From the director of Animal House… a different kind of animal.” An American Werewolf in London
4 – Name the quarterback who threw for 5000 yards in one season; a record held until this past year Dan Marino (Broken by two quarterbacks this past season, Tom Brady and the new record holder, Drew Brees.)

Trivia Questions – Hodge-Podge!

Let’s see how you do with this mix…

1 – What year did Disneyland open?

2 – What is Eminem’s real name?

3 – What type of gas was used to float the Hindenburg?

4 – What race always occurs on Memorial Day Weekend in the USA?

5 – What body of water in the Middle East is the saltiest and most mineral-laden in the world?

You didn’t forget the IWSG tomorrow, did you? Any regrets in your writing? Know any answers from yesterday’s trivia? How about today? Some of you need to at least try one of these trivia challenges…

Now, go visit Talli Roland! I heard she’s serving wine…


Sarah Tokeley said...

Okay, I got Marshall Mathers (with Bruce, maybe, for a middle name?)
and uh, maybe the Dead Sea?

Leaving now, to visit Talli :-)

The Angry Lurker said...

1 – What year did Disneyland open?

2 – What is Eminem’s real name?
Marshal Mathers?

3 – What type of gas was used to float the Hindenburg?

4 – What race always occurs on Memorial Day Weekend in the USA?
Indy 500?

5 – What body of water in the Middle East is the saltiest and most mineral-laden in the world?
The Dead Sea?

Patsy said...

Alex, I can't believe you're feeling insecure right now. Even if there was room for the odd niggling doubt (and I don't see how there could be) you can't possibly have time to think it!

Old Kitty said...

I've been over to gorgeous Talli's and made her some coffee! Yay!!

Take care

Brinda said...

P-A-R-T-Y...I'll head over to Talli's. :)

Karen Baldwin said...

I'm heading over to Talli's blog now.

Cate Masters said...

The most difficult scenes to write are often the best. Congrats for going outside your comfort zone!

Marta Szemik said...

For Eminem: Marshall Mathers and the body of water I think is the Dead Sea. I have no clue for the other ones.

I did forget about the IWSG! So thank you for the reminder, otherwise I'd be stuck writing in the middle of the night.

Hopping over Talli's now:)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sarah, you got two!

Lurker, got three!

Patsy, as you'll see tomorrow, I still am.

Thanks, Cate.

Marta, now you'll be prepared.

Huntress said...

'Dead Sea' is my only contribution.

You mean Eminem isn't his real name?! Man Alive, I feel so used.

Unknown said...

You were a total rockstar over at Talli's!!! She's fab and so are you!!!

Oooo, Insecure Writers Group? For once my blog posts are so behind I'd love to be able to post! Headed over to see what's up so I can get my piece ready for tomorrow!!

Unknown said...

I'm all for wine at Talli's. :)

Trivia: Not sure about the first one so I'm gonna pass, but...

2. Marshall Mathers
3. Hydrogen
4. The Indy 500
5. The Dead Sea

Looking forward to IWSG tomorrow. And I hear you on the difficult scenes. I have one in a work that is still unpublished that has haunted me.

Susan Fields said...

I wish I knew some trivia answers, but I'm sorry - I really don't! I am heading over to Talli's, though!

Rusty Carl said...

1) Dammit. '57?
2) Em
3) Hydrogen
4) Nascar, it's Nascar racing.
5) The Dead Sea

That scene was tough on us all.

Off to Talli's.

Li said...

Well, I got the last 3. Not old enough to remember Disneyland opening (smirk). Off to Talli's - she is an amazing person!

Rick Daley said...

1 – Disneyland opened in its inaugural year.

2 – Marshall Mathers; I do not know if he is related to Jerry Mathers, a.k.a "The Beave"

3 – Hydrogen

4 – Boston Marathon?

5 – The Dead Sea

Nancy said...

Hmm, very tempted to look up answers but that would be misrepresenting my actual lack of knowledge. Going to Talli's which typing that statement has the song Going back to Cali (however Cali is spelled running in my head).

Matthew MacNish said...

Is it not Tuesday?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Huntress, that made me laugh!!

Thank you, Jen. Yes, thought I'd better remind everyone, including myself.

Melissa, you got the others right. And some scenes are just so tough.

Rusty, you got two. And good to know that scene was effective, especially considering the sacrifice involved.

Lisa, thankfully I'm not either!

Rick, got two, although your answer for the first one is clever!

