Sunday, December 27, 2009

Torchlight Review

One of my Christmas gifts was the video game, Torchlight.

Available from Runic Games, Torchlight is available only as a download at the moment. However, they are currently running a special and it's only $9.95 from now until January 4th at their site.

After playing Torchlight for the past two days (okay, pretty much non-stop) it is a total blast! This is one of the better action RPG games on the market right now. The skills tree is a lot of fun. The backgrounds are very detailed and the characters are cartoony but fun. One's 'pet' is very helpful and can be sent into town to do one's trading.

The most noteable thing about Torchlight - it is a Diablo clone. Really, Blizzard could sue! The makers of Torchlight have stolen all the best aspects of Diablo and Diablo II. However, the result is a great game. So, all similarities are forgiven in my book!

Highly recommend you visit the Torchlight site and download a copy today!


Webbstre said...

Actually, Torchlight was made by two of the founders of Blizzard North, who created the original Diablo and Diablo 2, as well as several other people who were on the Diablo team and people who worked on Fate (a similar game that came out a few years ago). Blizzard can't really sue them for making an improved game with the same style :P

If you need any info on Torchlight, or mods, you can check out Runic Games Fansite. We've got a lot of people who keep the wiki updated, and we'll have news on the Torchlight MMO that's in production as it comes out. (

Anonymous said...

I don't play much video games. Too busy. But once I bring finalty to a few things, I'll pick up an X-Box or something similar.

Stephen Tremp

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for the tip on the fan site!

Stephen, I have a Playstation, but the best games still come out for the computer. So I tend to stick to PC games!