Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Second Movie Dirty Dozen!

Thanks to everyone who participated! It was a great way to visit new blogs and discover some new movies. Everyone listed above posted a Movie Dirty Dozen, so be sure to visit any blogs you missed. Thanks for making my very first blogfest a big success.

I didn't think it would be so tough to choose 12 films (or a baker's dozen plus one in my case) that I would put at the top of the heap. But I have to admit, I struggled to pare down the list to 14. So, to be fair to those poor movies that didn't quite make the list, here is The Movie Dirty Dozen Part 2. (Every great blog deserves a sequel!)

1. The Matrix - The Wachowski brothers blew my mind with this amazing science-fiction brain melter. The film was groundbreaking (bullet-time) and took the genre to a whole new level. Should have made the list but I didn't know what to cut.

2. The Princess Bride - What was I thinking leaving this off the first list? What a horrible oversight on my part. This film is so funny and charming that it will warm the heart of even the most jaded viewer.

3. The Usual Suspects - Wow, do I love this movie. Who is Keyser Soze? The movie is fascinating throughout (with some truly memorable performances) but its the ending that puts it over the top.

4. Maverick - This is one of the most watchable movies ever made. I watch it every time I stumble across it. Mel Gibson, James Garner, Jodie Foster and Alfred Molina had to have had a blast making this film. It exudes fun in every frame.

5. Galaxy Quest - If you are a Star Trek fan than this is a must-see movie. This film is a hilarious send-up of a classic Trek-like show called "Galaxy Quest". The film spoofs sci-fi conventions and classic sci-fi TV with love and respect.

6. Underworld II - Of the three films, this one is my fav. The action is intense, the gore is way over the top, and Kate is smokin' hot.

7. L.A. Confidential - 1950's Los Angeles sets the scene for a noir draped story of murder, cover-up and revenge. Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce chew up scene after scene. A must see!!

8. Doc Hollywood - My favorite Michael J Fox movie is also a perfect date movie where a big-city doctor (Fox) winds up stuck in the quaint little town of Grady. Comedy and romance ensues.

9. The Empire Strikes Back - This is, in my humble opinion, the best of the six. Dark and menacing, this is the Star Wars film I keep coming back to watch. (On a side note - Mr. Lucas, please stop ruining this once proud franchise with your cringingly bad plots and dialogue. Thanks.)

10. The Sixth Sense - Believe it or not, M. Night Shyamalan used to make great movies. This movie came out quietly and took off like wildfire due to great word-of-mouth. I wish I could go back to that moment when all the pieces fell together. The best didn't-see-it-coming ending ever!

11. Tombstone - This campy western is great for all the over-the-top performances. But Val Kilmer steals the show with his amazing performance as Doc Holliday. He deserved an Oscar nod for his portrayal!

12. The Godfather - If you have not seen it, find a way to watch it. Now!!

I'm sure I forgot some more films which will ping my radar after this post. Ah, so many great films!

Be sure to stop by on Thursday! I'm featuring the #1 Hollywood movie expert, the man with the inside scoop on the film industry.

Speaking of films...

In the middle of all these great movies, let me suggest a way to salvage a potentially bad film experience. Do you recall the S. Korean film Dragon Wars from 2007? One of the biggest movies to emerge from that country and they spared no expense on the creature and special effects. However, this meant there was no money for a script. The result is... well, it's really bad!

Never fear, though - it's available as a RiffTrax!

So if curiosity overcomes your urge to avoid a truly abysmal film, go HERE before slipping that tainted DVD of Dragon Wars into your player and download the RiffTrax. You have been warned...

And I think a blogfest celebrating the worst films to ever hit the screen is in order for August! What do you think?


T. Powell Coltrin said...

I love this list too. Two of my favorites on this list is The Empire Strikes Back (Have watched Star Wars movies, and some many times) and Maverick because James Garner is a mega talented star.



Another great list Alex, yes it did go well on Monday, I think I commented on most there were a few whose I couldn,t get, but I felt pleased for you that so many took part.


Will Burke said...

Yeah, I keep coming back to Empire. Lucas was smart to get an experienced romance director, and should have done that with "...Clones" "You're everything that sand isn't..." Really?

Will Burke said...

And "Huzzah! for Tombstone! Prabably seen it a dozen times!

Christine Danek said...

Great list. Empire, Matrix and my fav The Sixth Sense. Loved that holy cow moment at the end.

Matthew MacNish said...

Great secondary list Alex! I agree 100% about episode five AND M. Night.

Ricky said...

Great second string list Alex,

I considered The Matrix and LA Confidential for my main list too.

Can't agree on The Sixth Sense, it was enjoyable but I Saw what was coming, I didn't forget the opening scene where Brucie got shot.

Speaking (in a manner) of Saw, now there's an ending I didn't see coming.

Anonymous said...