Matthew, it's Tuesday - just reminding everyone that tomorrow is Wednesday and the IWGS.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Without checking other answers:
1- no idea
2- Marshall Mathers (sic?)
3- Helium
4- No idea
5- Salt sea

Annalisa Crawford said...

I hate those scenes you HAVE to write but really don't want to. I've done it myself, and it's tough when you realise there isn't another way.

Once again, I'm not answering the questions, although I do know the Eminem one!

Budd said...

I guess she is cute, if you are into HOT BLONDES.

on to the quiz- 1.1965, 2.marshal mathers, 3. hydrogen, 4. daytona 500 (or insert city name here memorial day 5k), 5. the dead sea

Liza said...

Heading over to Talli's.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I'm thinking I'm hopeless at trivia!

Good for you for writing that tough scene, Alex. It's so hard to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Copyboy said...


1 – 1950

2 – Marshal Mathers

3 – Helium

4 – memorial day race

5 – dead sea

Luanne G. Smith said...

I learned Tina and I live in the same town! We're neighbors. I'll have to check out Until They Have Faces.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maurice, you got one.

Annalisa, that one was difficult.

Budd, you got three. And Talli is just cute all the way around.

Elizabeth, I hated doing it. Still miss that character.

Copyboy, you got two. Maybe I made them too difficult...

LG, that's cool! Bet she's a lot of fun in person.

Suze said...

'I won’t give away spoilers here, but there is a scene in CassaStar I wish I’d never had to write. I’m not an overly emotional person and live life on an even keel. No great highs or lows. But that one scene was really difficult. I regret it, and yet, there could be no other way to forward the story.'

I can relate to this difficulty and feel certain that if you pushed your personal envelope, something good has emerged as a result. I'm glad you shared this, Alex. I appreciated reading it.

And no, I haven't forgotten about IWSG, tomorrow. :) I even have a few tips for the A-Z that I am planning to append to the end of my post.

Angela said...

I agree that Talli is awesome. She's bubbly, supportive, and has a ton of energy.

Someday I hope to be as cool Talli, and as supportive a blogger as you, of course.

Trivia questions:

1-no idea
4-Does it have something to do with motorcycles?
5-The Dead Sea

Arlee Bird said...

I didn't peek at any other answers:

1) I think Disneyland opened in 1955 because I remember watching the Disney show when I was a kid and they would have shows about the attraction.

2) Marshall Mathers?

3) Hydrogen --highly flammable

4) Indy 500

5) Dead Sea

Off to Talli's


Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Alex, all of us are on your side :)

Will head over to Talli's blog.

Have emailed you regarding the guest post.

Andrew Leon said...

I think you were closer with the whole onion thing. Parfaits don't tend to make people cry.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

The Dead Sea - it's also where the Dead Sea Scrolls come from.

Anonymous said...

1. July 1955.
2. Marshall Mathers.
3. Hydrogen.
4. Kentucky Derby?
5. Dead Sea.

Really not sure on number 4, though...

Anonymous said...

Had to look it up. Damn.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Suze, thank you. And looking forward to your IWSG post.

Angela, that's one! And Talli is all sorts of energetic cool.

Lee, you the man!

Rachna, I'll go read!

Andrew, very good point.

Diane, correct!

Joshua, yeah, missed one.

farawayeyes said...

I'm so late today it's like cheating by I DO know #4 Indy (Indianapolis)500 and #5 The Dead Sea

Party on!

Empty Nest Insider said...

Great job over at Talli's! You always know how to say the right thing! Julie

Cherie Reich said...

Talli's awesome!

And #5 is the Dead Sea. Thank you, study of the Ancient Near East. *grins*

Jennie Bennett said...

Sorry I won't be able to participate in the IWSG tomorrow, but I'm sure you'll all have fun!

As far as the trivia goes The only answer I'm sure of is that #5 is the dead sea.

I think Disneyland opened in 1959, but I'm not sure, and I'm guessing the Boston Marathon for #4 :)

Laura Diamond said...

Heading over to Tally's blog!

Leovi said...

Yes, I can not hit your trivial questions.

Laura said...

Can't believe we're at the 3rd IWSG of the year already - that's insane!
And I am rubbish - I really never know the answers!

Mark said...

Ooo, I def want to be int he contest:) I'm not much good at the trivia part though...Disneyland I'd guess 1955 (same as in Back to the Future) ;)

Tara Tyler said...

i have my iwsg post ready, but almost forgot it was coming up!

and 1965, guess
my boys know, but they arent home yet
flying pig marathon?
dead sea


DL Hammons said...

Talli and wine! What a great combination! :)

Rek Sesh said...

