Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogging Idiosyncrasies III and Final Awards

Final round with the blogging junk, I promise! Comments from the first two posts spurred new ideas though.

Dezz at HOLLYWOOD SPY coined this term. It refers to those who leave quick, short, meaningless comments just to get you to comment on their blog. It also puts me in mind of those who follow you, and you to follow back. but then no matter how many times you comment on that person’s blog, he or she never comments back. I have several of those right now. Now I admit, I’m not overly interesting and not every post appeals to every person, but did you follow just to get me to follow you? Do you have followers like that? Or ones who leave short or odd comments?

Mechanics of comment box
Judging from last week’s comments, this is a sore spot for many. Is the comment box embedded or separate? There appears to be numerous ways to set up one’s comment box – separate small box (like mine), entirely new page, or the main page reloads. Sometimes the latter occurs, only you don’t realize it also has word verification – and when it refreshes the page, it returns to the top of the page. I wonder how many comments never go through because the commenter doesn’t realize he needs to do the word verification? What are your thoughts on the placement of the comment box?

Okay, I’m officially done with that mess!

On to the awards! Of which there are many…

Yvonne at Welcome to my World of Poetry gave me the Creative Writing Award! Yvonne, I am truly honored. I shall pass this on to just one person:

Ted Cross - don’t you dare give up on The Shard, dude!

Powdered Toast Man at Just the Cheese gave me the Super Commenter Award! I pass this on to:

Rayna at Coffee Rings Everywhere

iZombie gave me the Zombie Rabbit Award! Okay, I have to pass this on to someone who will appreciate it…

Rogue at The Roads of Autumn Dusk

Jules at Trying to Get Over the Rainbow gave me the Circle of Friends Award. Thanks, Jules! And Kate at The Scribbling Sea Serpent gave me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks, Kate! I’ve received both of these before, so won’t pass them on again.



What I can't fathom out is someone signs on as a follower they do/don't have a blog, and never leave a comment.I have several like that, I have checked to see if they have written anything of late and the answer is always no, Anyone have any ideas as to why someone should do this.
If I say I am going to follow a certain blog I endevour to comment as much as possible.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I guess there's some people who only have a Google account.

Jules said...

I have a couple of followers like Yvonne, I assume they are viewing us in readers. As to moderation I understand the need, there are some really low people out there.

As to people who never return a comment. Well, they just are NOT TRUE bloggers. Commenting is part of this lovely community.

As to the form of the comments...I can only say that is one complicated piece of code to me :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Ted Cross said...

Aw, thanks, Alex! I won't ever give up on the book, but I might just view it as one that needs to be revised once I get another book or two under my belt. I think I can make it better. I know I can, actually, as I keep learning so much all the time!

Cruella Collett said...

I am so glad you are tackling these issues here so I don't have to do so myself :P

The meaningless commenter thing surprises me to, but I have gradually changed my mind about them.

First of all, not everyone realizes how much a comment means to the writer. They visit, read, enjoy, but don't know that a simple comment would have made the day of the blogger.

Secondly, I have come across people who are to shy to leave a comment. Again I think this is a misjudgement about the way blogging works, because often a little goes a long way. But some people think that unless they have something specific to contribute with, they have no right to comment.

Third, sometimes we are just too busy. For some, this means leaving very short comments. For others (like me), it means leaving fewer comments. I don't like leaving "Great post!" and nothing more, but sometimes that is all I have time for. Which means that often I skip it altogether if I'm in a hurry.

Bottom line, I think both bloggers and readers have very different reasons for following and commenting (or not). I try not to break any (unwritten) blog rules, and I try to think that those who do are simply not aware that they are stepping on toes. I can only hope that others give me the same credit if I should accidentally step on their toes.

(See, I'm terrible at leaving short comments!)

Natasha said...

Thank you so much for the Award, Alex. I'll treasure it even more since it comes from someone who I consider an awesome commentator.

