Monday, February 11, 2019

Why Some Movies are Best Left as Memories, 18th Annual Golden Schmoes Awards, IWSG, and More!

Some Movies are Best Left in our Memories

My wife and I watched Mars Attacks this past weekend. We remember seeing it in the theater in 1996 and enjoyed it. The film wasn’t great, but we thought it was fun.

Seeing it again after all these years? Not fun, not good, and actually a bit of a train wreck. We should’ve seen it coming in the opening scene with all of the flying saucers headed toward Earth and special effects that looked like they came from the fifties. None of the characters were really that likeable. The story was a mess and it took forever to get to the Martians showing up on Earth. (We didn’t remember it taking that long.) What’s really sad is the amount of name actors Burton got for this crappy film - Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox, Rod Steiger, Tom Jones, Lukas Haas, Natalie Portman, Jim Brown, Paul Winfield, Pam Grier, Jack Black, Joe Don Baker, Christina Applegate…

The point is we remember a much better film. And that’s where it should have stayed – in our memory. Now I’ll think of it as one of Burton’s worst films.

That’s the danger of watching a movie you haven’t seen in years. It might not be as good as remembered. It might not have aged well. Your fond memory of that film might be shattered forever by watching it again. (There are movies from when I was a kid that I know better than to watch again because I’m pretty darn sure weren’t that good and I’d rather keep my memory of them.) Why do we remember them so well if they weren’t good? Were we just wishing they were better?

Some movies are still just as good. Jaws is still great. So are Close Encounters, Aliens, and The Princess Bride.

Some aren’t as good as remembered. Return of the Jedi was a bit disappointing. (The Ewoks alone are horrible – their faces don’t move.) Lifeforce was beyond terrible! We remembered it as an okay science fiction flick, but watching it again recently, it was a total train wreck. And Dragonheart with Sean Connery. I was watching/listening to it at work recently and I could not finish. Awful movie.

Have you watched an older film recently that wasn’t as good as you remembered? Is there an older film you’re afraid to watch again and ruin it? Please share!

Ninja News

Lisa Buie-Collard summed up the IWSG monthly posting so well last week and I wanted to share it with everyone:
This is more than a "blog hop" which is defined by hopping from one blog to another. We do hop, but we are doing more than that. We visit each blog to learn, gain confidence, spill our guts, boast, grieve, and to give advice, our opinion, comfort, and encouragement. We don't just travel. We sit awhile, read, comment and "be" there for those on the list that we can reach. IWSG is a community and we are here for each other.

The WEP 2019 February Challenge - 28 Days

What to do with 28 Days? What does 28 Days bring to mind?

You can sign up now at the WEP site.

Damyanti is hosting a very special blogathon to raise money for a school in New Deli that’s in danger of closing forever:

We’ll start a Linky list on the 14th February, Valentine’s Day. You can participate in the blogathon on any day from the 14th to the 28th.
During the blogathon, write one or more posts to talk about love, any kind of love at all, and about honouring the ones you love. All we ask is at the end of your post, you mention the fundraiser, and add the graphic above.

You can support the #HelpMithuSaveSchool fundraiser HERE.

And it’s that time of year again!
Time to vote for your favorite movies in JoBlo’s 18th Annual Golden Schmoes Awards.
Visit JoBlo’s SITE to cast your votes.
Voting open through February 20.

What movies have you watched that fell short of your memory of them? Any you’d be afraid to watch now? Participating in the WEP Challenge this month? Can you help save the school? Who gets your vote in the Golden Schmoes?

Next Monday is a holiday, so I’ll post again on February 25.
Before that, I’ll have a post at Janice Hardy’s Fiction University on February 22 - Twitter Pitch Like You Mean It. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Insecure Writer’s Support Group Day! Plus IWSG News, The Rookie Review, and New Releases

It’s time for another group posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the tab above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. I encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might be the encouragement someone needs.

The awesome co-hosts for the February 6 posting of the IWSG are Raimey Gallant, Natalie Aguirre, CV Grehan, and Michelle Wallace!

February 6 question - Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

I have numerous other creative things I do, but the biggest one involves music. I’ve played an instrument most of my life, but my current passion is the guitar. I started playing about fifteen years ago and now I own five guitars and play in a Christian band. I’ll never be great, but I enjoy it tremendously. If I never write another book, I’ll be all right – but Lord, please keep those fingers in working order for a few more years!

What about you? What’s your creative outlet?


The WEP 2019 February Challenge - 28 Days

What to do with 28 Days?

What does 28 Days bring to mind?

You can sign up now at the WEP site.

Post your entry on or around February 20.

Here are the prompts for February’s IWSG Instagram:

The IWSG Book Club on Goodreads is changing things up!

- 5 discussion questions instead of 10
- Discussion Day poll for quick and easy participation.
- Members can help us create Goodreads quizzes for the books we read.
- Giveaways exclusive to our members every Discussion Day.
- Freebies members can download when we announce our next reading selection.
- Writing and reading related polls for fun and insight.
We will still read a new book every other month, alternating between craft books and fictional books that demonstrate an aspect of writing, and our members will continue to vote on our fictional books. Our February/March 2019 book is…Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. This book was voted on by our members to be a good example of setting. Discussion Day will be March 20th.
Join us HERE

Show Review – The Rookie

I’ve always enjoyed police procedurals as long as they’re heavy on solving cases versus a lot of relationship drama. And since I’m a huge fan of Nathan Fillion (miss Firefly – curse you, FOX!), I was eager to check out this show.

I’m happy to report this show is a lot of fun!

It follows three rookies (Fillion being one of them) on their day to day exploits. While there is a little personal drama, most of the show revolves around the rookies and their training instructors as they patrol the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Part drama, part comedy, and always entertaining, this show works for me. Highly recommended!

New Releases

Splashes and Splishes by Pat Hatt
If wishes were fishes and splashes were splishes would splashes be splishes and wishes be fishes? Could splishes be splashes and fishes be flashes with wishes as splishes and splashes as flashes? Or would splashes and splishes make wishes with fishes to stop fishes and wishes for splashes and splishes?
Find it on Amazon

Razor Valentine by Roland Yeomans
A Mardi Gras/Valentine thriller set in the New Orleans of 1947.
Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, Our Lady of Holy Death, is stalking the French Quarter streets killing apparently at random.
What does the psychotic actress, Irene Dupré, know of this entity and what lies behind the murders? She remains silent, only smiling.
Find it on Amazon as an eBook and a physical book

What’s your creative outlet? Participating in the WEP Challenge or Goodreads Book Club? Have you seen The Rookie? And can you believe it’s February already?