Well,think,I know atleast 3 answers today
A 1959
B don't care for Eminem's music to know his real name ;P
C Hydrogen/ helium...tossing a coin- says hydrogen
D mostly likely a marathon (guessing)
E the only sea you don't need a life ring to float on...The Dead Sea.

Off to Talli's, can she offer me a chilled lemonade instead?(don't drink alcohol unless its in cough syrups)

Jay Noel said...

Sorry I was out the second my CassaFire post went live. I feel like I missed out, but I hope to catch up with you and the party.

As far as the scene/event you're talking about in CassaStar, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. As a reader, I was pissed. So that's a good thing!!!

1)Disneyland opened in 1955.
2)Marshall Mathers
3)Since I'm a Steampunk writer, I did a ton of research of airships and dirigibles. The Hindenburg actually had hydrogen, although it was built to use helium. But helium came from America, which refused to export it to Germany
4)No idea
5) The Dead Sea

Donna K. Weaver said...

Talli is awesome. She's really getting her books out there and is an inspiration to me.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Faraway, I believe you!

Thank you, Julie.

Cherie, at least it paid off!

JA, that's all right. And you got one right.

Laura, I know! This will be the seventh time total.

Mark, you got it!

Tara, you got two. Sadly, it wasn't the flying pig answer!

Rek, you got two.

Jay, that's good and bad! Most of the women said it made them cry. And you got four of the answers.

Donna, she's an inspiration to everyone.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I floated on the Dead Sea (answer to #5). Had to rub black tar-like stuff all over my body before going into the water - to protect my skin from salt and other minerals. It was a neat experience but not altogether relaxing.

I regret things in my writing on a regular basis. But that scene you regret is, as you said, what moved the story forward.

Drats, I did forget about IWSG. Thanks for the reminder.

D.G. Hudson said...

My guesses:
1 - Disneyland opening 1955

2 - Marshall Bruce Majors (Eminem)

3 - Hydrogen

4 - Indy 500

5- Dead Sea

Interesting mix. I like that.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Still partying like a rock star?

Christine Rains said...

I know those scenes that you have to write to forward a story. I don't think I really regretted them, but sometimes I don't thoroughly enjoy some bits as much as others.

Contagion was a good film. It gets my thumbs up!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Robyn, sounds like a unique experience though. And glad I reminded you.

DG - you rock!

Lass, yes I am!

Christine, I'll have to watch it then.

D.G. Hudson said...

BTW - I did stop in at Talli's place and enjoyed the post.

If you want to know what women are like, study your wife, without her noticing you studying her.

Think of the differences - women (generally) are more empathetic, less ego driven (that may apply to coolness in a battle conflict.)

What type of female is needed to balance your protagonist? Does he need to be made a little less arrogant? Does he need to recognize there's more to life than fighting?

Good Luck, Alex.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Heading to Talli Roland. Any lady that shares my name has to be great! Roland

Anonymous said...

I finished my latest WiP with a fairly emotional scene and was surprised by the effect it had on me. Will it survive the first revision? I'll see after it simmers a while.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Disneyland 1955 - my Dad went that year with his little brother, and our whole family (including my Dad and Mom) went in 2005. My dad has a fun story about riding his motorcycle with his brother, wearing mouse ears and causing everyone to stare. Not many people really knew about Disneyland in 1955.
-wish I could visit your blog every day, but yesterday it just wouldn't load -

Anonymous said...

I only knew 2 and 5.

I've distanced myself from hard to write scenes.

Now I'm headed over to Talli's blog.

Jocelyn Rish said...

I had a scene that I thought I should write, but really didn't want to. I went back and forth for a really long time. It would have provided a tidy (though heartbreaking) bookend to something from the start. But fortunately for me, it wasn't necessary to propel the story, so I swerved and avoided. Still hoping it was the right call.

Jemi Fraser said...

Okay - the Dead Sea & The Indy 500!! I think... :)

Off to Talli's... (I agree, she is totally awesome!)

ediFanoB said...

Today is the first time I try to answer
the trivia questions.

There is a Disneyland near Paris in France. But I think you ask for the date of the first Disneyland. I admit that in this case I did not really know the answer. I was sure that Disneyland is older than I am. So I had a look at Wikipedia. And indeed Disneyland is four years older than me. I was born in 59.

I know and like some songs performed by Marshall Mathers also known as Eminem.

The Hindenburg also known as LZ129 is still famous in Germany.
Unfortunately they used hydrogen to float the ship

I think this is Indy 500. I remember a movie - Winning (in Germany know as Indianapolis) starring Paul Newmann.