Tombstone was great. That would make my next list. Need to watch that in surround sound. We have a killer Bose sound system and I love the scene when thy're riding their horses full speed. Its loud and the room shakes. Really cool. The Ususal Suspects was a great movie too.

Stephen Tremp

Hannah said...

1. yes yes and yes.

2. Love it so much every time I watch it.

3. OMG do I love this movie!!

4. It's alright but I only saw it once so...I do remember it seemed really long.

5. Hilarious!

6. I've not seen the third one and I would've really like this except for the horrible sex scene and I mean HORRIBLE.

7. Awesome.

8. Can't remember much of this one.

9. If you saw my desktop right now you would not doubt the love I have for Star Wars.

10. Brilliant.

11. My most favorite Western EVA!!

12. I wasn't impressed.

Great list again!! :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

haha! Dragon Wars... so terrible. And yet you can't stop watching...

Summer Frey said...

I love Maverick!
And I haven't seen Godfather, or most of your list, actually. I'm terribly uneducated in film. :-)

Unknown said...

oooh... yes to all of them! And yes, Dragon Wars was...hmmm...odd but great, at the same time.

DEZMOND said...

Now be honest, Alex, and admit that you didn't really and truly expect from DRAGON WARS to be an Oscar winning material :)) It's a trashy movie which you watch when you're in the mood for trashy stuff :) Kinda like this year's LEGION. Also a great movie in its trashy genre :)

Carol Kilgore said...

THE SIXTH SENSE - the ending was truly an ah-ha! moment for me. I loved it.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've seen and liked all of these except the Godfather series. I've never watched those movies. I did think galaxy Quest was a little gem.

Southpaw said...

It was so hard to pick only 12. There are so many great movies. I feel like we need a dirty dozen for comedy and one for action/adventures one for … you get the idea. I found some great new blogs to visit and I have a list of movies to watch.

Talli Roland said...

The blogfest was so much fun, Alex - I really enjoyed all the lists. The Sixth Sense was on the other night and I was reminded what a brill film it is.

Snipes said...

Nice list. I'd say I've seen 9 of the 12 and love 8 of them. The Princess Bride just didn't do anything for me, didn't find it funny at all. But absolutely love Doc Hollywood, Maverick and Galaxy Quest... those are definitely fun and humorous films.

Unknown said...

Great choices. I love them all and I think I've seen them all too.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvonne, I was pleased as well!

Will, don't even get me started.

Palin, Kate was naked - that's all that mattered for the sex scene!

Falen, did you sit through it as well? What a waste of great special effects.

Dezz, I had no expectations whatsoever for Dragon Wars - which is why I watched it with the RiffTrax.

Southpaw, we could do these all year then! Glad you had a good time with the blogfest.

Talli, glad you enjoyed it!

Karen Lange said...

My family and I toss around phrases from The Princess Bride. Don't know what we'd use had we not seen it...Thanks for sharing the rest of your list!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Princess Bride would make my top ten too! We are forever dropping some obscure phrase from that movie into casual conversation. :)

Helen Ginger said...

I've seen quite a few of these. I agree about The Sixth Sense. The first time I watched it, I didn't see it coming. Move fun was re-watching and seeing where I missed all the clues.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Karen and Beth, we use Prince Bride quotes all the time!

Jemi Fraser said...

This was a fantastic blog fest Alex! I haven't been able to visit everyone yet, but hope to hit more of them on the weekend.

I love Galaxy Quest - cracks me up!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jemi, Galaxy Quest is a lost treasure. And I will leave the links up until Sunday.

Cheeseboy said...

Tombstone is the most underrated western of all time.

Ella said...

I am behind and still playing catch up on the first list! Thanks so much for doing this, it was fun!
I am going to make a list of some new ones to check out and some favs to watch, again! Oh, I love
Tombstone,Maverick, the Princess Bride is funny and Sixth Sense, I agree, the best ending, ever! I always guess, but this one, didn't see it coming and when I did, it was too late, it was revealed. Great movies~

BStearns said...

I love the idea of blogfest for worst films ever, but I think that may be even harder than favourite films. There are just sooooo many dreadful films out there it's almost impossible to figure out the worst ones of the bunch! Also, I hope you only mean the first Matrix film. The other two were complete write offs.


India Drummond said...

It's been great fun reading about everyone's favourite films.

I have to say though, I do love a good BAD movie sometimes! Reminds me of Mystery Science Theatre! One of my all-time favourite shows.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Another great list :D Excellent choices in Galaxy Quest and Underworld II (with the lovely Miss Beckinsale, can't fault you).

I've only seen bits of Dragon Wars, but it's in the same vein as MegaShark vs. Giant Octopus i.e. terrible. But it's good to watch on Hallowe'en when you're with friends and everyone's getting drunk

Glynis Peters said...

The sixth sense was an amazing film, great choice Alex!