About commenting- I read on google reader, and while I read the blog posts in detail, I only comment if I have something to say. I know I treasure every comment, even the 'great post' ones, but I am guilty of not leaving too many of them myself. But when I do comment, I make it a point to tell people I have been reading even if not commenting.

Last week, I had a school mate tell me that she was an avid follower of my blog when she was pregnant (her daughter is not eight months old). She NEVER left a comment, or even told me otherwise that she was reading me, but she could quote individual posts I had written more than a year back. While it felt good to be told that, I do wish I had known then. When you have all of three followers, and go for weeks without a single comment, it is nice to know that someone is reading and nodding.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Alex, Hmm. I would love for everyone that visits and/or follows my blog to comment, but that's not reality. As far as I know there is no law that says those who hover must comment. My readers aren't responsible for making me feel good about my blog. Really?

Time may be a factor in why people read and don't comment. Most people have day jobs and night time lives so I understand. I am happy they hover even if they don't comment.

I'm pretty easy going, but when bloggers start whining (not you)about those who don't do this or don't do that for them on their blogs, well I might be known to get bent out of shape. Blogging is a free world that entertains free people.

My take.


Old Kitty said...

LOL!! When I first started blogging I had a follower who left a comment and a link to her blog. The comment had nothing to do with what I had blogged about.

Anyway as I had comment moderation on I just thought never mind this is all fun and games and published her comment.

Only for her to unfollow me almost the second her comment appeared.


CONGRATULATIONS with your awards!!!!

Take care

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on your awards, all are well deserved.

As for comments, I guess I'd have to agree with Cruella, sometimes all a person has time to comment is "Great post" or such just to let the author know they've been there and read what they wrote.

Thoughts in Progress

Christine Danek said...

Congrats on the awards, Alex.

I sometimes leave short comments because I don't have a lot of time but I do have something to say. I do read the post and comment on the content. If I don't have anything to say then--no comment.

I follow a lot of blogs but only because I'm interested in them.

I do think it's weird when I get a comment that has nothing to do with what I wrote. I'm looking for feedback or support.

I do think if someone says "Great post" that's okay. I know a lot of people don't have time but they took a couple of moments to stop by.

Have a great day, Alex.

JournoMich said...

I don't mind either comment box, really...But it is a concern that people will lose their comments--or I'll lose them--b/c of captcha. That's why I got rid of it on my site.

As to blogwhoring...love the term! If I don't have anything to say about a subject, I'll say so in my comment. A part of me wants to write SOMETHING to let the person know I was there and I read their words, but what I say isn't always insightful.

Oh, who am I kidding? Me? Not insightful? Never!

A note: even if I go a week without commenting, I'm always coming back to your site, Alex! Sometimes home life intercedes with my blog-hopping habit.


Anne Gallagher said...

Hmmm, I can't remember, I think you followed me and I followed you back.

As for commenting, I'm trying to only comment to those who are my "core" group -- those who are always around. Real life has swallowed me whole with the advent of school opening (YAY) but has left me with no time for blogging (BOO).

I do follow people back b/c they follow me, as this is only polite and I try and read them as much as possible but rarely ever comment. I know that's hard for newbie's who cherich every single comment (I was one myself).

Blogging also takes away from the writing and reading almost 200 blogs a day (Or thereabouts) puts a deep damper on the time frame. It's a vicious cycle.

Congrats on the awards Alex. You deserve them all.

Laura Eno said...

Congrats on the awards!
I don't use captcha anymore because some people get annoyed with it. I've found that turning comment moderation on for posts older than 20 days takes care of most of my spam issues, as they seem to target older posts.

Karen Lange said...

Congrats on the awards, and congrats to the new winners as well!

Jemi Fraser said...

I've got a few people who fall into the first category. Drives me batty!

I've tried different types of comment placement. I have a few friends using dial-up and they have a really hard time with some versions. I took off word-ver some time ago so that's not a problem at least.

Congrats on the awards!

Helen Ginger said...

Early in my blogging years, I would leave a comment, then zip away. I've since learned not to do that. I discovered that after I hit publish and left, the page reappeared with capcha squiggles and my comment never posted.