That must be the Dead Sea. The question will be how long it will be. So many people buy Dead Sea salt.

My guesses:
1 - Disneyland opening 1955

2 - Marshall Bruce Majors (Eminem)

3 - Hydrogen

4 - Indy 500

5- Dead Sea

Interesting mix. I like that.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

American Werewolf in London was an awesome movie. I haven't seen it in ages, though. Might go hunt it down and watch it again.


Alex I will have to post my post for The Insecure Writers later tomorrow as I have promised daughter I would go to see her. Time is marching on so quickly it completely skipped this scatterbrained head.

PS glad you liked my tee shirt.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

DG, I've been studying her for years.

Roland, she is!

Milo, it's difficult.

Tyrean, I'm sorry! And wild your dad went the year it opened.

Edi, you know your stuff! I'm impressed.

Yvonne, that is cool.

Nancy Thompson said...

Except for the Disney one, those were too easy. As for your Ninja fact, I am so intrigued. I want so badly to read it. Actually, I spent several hours in Powell's Books in Portland last Saturday, but they didn't carry your novels on the shelves. When I looked for them at the library, they didn't have them either, so I requested they buy it. Should be good for about 10 books each, so people who can't afford to buy can still enjoy your stories.

Jessica Salyer said...

I got 2 out of 5. Heading off to Talli's.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I haven't regretted writing scenes though I have written ones I found emotional and only hope my readers did too.

M Pax said...

1. 1971?
2. Snickers
3. hydrogen
4. Indy 500
5. Dead Sea

I can guess which scene in CassaStar. It was a good one.

Unknown said...

I'm heading to Talli's post now.

Helena said...

For 3. I think the answer is hydrogen. And 5. I think it's the Dead Sea.

I know what you mean about having to write a painful scene -- I almost cried while writing one scene in one of my books, but it had to be done.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

me just getting my day started... the question is does alex, come back at the end of the day?

hmmmm, i will wait here for my answer.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Marshall Mathers.
Hydrogen in the Hindenberg.
And the Dead Sea is the saltiest.

Chuck said...

1. No idea
2. Marshall Mathers
3. Um...Helium??
4. Indy 500
5. Dead Sea

Wow, I have to scroll through all the comments really fast so I don't see anyone else's answers!

I love Tali's site so I am headed there now.

BTW, I'll bet that scene was hard to write...it was hard to read, seriously. I was waiting for the deus ex machina to show up. But you did what needed doing. CassaFire is better for it!!

Jennie Bailey said...

I know his first name is Marshall? But I don't remember his last name ever and I'm not going to cheat. I'm guessing the Dead Sea is the saltiest and most mineral-laden?

Headed over to Talli's for the party!!!

SpacerGuy said...

1. Haven't a clue
2. Mr Eminem? LOL
3. Hydrogen gas.
4. California Speedway Race Day?
5. Deadsea.

Deep within behind my skin lurks some superpower trying to win! I'm slowly working up the courage to join the IWSG.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Holy catfish, that's a lot of updates!

I've regretted writing a lot of thing! Ha!

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm off to Talli's blog.

Marshall Mathers.

Denise Covey said...

I'll trot over for a glass of Talli's vino now.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nancy, why thank you! I really appreciate you doing that.

Susan, I've been told it made people cry.

Mary, you got three. And thank you!

Helena, you got two. And you understand.

Jeremy, I come back!

Michael, got three!

Chuck, that was four. Yeah, I almost backed out of doing it, but Byron wouldn't have done what he did otherwise.

Jennie, yes to both!

Spacerguy, you got two. And please join us!

Theresa, bingo!

Anonymous said...

Finally starting to catch up after a long weekend vacation. I knew the Spaceballs trivia. Have the DVD and fortunately my kids love the show!

And Disneyland opened in 1955 in the middle of the summer on a blistering hot day to large crowds. We have season passes and know much of the history.

Unknown said...

That scene from CassaStar was very well written; so you did well :)

Shall pop over and say hi to Talli :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

I will head to Talli's momentarily!

1. Dunno
2. Marshal Mathers?
3. Something really flammable!! Hydrogen?
4. No idea
5. Dead Sea?

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Unknown said...


Indy 500
The Dead Sea

Hope you are still enjoying your launch!

Miranda Hardy said...

I do have those scenes I didn't enjoy writing but were needed in the story. I tend to rush through them and have to go back several times to fix them up.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Stephen, you are correct on both counts!

Thanks, Jamie!

Shannon, you got three, and yes, highly flammable.

CM, got three!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

that is awesome!