Sunday, December 13, 2009

Video Awards and Avatar

Spike TV created an awards sh0w just for video games and I believe this was the first year for the event.

I watched about thirty minutes of it. Long enough to see Jack Black and Samuel L. Jackson. Long enough to realize it was more commercials than anything else!

And I don't mean the commercials in between segments - I mean during the show. The show claimed it was unveiling new footage of up & coming releases, but really - it was all just advertisement. At one point, viewers went almost fifteen minutes without seeing an actual award given.

In Avatar news...
(Which is much more exciting!)

Fox Studios won't give the bottom line price tag, but it's estimated this movie cost over $300 million to make - which makes it the most expensive film ever. (Beating out Pirates: At World's End, although I'm not sure where THEY spent that kind of money! Should've been on the script...)

Rotten Tomatoes just posted six new trailers for Avatar, all of which look amazing.

Five days and counting!


The Old Silly said...

I'll look forward to Avatar. What's this Rotten Tomatoes? Never mind, I'll Google it. (wink)

Marvin D Wilson

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Marvin, you'll love Rotten Tomatoes!