In the beginning, I had no squiggles on my blog, then began to get hundreds of spam every night, so I put the squiggles on. Now that Blogger has better spam filters and different settings on the squiggles, I've taken them down except for on older posts (which was where I was getting the hundreds of spam).


Sarah Ahiers said...

i always make a large effort to leave viable comments on anyone's blog who comments on mine. It just seems the right thing to do. How else are you going to connect with people?

Jay Watson said...

First of all Alex, thanks tons for the ZOMBIE RABBIT AWARD! I greatly appreciate it.
Secondly, you bring up some interesting points in your post, especially the observation about 'blog whoring' I'm guilty sometimes of not posting/commenting enough back to the wonderful gents/gentesses who comment on tROAD. Mea Culpa. Got to be honest, the stratospheric popularity of your blog intimidates me. You've got like a quarter of a million followers...
:) Quality always will attract quanity (well not really, but with your blog it does!)

Unknown said...

~~~It refers to those who leave quick, short, meaningless comments just to get you to comment on their blog. (I do that... okay, bye. ;))

~~~It also puts me in mind of those who follow you, and you to follow back. but then no matter how many times you comment on that person’s blog, he or she never comments back. (Yeah, I did that with you, hope you don't mind.)

~~~Do you have followers like that? (Yes)

~~~Or ones who leave short or odd comments? (Yes, the ones you know didn't really read your post, the ones that just got to the end and made up crap or copied the comment above.)

~~~I'm not really fond of the comment box on a separate page because sometimes it doesn't open for me...but, I love your blog and you are interesting.

~~~OH, and congrats on all those awards and the recipients. Now I gotta go, I expect you to come and comment on my blog! Just joking.


Summer Frey said...

See, I'm super-opinionated about how I want to use my Blogger (and Twitter) time. I only follow a few blogs, comparatively, but I comment on all of them, most days. I'd rather have 20 folks with whom I feel connected than be networking myself (blogwhoring) to get even more followers.

I don't mind the people who follow me but never comment--god knows I do it to plenty of people. There's no malice, but a lot of shyness. I usually follow someone new for a month before I feel confident enough to comment. Don't ask me to explain, it's just how I am.

I get the short, weird comments from time to time. They make me laugh.

I don't mind the word ver except for the whole page reloading. It really bogs down my speed!

Congrats on all the awards! They are much deserved. :)

DEZMOND said...

Oh, bummer, now the whole world will know me as the inventor of the blog-whoring term :))
Yes, we do not like blog whoring and we do not like word verification, actually we despise the second one :))

Congrats on the awards, ZOMBIE RABBIT AWARD??? I've never heard of that one before :)))

Ellie Garratt said...

Interesting points about blog following and comments. I've started following blogs and left what I feel are meaningful comments, but get nothing back. I then just assume they are not intersted in mine. I don't always drop them, as theirs may still be interesting.

Having said all that, I follow lots of blog and I don't have the time to comment on every one regularly. One of the reasons I don't do faccebook is the time factor and people getting snarky about not responding to messages. If I was a full time writer maybe I'd have the same, but not at the moment.

So how do you find a healthy balance?

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Blogging etiquette is a topic of huge interest to us all since it's all relatively new. That one about the comments is funny. But yes it happens. I try to follow anyone who leaves comments on my posts but lately I've been MIA a lot. If I read a post I usually comment. And if it makes no sense it's usually because I'm doing it first thing in the morning. Like now.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Oh and I hate word verif, and also dislike the ones where your comment doesn't show up at all until it's moderated. Then you can't reread it and see what an idiot you sound like. Or not.

vic caswell said...

i've been wondering some of these things too! i don't know the correct ettiquette.

i love reading comments on my posts, so i try to leave some sort of comment. often the bloggers have said thing so well, i can't think of anything to add, but i've learned a bunch, or been thoroughly entertained and want to let them know that.

i don't get the following thing though. i try to read every blog i follow (sometimes skim- and sometimes fail). but i'm pretty sure that isn't standard.

that's a big part of why i might leave a meaningless comment. not to get someone to visit my blog, but just to let them know that i read there's. encouraging and helping are two of my favorite things to do (i know i'm a dork but it's true). and i just want them to know someone is listening... even if i'm not smart enough to have something substantial to say back to them...

i hope that makes sense!

Bossy Betty said...

I always get excited when someone follows and I always try to follow back and make comments. After awhile you learn who is a true buddy.

I use Google reader and put my regulars in one category and my sometimes people in another and that way I know who to visit!

Anonymous said...

The term blog-whoring couldn't be more appropriate. I don't have a huge number of followers yet, so it's not really an issue for me, but it does seem rather rampant in the blogosphere.

As for commenting, I totally understand moderation and don't have issues with any of the different types of comment boxes. I try to comment on the blog posts I'm genuinely interested in so as not to leave those short, weird comments. The only time I have issues with this is when a person -for whatever reason- posts multiple times in a day. Then it becomes overwhelming.

Charles Gramlich said...

The problem with those verification boxes is they always require at least two clicks and sometimes it takes time for the second screen to show up. I know I've probaly missed commenting some times by just clicking submit and not realizing I had to do the second part then too.

Sometimes I do indeed leave very short comments just to indicate that I visited, but I also will leave longer comments on certain posts that particularly catch my attention.

This would be one of those posts it would appear. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been divvying up blogs I follow using Google Reader. I sort by responses and visits to my blog. There are those who comment often, some who comment sometimes, some who comment from time to time, and those who never comment on my blog. It helps me decide who to visit often, sometimes, rarely, and never.

Stephen Tremp

Hannah said...

I comment on every post I read. If I don't comment, I haven't read anything or as Mattew R. knows, if I have nothing to say on the subject, I'll just say "Hi, I have nothing to say on this." Just so he knows I was there and read his post even if it wasn't something I was particularly interested in.

There are blogs I follow that I can't comment on (same page commenting)when I'm at work or on the go, which is how I read most of my blogs. I try to hit them when I'm at home but I save my home time for novel work and blog writing. And it may seem like I don't comment on them and am following.

So I like to think that people have reasons for not commenting other than just getting me to "follow them."

Okie said...

Quite often when I leave comments, I worry that by leaving a brief comment I could be misconstrued as trolling for cross-link visitors...when in reality I just don't have a lot to say but want to take a moment to concur or add brief praise. On the other hand, sometimes I leave comments that I feel are much larger than they need to be and worry that people will think I'm flaming them. :)

Overall, my commenting varies a lot depending on the day, my "real life" work load and situation, and how the particular post affected me...there are many, many posts that I don't bother to comment on one day but if I read the same post on another day I might have a lot to say.

As for the placement of the comment form, I personally don't care where it is or how it operates as long as the comment gets through. I have noticed some idiosyncrasies with the comment form depending on the platform (blogger, wordpress, typepad, home-built, etc) and sometimes I have to click a few times to get the comment to actually properly submit. I can see where this might be frustrating to people who haven't yet learned the nuances.

Anyway, I love comments and sometimes feel like I don't post as many comments as I should. Generally I try to reply to comments made on my own blog but sometimes I even fail there.

Nice post.

Lindsay said...

I'm guilty of sometimes leaning short comments, but it's sometimes because I don't have as much tme as I'd like but want to let the blogger know I stopped by.

I do have times where I can't get around to everyone I follow, but I have terrible blogger guilt about that. lol.

Liza said...

Congrats on the awards. As for the quick comments...oh dear. I might be guilty. I try to write in detail when I can, but so often there isn't time. Yet, I want the blog writer to know that I stopped by...not to get a comment back, but just to let them know I was there. I have many, many readers, some who follow, some who don't and they don't leave comments. Some people (my generation and older) are truly afraid that they will compromise their privacy by commenting on a blog. I have simply accepted that not everyone will always comment and moved on from the worry (I think).

Talli Roland said...

Look at you and awards!

Quite honestly there are some posts (not of yours!) that I can't think of ANYTHING to say. Or I've said it so many times before, I can't say it again. E.g., - with photo blog, or review sites. I like it when people make it easy to comment on their blog. Give me something concrete!

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ted, you better not give up!

Cruella, you have no problem with commenting. I'll usually leave some sort of comment because I feel if I've gone to all the trouble to read it, I should comment as well.

Rayna, at least you don't have to worry about that now.

Kitty, that's devious!

Michele, I greatly appreciate that!

Journaling, I read a lot of blogs too, and it does cosume some time.

We don't want our Jemi batty...

Helen, it's the older posts where I see spam, too.

Rogue, quarter of a million? Dear Lord, how will I ever follow and comment on them all?

Clarissa, I will be there shortly!

Summer, I guess I got over the blogging shyness fast. Real life is a different story though...

Dezz, it's this year's new catchy phrase!

Ellie, I can cheat a bit, because I often blog from work. Shh - don't tell my boss! (Although I think he holds the record for solitaire duration.)

Karen, you never sound like an idiot.

Aspiring, makes sense to me. My comments tend to be short.

Karen, doing it because you love it is all that matters.

Betty, I have three categories in mine for the same reason.

Kelly, unfortunately I'm to the point that I don't have time for multiple posts a day either.

Charles, at the moment the comments are ten times my original post!

Palin, I always comment, too.

Liza, I never object to quick comments.

Thank you, Talli - I'll try to remain interesting!

BStearns said...

Blog-whoring, that's brilliant! I think we all got some followers like that, but it's inevitable with blogging. I find my biggest problem is random spam comments from weird, strange people that just want a backlink. I know that blogger doesn't get this, but my new blog is getting tons of these.

Southpaw said...

Nice day for blogging.

Southpaw said...

Sorry , I couldn’t resist a random, meaningless comment. I’ve been really lucky with comments. I know that sometimes I want to chime in and let the person know I read their post and liked it, but I don’t really have too much more so I leave a simple comment.

Followers are a tricky. I don’t think people follow JUST to get you to follow back. Maybe I’m naïve, but I follow people who don’t follow me back and I don’t mind ‘cause I like their blog.

Oh the dreaded comment box. I generally prefer the popup box so I don’t have to wait for something to reload, I can also check the post for a specific term that was used or make sure I hit all the points.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Congrats on the well deserved awards, Alex! :) I'm frequently guilty of really short comments because I'm short on time or not feeling verbally creative. And yes ... there are several that I follow who may, or may not, have followed me and who never visit or comment on my blog. Which is why I periodically declutter my Reader. But invariably I delete, or move, a blog that I haven't seen in so long that I don't remember them and then they show up the next day. Makes me wonder if there are Google Reader spies!

Eliza said...

Congratulations on the awards, well deserved.

I'm probably guilty of reading and not commenting, to be honest I don't always know what to say without repeating whats already been said before. Most of my comments are short too - sorry :-) I'm not a writer, so not very creative.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I tend to only follow blogs that interest me, or are relevant to my interests. I have in the past followed blogs out of politeness, despite having nothing in common with the blogger or their chosen subject.

I've been a victim of the word verification/moving to the to the top of the page system before too, and it's damn annoying! I make sure to check every time these days.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Congrats on your awards!!!!!

I have not figured this whole comment thing out yet.. I am guilty of leaving short comments sometimes too but I guess I do it to let the blogger pal know I do read their blogs. I am guilty of reading and not commenting as much as I should too. I'll do better, I know how happy I am to get comments..

Thanks for this post, it is very interesting to see what the general consensus is on topics like this!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bryan, that sounds annoying.

Good one, Holly! And I like either the popup or the separate page comments box.

Google Reader Spies - I like that, Beth!

Eliza, my comments aren't long either, so it's okay.

Seductress, I was only going to do one post on the topic and it spanned into three!

Elana Johnson said...

Dude, I love the term blog-whoring. I'll admit that I'll follow just about anyone with a widget. But obviously people do the same to me. I have WAY more followers than actual people who read my blog or who've even been back to it a second time.

But I don't do that with comments. I'd like to think I leave good comments, or at least genuine short ones. :)

Walter Knight said...

So many blogs, so little time. I call it drive-by blogging. Hey, there's another new word!

I almost feel guilty, all I have is a website. But, I like to lurk and contribute when I can. It helps when a blog site leaves itself open to a joke and humor.

Humor can be a difficult thang.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I finally reached the end of the comments and forgot what I was going to say!
Since commenting has been beat to death, I'll just say that embedded comment boxes are my least favorite as the entire page has to reload.

Gail said...

I love followers! Sometimes they just read but every now and then when they get excited, they comment. I have devoted followers who read each day and always have a unique comment.

I, as a follower, read and most of the time comment, but sometimes when the direction of my idea has already been commented on, I do not.

I prefer this comment box and hopt this is the setting I have.

I see saw between WV or not. When I do not have it I am covered up with nonsensical comments from robots...when I tire of deleting those, I put WV back on.

I always reply by emails to comments because I feel that is the nice thing to do. I do not go back and check where I have commented for on site replys.

I don't know if there are any rules to blogging or following, I just do what feels good for me...rather selfish, huh?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Walter, I keeping working on the humor for you.

Gail, whatever you do is fine by me.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I love comments.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

ok, let's expand ;)

I lurve comments. I don't care how short they are, I appreciate the effort. of course, I prefer the longer, more thoughtful comments.

I have heaps of followers whom I've never heard from again after I followed and commented on their blog. Meh, I don't care. I did what I could.

re comment boxes: thinking of taking off the verification doohic to see how it goes... makes me nervous, but I guess if so many people hate it, it might be worth doing.

sfdada said...

I also resemble that remark. I'll take the "odd" comment, but how would you know how tall we are?

I don't know which comment scheme I like better. It seems like every blog I visit has a different method, and each browser makes it look different too. I'm working on iPads, PCs and Macs. Yikes...

The captcha things count as anti-alsie brain teaser tests like crosswords, jenga and soduko, right? Then I like them. (I almost always get them wrong the first time.)

Snipes said...

I have a couple of unknown spammers who continually post unrelated and half the time nonsensical comments on a variety of my reviews. This has lead me to start moderating my posts again. And Blogger's new span filter is pretty useless, I keep marking these people as spam and it's not getting it. But in terms of followers doing that I haven't had that trouble. And people commenting but never commenting back when I respond is quite usual, half the time when I comment on someone's blog they never comment back!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I almost always comment on every post I read. I also almost always comment on the comments left on my blog. I follow just about everyone following me. It does get to be very time consuming, especially to actually post some writing. It's great getting followers who don't necessarily expect a return follow and/or comments.

RaShelle Workman said...

Hi Alex - Congrats on the awards! Well deserved. And can't wait to check out the blogs that I don't know. As far as blog whoring - LOL. If someone comments on my blog, I'm going to be sure to respond with at least a smile back. Also, if I'm going to take the time to go to someone else's blog and read their post, if I comment, it's from my heart - even if my heart is black and full of evil. Heh heh=D

Cheeseboy said...

Man, you are like a PRIZE whore!

I best be so careful not to post a too short of comment. I think I am usually good.

To be honest, I can't get around to half of the blogs that comment on mine. I try, but it is proving impossible.

I just realized the above comment may have come off a bit conceited. Please smack me.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Congratulations on all these great awards, Alex. You must have figured out the right way to attract followers and comments, my friend, because you're doing great. One question though? Do you have the time to work on a new project?


Amity said...

Hi Alex;

I have read your Part I and II of this post (Idiosyncrasies)but could only comment now! Thanks for sharing the posts. My dilemma about it is yours too!

Blog-whorring? Oh I hate them! I'd like to believe that they don't even read the whole post itself. Maybe just the intro and the last part and then would come up with a one-line comment! Others leave odd comments, practically meaning they didn't understand the post!

About comment box, I do have a hard time with other blogs commenting but using Discus now for the sake of my followers, I think it became easier now.

Re: moderation, I used it before Discus because of spammers! They do the rounds and it's quite irritating!

Thanks Alex for sharing your thoughts on the idiosyncrasies of blogging!
Have a nice day!:)

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

No shortage of comments on this post--wow!

I have had trouble with some of my comments not posting. I'll go back to see if there's a response to something I wrote, and my comment isn't there. It's gotten so that I always refresh the page, just to be sure it went through.

But sometimes I just read. And sometimes, because I'm in Europe, I completely miss posts on blogs that I follow. Timing is off, or something.

OK, enough defensive justification. :)

Congratulations on your awards, Alex!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have trouble leaving comments on blogger with the wordpress sigh in. After it has rejected my comment three or four times, the final comment I leave using my blogger log in (which connects to a dead blog) is usually really short because I've already typed the comment in several times.

I don't really mind useless comments, such as good post, mostly because at least I know that they read it and sometimes it is hard to tell if people are reading the blog. It's nice to know who has stopped by, even if they don't have an involved point to make about the content. I do dislike spam. Useless links back to sites that have nothing to do with anything in the post.

Congrats on all the awards Alex. By the way, I showed your book trailer to a few people I know and they absolutely loved it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lynda, I appreciate short comments. And try verification on older posts - that's where most spam appears anyway.

Bryan, enjoy the brain tease then!

Answer MVP - don't give up on them yet.

RaShelle, there is nothing evil about you!

Cheeseboy, you've almost 400 followers - I know I could't keep up. And maybe you should blog about prize-whoring.

Patricia, I am indeed working on a new book! Got some great new ideas this week, too.

Amity, I prefer comments at least relate to the post, too.

Thanks, Alison!

Cassandra, thanks so much!!

Unknown said...

I bet I am one of those... you mentioned... I have been MIA all summer.. mY son has been very demanding.. and as you may know I have lupus and I have been under the weather with a flare up all summer... My son starts Kindergarten this week... so I hope I will have more time.

Will Burke said...

My comments are often short because 1) I follow 80+ blogs and have serious time limits for Bloffee, and 2) I'm usually holding a squirming child. I had one commenter who just left generic fortune-cookie type comments, as though they hadn't read the post. I never re-visited.

Hart Johnson said...

Like the term blog whoring! I forgive people who leave short comments on occasion and say more other times, but a short comment alone won't get me to go look at their blog if I don't already follow.

And I turned off my word verification... hasn't caused any trouble and has saved some frustration, I think.

Congrats on the great awards!

About Me said...

Alex, thanks for offering your congrats on my tying the knot. :)

I have several followers who have never commented either. I don't know why people do that. I do try to get around to commenting on everyone I follow blog at least once in a while if I'm not buried in one project or another.

But it comes down to this, I'm going to comment on posts that personally interest me, those posted by people who regularly visit and comment on my posts (because that seems polite to me) and only if time permits, which it doesn't always.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

well deserved, i am glad you are here... :)

i wanted to say something nuts, to... well just because.

something nuts.

there i did, i said it...

take care, my new blogger friend


Unknown said...

Anyone who says blog-whoring in a blog has me for life... who wouldn't love that word??

You've got quite the blog bling going on... way to go!

Carol Kilgore said...

Congrats on the awards. I have the same blog thingies going on - must be a downside.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's okay, Wasabi - your health is more important!

Will, glad I do it sans wiggly child.

Crimey, that soulds like a good strategy to me.

iZombie, you've just taken random commenting to a new level!

Thanks, Jen!

Arlee Bird said...

I think the topic of blogging is one that we can all revisit regularly. It makes us think about our blogs and find ways to improve. And there are always new bloggers who want to learn, not to mention old bloggers who want to learn new tricks. I will continue to explore the topic on my ongoing Monday feature of Blog Boggled.

I recently changed my comment box from the little separate one to embedded just to experiment. I kind of like the embedded style, but I hadn't thought about the fact that the page has to reload--usually no big deal for me.

The comments I receive tend to be pretty good. I think many of my followers never or rarely read, but there are a lot that I've followed that I do likewise. It's just hard to read everyone regularly. But if someone follows my blog, I reciprocate and hope others do the same for me.

Helen Ginger said...

Alex, I assume you see where Blogger is now allowing you to block spam only on old posts if you want?


Doralynn Kennedy said...

Hi Alex, I learn something new everytime I come here. Blog whoring... great image. I think I need a blog tutorial. The comment box I understand. It's other things I don't get. Some people just have mental blocks when it comes to blogging. I'm one of them. My dashboard confuses the hell out of me. Part of me says, "Just give it up." And the other part says, "No way! If you can design a site you can figure out Blogger." ... eventually. No need to recip this comment. I'm not blog whoring... just trying to figure out how to blog from those who have it figured out.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lee, I follow over 300 blogs - it's impossible at this point to comment on them all!

Helen, I require approval for comments on older posts and at the moment, that seems to catch them.

Doralynn, I'm sorry! I just plowed right through as if I knew what I was doing. Do you use the dashboard or Google Reader when visiting blogs? Reader is easier to use. On other issues, I'd be glad to confuse you further!

Doralynn Kennedy said...

Ha! Thanks Alex! I don't even know what Google Reader is... groan. I feel so obsolete.

Angela McCallister said...

I have to admit if I see a lot of comments already on a post, I'll often not comment, usually because what I would say is most likely already said. I'm also currently running into a time crunch issue. I'm following so many blogs, I only get maybe one post read from each per week. I've been missing a lot of posts. I'm trying to figure out a different way to organize them. I'll take a look at the Reader. Maybe it'll help.

Jo Schaffer Layton said...

Blog-whoring! BAhahah! I love that term. (=

Glynis Peters said...

I am with Jo...love that term.

Congrats on the awards!

Ted Cross said...

Hey Alex, if you give me a link to whatever you wish to promote about your book, I will put it on my blog sidebar. I captured the jpeg of your book cover, but I don't know a link to the book (it's not yet for sale, right?).

CA Heaven said...

Just a little remark, to defend the so-called blog-whores (I admit I've done this kind of things myself): It's easy enough to discredit the blog-whores if you have a blog with 1000 followers and a million hits. But for a newcomer, it's hardly any other way to get into it, to tell the world that your blog exists, and start building up, unless your happy with a tame and cosy blog for close family and friends >:)

Cold As Heaven

CA Heaven said...

Just a little remark, to defend the so-called blog-whores (I admit I've done this kind of things myself): It's easy enough to discredit the blog-whores if you have a blog with 1000 followers and a million hits. But for a newcomer, it's hardly any other way to get into it, to tell the world that your blog exists, and start building up, unless your happy with a tame and cosy blog for close family and friends >:)

Cold As Heaven

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Angela, never feel reluctant to add your comment. And check out Google Reader. I really like it!

Ted, SFHub (who just posted a review) has the Amazon link.

Cold, I was ever so recently a newcomer as well.

Ted Cross said...

Wow, I got to be a Tag! I think that's a first. I'll check out SFHub.

Nicki Elson said...

I have to say, Alex, just reading through your first two posts here exhausts me. You're so busy and successful in the blogsphere, and me just trying to figure the whole thing out.

Blog-whoring, hehehe, that's just about the best thing I read all day.

For what it's worth, I like the comment boxes that pop up within the main page when you click "comments." But bear in mind, I don't really know anything.

Pat Tillett said...

Congrats on the awards, you are a creative fellow and deserve them!

"Blog whoring."
I don't agree with this one at all.

"It's when we do things with expectations in mind, that those expecations are rarely met."

There simply isn't time to leave deep and meaningful comments on every blog post we read. Some people like to read, but don't like to write.

I read every post that every person I follow puts up, but I don't have time to comment on each and every one. much less leave long comments.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nicki, glad I could amuse you!

Pat, most of mine are short as well. I saw what I need to and get out.